Thursday, 2012-08-09

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eltayebbest tests for pass solaris 10 certificate ???14:27
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nijaba#meetingtopic Ceilometer16:00
nijaba#chair nijaba16:00
openstackMeeting started Thu Aug  9 16:00:02 2012 UTC.  The chair is nijaba. Information about MeetBot at
openstackUseful Commands: #action #agreed #help #info #idea #link #topic #startvote.16:00
*** openstack changes topic to " (Meeting topic: Ceilometer)"16:00
openstackCurrent chairs: nijaba16:00
nijabaHello everyone! Show of hands, who is around for the ceilometer meeting?16:00
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nijabadhellmann: around?16:01
nijabaok, let's start16:01
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nijaba#topic actions from previous meeting16:01
*** openstack changes topic to "actions from previous meeting (Meeting topic: Ceilometer)"16:01
nijaba#topic jaypipes to create ceilometer cookbook16:01
*** openstack changes topic to "jaypipes to create ceilometer cookbook (Meeting topic: Ceilometer)"16:01
nijabajaypipes: any progress on this?16:02
jaypipesnijaba: no, sorry man16:02
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nijabashould I forward the action?16:03
jaypipesnijaba: might be able to get to it over weekend or monday16:03
jaypipesnijaba: sure16:03
nijaba#action jaypipes to create ceilometer cookbook16:03
nijaba#topic jtran to open a ticket for the DB access work16:03
*** openstack changes topic to "jtran to open a ticket for the DB access work (Meeting topic: Ceilometer)"16:03
nijabajtran informed us that he won't be able to join us this week, but did open the bug:16:03
uvirtbotLaunchpad bug 1034666 in ceilometer "Remove nova db access for all ceilometer code" [Undecided,New]16:03
nijaba#topic nijaba to create a diagram of ceilometer architecture16:04
*** openstack changes topic to "nijaba to create a diagram of ceilometer architecture (Meeting topic: Ceilometer)"16:04
nijabaI have prepared a first version of this diagram that you can see here:16:04
nijabaComments are welcome.16:04
nijabaI can share the google doc with anyone who wants to modify it16:04
DanDis there a description of component responsiblitiy?16:05
nijabaDanD: not at the moment, but could be a nice addition16:05
nijabaif anyone wants to comment later, ping me...16:06
nijaba#action nijaba to write description of componet responsibility16:06
nijabalet's move on16:07
nijaba#topic Discuss dhellmann's API change proposal16:07
*** openstack changes topic to "Discuss dhellmann's API change proposal (Meeting topic: Ceilometer)"16:07
nijabanot sure if dhellmann has joined us...16:07
dhellmannsorry, running late16:08
nijabaso the proposal seemed very reasonable16:08
nijabaand jaypipes' comment made it even better16:08
dhellmannjd___ approved the changeset, but we can make adjustments as needed16:08
dhellmannyes, thanks jaypipes16:08
nijabaany other comment before we formally approve it?16:09
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nijabaif not, then I propose that we skip voting and just mark this as agreed16:09
nijabagoing once16:10
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dhellmannit would help if someone had a few minutes to go through the URL list in comments in the file now and make sure all of the endpoints from the original list are included16:10
dhellmannI double checked, but a second set of eyes is always good16:10
nijabadhellmann: i did this summarilly this morning.  I can take the action to do a better match16:11
dhellmannok, thanks!16:11
nijaba#agreed new api proposal from dhellmann provide a second check that all case are covered16:11
nijaba#action nijaba to do a second thouroughness check on API and report next week16:12
nijaba#topic Discuss priority of maintaining Essex support and find contributor to work on it if we are going to do it16:12
*** openstack changes topic to "Discuss priority of maintaining Essex support and find contributor to work on it if we are going to do it (Meeting topic: Ceilometer)"16:12
jd___sorry i'm late :)16:12
nijabahey jd___!16:12
jd___(i'm on holidays so my schedule is a bit chaotic :)16:13
nijabaso, it seemed last week that jtran wanted this to happen, but was not sure to be able to do it alone, correct?16:13
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jd___seems so16:13
dhellmannthat's how I remember it16:13
nijabais anyone here that care about this and wants to second him?16:13
nijabait seems that most of us really care about folsom support16:14
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dhellmannI thought loic wanted it, too?16:14
nijabadhellmann: yep, but he does not seem to be around16:14
jd___i though too but it's away for a while now so maybe he doesn't care about it now16:15
nijabaso I propose that we postpone this until someone proposes himself?16:15
jd___I agree16:15
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jd___i'm all for do-ocracy on this :)16:16
dhellmannthere has been some progress on moving the service and manager bits out of nova into common, which will help us16:16
dhellmannwe want that anyway, even for folsom16:16
nijaba#agreed essex support postponed until someone that cares about it signals himself and want to work on it16:16
nijabamoving on...16:17
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nijaba#topic Discuss integration with Heat16:17
*** openstack changes topic to "Discuss integration with Heat (Meeting topic: Ceilometer)"16:17
nijabaso their are 2 subtopics here16:17
nijaba1/ instrumenting heat so that ceilometer can meter it16:17
* dhellmann doesn't know what heat is16:17
nijaba2/ the "cloudwatch" proposal16:18
nijabadhellmann: heat is a project to mimick AWS cloudformation in openstack16:18
nijabait has just been submited for incubation16:18
nijabalike use, the response was postoned16:18
ppetitDon't want to speak for Heat representative but heat is more than that. Its an attempt to support CloudFormation for OpenStack16:18
dhellmannok, thanks for the background16:19
nijabappetit: any better definition is welcome16:19
jd___hi ppetit16:19
ppetitAs per the support of CloudFormation's service semantic, support of CloudWatch is desirable.16:19
nijabaso, regarding 1/, I think we would welcome to see heat instrumented too, right?16:20
ppetitBut also auto-scaling, ... and other integrated cloud services that are part of AWS16:20
nijabaquestion being, how and who...16:21
ppetitNot sure this is heat we'd like to instrument.16:21
dhellmannyeah, I was just reaching that conclusion: what would we meter in heat?16:21
jd___cloudwatch is part of heat too actually, no?16:21
ppetitI think the propoal was more about having one point of support for CloudWatch-like functionality16:21
dhellmannand CloudWatch is monitoring?16:21
ppetitAnd that would be under Ceilometer project instead of Heat16:22
nijabaso that's point #216:22
nijabafor which, as I said on the ml, I think we need to discuss this at ODS in october16:22
ppetitYes, I think it makes sense because the subject is complexe16:23
ppetitWe are speaking of an ecosystem of components16:23
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dhellmannit may be appropriate for the monitoring tool to listen for metering events, but as nijaba pointed out they are likely not to come frequently enough16:24
*** danwent has quit IRC16:24
nijabaso I propose the following agreement: "propose a joint session with heat at ODS regarding cloudwatch"16:24
ppetitOne neat thing about CloudWatch-like functionality is the support of a monitoring service above ceilometer with stuffs like policies, recovery action, threshold monitoring and so forth....16:25
jd___dhellmann: sure but they can write their own metering tools too16:25
dhellmannjd___: sure16:25
nijabappetit: I fully agree on the usefulness16:25
*** donaldngo has joined #openstack-meeting16:25
nijabaany one against the above proposal?16:26
nijaba#agreed propose a joint session with heat at ODS regarding cloudwatch16:26
nijabaok, so let's dig a bit into #116:27
dhellmannwhat would we meter in heat?16:27
nijabappetit: there is nothing in heat/cloudformation that could be billed to customers?16:27
nijabaI am not familiar enough with this to have an opinion16:28
ppetitHmm... on the top of my head no, not really.16:28
nijabaok, so moot point, then16:28
nijabalet's move on16:28
ppetitPerhaps stuffs like how fast or how slow a cloudformation stack can be deployed16:28
nijaba#topic Open Discusssion16:28
*** openstack changes topic to "Open Discusssion (Meeting topic: Ceilometer)"16:28
jd___yeah i though #2 was actually the main point for heat16:29
ppetitthat's my understanding 216:29
ppetitIs there any heat developer around?16:29
jd___doesn't seems so unfortunately16:30
nijabawell, I don't think there is any hurry and we can bring back the subject in a later meeting16:30
nijabaany other topics?16:31
ppetitjd__: that's a relatively important subject regarding project XLcloud. I'd like we keep a close look at it16:31
*** EmilienM has joined #openstack-meeting16:32
nijabappetit: XLcloud?16:32
ppetitcheck xlcloud.org16:32
* nijaba checks16:32
ppetitCollaborative project around HPC cloud based on OpenStack16:32
nijabahahh!  neat!16:32
jd___nijaba: xlcloud is planning to use ceilometer, i did a talk about ceilometer, i talked about it when you were on holidays :)16:33
* nijaba admits to have only read summaries16:33
ppetitAnd Heat to help with virtual cluster post-install config16:33
nijabathat sounds exciting16:34
ppetityes indeed!16:34
nijabashould we move on?16:35
nijabaany other topics for today?16:35
dhellmannnothing here16:35
jd___here neither16:36
nijabaI personally wanted to thank everyone for the vote of confidence!16:36
dhellmannoh, I will mention that we're working on integration ceilometer with our billing system this sprint16:36
ppetitjust let us know about follow of Heat and Ceilometer please16:36
nijabappetit: noted!16:36
jd___dhellmann: that's neat16:36
nijabadhellmann: yeah!16:36
*** EmilienM has quit IRC16:36
dhellmanncongratulations, nijaba!16:36
nijabadhellmann: thanks16:37
nijabadhellmann: are you going to use the API?16:37
* nijaba thinks so...16:37
dhellmannnijaba: yes16:37
nijabavery cool16:38
jd___he'd better does!16:38
nijabacan't wait for the feedback16:38
dhellmannour sprint is 2 more weeks, so I should have more feedback at next week's meeting16:38
nijabaso, if anyone is going to cloudopen, note that I'll be there in 3 weeks16:38
jd___i'll try to be present at next meetings, but excuse me in advance if I don't make it :)16:39
nijabait runs in parallel with linuxcon16:39
nijabajd___: hey, enjoy your vacation time!16:39
nijabaI guess that's a wrap for today!16:40
nijabathanks everyone16:40
mrevellThanks nijaba16:40
ppetitOkay thanks ! Bye16:40
*** openstack changes topic to "OpenStack meeting channel. See for schedule and for meeting logs"16:40
openstackMeeting ended Thu Aug  9 16:40:44 2012 UTC.  Information about MeetBot at . (v 0.1.4)16:40
jd___thanks, bye!16:40
openstackMinutes (text):
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JoseSwiftQEare we still having a meeting?17:17
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jkffHello. It's now time for the LBaaS meeting. Anyone here for it?19:09
jkffI'm Eugene Kirpichev from Mirantis19:09
jkffOur current progress is as follows:19:10
jkffThe team has almost finished the core code and is about to start working on the F5 driver.19:10
jkffMost of the external API is implemented, and it's planned to polish the driver/core interaction logic while working on F519:10
jkffAlso, filtering of LB's by their capabilities is almost ready in a separate branch, will be merged to master in the nearest few days19:11
jkffWe've been also talking with a few LB vendors and they seem very excited.19:11
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jkffThe dominating topic is Quantum integration, on which we'll have more news in the next days.19:12
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n0anoanyone here for the orchestration meeting?20:04
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*** Ravikumar_hp has joined #openstack-meeting21:00
vishy#link Agenda:
mikalOh hai21:01
*** alexpilotti has quit IRC21:01
* markmc clicks 'Subscribe' on that page, keep forgetting about it21:02
vishy#topic XML Support in Nova21:03
*** openstack changes topic to "XML Support in Nova"21:03
vishyso lzyeval was looking into the current support for xml21:03
*** eglynn has joined #openstack-meeting21:03
* vishy digs up the email21:03
*** matwood has quit IRC21:03
*** ecarlin has joined #openstack-meeting21:03
vishyso a whole bunch of the extensions don't support XML serialization right now21:04
vishy* deserialization21:04
vishyand because we have no end-to-end xml tests it is likely that the ones that do are broken21:05
vishyhe also mentioned that some have deserializers but no serializers, so if any post requests take nested data they are likely broken as well21:05
vishyso the question is: what do we do about it.21:05
vishyoption 1) announce in the release notes that xml is not going to be maintained21:06
vishyoption 2) is file bugs against all the serializers and get those fixed and put together some end-to-end xml testing21:06
vishyoption 3) ????21:07
vishyany ideas?21:07
markmcwell, (2) requires a volunteer21:07
markmceven to just file the bugs etc.21:07
vishyis there another option that I'm not considering?21:07
russellbso, put out a call for volunteers to do 2, and in the absence of that getting done, 1?21:08
*** mjfork has joined #openstack-meeting21:08
vishyi guess there is a middle ground of checking the most important extensions21:08
russellbi guess that's some variation of 2 ...21:08
markmc(3) mark it as "experimental" somehow, maybe require a flag to be set for it to be enabled21:08
vishyand making sure that basic funcionality works. Saying hey, the cloudpipe controller is json only etc.21:08
*** dolphm_ has joined #openstack-meeting21:08
vishyhere is the real question: there are a lot of bugs that can be worked on21:09
vishyhow do we prioritize xml vs the other set of bugs?21:09
*** matwood has joined #openstack-meeting21:09
vishyand do we lose community support if we say we don't care about xml21:09
vishydoesn't sound like we have the answer to that here21:10
markmcthe main thing is to make the current state clear to everyone21:10
markmcyou can't force folks to fix it21:10
markmcand you're right, it's not like nova-core should drop everything and just fix it21:10
markmcand it's not a great option to just remove it either21:10
vishy#action vishy to email the list about current state of xml and ask for bug reports and volunteers to fix it.21:11
eglynnhave many or even any bugs been filed against the current incomplete XML support?21:11
_0x44Especially when you consider that the one person who ostensibly cares the most about xml has publicly asked us to kill it.21:11
*** markmcclain has quit IRC21:11
vishyeglynn: the only person i know who filed bugs against it was justinsb21:11
eglynn(an indication of whether the community really cares about XML support)21:11
markmc_0x44, that's obtuse for any of us who don't know the history21:11
* markmc thinks xml is a nice feature, if it worked21:11
eglynnyep agreed, but incomplete/broken is worse in a way ...21:12
vishyjustinsb was a big java advocate, likes xml, but specifically stated he prefers a working json implementation to a buggy xml implementation21:12
markmcheh, ok21:12
vishythat is the history :)21:12
_0x44markmc: Sorry, justinsb was writing a client for Java and wanted to use the XML apis but couldn't because they're shit.21:12
markmc_0x44, cool, thanks21:12
vishyok next topic, we will see if we get any help from the ml.21:12
vishy#topic Blueprint / Review Updates21:13
*** openstack changes topic to "Blueprint / Review Updates"21:13
vishymikal: need anything for Config Drive / Metadata?21:13
vishyseems to be going well21:13
mikalI'm replying to people's reviews now21:13
mikalI think the only hard bit left is nailing down the format for file inject21:13
mikalI don't much care what we do21:14
mikalI just want the adults to stop fighting21:14
vishymikal: yes any format seems fine21:14
vishymikal: we need a format for network data as well21:14
mikalPadraig pointed out a vulnerability in the way its done now21:14
mikalSo that will need to be tweaked a little at the least21:14
mikalAt the moment you just get the network data in the format that the inject code gets it21:15
vishymikal: I would say lets just use a simple json/yaml representation21:15
mikal(Which I think is what original inject did too)21:15
mikalYeah, it would be nice if we could also iterate -- get this code in todayish, and then do another review with tweaks21:15
vishymikal: yeah i suppose that is fine for now, if someone wants to convert it to some standard format for the next version that is fine21:15
mikalI'll change to a json flavoured inject this morning, cause it fixes Padraig's concerns too21:16
* vishy put the blueprints out of order on the agenda21:16
vishylet me go back to the right order21:16
vishymikal: sounds good21:16
vishyback to general host aggregates21:16
vishydoes someone else want to review part 2?21:17
russellbi can review it tomorrow21:17
vishy#info we are probably fine pushing this one to grizzly:
vishybut we definitely need part 2 in21:18
* comstud is here21:18
vishythe above one would be cool, but i won't cry too loudly if it misses21:18
vishystill great to review it if someone wants to. Just me so far21:18
vishyok if we get reviews that one is fine21:19
vishyneeds review21:19
vishymtaylor: ^^21:19
vishystatus on that fix?21:19
*** lzyeval has joined #openstack-meeting21:20
vishylzyeval: hi21:20
vishylzyeval: we can discuss xml again in a minute21:20
lzyevalvishy: sure21:21
vishyso reviews on glanceclient are important as well21:21
*** bcwaldon has joined #openstack-meeting21:21
vishylooks like yun mao isn't here21:21
vishyi was going to ask if there is more to be done for:21:22
dprincevishy: I can look at glanceclient...21:22
vishydprince: awesome thanks21:22
vishythe server extension blueprint is well underway. The reviews should be easy21:22
dansmithvishy: I know of at least one review that seems to be stalled on the state management stuff21:22
*** markmcclain has joined #openstack-meeting21:23
markmcdansmith, yeah, this I presume -
vishydansmith: that last delete in any state review?21:23
dansmithit's his set-task-state-to-none-after-any-failure one, which is similar to what I almost got done earlier21:23
markmcdansmith, haven't gotten around to compare that with your @revert_state patch21:23
dansmithmarkmc: yep21:23
*** sacharya has joined #openstack-meeting21:23
vishyyes yun seems to be away for the bast few days21:23
markmcdansmith, I was pretty happy with yours fwiw21:23
dansmithmarkmc: well, I asked if I should resurrect mine in the face of Johannes' concerns21:23
dansmithmarkmc: if you think I should just do it, then I will. it's gonna be fairly small now21:24
vishydansmith: might as well reprop it21:24
markmcyeah, agree21:24
dansmitht'was trying to be polite when I asked, which is so unlike me :)21:24
dansmithvishy: a'ight21:24
vishy#action dansmith to repropose is revert_state decorator21:24
vishyso delete in any state is going well21:25
vishybut it will need some approvals21:25
vishythere are 4 or 5 more patches to go in but they should all be really simple like the last few21:25
vishysdague: are you still doing the two you have assigned21:25
vishynati_uen_: ditto21:25
vishyjk0: are you still planning on helping?21:25
*** alexpilotti has joined #openstack-meeting21:26
nati_uen_vishy: Not started yet. But I'll finish this in this week21:26
vishyi did a bunch, so there are only a few left, but helping with reviews would also be awesome21:26
*** sacharya has quit IRC21:26
sdaguevishy: yes, I'll redo the one that I've got already after the rebase confusion tonight, and get to the other one in the morning21:26
jk0vishy: had some things come up this week so I wasn't able to help as much as I would have liked21:26
vishyjk0: the last few should be pretty easy21:27
jk0vishy: but toss reviews my way and I will make time for them21:27
vishyif you guys don't take them I will probably just bang them out :)21:27
sdagueit would be nice if landed, because I'd do some refactoring on the tests after that21:27
sdagueso nova core reviews on that patch by vishy are appreciated21:28
vishysdague: don't know if you saw, but I put three more reviews into the series21:28
sdaguevishy: I guess I didn't notice that yet, I'll go look21:28
vishystill not sure about the plugin framework21:28
vishycomstud: can you have someone review this?
vishyi think it is good to go, but you guys are the xen users21:29
_0x44sdague: I just reviewed it21:29
vishylooks like it needs a rebase though21:30
vishyi will ping renuka21:30
vishybut review for content would be good21:30
vishyand we can slam it in after rebase21:30
dansmithgit slam21:30
dansmithgit: 'slam' is not a git command. See 'git --help'.21:30
vishyso last few21:31
vishybare metal21:31
vishythey are splitting it into five patches to make reviewing easier21:31
vishybut eyes on those reviews would be awesome21:31
markmcoh, awesome21:31
vishythey have the first couple up21:32
vishy1 for db 1 for docs21:32
*** ryanpetr_ has quit IRC21:32
mikalThe db one is still quite big21:32
*** dendro-afk is now known as dendrobates21:32
vishy#action nova-core to help review bare-metal patches21:32
sdaguevishy: once we get to the end of blueprint round up, I had some questions about additional driver reviews (powervm and storwize)21:33
vishymy initial thought is to delay both the ServiceGroup patch and the Cells stuff to post Folsom21:33
*** ryanpetrello has joined #openstack-meeting21:33
ewindischvishy: it might be wishful thinking, but I wanted to use that to supplement the matchmaker.21:33
markmcthink delaying cells makes sense21:33
comstudwhen is the deadline ?21:34
ewindisch(re: ServiceGroup)21:34
markmcdid my best to dig into it, but it's slow going - gnarly (but awesome) stuff21:34
*** johnpostlethwait has joined #openstack-meeting21:34
markmcgrizzly isn't far away :)21:34
comstudi don't have a strong opinion21:35
markmcand it's always cool to have some nice big features lined up ready to merge when a new cycle opens21:35
comstudi'm not upset if it won't merge for folsom21:35
vishyewindisch: i think the service_group stuff is correct21:35
vishyi'm just worried about potentially breaking things21:35
dansmithlast I checked no-db-compute was still listed for folsom.. assume that should be changed now?21:35
vishyit doesn't really give us any value until the other backends are done, so putting it in right now seems a little risky21:35
vishydansmith: i untargetted it for f-321:36
russellbdansmith: correct21:36
vishybut grizzly hadn't been created yet so i didn't move it to grizzly21:36
*** jakedahn_zz is now known as jakedahn21:36
russellbton more work to do, unfortunately21:36
vishythat is the current stuff21:36
*** johnpostlethwait has quit IRC21:36
sdagueout of curiosity, when will the grizzly tree open up?21:36
ewindischvishy: The plan is to hopefully move service group into common, by the way.21:36
dansmithvishy: ah, okay, I see. still says accepted for folsom, but not targetted.. gotcha21:36
russellbdansmith: i think once we cut RCs for folsom ...21:37
dansmithrussellb: cool21:37
ewindischit might be a good candidate for grizzly -- besides the matchmaker requirements, I think everything else that NEEDS this can/will/should wait for Grizzly.21:37
vishyewindisch: yes that is my thought21:37
vishysdague: I'm not sure last time we opened it after the first rc21:38
vishybut it made backporting extremely painful21:38
vishyso we might delay it a bit longer21:38
ewindischvishy: by the way, what is the policy on merging from common after Tuesday?21:38
sdagueok, no worries. Is there already a grizzly-1 tag in launchpad, so we can target cells and service groups for that?21:38
russellbshould be no different than any other nova patches ... bug fixes should be fine, features require an exception, right?21:39
vishyewindisch: for bug fixes its fine21:39
markmcewindisch, I'll be locking down common for folsom too21:39
russellbmarkmc: good call21:39
markmcrussellb, why thank you :)21:39
sdaguethat's actually a very interesting question, should there be an attempt to do a broad common -> nova sync before then. I think a number of things are out of sync atm.21:39
russellbi know you just desperately wanted my validation21:39
markmcsdague, yep, we should21:39
markmcsdague, I'll make sure that happens21:40
markmcrussellb, validate my sad and lonely patch too, then : :)21:40
russellbha, k21:40
vishyok any other reviews that i missed?21:40
markmcyes, approx 50 others :)21:41
markmcwe're up around 60 now21:41
markmcwe had it down to 40 last week21:41
markmcand we can't even blame it on a slew of no-db-messaging patches21:41
dprincelots of +2's so assuming those are looking good it should go down quick.21:41
dansmithbut we can still blame it on russellb without any justification, right?21:42
vishyok well maybe we need to discuss that in the next topic21:42
vishy#topic Core Work Planning21:42
*** openstack changes topic to "Core Work Planning"21:42
vishyreview days have fallen off the map along with soren21:42
vishyare they valuable, should we restart them?21:42
russellbnot IMO ... i think everyone should be trying to do it along the way21:43
comstudi usually cannot follow the review days21:43
mikalI don't know about others, but having a day assigned to me is awkward because I have to work it around work commitments21:43
markmcit used to kick me into action, but I'm trying to keep more regular about it now21:43
jk0I'd like to not continue them21:43
comstudso I review randomly21:43
vishymikal: has been reviewing like a beast21:43
dprincereview days almost always conflict with schedules... I like the continual model.21:43
vishyrussellb and markmc as well21:43
jk0reason being, I feel like everyone on the core team is responsible enough to do the job w/o being told21:43
markmcsmokestack is kicking ass!21:44
*** ecarlin has quit IRC21:44
mikalrussellb: hi five!21:44
*** ayoung_ is now known as ayoung21:44
vishyI've never been a fan of review days myself21:44
comstudjenkins has been doing its share of reviewing, too21:44
russellbi've actually been more slack than usually lately because of no-db-messaging, should be able to pick it back up soon21:44
comstudthat's good to see21:44
vishybut every day is a review day for me21:44
eglynnone prob with the review day concept is that the original reviewer may not follow up on revised patch sets that aren't proposed til the next day21:44
vishyso we just all have to buckle down and review as much as possible by tuesday21:44
markmceglynn, point21:45
jk0yeah, we should just try to get 1 or more done per day minimal, and we'll be in good shape21:45
vishyafter that it is bugfix reviews which will hopefully be easier21:45
vishyso what about bug triaging?21:45
russellbmarkmc: good point or bad point?  you just acknowledged that it was a point.21:45
markmcone more thing on reviews21:45
vishymaybe we just apply the same principle to bugs as soon as f-3 is done?21:45
markmcwe should try and share tips for keeping on top of reviews21:45
markmc1) try using 'git review list' rather than the web UI, also 'git review open' and 'git review download'21:45
markmc2) set up a mail filter to put mail notifications for reviews your subscribed to in a special folder, so you follow up21:46
sdaguemarkmc: that sounds like it would be an excellent blog post :)21:46
mikalI've been using this:,n,z21:46
markmcsdague, hmm, point21:46
*** ecarlin has joined #openstack-meeting21:46
markmcmikal, that's a "nova stuff I haven't looked at" query?21:47
mikalYeah, "review targets" is what its called in the bookmark21:47
mikalFor stuff I've looked at, that's in my personal dashboard already21:47
dprincemarkmc: nice pointers. I still use to try and go after *the important stuff* first.21:47
markmcdprince, indeed, reviewday is another one21:47
mikalIs there a way to have reviewday show me _only_ nova reviews?21:48
dprincesounds like I need to rename now that 'review days' are out of style though :(21:48
* markmc ponders having 'git review list' sort by reviewday score21:48
*** ryanpetrello has quit IRC21:48
markmcand include test results21:48
dprincemikal: I could add tabs for that.21:48
vishymikal: scroll down?21:48
vishymikal: low tech solution :)21:48
mikalYeah, I've been practising my scrolling skills21:48
markmcoh, another tip21:49
markmclearn gerrit's shortcut keys21:49
markmcjust hit '?' in a review21:49
jk0my secret sauce is maintaining inbox 0, so I immediately see and handle new mail21:49
*** dendrobates is now known as dendro-afk21:49
russellbi maintain inbox 0 using mail filters.  works great.21:50
* jk0 uses no filters21:50
jk0just command + a, delete!21:50
*** dhellmann has quit IRC21:50
jk0jk :)21:50
vishydo we have a place for handy review tips?21:50
vishyin the wiki21:50
russellbto the wiki!21:50
* markmc has subscribed to all nova reviews, filters them into a separate folder from "my reviews"21:50
*** markmcclain has quit IRC21:51
vishy#action nova-core to do lots of reviews by Tuesday21:51
markmcheh, nice21:51
sdaguehonestly, a blog post on the planet would probably get more attention than the wiki21:51
vishy#action nova-core to switch to bug-fixing after F-321:51
markmcvishy, sorry, you moved onto bug triage21:51
lzyevalsdague: But everyone should first tip in the wiki21:52
vishysdague: agreed, although I was thinking put stuff in the wiki and email about it21:52
*** dendro-afk is now known as dendrobates21:52
lzyevalsdague: and then post it on planet21:52
vishy#topic XML redux21:52
*** openstack changes topic to "XML redux"21:52
sdaguesure, fair21:52
vishylzyeval: so I shared the etherpad earlier21:52
vishydo you have any new information?21:52
markmc#action markmc start a ReviewerTips wiki page21:52
lzyevalvishy: Well that etherpad is about how many handlers each controllers have xml support21:53
vishywe decided to send out an email asking for some help bug reporting and fixing if people care about xml support21:53
lzyevalvishy: yeah and so I tried to find a method to do end to end tests21:53
lzyevaland it seems only writing unittest would be the answer21:54
vishylzyeval: my thinking was hack novaclient to do xml in addition to json and run exercises.sh21:54
lzyevalvishy: then do we write the request format manually?21:55
lzyevalvishy: I've seen for the request and responses for XML21:55
vishywell yes we would have to serialize into xml as well as json21:56
lzyevalvishy: but suspicious of it being out of date21:56
vishykind of annoying but it would at least give us basic functionality21:56
*** ayoung has quit IRC21:56
lzyevalvishy: So it would be a form of a smoketest?21:56
vishylzyeval: There are some with xml tests included like: nova/tests/api/openstack/compute/contrib/test_extended_status.py21:57
vishyso that helps a bit, but without a little bit of devstack/ testing i really have no confidence21:57
lzyevalvishy: one last thing is "is it worth the effort"?21:59
lzyevalI think we are all thinking of dropping xml21:59
lzyevalquantum team also.21:59
vishylzyeval: yes that was the conclusion we came to but I don't think we can just arbitrarily drop it in the current version of the api22:00
vishylzyeval: we just need to give people reasonable expectations about what works22:00
vishyi will go to the mailing list with a request for help. If we get none, then we will just have to assume that it doesn't matter and we will tell people not to use it.22:01
lzyevalOk then, but I'll need some help. I'll devise a plan and start post on ML22:01
lzyevalvishy: ok22:01
sdaguevishy: before we wrap up (give time), I'd like to ask about driver reviews. There is a powervm (nova.virt) and storwize (nova.volume) driver out for review, and it would be nice to get some non-ibm eyes on them.22:01
vishysdague: ok22:02
sdaguethe storwize one is in cinder, but it's a cross port to nova-volume in case nova-volume is only deprecated for folsom (not removed)22:02
vishyI'm really hoping that we can start keeping those out of tree22:02
vishysdague: if it is in cinder already then we can merge it22:02
vishyI'd prefer to keep them aligned as possible before the s3 release22:03
markmcanother thing worth mentioning is the thread about the default for rpc_backend22:03
markmcmore nova-core opinions needed22:03
sdaguevishy: yes, the storwize team is cross syncing22:03
vishysdague: the powervm one i will try to look at tomorrow22:03
sdaguevishy: so is the intent to start removing virt drivers entirely?22:04
sdaguejust trying to understand the comment about out of tree22:04
vishyseparate packages for drivers seems like a really good way to do it22:04
russellbthough that's certainly not happening for folsom at this point ...22:04
vishysdague: I don't know why nova-core needs to review a bugfix to the storwise driver for example22:05
sdagueok, fair, as long as it's consistent. just don't want to make 2 classes of drivers, in and out of tree.22:05
vishyrussellb: clearly, but we should revisit at the summit22:05
russellbfair enough22:05
sdaguevishy: right, definitely fair22:05
vishyfor grizzly I'd like to have drivers be packages22:05
dansmithpackages == separate trees, or ?22:05
vishydansmith: separate trees would probably be easier22:05
sdaguevishy: that means making a much stronger driver api contract22:05
markmcheh, talk about a can of worms for the end of the meeting :)22:05
dansmithbecause they can all be in nova.git and pacakged separately by distros, right?22:05
markmcsdague, right22:06
vishydansmith: that might be step one22:06
vishydansmith: if we could get a way to give +2 rights to subtrees that would be amazing22:06
vishyso a person could own an approval if it only touched files under a certain tree.22:06
russellbso, action: vishy to review new driver for folsom consideration?22:06
dansmithI suppose there'd also need to be some CI work done so that all the drivers are checked, even those outside nova.git22:07
sdagueyeh, ok, so we'll take that one to summit then. I think this gets into the extension points ideas as well22:07
vishyrussellb: sure22:07
russellbbefore we get too far into the weeds when we're already past the hour :)22:07
markmcvishy, yeah, something like that makes good sense22:07
dansmithvishy: yeah, that's a good goal, but definitely takes some orchestration to make sure that it doesn't get out of hand22:07
vishy#action vishy to review power_vm driver22:07
russellbif it's self contained enough, seems like a good candidate for a FFE after the freeze22:07
russellbif it doesn't happen in the next few days22:07
vishyanything else?22:07
russellbyou guys all rock.  <3 nova.  that is all.22:08
markmcwe appear to have a lot of things going on22:08
sdaguerussellb: +!22:08
sdaguerussellb: +122:08
vishyletus continue with reviews then22:09
*** openstack changes topic to "OpenStack meeting channel. See for schedule and for meeting logs"22:09
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openstackMinutes (text):
vishythanks everyone!22:10
*** lzyeval has quit IRC22:10
russellbthanks vishy22:10
mikalYeah, thanks guys22:10
sdaguethanks vishy, et al22:10
markmcgood night!22:10
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*** jgriffith has joined #openstack-meeting22:12
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dprincelater guys.22:12
*** dprince has quit IRC22:12
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