Monday, 2012-06-18

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danwenthi quantum team20:59
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danwentmarkvoelker: you're always the first with a wave :)20:59
danwenthopefully you're first but not only21:00
markvoelkerdanwent: and the second, apparently21:00
mesteryhowdy dan and mark!21:00
danwenthey guys21:00
danwentok, let's get this party started.  i'm connecting in from europe, so i feel like ttx, having the late night meeting21:01
openstackMeeting started Mon Jun 18 21:01:05 2012 UTC.  The chair is danwent. Information about MeetBot at
openstackUseful Commands: #action #agreed #help #info #idea #link #topic #startvote.21:01
danwent#link agenda:
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danwentwe have a lot of different items to cover, so hopefully we can keep things moving forward and move any long discussions to the list21:01
danwentgongys: hey21:01
ExxonValdeezhi! i am an intern at nicira and started today, just wanted to introduce myself before we get going. My name is josh21:01
danwentExxonValdeez: hi josh, nice nick :)21:02
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ExxonValdeezhaha, thanks :)21:02
gongysjosh, welcome21:02
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SumitNaiksatamhi all!21:02
danwent#topic: Folsom-2 milestone21:02
*** openstack changes topic to ": Folsom-2 milestone"21:02
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danwent#info we have one week until until folsom features should be proposed for review, 2 weeks until the branch for release is created21:03
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danwentwe'll spend a big chunk of the meeting today reviewing status of items priority high and above.21:03
danwentFirst off, two reviews central to F-2 that I'd like to highlight21:04
danwentagenda for those joining late:
danwent#help please help revew the clientlib and CLI code changes:
danwentgongys: is only outstanding issue the interactive mode issues garyk is seeing, or are there others?21:05
danwentI'd really like to at least get the client lib merged in, so other features can use it asap21:05
gongysgaryk, is there still interactive issue?21:05
gongysI think it should be fixed.21:06
gongysPlease also see the doc at
garyki posted on gerrit - not sure fi you saw it21:06
danwentok, unfortunately, looks like gongys is the only dev signed up for review day tomorrow.21:07
garykthere are just a few odd error messages21:07
garyki am able to help out21:07
danwentgaryk and I both have already been reviewing the code, so that's two core devs, but we could definitely use more reviews as well.  I'd really like to see this go in tomorrow.21:08
danwent(or later today… see, this whole european timezone thing is getting me :P)21:09
danwentgongys: ok, so no major blockers here?21:09
danwentif so, pending any major issues, let's get this branch in, and file any minor issues as additional bugs.21:09
gongysI will online to help fix the issues during review21:09
rkukuraI'll try to take a look. I'm hoping it will support the provider extension without too much work.21:09
danwent#help other major review that needs attention is common config:
gongysrkukura, you can see the doc21:10
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danwentits been threw many many rounds of reviews.  garyk, any known blocker issues we need to clear up?  you mentioned the issue of the plugins.ini file in email?21:10
garykgongys: would it be possible to move the doc to the wiki?21:10
rkukuragongys: will do21:11
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danwentgaryk ?21:11
garykdanwent: as i see it there are no blocking issues - would be nice if we can have concensus to merge conf files21:11
*** ryanpetrello has joined #openstack-meeting21:12
danwentare you talking just about getting rid of plugin.ini, or also about getting rid of plugin-specific config files?21:12
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danwentI think there's consensus on the former, less sure about the latter.21:12
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garykthe current patch set merges the plugin.ini into quantum.conf. i am talking about the nest stage => moving the plugin configuration files into quantum.conf21:13
danwentI personally like the latter as well, just not sure its been discuss as widely21:13
SumitNaiksatamyeah, I am not sure about merging all plugin-specific conf files either21:13
danwentSumitNaiksatam: yes, the ucs plugin was my main concern, as I know you have multiple config files21:13
danwentothers plugins have one, and probably would have less issue with merge.21:13
SumitNaiksatamwhats the motivation for proposing to merge plugin-specific conf files?21:14
garykin order to use the RPC code we need common config global data structure.21:14
danwentOk, let's see if we can quickly resolve this, otherwise, let's move it to ML.21:14
danwentgaryk: this issue is not a blocker for the current patch-set correct?21:15
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garykcan i prodpose that we push the patch so othgers can start to use the global conf. i can start to work on the paste config and we can discuss the future developmenst on ML21:15
*** lcheng has joined #openstack-meeting21:15
garykcurrent patch set is ok - little issue with plugin paths which can be fixed at a later stage (in my opinion)21:15
danwentgaryk: you mean push the current patch, which does touch plugin config?21:15
garyksorry. it has been a long day.21:16
danwentgaryk: assume plugin path issue does not cause breakage?21:16
*** yoshiotu has joined #openstack-meeting21:16
garykthe current pacth is ok and all plugin unit tests pass (except cisco - but this s another issue)21:16
danwent#info: devstack review associated with common config change:
danwentgaryk: not just unit tests, but devstack as well, i assume? What changes about the plugin paths?21:17
garyki need to make a minor change in the devstack - to take care of the merged plugin.ini - i'll update it tomorrow21:17
danwentok.  please make sure the devstack folks don't approve that change until the corresponding change is in quantum.21:18
danwentwe don't yet have quantum gating, so its not guaranteed.21:18
danwentone way would be to -1 your own patch until its ready to go in.21:18
danwentOk, now to review the High priority and above issues for F-221:18
danwentI tried to order them according to how limited our F-2 milestone will be if they aren't implemented, but its just a rough estimate.21:19
danwentIP allocation in db_plugin_base:
uvirtbotLaunchpad bug 1008029 in quantum "implement mac & IP allocate in v2 db plugin base" [High,In progress]21:19
danwentgaryk: this is coupled with a bug you're working on, but I wasn't sure if you were biting off the ip allocation part as well.  can you comment?21:20
danwentIf not, we should have someone else grab this asap.21:20
garyk1008029 - mac code is pending review. need to start ip allocation unless someelse want to take it21:20
danwent(for everyone else, we've brainstormed a design, but no code has been written)21:20
gongysDo we have api in quantumv v2.0 to allocate ip?21:21
danwentgongys: yes, it occurs as part of port creation.21:21
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edgarmaganasorry.. I'm late!!21:21
danwentgongys: check out:
gongysbut we have no independent api method for it, right?21:21
danwentgongys: correct.21:21
danwentedgarmagana: ten pushups for being late!21:22
danwentok garyk, I'll assume this is on your plate, unless someone else steps up for it.  thanks for taking this.21:22
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*** novas0x2a|laptop has joined #openstack-meeting21:23
danwentif you get buried and find you're not getting around to it, please re-raise on ML21:23
garykdanent: cool.21:23
danwentyou have a lot on your plate already21:23
danwentsecond issue: nova-quantum integration:
garyk-1 + -1 + -1 + ...... + -1 == +221:23
danwentI talked to tr3buchet about this.  He has a lot of code written, but its probably still a ways from being mergable into nova, plus needs a refresh for v2 API (using the v2 clientlib)21:24
danwentI'm going to jump in and help try to get something into nova for Folsome-221:24
danwentif anyone else wants to help, that would be awesome, let me know.21:24
gongysDon't we wait for the melange moved into quantumv2?21:24
danwentgongys: melange is moved into quantumv2 (or at least the core parts of melange)21:25
danwentthe main difference between quantum v1 and v2 are subnets + ip-related info, which is what melange tracked.21:25
gongyswow, I don't know yet.  which change? I cannot see the melange code in quantum project.21:26
danwentfor F-2 we will also need at least one v2 aware plugin.  Me, or someone from nicira will be working on that:
danwentmuch of the work here should apply to the linux br plugin as well, since they both will use db_plugin_base_v2.py21:27
danwentgongys: we didn' pull in melange code wholesale, we just created datamodels to store the relevant info (e.g., subnets) and extended existing data models (e.g., ports)21:27
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*** purd has joined #openstack-meeting21:28
danwentif anyone wants to help out on open source plugin implemenations, please speak up :)21:28
danwentAnother big item is DHCP:
gongysSo we need ip and mac allocation features like melange implemented, these are on gary's plate?21:28
danwentmarkmcclain: saw you updated the bp, any comments to add?21:29
danwentgongys: yes, garyk already did mac allocation.21:29
danwentfor F-2 we will target at least basic IP allocation.  But perhaps not full polciies with excluded_ranges (up to garyk as to whether he wants to try and do that in F-2, but it doesn't seem essential)21:30
danwentgongys: make sense?21:30
markmcclainnothng real big to add other than a ?21:30
danwentmarkmcclain: go for it.21:31
gongysok, I can have the nova-quamtum integration if you have no time for it.21:31
markmcclaincurrent nova binds DHCP to the gateway interface… do we want to keep that model for F2 or create an interface specifically for DHCP?21:31
danwentgongys: would be great if you could help on that.  I'll connect you with trey on this.  He has a branch on his public github that is a good starting point.21:31
danwentmarkmcclain: that's a good question.21:32
danwentI think its important to be able to have a gateway that is implemented separately21:32
*** purd has quit IRC21:32
PotHixdanwent: I agree21:32
danwentso I think having it be another IP makes sense.21:32
*** nati_ueno has quit IRC21:33
PotHixWe need it to have generic implementations IMHO21:33
danwentmarkmcclain:  you have to have to add a dnsmasq option to explicitly set the gateway IP when it is different from the dnsmasq ip, but its quite simple.21:33
*** nati_ueno has joined #openstack-meeting21:33
markmcclainseparate interfaces is what I've assumed from the begining21:33
markmcclainjust wanted to check21:34
danwentok, great.21:34
danwentBP write-up looks ambitious for F-2.  Hope you have a lot of caffeine handy :)21:34
danwentanything else on DHCP?21:34
danwentOk, next up:
danwentrkukura: sounds like you're comfortable with progress?21:35
*** lcheng has quit IRC21:35
rkukuraShould have patch with provider VLANs for linuxbridge and openvswitch in next couple days21:35
danwentdo you plan on getting this in on the v1 version of plugin I assume?  then v2 plugin update will be based on that work?21:35
PotHixmarkmcclain: are you working on the core code already? We can talk about it later.21:35
rkukurathe 2nd phase will add multiple interfaces and flat networks next week21:36
danwentrkukura: good, makes sense21:36
markmcclainPotHix: yes got some toy stuff, but I'll chat with out later abot it21:36
danwentrkukura: ok, would be great to get phase 1 up for initial review soon, even if its just a RFC.21:36
rkukuraI'll do my best21:37
danwentwant to make sure we keep our review pipeline full, rather than having a lull, then everything at the end, if possible :)21:37
danwentok, anything else on provider networks21:37
danwentnext issue: getting devstack gating running with quantum enabled:
rkukurahaven't sent email about xml issues with extensions yet, but will do that tomorrow21:37
danwentzhhuabj did some great work exploring these issues21:38
*** nati_uen_ has joined #openstack-meeting21:38
gongysIt will help to work and help q-srv enable.21:39
danwentgongys: thanks.  I believe there's also another issue that needs to be fixed regarding the floating IPs.  devstack seems to assume that floating IPs will use interface br100, which is not the case with Quantum.21:39
danwentinstead, we probably want to use the primary network interface (e.g., eth0).21:39
danwentbut I think we need to explore this in more detail, its been a while since I've looked at it.21:39
danwentdebo isn't around, but I think he already merged a fix that handled the issues with quantum.sh21:40
*** dwcramer has joined #openstack-meeting21:40
zhhuabjhi, I have used the eth0 to instead br100 in stack.sh21:40
*** jsavak has joined #openstack-meeting21:40
*** novas0x2a|laptop has quit IRC21:41
danwentzhhuabj: ah, that's in the same patchset?21:41
danwentgreat, didn't realize that.21:41
danwentthat's great news, can't wait to have these working21:41
danwent#help please review devstack fixes:
*** nati_ueno has quit IRC21:42
zhhuabjthis can fix all float-ips related issues, like euca, float-ips21:42
danwentzhhuabj: cool, so you were able to get a clean run?21:42
gongysafter this change get in, we have to push
gongyshua, please update these two changes.21:42
danwentgongys: yup, mtaylor and jeblair will help with that.21:43
*** novas0x2a|laptop has joined #openstack-meeting21:43
mtaylorwhat did I do?21:43
danwentmtaylor: hehe, zhhuabj has a devstack review to get quantum passing the devstack gate21:43
mtaylordanwent: awesome21:43
*** joesavak has quit IRC21:44
danwentindeed :)21:44
gongysmtaylor: and then
danwentOk, and final F-2 High issue is Quantum + Horizon integration:
* mtaylor has a docs change someone in here could approve:
danwentmtaylor: yup, i'm already +2, so we just need one more21:45
danwent(unless there's been a rebase)21:45
danwentone more core that is21:45
danwenton the topic of quantum + horizon, arvind said he couldn't make this meeting, but he'll send an update to the ML tomorrow21:45
danwentthis work is obviously very dependent on the v2 clientlib, which is why i'd like to focus review energies on getting that in21:46
danwent(link again:
danwentOh, and one high priority issue that I missed was quantum api authz:21:46
danwentkevin mitchell from rackspace has ported the authz framework over from nova.21:47
*** markmcclain has quit IRC21:47
danwenthowever, that framework isn't smart enough to handle the fact that we need to validate "foreign keys" in API requests (e.g., the 'network-id' in the subnet request must be owned by the same tenant-id that is creating the subnet)21:48
danwentso I've asked kevin to file a bp or bug on this if he isn't going to handle it in this patch.21:48
danwentphew… that's a lot of stuff for F-2…. did I miss any high or above issues?21:48
danwentobviously, there's a lot of new code that will be landing in the next two weeks, so we'll need everyone to really up on their review hours.  This is crunch time, particularly if you're not working on a high-priority F-2 deliverable.21:49
danwentAnything else to discuss for F-2 before we go to community topics?21:49
garyki think that we should move scalable clients to f-321:50
danwentgaryk: yeah, i've already been bumping pretty much all of my stuff that isn't essentnial for a basic v2 setup.21:51
danwentgaryk: you should be able to change the milestone in launchpad yourself, otherwise, let me know21:51
garykdanwent: linuxbridge is coded, but it would be cutting it fine with the rest of the stuff21:51
garykdanwent: ok21:52
danwentgaryk: yes, especially with review cycles, which may be our limiting factor in the end.21:52
danwent#topic community topics21:52
*** openstack changes topic to "community topics"21:52
danwenttwo items to bring up.21:52
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danwent#info core dev review days started today:
danwentif you're a core dev and not signed up, please send me a note explaining why.21:53
danwenthopefully this will help us keep responsive to our growing group of developers21:53
danwentother community topic I wanted to bring up was pep821:54
edgarmaganadanwent: review day means the whole day, right?  I usually book time after working hours to do that!21:54
danwentedgarmagana: not necessarily the whole day, but a good chunk of it (e.g., 3 hours)21:55
danwentthe idea is that we can guarantee that a developer will be looking at key stuff in a timely manner21:55
danwentedgarmagana: if your review time is at night (i know the feeling) perhaps signing up for a different region would make sense.21:55
danwentI assume salvatore's use of Americas, EMEA, and APAC was intended to mean the work hours there.21:56
danwentso your non-standard american hours might better correspond to another region's work hours21:56
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danwentany other concerns around review days?21:57
danwentsalv-orlando: how do you manage to join right after I mentioned review days again? :P21:57
salv-orlandoactually I joined wrong21:57
danwentsalv-orlando: anything to add?  we need to wrap up soon.21:57
salv-orlandoNo nothing from me.21:57
danwentok, finally, just wanted to see if people were still happy with our decision to have the pep8 version floating21:58
gongysbut pep8 1.3 is gorgeous.21:58
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danwentthe version seems to update more frequently than I would have guessed, but I do say I like the results21:58
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ncodeyeap… this give us some surprises21:58
PotHixOk for me! :)21:59
ncodebut the code will be good at end21:59
*** edgarmagana has joined #openstack-meeting21:59
danwenti tend to think that future changes will not be as massive as the pep 1.3 change was, and that we can keep it this way, but wanted to confirm.21:59
edgarmaganaI'm back!!21:59
danwentok, so hearing no complaints, let's keep with our existing policy.  we'll have the shiniest code in all of openstack :)21:59
gongysit can filter out many styled (how to say) fault.21:59
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danwent#topic open disccusion21:59
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danwentany open discussion items?22:00
gongyswe will not use melange any more in v2.022:00
salv-orlandoDid you already discuss the python24 issue in the ovs plugin?22:00
danwentgongys: correct22:00
ncodesalv-orlando: great I almost missed that22:00
danwentsalv-orlando: thanks for mentioning that.22:00
danwentI think people are exploring a couple directions:22:01
danwent- installing v2.6 in dom0 (likely not officially supported)22:01
danwent- using something like rootwrap to allow running agent in service VM, but execute commands on dom022:01
salv-orlandoI reckon you can replace likely with certainly :)22:01
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danwent- implementing new version of plugin all together (mnewby mentioned this)22:02
danwentsalv-orlando: :)22:02
danwentmnewby has been the biggest person pushing for a new approach, and he's on vacation this week.22:02
ncodethe bad thing about the 2.422:03
gongysHaha, biggest person. :)22:03
jkoelkerwhat's wrong with a parralel install of 2.6? just curious22:03
danwentanother option is getting openstack-common to be v2.4 clean (i forget where we stand on that)22:03
ncodewill be the openstack.common22:03
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ncodejkoelker: you could lose you support22:03
ncodefrom citrix22:03
jkoelkeros-common will not be 2.4 clean22:03
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ncodeI've checked that here, we are using the XS with license but without support22:04
jkoelkerncode: I don't see how, installing 2.6 on RHEL didn't preclude support on RHEL supported items22:04
*** RamD has quit IRC22:04
jkoelkerits a parallel install, completely separate from the main interpreter22:04
ncodejkoelker: they have cryied one time about a vim installed inside the box22:04
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ncodejkoelker: yeap22:05
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ncodeIt doesn't bring any problems22:05
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danwentok, so to wrap up.  we wan't going to limit use of openstack-common in quantum, so we will need to find a way for XenServer to deal with that.22:06
salv-orlandoI second Maru's approach as well, but I do realize some user would be happy with having python26 in dom0 too.22:06
salv-orlandojkoelker: nothing  wrong as long as you don't try to replace python24 with python26. Main issues are support and the fact that you need to carefully manage the dual python environemnt as well as updates from EPEL.22:06
salv-orlandoAnyway, it seems we need to continue this discussion on the mailing list as we're already 5 minutes late22:06
danwentwan't -> aren't22:06
danwentsalv-orlando: agreed.22:06
jkoelkersalv-orlando: right, replacing the stock interpreter is just asking for trouble22:06
danwentok, please continue this discussion on the ML.22:07
danwentok, to wrap up (already 7 minutes late)22:07
ncodesalv-orlando: for sure, the ideia is keep both22:07
danwentthanks folks!  keep coding, and reviewing (especially the clientlib/cli and common config patches)22:07
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openstackMinutes (text):
garyki am sorry i need to crash. good night gary22:08
danwenthave a good one folks!22:08
PotHixmarkmcclain: Hey mark! What about the dhcp core implementation?22:09
*** marktvoelker has quit IRC22:09
PotHixTell me the news :)22:09
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markmcclainPothix: I've got to run (I was supposed to be there 10min ago).  Message me tomorrow and we'll chat about it22:10
PotHixmarkmcclain: ok! :)22:11
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