Tuesday, 2012-09-25

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primeministerp#startmeeting hyper-v14:59
openstackMeeting started Tue Sep 25 14:59:59 2012 UTC.  The chair is primeministerp. Information about MeetBot at http://wiki.debian.org/MeetBot.15:00
openstackUseful Commands: #action #agreed #help #info #idea #link #topic #startvote.15:00
openstackThe meeting name has been set to 'hyper_v'15:00
primeministerpmorning everyone15:00
primeministerpor good day15:00
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primeministerpwe'll start the discussion today with cinder bits for windows15:00
primeministerp#topic cinder15:00
*** openstack changes topic to "cinder"15:00
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primeministerppedro I saw that you submitted the code and it successfully made it through jenkins15:00
primeministerppnavarro: ^15:01
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primeministerppnavarro: thanks again15:01
pnavarro#link https://review.openstack.org/#/c/13621/15:01
primeministerpjgriffith: ping15:01
primeministerpjgriffith: any chance to get a review on ^15:01
primeministerppnavarro: thanks for providing the link15:01
primeministerppnavarro: I automated the installation already into the existing puppet bits I created15:02
pnavarroI've changed the blueprint to Needs code review15:02
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primeministerppnavarro: perfect15:02
primeministerppnavarro: if we don't get someone to take a look today, I suggest sending something into the mailing list15:02
primeministerppnavarro: so I guess unless we hear from jgriffith we'll move on15:03
primeministerppnavarro: o actually15:03
pnavarroprimeministerp: ok ! I'll wait a bit before sending it15:03
primeministerppnavarro: go15:03
pnavarroif not I can try to attend Cinder meeting15:03
primeministerppnavarro: that will work too15:03
primeministerppnavarro: you should probably start attending those regardless if possible15:04
primeministerppnavarro: if not let's coordinate so we can have someone to cover15:04
primeministerppnavarro: also I'm ready to start testing15:04
primeministerppnavarro: those bits as well15:04
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pnavarroprimeministerp: I'll try to assist15:05
pnavarroI mean attend15:05
primeministerpi was hoping EmilienM would be on15:05
primeministerphe stated he was going to start the documentation15:05
primeministerpI supplied him with the powershell to setup the windows side15:05
primeministerppnavarro: i'm assuming there's not much more than that15:05
pnavarroI'm talked with Emilien this morning15:06
primeministerppnavarro: actually let's take that off line, because i need to know15:06
primeministerppnavarro: will you have some time after this15:06
primeministerppnavarro: so i can understand as well, the requirements15:06
primeministerppnavarro: i'll add it to the puppet bits15:06
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pnavarrook primeministerp15:06
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primeministerpluis_fdez: morning15:07
primeministerpluis_fdez: er good day!15:07
primeministerp#topic compute installer15:07
*** openstack changes topic to "compute installer"15:07
primeministerpalexpilotti: any status updates15:07
alexpilottihi guys!15:08
alexpilottisetup almost done15:08
primeministerpalexpilotti: great15:08
alexpilottiwe are working on Keystone AD interaction15:08
alexpilottiTavi left 5'15:08
primeministerpalexpilotti: 5am?15:08
alexpilottiI guess he'll need to ask a few things to ayoung15:09
primeministerpalexpilotti: ok can you have tavi send an email?15:09
alexpilottiprimeministerp: sure15:09
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primeministerpor if he's available now i think ayoung is around15:09
primeministerpalexpilotti: well send an email or file a bug15:10
alexpilottiprimeministerp: I added a "OpenStack Command Prompt" to the setup15:10
primeministerpalexpilotti: great as we discussed15:10
ociuhanduhi all15:10
primeministerpalexpilotti:  so all the path's correct15:11
primeministerpociuhandu: howdy15:11
primeministerpalexpilotti: and variables set15:11
alexpilottiprimeministerp: yep, everything works great so far15:11
primeministerpalexpilotti: will you have something for me to test?15:11
alexpilottiprimeministerp:  the service gets registered flawlessly using Apache deamons15:11
alexpilottiprimeministerp: sure15:11
primeministerpalexpilotti: great to know, good idea15:11
luis_fdezprimeministerp: hi!, sorry, I'was fixing some issues with my friend pep815:12
alexpilottiprimeministerp: we're adding now an "avanced configuration" screen15:12
*** rnirmal_ has joined #openstack-meeting15:12
jgriffithprimeministerp: pong15:12
alexpilottiluis_fdez: did u manage to deploy hyperv already?15:12
primeministerpjgriffith: hey thanks for responding15:12
primeministerpjgriffith: pnavarro submitted cinder support for windows15:13
alexpilottiluis_fdez: if not I have a setup for you to beta test ;-)15:13
luis_fdezyes, but by the moment in our essex install...15:13
primeministerppnavarro: we were hoping we could get you to review it15:13
*** rnirmal has quit IRC15:13
*** rnirmal_ is now known as rnirmal15:13
primeministerpjgriffith: we were hoping we could get you to review it15:13
jgriffithprimeministerp: haven't seen it yet, but I certainly will take a look15:13
alexpilottiwho are the core reviewers for Cinders?15:13
primeministerpjgriffith: https://review.openstack.org/#/c/13621/15:14
jgriffithalexpilotti: myself, clayg, jdurgin, vishy....15:14
luis_fdezwe were following today the fedora openstack test day, and Jan was wondering if you have been thinking about ceilometer support in windows15:14
jgriffithalexpilotti: Best to just look on launchpad15:14
primeministerpluis_fdez: we have15:14
primeministerpluis_fdez: pedro and i discussed it yesterday15:14
ayoungprimeministerp, alexpilotti yeah, I am around.  What is up?15:14
alexpilottijgriffith: tx, was going to check on launchpad15:14
primeministerpluis_fdez: but that will probably be a bit off15:14
primeministerpluis_fdez: maybe post g cycle unless you are looking to start that work15:15
primeministerpluis_fdez: ;)15:15
alexpilottijgriffith: I tested the cinder Windows volume obits on Windows15:15
primeministerpayoung: ociuhandu  has some keystone questions15:15
ociuhanduayoung: I'm trying to figure out the keystone ldap integration with active directory. The endpoints remain defined in the database, only users/tenants/roles are in ldap, right?15:16
alexpilottijgriffith: what would you suggest for integrating the Windows volume tests in SmokeStack?15:16
ayoungociuhandu, that is correct15:16
jgriffithalexpilotti: We'll need to talk to the test guys about that15:16
jgriffithalexpilotti: I'm not aware of any windows set-ups as of yet15:16
ayoungociuhandu, users etc are  the identity provider,  versus the catalog15:16
jgriffithalexpilotti: But it's something that will be needed in other places as well15:17
ayoungociuhandu, in the config file, it is:15:17
primeministerpjgriffith: that's what we're adding support for15:17
ociuhanduidentity vs catalog in config file15:17
jgriffithprimeministerp: I understand... what I'm saying is the infrastructure setup itself (ie tempest VM's etc)15:17
alexpilottijgriffith: yep, we will need also Windows set-up for Hyper-V as well15:17
ayoung# driver = keystone.identity.backends.sql.Identity15:17
primeministerpjgriffith: o gotcha15:17
jgriffithalexpilotti: That's what I was thinking15:18
ayoungociuhandu, ^^ that is from the default file15:18
ayoungociuhandu, so for LDAP you need15:18
ayoungdriver = keystone.identity.backends.ldap.Identity15:18
ociuhanduayoung: thanks. I'm now working on the mapping for the credentials15:18
ayoungociuhandu, why15:18
jgriffithprimeministerp: alexpilotti Looks good first glance15:18
primeministerpjgriffith: great, thanks again for the help15:18
ayoungociuhandu,  ah, you don't mean tokens,  OK15:18
jgriffithWould probably do well to submit a blue-print15:18
primeministerpjgriffith: pnavarro already did15:19
*** mprasad has joined #openstack-meeting15:19
primeministerppnavarro: do you have the link to the blueprint?15:19
pnavarro#link https://blueprints.launchpad.net/cinder/+spec/windows2012driver15:19
ociuhanduayoung: I mean mapping of OU/CN/...15:19
primeministerpjgriffith: ^15:19
jgriffithprimeministerp: cool, should modify the commit to include it15:19
*** troytoman-away is now known as troytoman15:19
primeministerpjgriffith: great15:19
primeministerpjgriffith: thanks for the advice15:19
ociuhanduayoung: i managed to connect and authenticate keystone but the query results are not yet ok15:20
primeministerppnavarro: are you on that?15:20
pnavarrook, I'll modify the commit to include it15:20
jgriffithprimeministerp: I don't think we can push this into Folsom at this point but we can get it in trunk15:20
primeministerpjgriffith: i'm fine with that15:20
alexpilottijgriffith: here's the BP https://blueprints.launchpad.net/cinder/+spec/windows2012driver15:20
primeministerpjgriffith: it was kind of last minute15:20
primeministerpjgriffith: however if you happen to push it into folsom....15:20
jgriffithprimeministerp: Always happens at release :)15:20
primeministerpjgriffith: we'll buy you a beer15:20
* jgriffith is easily bribed, but the rest of the team may be different :)15:21
primeministerpalexpilotti: bring those cigars to the conf15:21
alexpilottijgriffith: primeministerp okok, we'll buy a six pack :-D15:21
primeministerpalexpilotti: i've met some of them, make it a twelve15:21
primeministerpok, let's progress15:22
ayoungociuhandu, there are a handful of tickets in for AD issues.  You should take a look in the bug tracker15:22
primeministerp#topic AD Integration15:22
*** openstack changes topic to "AD Integration"15:22
primeministerplots of stuff already going buy15:22
primeministerpociuhandu: you should probably hook up with jose15:22
primeministerpociuhandu: have you reached out to him?15:22
primeministerpociuhandu: I believe he's already got everything functioning15:23
ociuhanduprimeministerp: not yet, just started the work on this recently15:23
primeministerpociuhandu: ok, then I would definately reach out to him.15:23
alexpilottiprimeministerp ayoung ociuhandu: beside AD integration, the next step would be Kerberos15:24
ociuhanduprimeministerp: will do for sure15:24
primeministerpalexpilotti: agree15:24
alexpilottiayoung: did you already think about integrating the full Windows auth in keystone?15:24
primeministerpayoung: any plans on that?15:24
primeministerpluis_fdez: anything to add re the AD bits?15:25
pnavarroWhat about Keystone throug Windows Identity Foundation?15:25
alexpilottipnavarro: great point15:25
primeministerppnavarro: i'm not familiar with that service15:25
pnavarroIt abstracts kerberos, and some identity federation services15:25
luis_fdezno, jose is submiting code to keystone... and now... he is busy with the doc15:25
primeministerpluis_fdez: the code for the ad bits?15:26
*** Gordonz has joined #openstack-meeting15:26
primeministerpluis_fdez: perfect15:26
primeministerpociuhandu: you cought that right?15:26
primeministerpociuhandu: ^^15:26
alexpilottipnavarro primeministerp: I know who is the PM on Identity foundation, I'm going to reach out to him15:26
luis_fdezyes, he should talk with jose15:26
primeministerpAlanClark: perfect15:26
luis_fdezI will let him know that ociuhandu is interested...15:26
primeministerpalexpilotti: er perfect15:26
primeministerpluis_fdez: ok15:26
ayoungalexpilotti, Kerberos requires fixes to the Eventlet container15:27
ociuhanduprimeministerp: yes15:27
ayoungalexpilotti, which is most easily done this way: http://adam.younglogic.com/2012/03/keystone-should-move-to-apache-httpd/15:28
alexpilottiayoung: is there a bug for that?15:28
*** markmcclain has joined #openstack-meeting15:28
ayoungalexpilotti, the code is already checked in for it,  but I think I had a bug.  Let me see if I submitted a fix15:29
alexpilottiayoung: what about moving it to IIS ;-)15:29
ayoungalexpilotti, https://review.openstack.org/#/c/13048/15:29
ayoungalexpilotti, feel free.15:29
alexpilottiayoung: on IIS we could leverage the Windows Integrated authentication15:30
*** markmcclain has quit IRC15:30
*** markmcclain has joined #openstack-meeting15:31
alexpilottiayoung: the fix for HTTPS is simply a conf path issue. The rest works already fine on Apache?15:31
alexpilottiayoung: meant HTTPD, darn autocorrector15:31
ayoungalexpilotti, yes15:32
ayoungHTTPS works, too.  Heh15:32
alexpilottiayoung: lol15:32
primeministerp#topic documentation15:33
*** heckj has joined #openstack-meeting15:33
*** openstack changes topic to "documentation"15:33
alexpilottiayoung: so you have already tested it w Kerberos?15:33
primeministerp#topic ad/kerberos15:33
*** openstack changes topic to "ad/kerberos"15:33
primeministerpalexpilotti: ^15:33
ayoungalexpilotti, http://adam.younglogic.com/2012/03/ssl-nss-easy/15:33
alexpilottiayoung: tx!!15:34
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primeministerp#topic documentation15:36
*** openstack changes topic to "documentation"15:36
primeministerpok docs were submitted15:36
primeministerpsome changes have been made,15:36
primeministerpEmileM helped with those15:36
primeministerppnavarro: he also offered to help with the docs for the cinder bits15:36
primeministerppnavarro: i'm assuming that's what you were discussing earlier15:36
pnavarroprimeministerp: yes15:37
primeministerppnavarro: perfect15:37
primeministerppnavarro: i'll follow up with him as well when I see him online.15:37
primeministerp#topic CI work15:37
*** openstack changes topic to "CI work"15:37
pnavarroprimeministerp: yes, he said so15:37
primeministerpso still pugging away15:38
primeministerpgot a lot of the puppet automation done15:38
primeministerpstill working to get more physical assets and some free hands to help rack15:38
primeministerppnavarro: i have san however I don't see how we can use it for cinder15:38
primeministerppnavarro: given how the iscsi bits work15:39
pnavarroprimeministerp: what kind of SAN?15:39
primeministerppnavarro: emc15:39
primeministerppnavarro: low end15:39
primeministerpand about 15 hbas15:39
alexpilottijgriffith ayoung: we have a bug in setup.py of all the python-*client packages. I fixed it for novaclient: https://bugs.launchpad.net/python-novaclient/+bug/105216115:40
uvirtbotLaunchpad bug 1052161 in python-novaclient "setup.py build fails on Windows due to hardcoded paths" [Undecided,Fix committed]15:40
primeministerppnavarro: it's supposed to have 20 tb15:40
pnavarroprimeministerp: I think there is no EMC cinder plugin15:40
primeministerppnavarro: I have to rerack it15:40
primeministerppnavarro: there's prob not15:40
primeministerppnavarro: but for hosting hba's through hyper-v to vms15:40
primeministerppnavarro: we'll have to see15:41
alexpilottijgriffith ayoung: should I submit similar bugs for python-cinderclient, python-keystoneclient, etc?15:41
*** Gordonz has quit IRC15:41
pnavarroprimeministerp: ok15:41
primeministerpanyone have anything else to add15:41
*** hemna has joined #openstack-meeting15:41
alexpilottijgriffith ayoung: or do you know if there's a "unified" way to handle them?15:41
*** Gordonz has joined #openstack-meeting15:41
ayoungalexpilotti, for the love of god no!15:42
ayoungUm, go ahead15:42
pnavarroI'd like to add that I'd be working to modify volume bits in nova to call new Storage WMI API15:42
heckjalexpilotti: link them to the projects instead - it'll save a lot of typing and share that it's a common bug15:42
heckjalexpilotti: I just linked up python-keystoneclient15:43
alexpilottiheckj: so it's simply "link a related branch"?15:43
*** gatuus has joined #openstack-meeting15:44
heckjalexpilotti: from the bug page, there's a "Also affects project" hyperlink that's easiest to use15:44
*** reed has joined #openstack-meeting15:45
alexpilottiheckj ayoung: but do I have to commit separate fixes for review (referring the same bug number)?15:45
alexpilottiheckj: tx, didn't see it! :-)15:45
heckjalexpilotti: yep - although I thought I'd do the keystone client one right now15:45
alexpilottiheckj: great!15:45
heckjalexpilotti: since this is coming form the openstack-common code, you'll want to link in that project as well15:46
alexpilottiheckj: ok15:46
*** tgall_foo has joined #openstack-meeting15:47
*** tgall_foo has joined #openstack-meeting15:47
primeministerpok guys if that's it, i'm going to end the meeting15:47
mprasadgoing forward, do we have any pointers for quantum implementation in HyperV15:47
primeministerpmprasad: we're thinking about that now15:48
primeministerpmprasad: our goal is to implement the quantum bits during the G cycle15:48
primeministerpmprasad: are you interested in assisting with those efforts15:48
mprasadalso about multi network configuration?15:49
ayoungalexpilotti, yes, as each commit goes to a different project, and is approved by a different set of devs.  For example, I could approve only the fix for Keystone15:49
mprasadyes, can give a try15:49
primeministerpmprasad: let's discuss further in #openstack-hyper-v after this meeting15:49
primeministerpmprasad: for networking now we only support flat15:49
alexpilottiayoung: event if it's part of openstack-common?15:49
primeministerpmprasad: i was playing with lacp and vlans using the 2012 vswitch yesterday but there's not code for anything yet15:49
mprasadprimeministerp: ok, thanks for the info15:50
*** dwcramer has joined #openstack-meeting15:50
primeministerpok continue discussions in the #openstack-hyper-v channel15:50
*** openstack changes topic to "open discussion"15:50
openstackMeeting ended Tue Sep 25 15:50:37 2012 UTC.  Information about MeetBot at http://wiki.debian.org/MeetBot . (v 0.1.4)15:50
openstackMinutes:        http://eavesdrop.openstack.org/meetings/hyper_v/2012/hyper_v.2012-09-25-14.59.html15:50
openstackMinutes (text): http://eavesdrop.openstack.org/meetings/hyper_v/2012/hyper_v.2012-09-25-14.59.txt15:50
openstackLog:            http://eavesdrop.openstack.org/meetings/hyper_v/2012/hyper_v.2012-09-25-14.59.log.html15:50
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heckjkeystone meeting?18:00
heckj#startmeeting keystone18:00
openstackMeeting started Tue Sep 25 18:00:52 2012 UTC.  The chair is heckj. Information about MeetBot at http://wiki.debian.org/MeetBot.18:00
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openstackThe meeting name has been set to 'keystone'18:00
heckjagenda: http://wiki.openstack.org/Meetings/KeystoneMeeting18:01
*** s0mik has quit IRC18:02
*** pabelanger has joined #openstack-meeting18:02
heckjAnything suggested for RC blockers?18:02
heckjAs of a few days ago, I hadn't seen anything - wanted to ask broadly though18:02
dolphm__well, maybe18:03
dolphm__the comment at the end of https://bugs.launchpad.net/keystone/+bug/104690518:03
uvirtbotLaunchpad bug 1046905 in keystone "Memcached Token Backend does not support list tokens" [Critical,Fix released]18:03
* heckj reads18:03
dolphm__i'm working to open a bug for it (so far, i've only reproduced it outside of keystone, against the memcache client directly): http://paste.openstack.org/raw/21112/18:03
dolphm__in this case, i'18:04
heckjthat looks like a good one - agree it should RC block18:04
dolphm__i'm not sure i understand how we've never seen this error before, as we have no protection against unicode keys (memcache requires ascii strings as keys)18:04
heckjlet's open a new bug with that last comment and mark it up - you want me to do that?18:04
dolphm__anyway, i think the suggested fix in that bug needs to be applied across *all* calls to the memcache client18:05
dolphm__doing it now18:05
heckjI'd believe it18:05
*** jhenner has quit IRC18:06
heckjayoung: you got anything as a blocker for RC?18:06
ayoungAgree that https://bugs.launchpad.net/keystone/+bug/1046905 should be18:07
uvirtbotLaunchpad bug 1046905 in keystone "Memcached Token Backend does not support list tokens" [Critical,Fix released]18:07
ayoungbut that comment at the end is probably not related to the earlier changes18:07
heckj#action dolph to create new bug from comment #5 in https://bugs.launchpad.net/keystone/+bug/1046905  - mark it as RC blocker18:07
heckjayoung: yep18:08
heckjOkay - topic switch, the controversial one18:08
heckj#topic - where to put auth_token18:08
*** openstack changes topic to "- where to put auth_token"18:08
heckjgoal is to get it somewhere where it can be it's own package18:08
heckjoptions - 1) put in keystoneclient18:08
heckj2) make a new repo for it18:09
heckj3) put in openstack-common18:09
heckj4) maybe others?18:09
heckjayoung: you were concerned about the dependencies that are needed for the PKI work  - suggestion for how/where to break this out so that all projects don't have to fully install keystone to get the code they need?18:09
dolphm__opened bug 105637318:10
uvirtbotLaunchpad bug 1056373 in keystone "memcache driver needs protection against non-string keys" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/105637318:10
ayoungwell, if people want just auth_token, they  should not be just copying the file around.  So first thing is we have to break them of the bad habits.18:10
gyee+1 on 2)18:10
dolphm__heckj: define package -- python package or distro package?18:10
ayoungwhy do we need a new repo?  Python can't be that broken18:11
ayoungthere should be no problem with making multiple packages out of one git repo.18:11
heckjdolphm__: new package meaning something at pypi and something that can be a separate distribution package (both)18:11
ayoungwhy should there be a difference between python package and distro package?18:12
dolphm__mtaylor explained why we need a seperate git repo on the mailing list18:12
heckjayoung: I've not seen a terribly clean way to have a single setup.py generate two python packages18:12
ayoungyes, and I deleted my response telling everyone it was dumb18:12
ayoungbut it is dumb18:12
gyeewe (HP) consumes middleware independently of Keystone backend18:12
ayoungjust didn't want to get in a flameware18:12
gyeemiddleware is just like another client18:13
ayounger, a flamewar without flame wear?18:13
heckjgyee: we already got that - it's just a question of how to do it18:13
ayounggyee, agreed.18:13
ayoungIt should be do-able out of the existing repo structure.18:13
gyeeseparate repo, easy to consume18:13
dolphm__gyee: you mean you use auth_token but not the keystone service implementation, right?18:13
gyeedolphm_ correct18:13
mordredhang on ... reading scrollback for what's dumb...18:14
dolphm__gyee: i imagine that's a common approach18:14
gyeewe extends middleware to add our own customization18:14
heckjayoung: you want to dig around on some ways to do it since you don't like the separate repo idea?18:14
mordredayoung: ah - yes. python is, in fact, that broken18:14
ayoung<mugatu>Is the whole world taking crazy pills?</mugatu>18:14
ayoungmordred, thanks18:14
gyeein fact, middleware tests should be completely separate from Keystone backend tests18:15
dolphm__i'd officially like to change my vote from python-keystoneclient to a new repo18:16
heckjayoung: what's your suggestion for how to wrangle this?18:16
dolphm__the catch is that we need two new repos18:17
dolphm__e.g. keystonecommon and keystonemiddleware18:17
mordreddo we really need keystonecommon?18:17
dolphm__mordred: there's some code that's shared between auth_token and the keystone service18:18
dolphm__mordred: i assume it should be extracted and pulled in as a dep to both keystonemiddleware and keystone18:18
dolphm__i could see keystoneclient consuming it as well18:18
ayoungheckj, let me take a look at the python utilities.  If they really are as broke as all that, I'll suggest an overall file structure.18:18
heckjayoung: I'm fine with deferring this until you've had a chance to dig a bit. I suspect you'll want more than a file structure. The constraint from CI is that one repo has one setup.py - and we'll need to respect that.18:19
dolphm__ayoung: actually, what if the encryption stuff was *only* in the client? and keystone was dependent on the client18:19
ayoungdolphm_, nope18:19
dolphm__and keystonemiddleware was also dependent on the client18:19
ayoungI tried that18:20
ayoungit has the effect of confusing the code, too18:20
ayoungserver shouldn't depend on middleware18:20
gyeewe should refactor common/utils18:20
ayoungand, as I said, there are multiple middlewares out there18:20
gyeei.e. middleware doens18:20
gyeet depend on passlib18:20
gyeebut we import it anyway18:20
ayounggyee, right,  that is just mixed in the utils18:21
dolphm__ayoung: server depend on the client18:21
ayounghashlib is needed, not passlib\18:21
dolphm__ayoung: make everything depend on the client18:21
gyeemiddleware needs hashlib?18:21
*** s0mik has joined #openstack-meeting18:22
ayoungdolphm_, we can do lots of things that will "solve" the problem.  Lets first try for doing it straightforward, but still readable18:22
heckj#action ayoung to dig on utilities to see what can be done to break up PKI dependencies for auth_token having it's separate package to pypi18:23
dolphm__from keystoneclient.utils import validate; validate.token(token_id)18:23
dolphm__or from keystoneclient.v3 import tokens; tokens.validate(token_id)18:24
heckjdolphm__, gyee, ayoung : can we continue the details of the structure discussion in IRC post meeting? - I'd like to move on to summit topics18:25
heckj#topic summit topics18:25
*** openstack changes topic to "summit topics"18:25
ayoungdolphm_, are you sure you want to merge auth_token into client?18:25
ayoungOK, I can table, too18:25
heckjI went through summit.openstack.org and http://etherpad.openstack.org/GrizzlyKeystoneSessions and started to try and rectify18:26
ayoungFor summit, I plan on talking about AD integration and Federation.  I also have my current "Intro to Keystone" talk ready to go18:26
dolphm__ayoung: no, i changed my vote to putting it in its own repo18:26
heckjayoung: I think the PKI next steps needs a new blueprint to keep things clear - could you create one?18:26
dolphm__ayoung: awesome18:26
heckjdefinitely on the topics of federation and AD integration18:27
heckjThose are all pre-approved now18:27
ayoungheckj, sure, although I think the PKI next steps is kindof wrapped up in Federation, at least my view of Federation18:27
*** mdomsch has quit IRC18:27
heckjayoung: wasn't sure how it overlapped, but I wanted to keep it clear from the blueprint that you already have done, since we wrapped that up in Folsom18:27
heckj(trying to keep a blueprint limited to a release cycle)18:28
*** mdomsch has joined #openstack-meeting18:28
gyeeayoung, you really want discovery service? :)18:28
ayounggyee, no18:28
heckjThere's a couple other topics from the etherpad:18:28
ayounggyee, I want to register a client keystone server with a cetnraolized keystone server and keep it like that18:28
ayoungI'll do a blueprint for PKI future, just to keep that stuff clear18:28
heckj2factor/multifactor auth - who's wanting/needing that one that can drive the discussion and is interested in the implementation?18:28
ayoungWe can use it for Federation, but if we go the Kent approach, I still want it to go in18:29
gyeeI kinda like discovery for openstack18:29
ayoungheckj, I have some small knowledge of that field, but my dance card is full18:29
gyeeno endpoints from keystone18:29
gyeejust discover them :)18:29
heckjdolphm__: last summit, Joe Savak was talking about a lot about it (multifactor auth) - is that something you'd be focusing on?18:30
ayounggyee, no.  Just...no18:30
dolphm__heckj: i'm not sure we need/want multifactor implementation in openstack. however, i do think the v3/tokens API needs to support MFA if possible18:30
ayoungheckj, lets get the talk on the schedule, and plan on moderating.  I'll participate, so at least we will have something to talk about.  You or Dolph can propose18:31
*** bencherian has quit IRC18:31
dolphm__heckj: that's one of the reasons i haven't implemented anything on /tokens yet18:31
heckjKK - will verify there's a BP on multifactor and a topic for discussing at the summit18:31
heckjgyee: since you're bouncing all around - are there any summit topics that you're wanting to present and drive in implementation?18:31
gyeeheckj, we have a generic signature validation middleware if you guys are interest in hearing about it18:32
heckjayoung: there's nothing scheduled for a general "intro to keystone" talk - where you planning on submitting that talk?18:32
*** littleidea has joined #openstack-meeting18:32
dolphm__do we still have those breakout/whiteboard sessions?18:33
heckjgyee: the question was more around "Is there a topic or code you'd like introduce into keystone that you're willing to drive?" -I'm always interested in hearing about interesting implementations and effort18:33
heckjdolphm__: which whiteboard sessions? We can also make something, but I'm not aware of anything explicit on the shcedule for it18:34
gyeeheckj, I don't know yet. I'll check with the HP higher-ups to see what I can do. Will let you know.18:35
ayoungheckj, I had suggested it a while back.  I thought you were planning on giving it, but I kept mine in my back pocket, since I am giving it to my team next week anyway18:35
ayoungAlso, since I already submitted 3, wasn't sure I should go for Four, but willing to do so18:35
heckjayoung: why don't we have you do it at the summit as well. I can, but I have created anything for an intro18:35
dolphm__gyee: i'd be interested in that18:35
heckjayoung: I'm not worried about you submitting all the talks - I damn near did that last summit :-)18:36
*** evann has joined #openstack-meeting18:36
ayoungheckj, fine, just don't nominate me as PTL18:36
heckjI'll be moderating and expect to do so18:36
heckjActually, I think the federation talk will be the most difficult - so many ideas and goals that folks have wrapped there18:37
heckjdolphm__: any specific topics you want to submit or drive?18:37
ayoungheckj, so I can call it either "Introduction to  Keystone"  or "Keystone internals."  Depending on how we want to advertise it?18:37
heckjmy preference to Keystone internals <-- want to keep it clear to internal on developing keystone, not using keystone18:38
heckjunless it's really abouy deploying/using18:38
dolphm__heckj: v3 api -- but i don't think that deserves a session18:39
heckjactually, I think a session on it would be useful - at least to talk to status and show where it's at during the summit18:39
heckjI'd be happy to propose, run, and wrangle since I did the all the wrangling on the drafts18:39
dolphm__heckj: what, presenting the spec? lol18:40
heckjdolphm__: in a sense, yeah - at least giving everyone outside of keystone a chance to talk about the "how to use it" API details18:40
dolphm__heckj: or a "here's what's new, request for feedback" type thing18:41
heckjdolphm__: yeah, pretty much18:41
*** novas0x2a|laptop has joined #openstack-meeting18:41
heckj#topic open discussion18:41
*** openstack changes topic to "open discussion"18:41
heckjThat's all i had - feel free to resume package setup/dependency discussion18:42
gyeemiddleware should be light and independent18:42
gyeejust like an mobile app18:42
gyeethink of middleware repo as an app repo18:43
dolphm__sudo mkdir github.com/openstack/keystone-middleware18:44
*** reed has quit IRC18:44
ayoungheckj, http://summit.openstack.org/cfp/edit/7618:47
heckjayoung: approved! We have 3 hours unscheduled - won't be surprised to have last minute things fly at us18:49
*** jhenner has joined #openstack-meeting18:53
*** bencherian has joined #openstack-meeting18:54
heckjall quiet for 5 minutes or so18:54
*** openstack changes topic to "open discussion"18:54
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openstackMinutes:        http://eavesdrop.openstack.org/meetings/keystone/2012/keystone.2012-09-25-18.00.html18:55
openstackMinutes (text): http://eavesdrop.openstack.org/meetings/keystone/2012/keystone.2012-09-25-18.00.txt18:55
openstackLog:            http://eavesdrop.openstack.org/meetings/keystone/2012/keystone.2012-09-25-18.00.log.html18:55
*** fungi has joined #openstack-meeting18:55
*** devananda is now known as deva_bbiab18:56
*** bencherian has quit IRC18:58
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*** ryanpetrello has joined #openstack-meeting18:58
jeblairci ppl?18:59
jeblair#startmeeting ci18:59
openstackMeeting started Tue Sep 25 18:59:55 2012 UTC.  The chair is jeblair. Information about MeetBot at http://wiki.debian.org/MeetBot.18:59
openstackUseful Commands: #action #agreed #help #info #idea #link #topic #startvote.18:59
openstackThe meeting name has been set to 'ci'18:59
jeblairlast meeting: http://eavesdrop.openstack.org/meetings/ci/2012/ci.2012-09-18-19.07.html19:00
*** mtreinish has joined #openstack-meeting19:00
jeblairseems like a CLA status update might be in order19:00
jeblair#topic gerrit/foundation CLA integration19:00
*** openstack changes topic to "gerrit/foundation CLA integration"19:00
jeblairfungi: go for it!19:00
*** dkehn has joined #openstack-meeting19:00
fungithe contributor agreement and contact information features of gerrit are fully operational to demo on review-dev.openstack.org19:01
*** mawagon1 has joined #openstack-meeting19:01
fungiwe're still waiting on the foundation to get us a contact information server19:01
fungiso for now, it posts to a dummy server i've got running elsewhere19:02
clarkbfungi: the contact info server is just a collection point for user data?19:02
fungiand the foundation is likely going to want to make adjustments to the cla text itself (i ripped it from the wiki)19:02
fungiclarkb: yes19:02
jeblairfungi: so basically just waiting on reed and jbryce at this point.19:02
fungiclarkb: mailing address, phone numbers19:02
fungijeblair: correct19:03
fungiif you have an account on review-dev, you'll see your old signed cla is "expired"19:03
fungiyou can sign a new one, and you can also submit "contact information" (which can be anything, even just a .)19:03
jeblairclarkb: and the idea here is the foundation server will use the receipt of this information not only as a legal record, but to update db information on its side as to who's eligible to vote, etc.19:04
clarkbjeblair: nice19:04
fungiany validation of said contact information must be performed post-decryption on the foundation side19:04
fungialso, if the foundation server returns anything other than a 200 OK (or fails to respond at all), gerrit will not record that the information was successfully submitted and the user will have to try again later19:05
jeblairclarkb: so they can use that to ensure that your gerrit email addr matches one you've registered with the foundation, which will provide the positive link between the 2 dbs19:06
fungionce contact information is submitted and a cla "signed" (by typing I AGREE), then the user can submit commits to gerrit again19:06
fungiuntil then, they get one of a couple of error messages back on the ssh port when attempting write operations19:06
fungieither stating that their cla has expired and they must sign a new one, or that their signed cla requires submission of contact info19:07
jeblair#action jbryce provide a test foundation server19:07
fungiso anyway, all of that is tested and working on review-dev now19:07
clarkbis it possible to apply the CLA changes to review.o.o without enforcement (use LP sync until jbryce is ready)?19:07
fungiwe could push everything except the db change19:08
clarkbI guess we need to have patience this week regardless so that isnt a big deal19:08
jeblairclarkb: what changes would those be?19:08
clarkbjeblair: adding the CLA to review.o.o, applying the bug fixes, etc19:08
fungithe bug fixes are already applied19:08
jeblairclarkb: i must be missing something; review.o.o has a cla....19:08
fungiand the puppet infrastructure is in place, just missing a handful of lines in review.pp and hiera/site.pp19:09
clarkbjeblair: I guess my question is better phrased as, "Is it safe to change the puppet manifest for openstack_project::gerrit.pp to be like review_dev.pp?"19:09
jeblairclarkb: no, because we can't change the CLA process until the new foundation server is ready19:10
jeblairclarkb: until then, echosign and ~openstack-cla is the existing process19:10
fungianyway, that's all i have on cla/contacts unless there are questions19:11
*** alexpilotti has quit IRC19:12
fungii have a couple other projects we can discuss, or table to -infra more informally19:12
jeblairfungi: lets hit those at the end19:12
jeblair#topic translations19:12
*** openstack changes topic to "translations"19:12
jeblairclarkb: did you "solve django with GabrielHurley" ? :)19:13
*** alexpilotti has joined #openstack-meeting19:13
clarkbjeblair: no, GabrielHurley is a hard person to get a hold of. That may need to wait for the summit; however, I have been floating some ideas on how to solve this issue19:13
*** dprince has quit IRC19:14
clarkbFirst translation jobs for non django jobs appear to be working and are stabel19:14
jeblairclarkb: do you want to propose a summit session for this topic?19:14
*** reed has joined #openstack-meeting19:14
*** rkukura has quit IRC19:14
jeblairclarkb: (yay!)19:14
clarkb#link https://review.openstack.org/#/q/topic:transifex/translations+status:merged,n,z19:15
clarkbjeblair: probably not a bad idea.19:15
clarkb#action clarkb propose summit session for translations19:15
*** alexpilotti has quit IRC19:15
heckjclarkb: do you need me to poke Gabriel?19:16
clarkbheckj: that would be great for a quick chat after this meeting19:16
heckjclarkb: I'll see if I can wrangle him up19:16
clarkbI think Horizon translations can be handled as a special case of the existing jobs. The basics of what the job need to do don't change, just the commands to extract messages do19:17
jeblairclarkb: http://summit.openstack.org/19:17
jeblairclarkb: that sounds reasonable under the circumstances.19:17
clarkbeg the gerrit commands, git commands, and transifex commands are static19:18
clarkbbut I need to confirm with Gabriel that that is the case19:18
jeblair#topic mordred19:19
*** openstack changes topic to "mordred"19:19
jeblair#action mtaylor is now known as mordred19:19
jeblairjust for the record.19:19
jeblairand he did register the summit topics he said he would last week.  :)19:20
fungihe also announced the inception of #link http://lists.openstack.org/cgi-bin/mailman/listinfo/openstack-infra19:20
fungiin case anyone missed it on -dev19:20
jeblair#action everyone sign up for http://lists.openstack.org/cgi-bin/mailman/listinfo/openstack-infra19:21
fungiand we have our first e-mail, from david kranz, asking for help19:21
mordredyeah. please do that - there was a message I was going to send to that list -but then I realized nobody was on it yet19:21
* jeblair just signed up19:21
mordrednow if I could remember what I wanted to talk about ...19:22
* fungi fears he was subscriber #219:22
jeblair#link http://lists.openstack.org/pipermail/openstack-infra/2012-September/000000.html19:22
jeblairso, who else has a topic?  fungi?  (mordred, when ever you remember...)19:24
*** deva_bbiab is now known as devananda19:24
clarkbjeblair: did we update jenkins between now and the last meeting?19:25
clarkbtime is all blended together19:25
jeblairclarkb: i believe we did19:25
jeblair#topic jenkins upgrade19:25
*** openstack changes topic to "jenkins upgrade"19:25
jeblairwith ttx's blessing, we unfroze the CI systems (they are in a soft freeze around release)19:26
jeblairand upgraded jenkins to fix a (nasty) remote vulnerability19:26
jeblairwhich uncovered the fact that jenkins is remarkably poorly tested befor release19:26
jeblairand completely hosed us because someone committed a patch without realizing that jenkins has a json api19:27
jeblairso, um, uncool.19:27
jeblairanyway, we're now running a daily build in production to address that19:27
jeblairthanks to lifeless who remembered that daily builds exist.19:28
clarkbI think it is a release candidate build19:28
jeblairyeah, i think they build everything on the rc branch, or something like that.  it was 3am at the time, i don't remember all the details.19:29
ttxjeblair: you could also have compiled your own.19:29
ttxOr not.19:29
clarkbas a result of that I think we lost four precise slaves19:29
jeblairttx: yeah, an option we considered, but we would have had to actually do that, and we kinda needed it fixed "right now"19:29
ttxjeblair: it's not really fun or easy19:30
clarkbprecise6,9,10,14 are all not accepting ssh connections19:30
jeblairttx: as opposed to "when one of us gets a dev box with all the right java bits installed and figures out how to build it".19:30
jeblairclarkb: did mordred (or mtaylor) ever get around to kicking those for you?19:31
mordredjeblair: mtaylor was supposed to19:31
mordredjeblair: but I haven't seen him in a while19:31
jeblair#action corvus to ask mordred to have mtaylor kick slaves19:32
*** mordred is now known as mtaylor19:32
mtaylorDIE DIE DIE19:32
*** s0mik has quit IRC19:32
*** mtaylor is now known as mordred19:32
pabelangerwhy the nick change anyways?19:32
mordredI've been mordred everywhere else since around 9319:33
*** LinuxJedi is now known as mtaylor19:33
mtaylorjust because19:33
*** mtaylor is now known as LinuxJedi19:33
mordredbut some other guy had it on here19:33
jeblairso, other jenkins problems...19:33
jeblairit looks like even thought we removed all the stuff that should have been causing jenkins to enforce builds finish in order (which we don't care about)....19:34
jeblairit still does it anyway19:34
jeblair(removing things like the junit results was, according to bug reports, supposed to address that)19:34
jeblairthat could be a new "feature" added by our recent upgrade19:35
*** ttrifonov is now known as ttrifonov_zZzz19:35
jeblairat any rate, it seems that occasionally jenkins can still get stuck after the build has succeeded or failed, but before it's really finished19:36
jeblairin that case, i don't _believe_ the timeout plugin will help us19:36
jeblairthat merits testing, and if it's the case, perhaps we should have zuul time out and abort jenkins builds19:36
jeblair(or implement a robotic "ttx")19:37
jeblairany thoughts19:37
*** cmagina has joined #openstack-meeting19:37
jeblair#topic puppet19:38
*** Ghe_Rivero has quit IRC19:38
*** openstack changes topic to "puppet"19:38
jeblairpabelanger has been kicking puppet into shape, by removing our weird modules and replacing them with real modules (either ours, or someone else's (like his))19:39
jeblairwhich is great19:39
pabelangerYup, infact almost finished with the gate-ci-puppet-lint19:40
*** cmagina has left #openstack-meeting19:40
jeblair#action pabelanger add gate-ci-puppet-lint job19:41
pabelangerhowever, it will fail pretty hard until puppet-lint passes19:41
*** gatuus has quit IRC19:41
jeblaircool, well even while it's non-voting, we can check the output on changes19:41
jeblair#topic global bacon shortage19:42
*** openstack changes topic to "global bacon shortage"19:42
jeblair#link http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2012/09/24/bacon-sausage-shortage_n_1909609.html19:42
clarkboh no.19:42
jeblairfungi: i'm pretty sure you said you had more topics?  :)19:42
clarkbjeblair: we have had more changes submitted for zuul19:42
clarkbI think wikimedia is attempting to use it so yay19:42
jeblair#topic zuul19:42
*** openstack changes topic to "zuul"19:42
jeblairyes, zuul has sprouted contributors!19:42
fungiyeah, i have planning questions on two new projects (managing jenkins global config, and symbolic-ref entries to map release names to git branches) but i can save those for #o-infra or the ml unless anyone finds them exciting19:43
jeblairi think the new -ifra list will be a good place for other ppl to talk about zuul, job builder etc...19:43
fungiagreed, three cheers for the ml19:43
jeblairand i think after the current freeze, we may need to run those projects more like real projects -- discuss/announce big changes, migrations, etc... and maybe not freeze trunk because of openstack's schedule.19:44
jeblair(which may mean our running zuul not from trunk)19:44
jeblair#topic jenkins global config19:44
*** openstack changes topic to "jenkins global config"19:44
*** gatuus has joined #openstack-meeting19:44
jeblairfungi: whatcha got?19:44
fungiwell, looks like there is an almost-sane feature in jenkins to reload its configuration on the fly19:45
fungiit has a bug, currently, wherein it forgets about any running jobs19:45
fungithere are some workarounds and one proposed patch in their bug tracker19:45
jeblairfungi: i dunno, sounds like we can use that to fix our other problem! ;)19:46
jeblairfungi: link to bug?19:46
fungiso a configuration merge script fed from puppet, with that fixed, might make configuration on-disk manageable19:46
fungiyeah, pulling it now--just a sec19:46
fungi#link https://issues.jenkins-ci.org/browse/JENKINS-326519:47
fungiwith that solved, i think a merge script to a new fd, move the old config out of the way and rename the new one into place, api call to reload...19:48
fungithen re-merge against the old config again and make sure it still produces the same new config (to check for any possible race where jenkins tried to update it in the interim)19:48
*** koolhead17 has joined #openstack-meeting19:48
clarkbI am going to but in but apevec in -dev says the cert on review.o.o is verified by an agency that FF no longer trusts19:49
fungii went down the api route first, but its global configuration via webui uses totally different code not backed by its api19:49
jeblairclarkb: ack19:50
fungi(the jenkins api seems to be an afterthought, added to ease management of individual job configs)19:50
jeblairfungi: yeesh.19:50
*** iopenstack has joined #openstack-meeting19:50
jeblairfungi: so i don't think this is important enough to, eg, build our own jenkins to solve it...19:50
jeblairfungi: but maybe keep an eye on that, and when it's fixed, take another look?19:51
fungijeblair: i agree19:51
jeblair#topic symbolic-ref19:51
*** openstack changes topic to "symbolic-ref"19:51
fungi#link https://bugs.launchpad.net/openstack-ci/+bug/99560419:52
uvirtbotLaunchpad bug 995604 in openstack-ci "use symbolic-ref from gerrit to provide moving codename targets" [High,In progress]19:52
fungiyay bot19:52
* koolhead17 waves19:52
fungii added several branches to a project on my test gerrit and then added symbolic-ref entries for them19:52
fungiseems to work just fine from a gerrit perspective19:53
fungihowever, symbolic-ref is a local concept, and won't get automatically replicated to github or anything (if that was the intent)19:53
clarkbfungi: is there any way to force replication?19:53
*** dendrobates is now known as dendro-afk19:54
jeblair(it was the intent, so i think replication to github is a requirement19:54
fungiclarkb: none that i could find. github added a button on their webui to skin it19:54
fungiyou can't push a symbolic-ref to a git server, for example19:54
jeblairalso, even if we do replicate to github... if it's not automatic or easy to get in clones, it may be less useful...19:54
fungiyou can push to a symbolic-ref which the server takes as a means of pushing to the branch to which it refers19:55
jeblairinstructions that say "run 'git checkout folsom'" that don't always work would be bad...19:55
fungiand you can clone from it, but you wind up with a local branch named whatever the symbolic-ref's name was19:55
fungiwhich may be enough19:56
jeblairi think one of the main use cases was for intra-project dependencies, so someone could pip-require a git repo with a pointer to folsom...19:57
jeblairbut i think that's largely handled by tarballs....19:57
jeblair#action mordred document use cases for bug 99560419:57
uvirtbotLaunchpad bug 995604 in openstack-ci "use symbolic-ref from gerrit to provide moving codename targets" [High,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/99560419:57
fungii can summarize my findings more eloquently in an update to the lp bug19:57
jeblairfungi: then we'll know how to procede.  :)19:58
jeblairfungi: cool19:58
fungithat's it for me19:58
jeblaireloquence ftw (he says ironically)19:58
jeblairthanks everyone!19:58
*** openstack changes topic to "open discussion"19:58
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*** jhenner has joined #openstack-meeting19:58
jeblairhow did we end up in "open disussion" ?19:58
clarkbjeblair: I think it was the topic before you started the meeting19:59
clarkbmeetings reset the topic19:59
jeblairi know, but how did _that_ happen19:59
fungiit's certainly a nice default topic at any rate19:59
*** ChanServ sets mode: +o jeblair20:00
*** eglynn has joined #openstack-meeting20:00
*** jeblair changes topic to "OpenStack meetings"20:00
*** markmc has joined #openstack-meeting20:00
*** jeblair changes topic to "OpenStack meetings || Development in #openstack-dev || Help in #openstack"20:00
*** fungi has left #openstack-meeting20:01
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ttxheckj, bcwaldon, jgriffith, vishy, gabrielhurley, danwent: around ?21:01
*** mtreinish has quit IRC21:01
*** s0mik has joined #openstack-meeting21:01
*** tgall_foo has quit IRC21:02
ttxok, enough to start I guess21:02
*** cmagina has joined #openstack-meeting21:02
ttx#startmeeting project21:02
*** cmagina has left #openstack-meeting21:02
openstackMeeting started Tue Sep 25 21:02:28 2012 UTC.  The chair is ttx. Information about MeetBot at http://wiki.debian.org/MeetBot.21:02
openstackUseful Commands: #action #agreed #help #info #idea #link #topic #startvote.21:02
openstackThe meeting name has been set to 'project'21:02
ttxAgenda @ http://wiki.openstack.org/Meetings/ProjectMeeting21:02
ttx2 days to final Folsom release!21:02
ttx#info We'll soon be in show-stoppers mode -- new RCs should only be triggered by release deliverables issues or annoying regressions with obviously safe fixes21:03
ttx#topic Keystone status21:03
*** openstack changes topic to "Keystone status"21:03
*** markvoelker has quit IRC21:03
ttxheckj: o/21:03
ttx#info Keystone has a long-standing RC1 that might be a winner!21:03
heckjabout to break it21:03
heckjbug 1056373 -> for an RC221:04
uvirtbotLaunchpad bug 1056373 in keystone "memcache driver needs protection against non-string keys" [Critical,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/105637321:04
zykes-hah :p21:04
*** rhagarty has joined #openstack-meeting21:04
ttxnot even properly tagged so that it flies below my radar, nice21:04
heckjfound and linked it up this morning - was a comment on a fixed bug elsewhere21:04
ttxheckj: business summary ? Why couldn't we fix it in stable/folsom ?21:05
heckjutf-8 broken-ness that none of us tested previously - actually intend to backport to essex as well - not an explicit regression so much as a nasty, nasty bug21:06
sorenI don't understand how users can trigger it?21:06
heckjsoren: dolphm_ nailed it down this morning, associated review has tests to verify the fix21:07
ttxheckj: technically it could be fixed post-release but you've been pretty calm in the RC front, so...21:08
heckjthat's it though - code review in progress, looking pretty good21:08
ttxheckj: how safe is that fix ?21:08
heckjttx: yeah - would just prefer to get it fixed ASAP.21:08
heckjttx: very21:08
heckjcould easily do backports for resolving it if you'd prefer21:08
ttxheckj: ok, will open a RC2 window, and tag tomorrow morning at the latest21:09
*** markmcclain has quit IRC21:09
ttx#info Keystone RC2 window with bug 1056373 in21:09
uvirtbotLaunchpad bug 1056373 in keystone "memcache driver needs protection against non-string keys" [Critical,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/105637321:09
ttxheckj: nothing else, right ?21:10
*** maurosr has quit IRC21:10
heckjttx: process question - we need to fix in master and also backport into milestone-proposed, correct?21:10
ttxheckj: yes, push the fix to master then backport to MP21:10
heckjcool, thanks. Nothing else21:10
ttxheckj: I can handle that part if the fix is committed to master21:10
ttxwill ping you just after meeting21:10
ttxLooking at release notes status now:21:10
ttx#link http://wiki.openstack.org/ReleaseNotes/Folsom#OpenStack_Identity_.28Keystone.2921:10
ttxheckj: No upgrade notes ?21:10
*** markmcclain has joined #openstack-meeting21:11
heckjttx: i'll put some in there re: PKI tokens21:11
ttxAlso, could you add links to bugs in the known issues section ?21:12
ttxHow is planning for the Design Summit "Keystone" topic going so far ?21:12
ttxI see 6 sessions proposed over a total of 9 available slots, not bad21:12
heckjpretty good shape - 3 open slots, expecting some to come in last minute based on last summit.21:12
heckjcore bits are all there21:12
*** zz_Kiall is now known as Kiall21:12
ttxheckj: anything else ?21:12
ttxQuestions about Keystone ?21:13
ttxheckj: milestone opened @ https://launchpad.net/keystone/+milestone/folsom-rc2 with bug targeted21:13
ttxheckj: please land fix in master asap21:13
ttx#topic Swift status21:13
*** openstack changes topic to "Swift status"21:13
ttxnotmyname: hi!21:14
ttx#info Swift has 1.7.2 as Folsom candidate21:14
ttxnotmyname: Everything still looking good on that side ?21:14
notmynamemostly, but there is one possible thing that has come up21:14
uvirtbotLaunchpad bug 1055834 in swift "Memory Leak" [Critical,Fix committed]21:14
ttxWas wondering if that was a regression or something that's been around forever21:14
*** torgomatic has joined #openstack-meeting21:14
notmynamethis was just patched21:14
notmynameya, I think it's been around for a while21:15
*** ociuhandu has quit IRC21:15
notmynameie not a regression from some recent patch21:15
ttxthen I'd say let's fix it in a later version21:15
*** ociuhandu has joined #openstack-meeting21:15
ttxrather than rush a 1.7.3 for folsom inclusion21:15
ttxor 1.7.4 or whatever21:15
ttxnotmyname: thoughts ?21:15
notmynameof course, I'd prefer to have it the release so that I can remove the "Known Issues" ;-)21:15
*** reed has quit IRC21:16
ttxif people have been living with it so far, must not be that obvious of a leak21:16
notmynameI don't know what's possible from your side, but from our side it's in master and vetted21:16
ttxnotmyname: hrrm.21:17
* ttx looks at the fix21:17
notmynameI'm going to push for the fix to go in folsom, but we'll have a release soon after. either way, it will get fixed. it's more an issue of how soon people get it (ie if they only use the openstack 6-month releases)21:18
*** bencherian has quit IRC21:18
ttxLooks a bit dangerous to me21:18
ttxnotmyname: distros can carry the patch if they want21:19
ttxnotmyname: and due to swift using full versions we'd have to play tricks with versions again.21:20
notmynameI don't really have a response to that :-/21:20
creihtI'll comment... Patch not added because it would be inconvenient21:20
ttxwell, usually when we cut a release we have RAX QA go over it for 4 days21:21
ttxnow you're telling me a one-hour-old patch is safe to ship...21:21
notmynamewell, it's actually already in RAX prod21:21
ttxah. that counts21:22
ttxnotmyname: ok, let's do it ... 1.7.3 ? 1.7.4 ?21:22
*** reed has joined #openstack-meeting21:23
ttxnotmyname: are you up to aligning the versioning on the different branches ?21:23
notmynamesorry, lag here21:23
notmynameya, so 1.7.4 for milestone proposed and 1.7.5 for master. I'll include the version bump in the backport21:23
ttxnotmyname: go for it21:24
ttxI can cut/release tomorrow morning if the branches are all set21:24
ttxanother topic:21:24
ttxHow is planning for the "Swift" topic at the design summit going so far ?21:24
notmynamethey'll be ready this afternoon21:24
notmynamegood. we have a few proposals so far, and I've got a backlog of stuff to talk about to21:24
*** s0mik has quit IRC21:25
notmynamewe're having a swift meeting next monday about it21:25
ttxnotmyname: ok, just send me an email confirming the commit ID for 1.7.4 and I'll make it happen21:25
notmyname#link http://lists.openstack.org/pipermail/openstack-dev/2012-September/001368.html21:25
*** bencherian has joined #openstack-meeting21:25
ttxnotmyname: was wondering if we couldn't give the two Tuesday morning slots to the "QA" topic21:25
ttxgiven that "QA" topic is already over capacity (10 proposed for only 5 available slots)21:25
ttxSwift would have 8 session slots (instead of 10) and QA would have 7 (instead of 5)21:25
ttxwould your schedule fit into that ?21:25
notmynameah. ya, let me see what's in the queue, but there is a chance of that. who should I coordinate with about that?21:25
ttxnotmyname: me a jaypipes21:26
gabrielhurleyttx: you'll probably be able to steal two or so from Horizon, too, just FYI21:26
notmynameok, will do21:26
ttxgabrielhurley: it's more difficult to steal from horizon21:26
ttxbecause the topics are not contiguous21:26
ttxnotmyname: anything else ?21:26
ttxQuestions on Swift ?21:27
notmynameSF Bay meetup on Oct 11, if you're in the area21:27
notmynamethat's all I have21:27
ttx#topic Glance status21:27
*** openstack changes topic to "Glance status"21:27
ttxbcwaldon: o/21:28
ttx#info Glance had its RC2 published earlier today21:28
ttxnotmyname: created https://launchpad.net/swift/+milestone/1.7.421:28
ttxlooks like we don't have bcwaldon21:29
ttxdanwent: around ?21:29
ttx#topic Quantum status21:29
*** openstack changes topic to "Quantum status"21:29
ttx#info Quantum had its RC2 published Friday and we have a RC3 already cooking21:29
ttxwhich should be published just after the meeting21:29
ttxdanwent: Is there anything on the rc-potential list that we should add ?21:30
ttx#link https://bugs.launchpad.net/quantum/+bugs?field.tag=folsom-rc-potential21:30
ttxDon't think any of those is a show-stopper that needs to be fixed /before/ release21:30
danwenti'm not planning on doing anything for the zmq stuff for the folsom release21:30
danwentthings still seem up in the air and rabbit + qpid are fully supported21:30
*** s0mik has joined #openstack-meeting21:31
danwentjust want people to be aware21:31
danwenttwo other issues are very minor21:31
*** gatuus has quit IRC21:31
ttxdanwent: should we remove zmq from quantum completely ?21:31
ewindischttx/danwent: I believe only dhcp_agent won't work.21:31
ttxISTR someone suggested that, haven't looked up the thread since meetign started21:31
*** sdake has quit IRC21:32
ewindischthe other agents should work, but you might need to use an external matchmaker to  reasonably scale more than a few nodes.21:32
danwentewindisch: ok, so in theory someone could use the plugin agents with zmq, but not dhcp21:32
ewindisch(the matchmaker is pluggable)21:32
ewindischdanwent: yes - in theory, anyway.21:32
ewindischI'm certainly okay with ZeroMQ marked as experimental, especially in relation to Quantum.21:33
danwentI would say we document that zmq is experimental for Quantum and note that in particular DHCP won't work.21:33
ttxdanwent: sounds good21:33
*** tgall_foo has joined #openstack-meeting21:33
*** tgall_foo has joined #openstack-meeting21:33
ttxdanwent: so we are good to cut RC3 ?21:33
ttxLooking at release notes status now:21:34
ttx#link http://wiki.openstack.org/ReleaseNotes/Folsom#OpenStack_Network_Service_.28Quantum.2921:34
ttxSame remark: you should add link to bug in the known issues section21:34
ttxAnd a bit more verbosity couldn't hurt.21:34
ttxPlanning for the "Quantum" topic at the Design Summit...21:34
ttxI see 9 proposals over a total of 22 slots so far21:34
danwentbasically, the core team hasn't even started proposing yet21:34
ttxyeah, that's what I suspected21:35
danwentthey have (thankfully) been focused on folsom :)21:35
ttxdanwent: Anything else ?21:35
danwentnope.  after thursday, i'll start encouraging folks to propose sessions21:35
ttx(and people still asking me why the design summit track is not aligned in CFP with the other tracks21:35
ttxQuestions on Quantum ?21:35
ewindischdanwent; also worth noting that it needs the binary from Nova :(21:35
ttxjgriffith: around?21:36
danwentewindisch: ok, can you send me a note with what you want in the docs about zmq?21:36
jgriffithttx: howdy21:36
ttx#topic Cinder status21:36
*** openstack changes topic to "Cinder status"21:36
ttx#info Cinder got its RC2 out earlier today21:36
ttxLooking at the RC-potential list now:21:36
ttx#link https://bugs.launchpad.net/cinder/+bugs?field.tag=folsom-rc-potential21:36
ttxbug 105540121:37
uvirtbotLaunchpad bug 1055401 in nova "[ietd] can not delete volume sucessfully" [High,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/105540121:37
ttxbug 105624621:37
uvirtbotLaunchpad bug 1056246 in nova "using tgt-admin --conf option creates false sense of security, volume attach still fails after tgtd restart" [High,Fix committed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/105624621:37
ttxAre those regressions ? Failures in new features ?21:37
jgriffithRegressions for the most part21:37
jgriffithResults of new changes that went in that weren't found in Ubuntu, but in Fedora test day21:38
ttxthe --conf thing is a bit scary to me.. reverting it restores the bug that it was supposed to fix, no ?21:38
jgriffithttx: Not really... that was my first thought21:38
eglynnttx: it didn't really fix it21:38
jgriffithttx: It fixes it for one   use case21:38
eglynnttx: (didn't survive accross tgtd restarts)21:38
jgriffithttx: So that part is still all good21:39
jgriffithttx: I took the conf file out a while back as it wasn't *needed*21:39
ttxso we restore the original (critical) bug ?21:39
ttxrather than half-fixing it ?21:39
jgriffithttx: No21:39
*** sdake has joined #openstack-meeting21:39
jgriffithttx: It's been a bit of a sorted tail...  the original fix for the critical bug I dind't have the conf file option in there anywya21:39
markmcttx, the issue is that distros/users need to modify the tgtd config file - /etc/tgtd/targets.conf21:40
eglynnttx: it wasn't even really a half-fix, just gave a false sense of initial security21:40
jgriffithIt was pointed out that if we have the persist file we should use it in tgt-adm udpates21:40
markmcttx, the "fix" we're reverting just masked that requirement21:40
ttxhhmkay. so you'd like to do a RC3 over those two fixes ?21:40
markmcttx, I added some details to http://etherpad.openstack.org/nova-folsom21:40
ttxrather tha fixing them in stable/folsom ?21:40
jgriffithttx: Those two and if we're doing one might as well add: https://review.openstack.org/#/c/13581/21:41
ttxjgriffith: ok... I'll delay the decision on that one until we do Nova21:41
jgriffithttx: fair enough21:41
ttxsince that would also trigger a Nova RC321:41
*** metral has quit IRC21:42
*** mdomsch has quit IRC21:42
jgriffithThe first two will as well FWITW21:42
*** krtaylor has quit IRC21:42
ttxCinder release notes at:21:42
ttx#link http://wiki.openstack.org/ReleaseNotes/Folsom#OpenStack_Block_Storage_.28Cinder.2921:42
ttxjgriffith: Not so much in there so far, planning to work on it ?21:42
*** mdomsch has joined #openstack-meeting21:42
*** sdake has quit IRC21:42
jgriffithttx: Yes I certainly am21:43
ttxTime is running short21:43
ttxCinder topic at the Design Summit so far:21:43
ttx5 proposals for 7 available slots, looking good21:43
ttxjgriffith: Anything else before we switch to Nova ?21:43
jgriffithYep, someobody's going to get cut :)21:43
ttxQuestions on Cinder ?21:43
ttxvishy: around ?21:43
ttx#topic Nova status21:43
*** openstack changes topic to "Nova status"21:43
*** bcwaldon has joined #openstack-meeting21:44
ttx#info Nova got its RC2 out earlier today21:44
ttx#link https://bugs.launchpad.net/nova/+bugs?field.tag=folsom-rc-potential21:44
*** sdake has joined #openstack-meeting21:44
ttxif we trigger a RC3 due to Cinder... anything else you'd add to it ?21:44
ttxin addition to the above-mentioned 3 ?21:44
vishythat one21:45
ttxok then, let's do another round21:45
* ttx is in a good mood or what21:46
vishyI haven't found any other's that seem worth the risk yet21:46
vishythere are a few other good fixes but i think they are fine through stable/folsom21:46
ttxvishy: I'd rather have a very short list at this point21:46
vishyI marked them folsom-backport-potential21:46
ttxgiven that time to go through gate will quickly become a factor in borking the release21:46
ttxso let me open Cinder RC3 and Nova RC3 and target appropriately21:47
ttxjgriffith: https://launchpad.net/cinder/+milestone/folsom-rc3 <- please target your 3 bugs to it21:48
ttxvishy: https://launchpad.net/nova/+milestone/folsom-rc3 <-- please target your 4 bugs to it21:48
ttxor 5 if that last review really fixes two bugs21:48
ttxLet's have a look at Nova release notes:21:49
ttxQuite empty so far, more in prep @ http://etherpad.openstack.org/nova-folsom21:49
ttxvishy: Maybe time to move it over ?21:49
vishyttx: soon. I want to add a bit more to fetures21:50
ttxvishy: oh btw anything we'd do wrt zmq in that RC3 ?21:51
*** Gordonz has quit IRC21:51
vishyyes ignore it21:51
ttxI'm fine with that if you are.21:51
vishylooks like the change didnt' go into quantum anyway, so we are leaving the old implementation in for folsom21:51
ttxDesign Summit planning now... I see 18 proposals for 31 available slots21:52
ttxWould be good to spend some of the next Nova meeting(s) looking into what's missing21:52
*** sdake has quit IRC21:52
ttxvishy: Anything else ?21:52
vishyttx: agreed. I haven't even looked at it yet21:52
*** jhenner has quit IRC21:52
ttxwe ahve two weeks between release and summit this time around, so not as much as a rush21:52
ttxQuestions on Nova ?21:53
ttx#topic Glance status21:53
*** openstack changes topic to "Glance status"21:53
ttxbcwaldon: o/21:53
markmcvishy, I added "zmq is experimental" to the nova release notes21:53
ttx#info Glance had its RC2 published earlier today21:53
bcwaldonttx: my apologies for lateness21:53
ttxNo folsom-rc-potential bugs:21:53
*** zeus has joined #openstack-meeting21:53
bcwaldonttx: well21:53
bcwaldonttx: refresh21:53
vishymarkmc: good call :)21:53
* ttx sobs21:53
bcwaldonttx: eglynn has one21:53
bcwaldonttx: its not a dealbreaker, but it might help us get to critical mass for an rc321:54
ttxeglynn: remind me not to buy you beers at the summit.21:54
*** sdake has joined #openstack-meeting21:54
* eglynn slinks off ...21:54
* russellb buys eglynn two beers for having to take that from ttx 21:54
ttxbcwaldon: that would be the only fix ?21:54
bcwaldonttx: so far, yes21:55
bcwaldonttx: and it's very minor21:55
ttxthe only reason why I'd consider it is that it's less mainful to change config opts before release than after21:56
*** mdomsch has quit IRC21:56
ttxit's a new option, right ?21:56
bcwaldonttx: ok, fair point21:56
bcwaldonttx: its new for folsom21:56
ttxright, ok then21:56
eglynnyep, new in glance, existing elsewhere21:57
*** ryanpetrello has joined #openstack-meeting21:57
bcwaldonttx: ok, maybe that raises priority21:57
ttxeglynn: it's fixed everywhere else ?21:57
eglynnttx only broken in glance21:57
*** ociuhandu has quit IRC21:57
ttxeglynn: ok then21:57
*** dwcramer has quit IRC21:57
bcwaldoneglynn: it was an attempt to get parity in glance with the rest of the projects, one minor oversight though21:57
ttxwill open RC3 and target only that one to it21:57
bcwaldonttx: ^21:57
*** ociuhandu has joined #openstack-meeting21:57
bcwaldonttx: ok, sorry :(21:58
ttxRelease notes status:21:58
bcwaldonttx: I'm just trying to keep you busy21:58
ttx#link http://wiki.openstack.org/ReleaseNotes/Folsom#OpenStack_Image_Service_.28Glance.2921:58
eglynnttx: thanks!21:58
ttxnothing like 6 respins on D-121:58
ttxmaybe 7, gabrielhurley hasn't talked yet21:58
bcwaldonttx: way to put things in perspective21:58
ttxRelease notes could use a bit more verbosity, otherwise looks good21:59
ttxAlso add link to bug in the known issues section21:59
ttx"Glance" topic at the design summit: 2 proposals for 5 available slots so far21:59
ttxbcwaldon: Anything else ?21:59
bcwaldonttx: no sir, I havent looked at those proposals, either22:00
bcwaldonttx: I'll shift into planning phase next week22:00
ttxhttps://launchpad.net/glance/+milestone/folsom-rc3 with one bug on it22:00
ttxQuestions on Glance ?22:00
ttx#topic Horizon status22:00
*** openstack changes topic to "Horizon status"22:00
ttxgabrielhurley: around ?22:00
gabrielhurleyRC2 stands as good, no new blocking bugs; release notes will be pasted into wiki momentarily; summit track needs more work. ;-)22:00
ttxother PTLs: see ? that's how to do it22:01
bcwaldonttx: don't you start22:01
* heckj trips gabrielhurley22:01
jgriffithgabrielhurley: show off!22:01
gabrielhurleyI have to sit through an hour of y'all talking!22:01
heckjblah blah blah22:01
ttxQuestions for Horizon ?22:02
bcwaldongabrielhurley: I love that I was way late but still got stuck back in rotation before you22:02
danwentgabrielhurley: show off :P22:02
ttxmore difficult for heckj; he does not know what the exam will be about since he goes first22:02
* gabrielhurley doesn't envy heckj22:02
heckjthat's ok - I just make it up as I'm going along anyway22:02
ttx#topic Other Team reports22:02
*** openstack changes topic to "Other Team reports"22:02
heckjwho needs planning and forethough22:03
ttxannegentle: around ? how is documentation going ?22:03
*** s0mik has quit IRC22:03
* markmc has a stable/essex update22:03
ttxmarkmc: priority to the ladies22:03
markmcttx, yep :)22:03
annegentlewhy thank you22:03
annegentlelots of good doc reviews going through. I'm doing my best to keep Quantum's builds going well.22:03
annegentleThe redesign of the docs landing pages is now done.22:04
bcwaldonannegentle: good work on that redesign22:04
annegentleRealized today I hadn't linked in all the docs.openstack.org/developer links22:04
ttxannegentle: so we are in reasonably good shape for release time ?22:04
annegentlebcwaldon: thanks22:04
ttxeven if it's always work in progress ?22:04
annegentlettx: I'd like some help with a scientific way to call docs "done"22:04
annegentlettx: the bug list is still over 10022:04
annegentlettx: and they're tagged and triaged quite well22:05
annegentleso, I'm looking for the best backlog/task/bug management for docs ideas22:05
*** gatuus has joined #openstack-meeting22:05
annegentlebecause, we'll need to freeze at some point for translators22:05
ttxannegentle: yes, we need to discuss that. Doc / release interlock22:05
annegentlealso, I'm still seeking one more Documentation topic for the Design Summit - one presenter had to relinquish his spot22:05
ttxannegentle: maybe more suggestions will come up22:06
annegentlethat's it, thanks for listening22:06
ttxnot a big deal if you have an empty slot though, gives flexibility in scheduling22:06
ttxmarkmc: go ahead22:06
markmcso, stable/folsom will open this week22:06
ttxFriday hopefully22:06
markmcand stable/essex will go into mothball mode22:06
markmcI'm hoping to do a 2012.1.3 release22:07
* ttx googles22:07
markmcthinking 2012-10-1122:07
markmcI can't do it next week22:07
markmclatest status is:22:07
markmcnova: 10 fixes merged, 4 pending, 2 other potentials22:07
markmcglance: nothing merged or pending, 1 potential22:07
markmckeystone: 2 security fixes (critical/high), 3 others merged22:07
markmchorizon: 1 security fix (medium), 3 others merged, 2 more potential22:07
markmcso all but glance already have stuff worth doing a release for22:07
markmcbasically, I reckon this would be a nice way to close out stable/essex and move on to stable/folsom22:08
*** torgomatic has left #openstack-meeting22:08
ttxmarkmc: I suspect some will pick up stable/essex branch maint22:08
ttxbut yes, stable release wise...22:09
markmcttx, right, "mothball" is too strong :)22:09
bcwaldonmarkmc: markwash has a patch in review that is a major candidate for glance stable/essex22:09
ttxmarkmc: sounds like a plan22:09
ttxmarkmc: anything else ?22:09
markmcttx, nope, thanks22:09
ttxAny other team lead with a status report ?22:09
ttx#topic Open discussion22:09
*** openstack changes topic to "Open discussion"22:09
ttx#info TC elections are running until the end of day Thursday!22:10
ttxAnything else, anyone ?22:10
markmcbcwaldon, this one? https://bugs.launchpad.net/glance/essex/+bug/101282022:10
uvirtbotLaunchpad bug 1012820 in glance "Diablo->Essex migration breaks Nova image_ref" [High,In progress]22:10
heckjttx: backport to milestone/proposed for Keystone RC2 is up and processing: https://review.openstack.org/#/c/13667/22:10
bcwaldonmarkmc: yes sir22:10
markmcbcwaldon, saw your comment that you'll backport a fix alright22:10
ttxok, let's make it happen22:10
*** openstack changes topic to "OpenStack meetings || Development in #openstack-dev || Help in #openstack"22:10
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ttxheckj: awesome, will cut RC2 with that landed, unless you raise a red flag in an email22:11
heckjttx: yep, thanks22:12
*** littleidea has quit IRC22:12
*** markmc has quit IRC22:14
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