Monday, 2012-06-25

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mestery_Pre-announcing I'm here for the Quantum meeting to beat @markvoelker this week :P20:58
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salv-orlandoIs there a prize for the first person in the room?20:58
markvoelkerCurses....beaten to the punch20:58
mesteryI think so, yes. But I'm unsure what it is. :)20:58
edgarmaganamore code to develop!20:58
* ijw hangs back to avoid assignments20:59
danwentmestery: sly!20:59
* markvoelker makes note to show up extra early for breakfast in San Diego this fall20:59
* mestery wonders if he just started something here ...20:59
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ijwI've been in here all day, does that count?21:00
openstackMeeting started Mon Jun 25 21:01:28 2012 UTC.  The chair is danwent. Information about MeetBot at
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danwentok, looks like we have a good crowd to get started.21:01
danwent#link agenda:
danwentgongys: hi!21:02
danwent#topic folsom-2 status21:02
*** openstack changes topic to "folsom-2 status"21:02
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danwentso, we've had a lot of great effort from folks over the past week on key F-2 issues21:02
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danwentits still going to be a tight squeeze, but I think we at least stand a good chance at getting a first cut at all of the key v2 functionality in by F-2, which would be fantastic21:03
danwent#info all F-2 blueprints should have at least an initial review pushed by tomorrow (even if its someone incomplete)21:04
danwent#info if you're not ready for pushing a review by tuesday, please ping me to keep me up to date on the status of your blueprint21:04
danwentas we'll have to monitor such work items very closely21:04
danwentWe will have a F-2 branch point a week from tomorrow, at which point all non-bug fixes must be merged21:05
danwentOk, want to run down key F-2 items and get a status update.21:05
danwentseems like we're close on the IP allocation stuff?21:05
danwentgaryk: great.  I will rereview tonight and hopefully we can get it in by tomorrow.21:06
garykall done - just waiting for review.21:06
salv-orlandoI'm reviewing the code as well. Will complete either before sleep or tomorrow morning21:06
danwentgongys: thanks so much for taking a crack at this.  Will be reviewing this right after the meeting.21:06
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danwentgongys: I had one question on this:  is this new code covered by existing unit tests, or do we need to create new ones?21:07
gongysYes. it is not a perfect work, but we can go further after your reviews.21:07
gongysI had to create more unit tests.21:07
gongysno tests for now.21:07
gongysnew ones.21:07
danwentgongys: yes, makes sense.21:08
danwentlooks like a great start though21:08
danwentmarkmcclain: update on DHCP?  Sounds like you've been making progress?21:08
markmcclainI'm on track to push code that covers most of items from the blueprint for F2 into review tomorrow morning (or possibly this evening).21:09
markmcclainThe lone exception is ISC support, but I think that Pothix can help with it21:09
danwentmarkmcclain: is ISC support being targeted for F-2, or later?21:09
gongysmarkmcclain: what is ISC?21:10
danwentEither way, if we're splitting it out, it probably makes sense to create a separate bug or blueprint to track it, and assign it to PotHix21:10
markmcclainnice to have to F2, but if it slides to F3 I don't see it as a problem21:10
ncodegongys, one implementation of dhcp server21:10
PotHixmarkmcclain: I agree21:10
danwentPotHix: can you create a new issue to track this separate work?21:10
PotHixdanwent: sure21:11
danwent#todo PotHix create separeate launchpad bp/bug to track ISC dhcp work21:11
gongysSo we don't use dnsmasq?21:11
markmcclainfor F2 we will use dnsmasq21:11
PotHixgongys: yes, but we'll support isc dhcp as well21:12
PotHixgongys: we have some work done for it21:12
danwentarosen: not fair to ask you for an update on, since I just assigned it to you a few minutes ago.  But a note that you should coordinate with rkukura, who will be landing some changes in the OVS plugin as well.21:12
arosendanwent:  Sounds good will do21:13
danwentrkukura: speaking of, how are thinkings going with provider networks?21:13
danwentwhen do you expect to propose an initial review (even if some parts are still TODO?)21:13
rkukuraNot much progress last week, but should have initial patch tomorrow21:13
danwentthinkings -> things21:13
danwentyou can tell I didn't sleep last night… damn jet lag21:13
danwentrkukura: ok, great.  definitely best to get something up early, as this helps identify any major concerns, and helps spread the reviewing load (rather than slamming people with review days at the very end of the week)21:14
danwentrkukura: I believe we decided that the OVS plugin v2 work would go on top of your change, is that correct?21:15
rkukuraAs long as I get it in tomorrow21:15
rkukuraI could hold off on the OVS side if that made more sense21:16
*** sleepsonthefloor is now known as sleepsonzzz21:16
danwentsounds like a plan.  if you aren't able to propose something by tomorrow, please sync with arosen, so you two can figure out how best to procede.21:16
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danwentI don't think arvind is around to comment about Horizon + Quantum integration.  I sent him an email asking for an update though.  Anyone know status there?21:17
rkukuraIs V2 for linuxbridge planned?21:17
danwentrkukura: most plugins will do v2 in F-321:17
danwentwe should file an issue for it and assign it to F-3, if there isn't one already though.21:17
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danwentdebo-os: here?21:18
danwentis Hua here?21:18
danwent(forgot irc handle for Hua)21:18
debo-osI am here21:19
danwentWell, on the topic of devstack gating, it looks like our devstack reviews to fix gating with Quantum aren't getting any love:
debo-osI renewed my patch and am pining Dean immediately after this21:19
danwentdebo-os: and I noticed that your devstack review expired, as no devstack core devs reviewed it.21:19
danwentdebo-os: great, thanks.21:19
danwentThis has made me wonder if it would make sense for Quantum to have one of its team members become a devstack core devs specializing in Quantum-related devstack reviews.21:20
danwentI may take on that role, but if anyone else is interested as well, let me know21:20
debo-oswe should ... this isn't the 1st time. Folks are busy there21:20
danwentwe spend a lot of time waiting for devstack reviews.21:20
danwentyeah, definitely a regular occurence21:21
danwent#todo danwent contact dtroyer about quantum team member(s) becoming devstack core reviewers21:21
mestery+1 on having a Quantum dev as a devstack core21:21
arosenI agree too +121:21
danwentgaryk: sorry, looks like I missing your last config review in the agenda21:21
danwentgaryk: is there one more config patch after this, or is this the last one?21:22
garykthis is the last one. after that we need to dicuss the plagin ini files21:22
danwentgaryk: but that plugin.ini stuff would be F3?21:23
danwentk, makes sense.21:23
danwentWe covered a lot of ground here… anything else we think we need to discuss for F-2?21:23
ijwSorry, I missed the devstack bit, but can I suggest also - a bug, not a feature, but it stops devstack/OVS installs working in a very quiet way and won't help anyone who's testing.21:24
danwentObviously, if you're not someone finishing up a high priority feature, please make sure you are devoting plenty of cycles to reviews, as we'll have a lot of new code coming through in the next few days21:24
danwentijw: thanks for highlighting that.21:25
danwentanother example of why we need a quantum core reviewer on devstack :)21:25
danwent#topic community topics21:25
*** openstack changes topic to "community topics"21:25
danwentSo review days, any comments or concerns?21:26
danwentthe overall number of reviews seems to be a bit lower as a result, so I'm optimistic so far, though the real test will be keeping it up over time.21:26
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danwent#info location of next design summit has been chosen:
salv-orlandoit has also to be said that we are dealing with larger patches, so a review can easily take more than 2 hours21:27
danwentsalv-orlando: indeed :)21:27
garykwhen will it be in europe?21:28
danwentgaryk: ping ttx21:28
salv-orlandoOne day I wish...21:28
ijwgaryk: given the weather at the moment you *really* don't want it in Europe ;)21:28
salv-orlandowell it depends21:28
danwentgaryk: will you not be able to attend in san diego, or is it just that you'll be insanely jet-lagged?21:28
garykdanwent: :)21:29
danwentijw: haha, yeah, europe is probably better for the spring summit21:29
danwentI know they've been promising it for a while, so hopefully next spring21:29
danwent#topic open discussion21:29
*** openstack changes topic to "open discussion"21:29
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gongyshow do we do ovs plugin v2?21:30
gongysIt will have new tables or just based on the current models?21:30
danwentgongys: should be a pretty simple sub-class of the ovs_db_base_v221:30
danwentbut on network creation it will also store a vlan/tunnel id21:31
danwentand there will be some minor changes to the agent, due to the fact that we no longer use attachment-id21:31
gongyswe had better not create a sub package to contain new tables, which is the 1.0 way.21:31
danwentbut largely I think the agent will stay mostly the same, while the main plugin code will be simplified by the use of the db_plugin_base class.21:31
danwentgongys: can you elaborate?21:32
danwentare you talking about where the model class is placed in the codebase?21:32
gongysDo we need db upgrade feature introduced in?21:32
gongysYes, the model class.21:33
gongysall other projects support db upgrade feature.21:33
danwentgongys: glad you mentioned this.  We'll want that capability moving forward, though I don't think we'll need to worry about it with respect to v1 plugins to v2 plugins, but that's up to the plugin in the end.21:33
danwentgongys: want to create a launchpad issue for F-3 to look at this?21:34
salv-orlando+1. It's part of the plugin capabilities21:34
danwentthere may well be code that can be shared across different plugins.21:34
gongysok, but Do we have  upgrade feature in any plugin implementation?21:34
danwentgongys: not yet21:34
danwentwell, at least not in the OVS or linux bridge plugins, which I assume is what you're talking about.21:35
mesteryI think upgrade will become important post-Folsom for sure21:35
gongysAnd about API versions,21:36
*** romain_lenglet has quit IRC21:36
danwent#todo #danwent create unassigned BP for exploring infrastructure required for sqlalchemy-based upgrades21:36
gongysare we support one quantum server supporting two versions at the same time?21:36
salv-orlandogongys. This another good point. I reckon we can support both for Folsom21:37
danwentsalv-orlando: this is a discussion I was planning on having in F-3, once we have the base v2 plugin stuff together21:37
salv-orlandothen maybe deprecate 1.x in "G" and remove it for "H". This could be a possilbe path IMHO.21:37
danwenti'm actually hoping we can be pretty agressive about moving away from the v1.x stuff21:37
salv-orlandoAggressive such as removing it by Folsom?21:38
danwentbut we'll have to discuss the trade-offs (I for once just really like deleting code :P)21:38
ncodeOne think that I'd like to know, are we planning to move the agents queues to something like rabbit or we will keep using queues on mysql21:38
danwentncode: let's hold discussion on that for a sec21:38
garykncode: yes. i have a version with linux bridge for this - f-321:38
ncodeoks :D21:39
danwentncode: ah, misundestood your question21:39
danwentsalv-orlando: i'm concerned about confusion around documenting quantum, supporting two ways of nova working with quantum, etc.21:39
salv-orlandoI recall a pair of devs were trying to improve agent communication on OVS plugin as well (maru?)21:39
*** sleepsonzzz is now known as sleepsonthefloor21:40
danwentI think there's a fair amount of overhead to keeping v1.x around, but I think we can have a more structured discussion of pros and cons in F-321:40
salv-orlandodanwent: agree. I'm all for doing less work.21:40
danwentsalv-orlando: cool.  let's table a deeper discussion until early F-321:40
danwent#todo #danwent create BP bug to discussion possible removal of V1 code in folsom.  Still up for debate.21:41
danwentok, ncode was your question addressed?21:41
ncodedanwent, yeap21:41
salv-orlandoOn a second though, since up to Essex Quantum has only been used in "admin" mode its API never went really public, is that right?21:41
danwentsalv-orlando: yes, that is part of why I think we may be able to ditch v121:42
danwentsince you HAD to use it with quantum-manager in nova as the only real client21:42
ijwPerhaps the best thing to do is ask around at the summit, see if you can get a feel for who's been using it in production if anyone.21:42
ncodegaryk, awesome :D21:42
danwentbut we'll see, perhaps people used it in some other way.21:42
salv-orlandoijw: that would be too late :)21:43
PotHixscalable-agent-comms FTW21:43
*** ryanpetr_ has joined #openstack-meeting21:43
ncodegaryk, most of our internal agents are following this idea21:43
danwentijw: there definitely are people using it, but the question is whether they have written external code against the APIs, or whether they can simply upgrade Nova + Quantum to folsom and be fine (my hypothesis), since the new version of Nova would have the new quantum client.21:43
garykncode: great21:44
salv-orlandoIMHO bottom line is that if we manage to ensure users can easily transition from Quantum manager to direct calls to Quantum API, we can probably get rid of API v1 immediately21:44
danwentsalv-orlando: I agree.  I think this would be an email to the main list, sometime in F321:44
ncodeif you need I'd glad to help21:44
PotHixgaryk: we'll have some code on this feature for isc-dhcp and generic-firewall21:44
PotHixme too21:44
danwentok, sounds like that's about it21:44
garykPotHix: this requires the rpc code from openstack common21:44
danwentI just wanted to say that I think we're making great progress with Quantum in the past month and am really excited about all of the new contributors.21:45
danwentlet's keep focused on finishing up blueprints (initial review by tuesday, tomorrow), and if you don't have a big blueprint you're working on, please dive in and help with reviews21:45
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danwentsee you all on gerrit :)21:46
*** openstack changes topic to "OpenStack meeting channel. See for schedule and for meeting logs"21:46
openstackMeeting ended Mon Jun 25 21:46:06 2012 UTC.  Information about MeetBot at . (v 0.1.4)21:46
openstackMinutes (text):
garykgood night21:46
danwenthave a good afternoon/evening21:46
*** ryanpetrello has quit IRC21:46
* markvoelker says goodnight before Kyle21:46
ncodegood night21:46
salv-orlandoreview days up to Jult 15th have been added to the wiki page!21:46
salv-orlandoplease go and fill your spots :)21:46
danwentsalv-orlando: thanks!21:46
s0mikhave a good one all!21:47
*** markvoelker has quit IRC21:47
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