Monday, 2012-07-30

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openstackMeeting started Mon Jul 30 21:00:18 2012 UTC.  The chair is danwent. Information about MeetBot at
openstackUseful Commands: #action #agreed #help #info #idea #link #topic #startvote.21:00
danwent#link Agenda:
danwent#link Folsom-3 status:
danwent#info we are one week out from the point where all F-3 "features" should be ready to be proposed for review21:01
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danwent(can be WIP review, but we at least want early feedback on major issues)21:01
salv-orlandohi all!21:01
danwentif you have an item targeted for F-3 and think that it won't be ready for review by next tuesday, please ping me (can be via email or irc)21:02
danwent#topic F-3 Reviews21:02
*** openstack changes topic to "F-3 Reviews"21:02
danwentwe have a set of key reviews that i'd like to highlight21:02
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danwentwe recently switched to keystone being enabled by default in quantum21:02
danwentthis is the review to update devstack, which hasn't landed yet:
danwentnot sure if Akihiro is here21:03
danwentwe also have issues with the linux bridge plugin and DHCP, which markmcclain has addressed here:
danwentwould be good to get that reviewed quickly so it doesn't block people who develop with the LB plugin.21:04
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danwentwe also have a few bigger reviews that have been through a lot of cycles and I think we need to get them merged.21:04
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danwentso if there are blockers related to any of these reviews, we should bring them up21:05
danwentgaryk's patch to avoid polling in the LB-plugin using RPC21:05
danwentgaryk is on vacation this week and can't defend himself.21:05
danwentsalv-orlando: are we close on this one? I think you've reviewed it recently21:05
salv-orlandoI will have another stab at it tomorrow to look at the last details. Looked good last time I had a look at it.21:06
salv-orlandoUnless major issues come up, it's a +2 for me.21:06
danwentsalv-orlando: ok, thanks.  I've reviewed it fairly recently as well, so I will try to be the second core review on that one21:06
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danwentnotifications stuff.21:06
danwentI've reviewed this branch and had no issues code wise.  Are the questions garyk had worked out?21:07
danwentlooks like it, as he is +221:07
danwentI should be able to re-review this one soon.21:07
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danwentany blocking issues, or just needs eyeballs?21:08
salv-orlandoI had reviews this morning which I will address in the next hours.21:09
danwentok, looks like since garyk is out, we'll need someone to take it review slot on this one.21:09
salv-orlandoNothing to be worried about - some clarifications I need to give, and a few minor adjustments21:09
zhuadlabout quantum-horizon integration, I have a question about the user panel.21:09
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danwentzhuadl:ok, we can talk about horizon stuff (I had it on the agenda below, but now is fine)21:10
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danwentfor reference, quantum/horizon WIP review is here:
rkukuradanwent: I'll look at the public networks patch by Wednesday21:11
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danwentrkukura: great thanks.21:11
danwentrkukura: that reminds me, are we still waiting on one more review for provider-nets?21:11
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salv-orlandorkukura: thanks21:11
rkukuradanwent: waiting on code 1st - should be ready by Monday at the latest21:11
danwentrkukura: ok, just wanted to confirm, as LP issue was in code review.  perhaps we swap it back to 'good progress'21:12
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danwentzhuadl: did you have a question about quantum/horizon?21:12
rkukuradanwent: should have OVS vlan table bug fix ready to review tomorrow, which is prereq for provider phase 221:12
zhuadlmy question is: the current user panel looks very similar to sys panel(CRD networks/subnets/ports in one page) .21:13
rkukuradanwent: confirmed21:13
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danwentrkukura: great, thanks21:13
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zhuadlwill that be accetable for next F-3 release?21:13
danwentzhuadl: I've been meaning to take a look at that.  I will try to do so soon.21:14
zhuadlok, thanks.21:14
danwentis there anything useful someone can do with a port they have created in Horizon?21:14
danwentI wasn't expecting that we'd even do the work to expose port creation in F-321:14
danwent(we're planning on allowing someone to pass a port-id into nova instead of a net-id when booting a VM, but I don't think that's implemented yet)21:15
danwentgongys: please correct me if I'm wrong, but I think you split that out into a separate patch, right?21:15
nati_uenoI can take port-id implementation for nova21:16
gongysnot yet.21:16
gongysok, thanks nati_ueno.21:16
danwentnati_ueno:  great, thanks21:16
zhuadlLaunching VM with specified network(s) is supported newly.21:16
nati_uenoShould I write bug report or blueprint for portid one?21:16
danwentnati_ueno: up to you, but should be a pretty small change, so bug is probably fine21:17
nati_uenodanwent: I got it21:17
salv-orlandonati_ueno: a big should be fine, but ultimately it's up to you21:17
jkoelkerthis will be done as an extention correct?21:17
danwentbesides, people are more likely to be concern if someone proposes a new blueprint this late in a release cycle21:17
danwentjkoelker: yes.  I assume it would just be an addition to the existing extension that allows you to pass in network ids21:18
gongysYes. that bug will be on nova side.21:18
jkoelkerthere is no existing extension, its in the core api, just wanted to make sure that we were not talking about changing the comput api21:18
nati_uenoYes it will be extension21:18
gongysWe just need ext the --nic with --nic port-id=xxx21:19
gongyscurrently, it has --nic net-id=21:19
danwentzhuadl: ok, great.  perhaps we could tweak that panel a bit to optionally pass in a port-id instead of a net-id in Horizon21:19
danwentgongys: yes, that's what I was thinking21:19
gongysso, we will do it following the --nic net-id path do finish the task.21:20
danwentgongys: great21:21
danwent#topic discussion topics21:21
*** openstack changes topic to "discussion topics"21:21
danwentok, back to the agenda21:21
danwent#info we've switched the webservice pipeline logic to mirror glance21:21
danwent#info which means that you set the pipeline now by setting authstrategy = keystone21:22
*** n0ano has left #openstack-meeting21:22
danwentwe're also updating devstack to use this.  This should mirror how people will actually use quantum, so its important that we make the change.21:22
gongysDan: I think that is mirroring nova21:22
danwentgongys: both, I thought21:22
danwentbut perhaps not… all blurs together21:22
danwentalso, wanted to point out that there are two overlapping devstack reviews21:23
danwentfor : and
danwentlooks like debo isn't here.21:23
PotHixdanwent: just for the record, what happens when you're not using keystone?21:23
PotHixauthstrategy = keystone21:23
salv-orlandoGlance is slightly different, as they use a "flavor" option in conf file which can be set to "keystone". Concept is the same, though21:24
danwentsame as happens before this change.21:24
danwentsalv-orlando: ah, good point21:24
danwentPotHix: I believe all requests are treated as admin21:24
PotHixdanwent: ok :)21:25
danwentand you need to specify --tenant-id when creating items21:25
salv-orlandoPotHixK nokeystone = noauth (ie: anarchy)21:25
danwentsalv-orlando: i think they use it for internal, i.e., non-tenant facing automation21:25
danwentand hence don't use keystone21:25
PotHixsalv-orlando: :P21:26
danwent#info the v1 and v1.1 related code will be being removed probably later this week or early next week, per our past decision21:26
danwentjust wanted to give people a heads up.21:26
danwentif you think something that is v1 only needs to stay in the codebase, let me know.  I will also clean out people's plugins, unless they tell me otherwise.21:26
danwent(i'm happy to let you do it yourself, if you prefer)21:27
danwent#topic Community Topics / Open Discussion21:27
*** openstack changes topic to "Community Topics / Open Discussion"21:27
gongysextensions path too.21:27
gongysWhat is the progress about L3 features?21:28
danwentgongys: can you clarify about extensions?21:28
danwentgongys:  finaly got a good chunk of time to work on L3 over the weekend.  updated the page with a spec, and have made it probably 1/4 of the way through the core impl21:28
gongysthe quantum/extensions/ path, we have many ext for v1.21:28
danwentgongys: so you're saying remove extensions that are v1-only.  that makes sense.21:28
danwentwe can always restore things from a previous version of the repo, if someone later decides to update them.21:29
gongysDan: Yes.21:29
danwentok, anything else to talk about?21:29
rkukuraany conclusion on tenant vs project?21:30
danwentrkukura: ah, thanks for mentioning that.21:30
nati_uenoDo we have time to discuss quantum-schduler ?21:30
gongysI have an idea about refactor ip/mac allocation algorithm parts into a replaceable module.21:30
danwentnati_ueno: let's handle rkukura's question first, then come back to that.21:30
*** russellb has joined #openstack-meeting21:30
nati_uenodanwent: I got it21:30
*** russellb has left #openstack-meeting21:30
danwentrkukura: to give other people some context, the keystone v3 api, which apparently will not land until grizzly is switching from using the term tenant to the term project21:31
danwentsince we obviously don't want to be changing the quantum API in a non-backward compat way, we could consider making the official API v2 Quantum API use project_id instead of tenant_id.21:31
danwentthe only problem is that its out of sync with the keystone terminology for Folsom21:32
danwentall in all, a pretty yucky situation if you ask me...21:32
rkukurawhat's nova's terminology for folsom?21:32
salv-orlandoI am happy with renaming21:32
PotHix+1 for renaming for folsom.21:32
danwentrkukura: that's a good question.  not sure if nova ever updated from project_id (their original term) to tenant_id21:32
PotHixAvoid rework later.21:33
* salv-orlando and then, in an unprecedented u-turn, keystone v3 will keep "tenant_id"21:33
danwentyeah, my slight preference is for switching to project_id now21:33
gongyshello, where did we use the project_id in quantum?21:33
salv-orlandowhat if we decide for tenant_id or project_id and then keep it like that forever, regardless of nova and keystone?21:33
danwentgongys:  each v2 object has a tenant_id21:33
nati_uenos/project_id/tenant_id/ ?21:33
nati_uenowoops wrong direction s/tenant_id/project_id/21:34
carlpWhat if we make them synonyms in the API?21:34
* salv-orlando "forever" means 12 months at least21:34
danwentsalv-orlando: yeah, either way, I don't want to change moving forward.21:34
gongysYes, I know,  why do we use project_id in quantum?21:34
danwentgongys:  this tracks who "owns" an object21:34
PotHixA new change will need a new API IMHO21:34
PotHixnot a good thing21:34
danwentand therefore can edit/delete the object21:34
danwentI'm probably against changing it moving forward once v2 if FINAL, so i guess the real question is whether we should change it to project_id now and leave it that, or just leave it as tenant_id21:35
gongysall the components are using tenant_id, why do we switch project_id?21:36
gongysAm I missing something?21:36
salv-orlandoWell, carp suggested to use aliasing in order to not be bothered by this issue at all. Is there any reason for not doing that?21:36
rkukuraif nova native API is using project_id in folsom, then we should too21:36
danwentgongys:  the uuid that someone should pass in for tenant_id in quantum is a UUID from keystone.  If keystone calls that a "project_id", I think it woudl cause unecessary confusion21:36
zhuadlWe should align it with nova.21:37
danwentI'd rather have the names be the same across projects21:37
danwentsalv-orlando: ok, can you look into what nova does, then we make a call based on that?21:37
gongysI don't think so, nova has to keep it because it has the yucky legacy.21:37
salv-orlandoIMHO if we try and look at what all other core projects are doing, we'll end up with an headache. To me, tenant_id/project_id we should look at keystone only, as all projects eventually will sync up with it.21:37
danwentsalv-orlando: that's fair21:38
gongysok, let's see what is in keystone.21:38
danwentultimately, the UUID is a keystone value, so the keystone name is somewhat "authoritative"21:38
danwentgongys: that's the problem21:38
danwentkeystone will be tenant-id in Folsom, but is switching to project-id in Grizzly21:38
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danwent(with the v3 api)21:38
danwentok, so I think there's a agreement for aligning with keystone21:39
danwentjust not clear with which version of keystone21:39
gongysMy god. Bad enough. All the industry is talking about multi tenancy,21:39
gongysI have no idea about multi project term.21:39
rkukurai think long term, but if nova is already on project_id and that is where keystone is going, why not do it now?21:40
nati_uenoIt is simple to use same version21:40
nati_uenoIf Folsom keystone use tenant_id, let's keep tenant_id now21:40
danwentgongys: perhaps talk to heckj about it.21:40
danwentnati_ueno: but I don't want Quantum API to change uncessarily from v2 to v2+21:40
danwentok, well, let's take this to the ML as necessary21:41
danwenttime is running late.21:41
nati_uenoor let's keystone team update project-id in Folsom21:41
danwentok, we had two other items brought up.  one by nati_ueno and one by gongys21:41
danwentnati_ueno: go ahead21:41
shivhIs there a real relation between tenant_id and project_id (1 tenant can have many projects) ?21:42
nati_uenoOK I send mail for mailing list about qunatum-schduler. Is that make sense for you?21:42
danwentshivh: the relationship is between users and project.21:42
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danwentshivh: you can check out the proposed keystone API specs21:42
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danwentnati_ueno: ok21:43
danwentgongys:  you had wanted to bring something up in open discussion?21:43
danwentp.s.: for those keeping score, the latest version of the keystone v3 spec still seems to mention tenants, but heckj sent me an email saying it was changing to projects, so now I'm very confused (
gongysI want to refactor the ip/mac allocatoin into an independent one.21:44
gongysSo that we can replace it with a configuration item.21:44
danwentgongys: that seems reasonable21:44
gongysOk, I will have a try.21:45
danwentok, anything else for open discussion, or are we done?21:45
danwentk, don't forget to sign up for review days
danwenthave a good week folks!21:46
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PotHixbye! o/21:47
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s0miktake care folks21:47
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