Tuesday, 2012-11-27

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primeministerp#startmeeting hyper-v16:01
openstackMeeting started Tue Nov 27 16:01:32 2012 UTC.  The chair is primeministerp. Information about MeetBot at http://wiki.debian.org/MeetBot.16:01
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primeministerphi all16:01
EmilienM_primeministerp: hi16:01
primeministerpEmilienM_: how are things16:01
EmilienM_primeministerp: fine, thx16:02
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primeministerpfigure we'd start with a status update from the different folks16:02
primeministerp#topic updates16:02
*** openstack changes topic to "updates (Meeting topic: hyper-v)"16:02
primeministerpalexpilotti: : would like to give an update on the status of the cloud-init code16:03
alexpilottihi guys!16:04
alexpilottiafter doing cloud-init for Linux, we moved to cloud-init for Windows16:04
alexpilottiwe worked on public key atuthentication for Windows, but unfortunately there still a blocking issue there, I'm waiting an answer from MS for that.16:05
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primeministerpalexpilotti: all the code for hyper-v support of linux guests in upstream though correct16:05
alexpilottibeside that, we are porting the Python cloud-init to Windows16:05
primeministerpalexpilotti: i'll follow up again in a day if  i don't hear back from anyone16:05
alexpilottias it's quite modular16:05
alexpilottiwhich means that we can treat wWindows as any other "Linux distro" in cloud-init ;-)16:06
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alexpilottithe big issue there, is that configdrive16:06
primeministerpalexpilotti: we prefer just "distro"16:06
alexpilottiprimeministerp: lol16:06
josecastroleonhi all :)16:06
primeministerphey josecastroleon16:06
primeministerppnavarro: would you like to give a status of the cinder work16:07
alexpilottithe "big" issue with ConfigDrive is that it mounts a ISO image as a raw physical disk16:07
primeministerppnavarro: you can wait unitl alexpilotti is done16:07
primeministerppnavarro: I thought he was16:07
alexpilottiso, we pull it out with raw Win32 Api calls16:07
pnavarrono problem16:07
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primeministerpalexpilotti: sorry16:07
alexpilottiand that's done, I expect teh full cloud-init for Windows to be done this week16:08
primeministerpalexpilotti: execellent16:08
alexpilottifor authentication, we'll inject the adminpass16:08
alexpilottiteh one passed by nova boot, waiting for those answers from MS16:08
alexpilottifor the SSH publick key auth in RDP16:08
alexpilottibut all the rest, including networking, script execution etc is not an issue16:09
alexpilottithat's it :-)16:09
pnavarrook, from my side16:09
pnavarronova_to_cinder code is review process #link https://review.openstack.org/#/c/16843/16:09
pnavarrothanks to alexpilotti and EmilienM_ for helping to set my live migraiton environment16:09
primeministerppnavarro: does that include the move to the wmiv2?16:10
pnavarroyes, primeministerp16:10
primeministerpEmilienM_: thanks for helping out!16:10
alexpilottipnavarro: is the above link updated?16:10
EmilienM_primeministerp: yw :) thank's to Pedro too16:10
pnavarrothe review is blocked until this night I'll have some time to fix some issues16:10
alexpilottipnavarro: I see a pylynt error: http://logs.openstack.org/16843/4/check/gate-nova-pylint/3593/console.html.gz16:10
alexpilottinova/virt/hyperv/volumeutils.py:46: [E1101, VolumeUtils.execute] Module 'eventlet.green.subprocess' has no 'STDOUT' member16:11
pnavarroI'll fix that later, today I was a bit busy16:11
primeministerppnavarro: yep i see that too16:11
primeministerppnavarro: np16:11
pnavarroalexpilotti: I can't fix that, nova.utils is using the same syntax16:12
alexpilottipnavarro: that's interesting :-)16:13
primeministerpi'm missing something?16:13
pnavarroalexpilotti: yeah.. very interesting16:13
primeministerpso what's broken16:14
primeministerpsomething in pylint16:14
alexpilottipnavarro: I'm going to take a look at this16:14
pnavarrothanks alexpilotti16:14
alexpilottipnavarro: add: # pylint: disable=E110116:15
alexpilottipnavarro: look here, line 186 https://github.com/openstack/nova/blob/master/nova/utils.py16:16
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alexpilottipnavarro: just 2 lines above my patch :-D16:16
pnavarroalexpilotti: ok ! I didn't realize about that16:17
primeministerprealtime even16:17
primeministerpalexpilotti: quantum update?16:17
primeministerpor ociuhandu rdp?16:17
alexpilottiworking on it, confirmed release for G-2. Wil need to sync with Pedro this week :-)16:18
primeministerpsound good16:18
primeministerpociuhandu: want to discuss anything on rdp?16:18
ociuhanduprimeministerp: i'm now looking into the ways to pass the required parameters to wsgate16:18
primeministerpjosecastroleon: anything to add from CERN?16:19
alexpilottiluis_fdez: thnks for the CPU patch! https://review.openstack.org/#/c/16796/16:19
primeministerpo yes16:19
josecastroleonplenty of things16:20
primeministerpthanks luis_fdez16:20
luis_fdezalexpilotti: :) ...16:20
pnavarroCERN guys, will you assist to openstack Paris event next thursday?16:20
josecastroleonJan is going there16:20
josecastroleonI saw that AD patch is committed in G-116:20
josecastroleonwe have just found a problem on LDAP when the output is more than 1k16:21
pnavarroEmilienM_ will be talking about quantum, let's see if I can convince him to add some slide about Hyper-V16:21
EmilienM_pnavarro: ahah16:21
primeministerpEmilienM_: you shoud16:21
alexpilottijosecastroleon: I love your scalability test environment ;-)16:21
primeministerper should16:21
primeministerpalexpilotti: which one is that?16:21
ociuhandusorry guys, have to run now, will be back online a bit later. Have a great one16:21
josecastroleonmy fault16:21
EmilienM_let's continue the conversation on #openstack-hyper-v after meeting16:22
primeministerpociuhandu: ok thx16:22
alexpilottiprimeministerp: CERN itself :-D16:22
EmilienM_to define the content16:22
alexpilottipnavarro: when would you like to meet for Quantum?16:22
primeministerpjosecastroleon: were the ad patches for rold/tenant id mapping?16:22
josecastroleonno we have more than 2600 VMs on the test environment16:23
pnavarrowhat about tomorrow night?16:23
EmilienM_josecastroleon: wow16:23
alexpilottijosecastroleon: cool! :-)16:23
alexpilottijosecastroleon: what VM density do you have on Hyper-V?16:23
pnavarroalexpilotti: I'll send you a meeting request later16:23
alexpilottipnavarro: ok!16:24
sagar_nikamjosecastroleon:how many WIndows 201216:24
josecastroleonwe have only a few16:24
josecastroleonnot so many16:24
primeministerpjosecastroleon: are the hyper-v nodes integrated in w /the rest?16:24
josecastroleonlinux guys have overtaken us16:24
alexpilottijosecastroleon: would you be interested in helping with the tests of Cloud-init for Windows?16:24
primeministerpjosecastroleon: hahah16:24
alexpilottijosecastroleon: tx!16:24
alexpilottijosecastroleon: here's the solution to fight back: run this on their controller: nova list | awk '{if (NR > 3 && $2 != "") {system("nova delete " $2);}}' :-D16:25
primeministerpanything else on updates?16:26
primeministerpwant to move to ci discussion16:26
primeministerp#topic ci discussion16:27
*** openstack changes topic to "ci discussion (Meeting topic: hyper-v)"16:27
primeministerpmordred: ping16:27
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primeministerpjeblair: ping16:27
primeministerpwas hoping to get some involvement from the ci guys16:28
jeblairprimeministerp: hi, i'm dealing with an operational issue at the moment16:28
alexpilottijeblair: hi!16:28
primeministerpjeblair: np was hoping to get some input/insight into the ci bits16:28
primeministerpjeblair: we're looking to stand up a replica next week16:28
primeministerpjeblair: on real hardware16:28
primeministerpjeblair: tied into zuul16:29
primeministerpthen start integrating in hyper-v nodes16:29
primeministerpand commiting that upstream16:29
primeministerpjeblair: i was looking at the existing openstack-ci project and it looks like it's been refactored out into different sub projects16:29
jeblairprimeministerp: great, i think you were planning on commenting as a third-party tester, like: http://ci.openstack.org/third_party.html16:30
primeministerpjeblair: I there somewhere where I can find the puppetmaster manifests being used, o16:30
pnavarroguys, I have to go16:30
alexpilottipnavarro: bye!!16:30
primeministerpjeblair: yes, however I'm going to have to spin up an existing setup first16:30
mordredprimeministerp: hey16:30
jeblairprimeministerp: everything is in http://github.com/openstack/openstack-ci-puppet16:30
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jeblairprimeministerp: there should be modules in there you can use to manage zuul servers, jenkins, etc...16:31
primeministerpthat's there it moved too16:31
jeblairprimeministerp: (hasn't moved)16:31
primeministerpso our plan is to use that and spin up a replica16:31
primeministerphook the replica into the event stream16:31
jeblair(i'm going to turn this over to mordred, so i can get back to tracking down the issue we're having, sorry)16:32
mordredprimeministerp: I'm slammed today, but will be more than happy to spend some quality time with you tomorrow or next week walking through things16:32
primeministerpjeblair: that's exactly what we are going to do16:32
primeministerpjeblair: i've started manifiests to build all the deployments bits for windows16:32
primeministerpjeblair: we doing it from iron16:32
primeministerpjeblair: however i'll need a windows vm to build all rest16:32
alexpilottimordred: next week me and ociuhandu will be in Cambridge with primeministerp setting up the CI thing16:33
primeministerphave to figure how to make it easiest to inegrate windows in16:33
mordreddevananda, lifeless: ^^ you and primeministerp should talk - he's spinning up bare metal testing for hyper-v/windows16:33
primeministerper integrate16:33
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mordredalexpilotti: awesome16:33
primeministerpstuck key16:33
alexpilottimordred: do you think we could set up a meeting this week?16:33
mordredalexpilotti, primeministerp: please. how about thursday some time16:33
primeministerpdevananda: i'm doing this windows16:34
mordredand between now and then you should set up a time to talk to devananda and lifeless16:34
primeministerpdevananda: er on16:34
mordredbecause it might influence things16:34
devanandaso i will be on a plane thursday16:34
alexpilottimordred: for me np anytime on Thu16:34
primeministerpdevananda: tomorrow?16:34
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primeministerpmordred: we have 11 hp mach 1 nodes16:35
primeministerpmordred: and 6 dell blades16:35
mordredprimeministerp, alexpilotti: we can meet up separate from deva ...16:35
primeministerpmordred: yes please16:35
alexpilottimordred: ok16:35
primeministerpmordred: want to talk logistics16:35
primeministerpmordred: you have time later today or tomorrow?16:36
mordredI've got to walk out the door - you pick a time tomorroow or thursday for us to talk (I'm wide open) and I'll be there16:36
devanandaprimeministerp: fwiw, i dont begin to understand windows server. but i can talk about the nova baremetal driver :)16:36
mordredtoday is a TERRIBLE day for me :)16:36
primeministerpdevananda: you don't need to, i just need to be able to chainload a pxe from pxelinux16:36
primeministerpdevananda: or understand how to fit it into your plans16:36
primeministerpdevananda: will you have time tomorrow?16:36
mordredchat in a bit...16:37
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devanandahm. somethin i think chainload is the wrong thing. nobodycam and lifeless both have more opinion and knowledge on that layer than I16:37
devanandabut yes, i can probably squeeze in some time tmw16:37
primeministerpdevananda: do you want want to start a thread w/ the appropriate parties?16:38
primeministerpdevananda: ppouliot@microsoft.com16:38
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devanandathis might also give you some context: https://review.openstack.org/#/c/11088/16:38
josecastroleoni will come in 5 minutes16:38
devanandaand https://review.openstack.org/#/c/15830/16:38
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primeministerpdevananda: are you pulling bare metal instances from glance?16:39
devanandaprimeministerp: yes16:39
EmilienM_see you guys, ++16:39
primeministerpdevananda: I get it16:39
alexpilottiEmilienM_: bye!16:39
*** EmilienM_ has left #openstack-meeting16:39
devanandaprimeministerp: there is separate "deploy ramdisk" which does the partitioning and writes teh imge to disk16:39
primeministerpdevananda: yep16:40
primeministerpdevananda: there would have to be16:40
devananda(it's presently a bit more complex but we are working on simplifiyng)16:40
primeministerpdevananda: i have a lot of ideas around this16:40
primeministerpdevananda: ayoung and I have been talking on and off for months16:40
primeministerpdevananda: i'm open tomorrow so if you want to schedule i'll attend16:41
primeministerpand include the individuals from your side to discuss16:41
primeministerpdevananda: thanks again16:41
primeministerpalexpilotti: I'll follow up w/ monty16:42
alexpilottiprimeministerp: ok16:42
primeministerpalexpilotti: also going to start looking at those modules16:42
alexpilottiprimeministerp: ok, ping me anytime if you need help!16:42
primeministerpalexpilotti: i'll circle back w/ monty later today and schedule something for tomorrow as well16:43
primeministerpok if that's i'm ending the meeting16:43
*** openstack changes topic to "OpenStack meetings || Development in #openstack-dev || Help in #openstack"16:43
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openstackLog:            http://eavesdrop.openstack.org/meetings/hyper_v/2012/hyper_v.2012-11-27-16.01.log.html16:43
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henrynashkeystone meeting time?18:03
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dolphmayoung: any word from heckj today?18:07
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gyeestuck in traffic? :)18:09
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heckjsorry I'm late18:10
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heckj#startmeeting keystone18:10
openstackMeeting started Tue Nov 27 18:10:10 2012 UTC.  The chair is heckj. Information about MeetBot at http://wiki.debian.org/MeetBot.18:10
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heckjFolks till around?18:10
heckjayoung, dolph, gyee, dwchadwick?18:10
heckjafraid I'm running very late and on no sleep18:11
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heckj#topic agenda http://wiki.openstack.org/Meetings/KeystoneMeeting18:11
*** openstack changes topic to "agenda http://wiki.openstack.org/Meetings/KeystoneMeeting (Meeting topic: keystone)"18:11
heckjmorning henrynash18:12
heckj(well, morning for me)18:12
heckjAny high priority or burning issues?18:12
henrynashso for me, its the infamous groups vs attribute-role mapping18:12
gyeeI need to take care of the keyring thingy for keystoneclient18:13
heckjkristy? dwchadwick - either of you around today?18:13
heckjgyee: I at least found the keyring issue for you - did you get those notes?18:13
dolphmi just realized my cup is leaking quite rapidly onto my desk (not sure if that counts)18:13
heckjdolphm: that sounds rather important, I'd recommend dealing with it immediately18:14
dolphmheckj: fine, brb18:14
heckjWe have a bug that's been reported that happens under higher load - a path to get resolved, but not clear implementations18:15
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gyeeheckj, yeah, thanks, I am going to make the changes18:15
heckjbug: https://bugs.launchpad.net/keystone/+bug/102012718:15
uvirtbotLaunchpad bug 1020127 in keystone "proxy-server Error: Second simultaneous read or write detected" [High,In progress]18:15
henrynashwe still on?18:15
gyeequestion is, should we disable keyring by default18:15
gyeeor override it via env var in devstack18:15
heckjAlex Yang is supposedly working on moving the memcachering (eventlet safe memcache client) into openstack common, but it's biting some folks using keystone at a high velocity18:16
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heckjhenrynash: yeah, just getting back up to speed18:16
*** jdurgin has quit IRC18:16
henrynashok, I'm on a rather flaky internet connection from Tunisia !18:17
heckjlet's hit the attribute setup pieces in a second - sounds like the biggest topic18:17
heckjgyee: How are the other projects using it? i.e. how does novaclient do this (since it has keyring support)18:17
gyeeheckj, good suggestion, we need to be consistent, I'll go find out18:18
heckj#topic attributes, role mapping, etc - ABAC and RBAC18:19
*** openstack changes topic to "attributes, role mapping, etc - ABAC and RBAC (Meeting topic: keystone)"18:19
*** henrynash has quit IRC18:19
heckjayoung: around?18:19
*** henrynash has joined #openstack-meeting18:20
heckjhenrynash: I haven't come up to speed with the role mapping concept - ABAC in itself seems pretty straightforward, but it's not at all what we have in V3 right now18:20
*** jakedahn_zz is now known as jakedahn18:21
heckjI'm generally trying to figure out what's been requested for work - making V3 work cleanly or resetting this whole kit to an ABAC based system18:21
gyeeI thought roles are nothing more than just a string, the services interpret/enforce the roles18:21
heckjgyee: yep - that's not a problem, and I like the concept of the ABAC system in general, but it's not at all what's in our policy engine and there's pending work to change the token API, present additional attributes, and pass them into the policy engine effectively.18:22
henrynashI think the (short term) decision is whether we support groups/organisation roles via something like the user-group extensions to RBAC, or introduce attributes in some kind of "local mapping mode" to implement the same fucntionality18:22
heckjgyee, henrynash: do you have a preference for either implementation focus? Does using a local mapping mechanism get us closer to ABAC in the future?18:22
heckjdolphm: when you're back, would like your input on ^^18:23
dolphmheckj: i'm back, but don't have much input (just interested in seeing where the communities long term preferences lie)18:24
* heckj nods18:24
henrynashheckj: Not as currently defined - the current spec seems only half the story (as per my email)18:24
heckjhenrynash: sorry, which is only half defined - the V3 RBAC setup, or the ABAC/extension pieces?18:25
henrynashI think if we did implement what was needed in a local mode, then actually you would end up with exactly the same spec (albeit with a few more layers thrown in) as the user-group spec18:25
henrynash..maybe group membership is just another attribute to be taken into account when we finally implement ABAC18:26
gyeegroup is transparent in the RBAC model I think18:28
*** henrynash has quit IRC18:29
heckjgyee: transparent? not sure I understand you18:29
*** henrynash has joined #openstack-meeting18:30
gyeeRBAC authorize on roles, not group18:30
henrynash<sorry internet going up and down so may miss questions>18:30
*** jdurgin has joined #openstack-meeting18:30
heckjgyee: ah, yes - in that respect it is transparent18:30
gyeegroups are there to make role assignment easier18:30
henrynashgyee : =118:31
heckjso it seems like short term, implementing a groups REST API  mechanism for managing sets of users to projects is the optimal path.18:32
henrynashheckj : +118:32
heckjWith an idea to keeping that API to present the same interface back to customers, but converting the underpinning to ABAC in the long term18:32
heckjhenrynash: Have you made updates to your proposed spec based on feedback received?18:33
henrynashI'm happy to have the bp assigned to me for implementation18:34
*** henrynash has quit IRC18:34
heckjhenrynash: K - we'll go with that and start rolling there18:34
*** nati_ueno has joined #openstack-meeting18:34
*** henrynash has joined #openstack-meeting18:35
heckjdolphm: you'd opened some bugs and noted some issues with the initial V3 API in the past two weeks - any tags or notes related to that you can share?18:35
dolphmheckj: just that the service+endpoint spec has evolved far beyond the current implementation... migrating the sql driver to the new model and supporting both v2 CRUD and v3 CRUD will be tricky (the service catalog response will be trivial in either case)18:36
ayoungheckj, ah...got the time wrong18:37
dolphmheckj: for example, each current endpoint will suddenly have 3 ID's in the v3 spec, but still need to be accessible via the original ID in the v2 spec18:37
heckjayoung: heh18:37
*** henrynash has quit IRC18:37
gyeefor for v3, token APIs are still /v2.0?18:37
*** henrynash has joined #openstack-meeting18:37
dolphmgyee: no, there's just no v3 implementation yet18:37
dolphmgyee: and i think the v3 spec on that topic needs some attention18:38
*** jcooley_afk is now known as jcooley18:38
gyeesame goes for middleware then?18:38
dolphmgyee: what about middleware? (auth_token?)18:38
*** nati_ueno has quit IRC18:38
*** jcooley is now known as jcooley_afk18:38
gyeeyes, its not using /v3 at the moment18:39
heckjgyee: most of that API remained the same and during the original V3 development work was directly compatible18:39
dolphmgyee: right18:39
*** nati_ueno has joined #openstack-meeting18:39
heckjdolphm: where are you focused at the moment?18:39
dolphmgyee: the auth_token contract with the underlying service won't change (although we could expose X-Domain-Id / X-Domain-Name if we want to)18:39
dolphmheckj: v2 vs v3 catalog driver18:40
dolphmheckj: trying to figure out how to support both18:40
heckjdolphm: cool18:40
*** joe5081 has quit IRC18:40
*** henrynash has quit IRC18:40
gyeedolphm, nah, domain need not be exposed to the services at the moment18:41
*** jcru has joined #openstack-meeting18:41
heckjdolphm: did you ever port the token changes from your development/feature branch into master for Token?18:41
*** henrynash has joined #openstack-meeting18:41
heckj(i.e. is there anything more that needs to get moved over)?18:41
ayoungheckj, what changes?18:41
dolphmgyee: agree, but i expect metering & billing projects to want that data18:41
heckjayoung: the V3 implementation of the token API in the V3 feature branch18:41
dolphmheckj: no, i never made any18:41
dolphmheckj: there is no v3 token impl18:42
heckjOkay - so V3 token implemenation is still pending18:42
*** cp16net is now known as cp16net|away18:42
*** henrynash has quit IRC18:42
*** alexpilotti has quit IRC18:43
ayoungheckj, isn't that  basically the gyee work on getting the tokenid out of the URL anyway?18:43
*** nati_ueno has quit IRC18:43
gyeeheckj, yeah, we need to figure out the auth pluggins18:43
*** henrynash has joined #openstack-meeting18:43
gyeeayoung, and that too :)18:43
heckjayoung: yep -18:43
dolphmheckj: long term, are we okay with deprecating & removing all non-auth related v2 calls & extensions? (i think we need to maintain full support for /v2.0/tokens for quite a while)18:43
*** andrewbogott is now known as andrewbogott_afk18:43
ayoungdolphm, +118:43
heckjdolphm: yes, definitely18:43
gyeeso I do the stop-tokin-in-uri thingy on /v2.0 for now?18:44
heckjdolphm: we just need to be very clear about deprecation and what's available/supported and when18:44
ayoungdolphm, but we probably need a way to turn off the token ID in the URL18:44
*** openstack_newbe1 has joined #openstack-meeting18:44
dolphmayoung: i think the answer to that is to use v3, and make v2 support a deployment option18:44
heckjgyee: I think you want to do that in a /v3 API mapping, using most of what's already there for token support18:44
ayoungdolphm, agreed18:44
dolphmayoung: i.e. remove v2 support from the pipeline if you think it's a security issue in your deployment18:44
heckjayoung: token ID in the URL is intrinsic to the API - the only way we get away from it is to deprecate the V2 API18:45
ayoungdolphm, yes.  gyee can you factor that into your approach?18:45
*** andrewbogott_afk is now known as andrewbogott18:45
ayoungheckj, well, we want to deprecate it, but a security conscious deployment should be able to avoid it all together.  Part of that is disabling it at keystone so you know that other services can't use it without you knowing18:46
heckjayoung: how are you envisioning making v2 API support optional?18:46
*** henrynash has quit IRC18:46
ayoungheckj, config option?18:46
*** henrynash has joined #openstack-meeting18:46
heckjayoung: like the idea to make it optional18:46
heckjconfig option or asking customers to change their paste.ini?18:46
ayoungyes,  defaults V2_Tokens=True18:46
ayoungbut setting to False shuts down accepting them18:47
dolphmayoung: heckj: it's already sort of optional (there's just nothing to replace it)18:47
ayoungdolphm, there is also no way to yank it yet18:47
heckjdolphm: I'm just missing it this morning18:47
dolphmayoung: sure there is, remove it from your keystone.conf (v2 is isolated from v3 there)18:48
heckjgyee: are you good to move forward with what dolphm and ayoung are suggesting?18:48
ayoungI mean, you could yank the whole v2 API...I was just thinking the tokenID in the URL piece (tokens)18:48
ayoungbut I guess going V3 pure would be a viable solution18:48
*** henrynash has quit IRC18:49
gyeeso I am going to impl the v3 token APIs?18:49
heckjayoung: would be less work than partially disabling V2 APIs18:49
*** henrynash has joined #openstack-meeting18:49
heckjgyee: yes - and include the stop-id work in there18:49
gyeebut leave the v2 APIs along for now18:50
heckjyep - we'll plan to deprecate them, at least the token part - but ideally the whole V2 API set18:50
ayoungOK,  that should work...it means that it would be Grizzly only, and not something independently back portable, but so be it18:50
dolphmheckj: +118:50
heckjayoung: never expected it to be back-portable18:50
gyeenot backportable since the auth content is different18:50
heckjonly a few minutes left18:51
heckj#topic open discussion18:51
*** openstack changes topic to "open discussion (Meeting topic: keystone)"18:51
heckjhenrynash you good? (if yo'ure still with us)18:51
ayoungheckj, can I get a final blessing on the normalize patch?18:51
henrynashyes, been in and out!18:51
heckjayoung: where are you focused? How's identity coming along?18:51
ayoungheckj, I am working on preauth..now renamed to trusts18:52
heckjayoung: trusts huh? Did you update the blueprint or is that an internal convention naming thing?18:52
ayoungI like the name trust. A trust has a truster and a trustee18:52
*** henrynash has quit IRC18:52
*** henrynash has joined #openstack-meeting18:53
ayoungI've done a lot of vetting of names.  All names have some limitation.  This had the least18:53
ayoungit maps to intention18:53
heckjayoung: will do the identity review today18:53
heckjayoung: sounds good - isn't this predicated on passing in auth/authN refactor? - where's that sitting?18:53
ayoungthe word 'trusts' are used in Kerberos, but it is a slightly different level:  cross domain trusts.  There are user to user trusts18:53
ayoungheckj, a good chunk of the refactor was done.18:54
heckjayoung: more outstanding while you work on trusts?18:54
ayoungI think I will weave the additional refactoring work in to the trusts...I don't want to shut down dev on service.py if I don't need to18:54
heckjayoung: or is someone else tracking on that work?18:54
*** vipuls is now known as vipuls|away18:54
*** henrynash has quit IRC18:55
*** jpich has joined #openstack-meeting18:55
*** flaper87 has quit IRC18:55
*** henrynash has joined #openstack-meeting18:55
ayoungheckj, Iike the current refactor state, as it is at least readable/maintainable.  I can foresee doing much more in the future,  but under the guise of other features18:55
*** darraghb has quit IRC18:55
heckjayoung: sounds good18:55
ayoungtrusts by themselves should add an addition set of functions to the Authenticate code path, but they should be isolated from the authenticate function itseld18:55
*** esp1 has joined #openstack-meeting18:56
*** henrynash has quit IRC18:56
heckjI'm going to focus on that bug I mentioned at the top of the discussion - not sure how much traction I'll get between now and next week, but I'll at least try and get a repro running for it18:56
*** henrynash has joined #openstack-meeting18:56
ayoungie... there will be an additional conditional that we are dealing with a trust request, and that will call a function that will prevent calling REMOTE_USER etc.  I'll shoult when I get closer to that,  right now I am working over the SQL schema and unit tests for the back end18:57
ayoungheckj, are you referring to the swift thing?18:57
heckjayoung: yeah18:57
ayoungI think the right solution there is to stop using memcached as the cache18:57
*** darraghb has joined #openstack-meeting18:57
*** henrynash has quit IRC18:58
*** flaper87 has joined #openstack-meeting18:58
ayoungmemcached and eventlet don't play nice.  I hate being a playground referee18:58
heckjayoung: and use what instead? memcachering was proposed - sounded OK to me with a move into openstack common18:58
ayoungyes, that is the solution18:58
*** henrynash has joined #openstack-meeting18:58
dolphmayoung: is that what you mean by "stop using memcache"?18:58
ayoungassuming memcache ring doesn't have any baggage of its own...18:58
*** flaper87 has quit IRC18:59
ayoungdolphm, we don't want to make a blocking call to cache18:59
ayoungso,  KVS18:59
ayoungsomething that times out like memcached, but that is purely in memory18:59
gyeeI got burned with blocking calls in middleware once :)18:59
*** henrynash has quit IRC18:59
ayoungdolphm, only for auth_token users that are running in eventlet18:59
ayoungsay they are running in apache under prefork mode, they should use memcached18:59
*** henrynash has joined #openstack-meeting19:00
heckjayoung: right now, we don't even have any means of reproducing the issue and verifying that it's resolved - so focusing on that first19:00
ayoungso memcache ring is, I think, an abstraction that lets us swap one or the other in19:00
ayoungBut I want that confirmed19:00
*** olaph has joined #openstack-meeting19:00
heckjayoung: read the code - it's not a complete memcache replacement, but it's darned close - does what's needed, and there's equiv art elsewhere in use19:00
heckjayoung: I noted as such in the blueprint to push that into openstack-common19:01
ayoungheckj, can we ask them to run with a hacked auth_token that uses kvs and see if the problem goes away?19:01
heckjayoung: the guy asking/reporting the bug isn't in to hacking code or he'd already have this solved19:01
*** jcooley_afk is now known as jcooley19:01
heckjI've got to run to another meeting19:02
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zykes-question while you're here19:02
heckjI'll be on #dev later today19:02
zykes-will group stuff make it to G ?19:02
*** brich1 has left #openstack-meeting19:02
ayoungor is there an option with memcached to run completely out of memory and in process?19:03
*** ahardy_ has joined #openstack-meeting19:03
henrynashzykes: that's my goal19:03
jeblairHi CI people!  As many of us have only worked two days since the last meeting, we're going to skip this weeks meeting and regroup next week.  As always, we're in #openstack-infra if you have things you want to talk about now.19:04
*** gyee has quit IRC19:05
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* ttx hops in-channel20:59
gabrielhurleyhi ttx!21:00
ttxmarkmc, heckj, notmyname, bcwaldon, jgriffith, vishy, gabrielhurley, danwent: around ?21:00
ttxmarkwash: representing glance today ?21:00
ttxOK, still missing (jgriffith, [markwash, bcwaldon], vishy), hopefully they will join21:01
ttx#startmeeting project21:01
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*** openstack changes topic to " (Meeting topic: project)"21:01
openstackThe meeting name has been set to 'project'21:01
ttxAgenda @ http://wiki.openstack.org/Meetings/ProjectMeeting21:01
ttx#topic General announcements21:02
*** openstack changes topic to "General announcements (Meeting topic: project)"21:02
ttx#info grizzly-1 released last week, the world is still standing21:02
ttxToday we'll be mostly going through the grizzly-2 plans and check them for sanity, should be a quick one21:02
ttxmarkmc: how is 2012.2.1 looking ?21:02
markmcttx, pretty good, huge amount of activity in the last week - roughly 50 new backports21:02
*** vishy has joined #openstack-meeting21:03
markmclatest tallies:21:03
markmc  77 nova21:03
markmc  32 quantum21:03
markmc   9 glance21:03
markmc   7 keystone21:03
markmc   3 cinder21:03
markmc   1 horizon21:03
markmc 129 total21:03
markmcvishy backported a tonne21:03
ttxmarkmc: one security bug will be released tomorrow21:03
markmcadam_g caught one nasty regression which we fixed21:03
markmcttx, ah, yes21:03
ttxshoudl be added to the mix21:03
*** shardy has joined #openstack-meeting21:03
markmcthere's another 10 or so reviews still pending across the projects21:03
ttxmarkmc: could we have caught that regression using our fearless testing/gate ?21:03
markmcttx, good question, I don't recall why we didn't21:04
markmc#action markmc check why testing didn't catch the stable/folsom regression21:04
ttxadam_g: i think it was usage of old config format with new21:04
ttxso maybe grenade could have caught it, but not static version testing21:04
ttxmarkmc: so, on track for Thursday release ?21:04
markmcwasn't so much new/old format, just config refactoring confused things21:05
markmcttx, I think so - a little nervous at the rate of change, but we should go ahead I think21:05
markmcttx, it's 11 weeks of stuff at this point21:05
markmc9 weeks21:06
ttxmarkmc: if you prefer it to slow down, we could do next Tuesday21:06
*** ayoung is now known as ayoung-afk21:06
markmcttx, doubt it would help much, think we should plough on21:07
markmcttx, I'll do a few more reviews tonight and then lock down21:07
ttxok, then we can call for last minute regression testing21:07
markmccool, will do21:07
ttxmordred, annegentle, davidkranz: Anything interesting happening in CI, QA or Docs ?21:07
annegentle_#info We have applicants for Outreach Program for Women submitting small patches in the next 2 weeks, thanks for welcoming our newcomers (we're doing well being a good community).21:07
*** jcooley_afk is now known as jcooley21:07
ttx#info 2012.2.1 lock down on Wednesday for release Thursday21:08
annegentle_#info Google Doc Summit proposal was declined (bummer) but working on a new proposal for a similar sprint.21:08
annegentle_#help Please encourage students in the southern hemisphere to apply for OpenStack slots for OPW.21:09
ttxAny other general-interest topic before we start to cover project-specific stuff ?21:09
annegentle_#link http://wiki.openstack.org/OutreachProgramForWomen21:09
annegentle_that's all I have21:09
ttx#topic Oslo status21:09
*** openstack changes topic to "Oslo status (Meeting topic: project)"21:09
ttxmarkmc: hello again21:09
ttx#link https://launchpad.net/oslo/+milestone/grizzly-221:09
markmcme again? sheesh21:09
ttxLooks good, maybe a bit ambitious but difficult to defer anything21:10
markmcso I filed https://blueprints.launchpad.net/oslo/+spec/oslo-config-package21:10
markmcthat's my action item :)21:10
ttxNote that we need oslo-release-versioning and common-binaries completed early in the milstone, as they are blocking others in same milestone21:10
ttxboth yours :)21:10
markmcyeah, hopefully we're close on release versioning21:10
ttxI wouldn't say that, but the discussion is well under way21:11
markmcyou don't hope we're close ? :)21:11
ttxHope is for the weak21:11
ttxmarkmc: anything else ?21:11
markmccommon-binaries - kinda waiting for the rootwrap patch and then the update.py will thing will be trivial21:11
markmcI'm working on porting all the projects to cfg-argparse21:12
ttxcommon-binaries: you'd like rootwrap to be in first ?21:12
markmcWIP reviews for nova, glance and keystone are up21:12
ttxI was kinda holding until support for binaries was there21:12
markmcjut waiting for some cfg patches to land in oslo-incubator21:12
ttxas reflected by the bp interdependency21:12
adam_gttx: re: the config breakage. i'd expect something like that to be an issue around a major release but not a point release / stable update21:12
markmcI'll do quantum and cinder too21:12
markmc#info projects should keep an eye out for cfg-argparse reviews21:13
*** AlanClark has joined #openstack-meeting21:13
markmcttx, other thing - how can I do a "release" of oslo in launchpad for grizzly-121:13
markmcttx, or should I?21:13
markmcttx, e.g. would like bugs to go from FixCommitted to FixReleased21:13
ttxmarkmc: ah. let's talk offline, i'll give it some thought21:14
markmcttx, thanks21:14
ttx#action ttx/markmc to discuss how to do oslo grizzly-1 "release"21:14
ttxmarkmc: so common-binaries comes after rootwrap or before ?21:14
markmcttx, if you proposed rootwrap it would kickstart me into action :)21:14
markmcttx, in theory I'd do it before, but ...21:15
ttxAnything else you wanted to raise before we switch to next topic ?21:15
markmcnope, thanks21:15
ttx#topic Keystone status21:16
*** openstack changes topic to "Keystone status (Meeting topic: project)"21:16
ttxheckj: o/21:16
ttx#link https://launchpad.net/keystone/+milestone/grizzly-221:16
ttxLooks good to me21:16
ttxI suspect we can consider pluggable-identity-authentication-handlers "started", since there is https://review.openstack.org/#/c/16755/21:16
*** esp1 has left #openstack-meeting21:16
*** mattray has joined #openstack-meeting21:16
heckjagreed, updated21:17
heckjAlso working on a high priority bug - memcache/eventlet unhappiness at high load (found from swift)21:17
*** enikanorov has quit IRC21:17
ttxheckj: affecting all versions of keystone ?21:18
heckjWorking on primarily coming up with a way to repro and verify against failure in the future, solution looks reasonably well in hand - will track with some of the OSLO incubator stuff (moving memcachering into openstack-common).21:18
heckjttx: yes, anything using auth_token with high concurrency may hit this21:18
heckjhigher load makes it happen faster - not entirely predictable21:19
ttxheckj: if you see the end of it by tomorrow could be good to include it in 2012.2.121:19
ttxmarkmc ^21:19
heckjwon't be in that fast21:19
heckjdamnit : https://bugs.launchpad.net/keystone/+bug/102012721:19
uvirtbotLaunchpad bug 1020127 in keystone "proxy-server Error: Second simultaneous read or write detected" [High,In progress]21:19
ttxInteresting. Old bug21:20
ttxheckj, others: Anything more about Keystone ?21:20
*** flaper87 has joined #openstack-meeting21:21
heckjnothing from me21:21
ttx#topic Swift status21:21
*** openstack changes topic to "Swift status (Meeting topic: project)"21:21
ttxnotmyname: o/21:21
ttx#link https://launchpad.net/swift/+milestone/1.7.621:21
*** vipuls|away is now known as vipuls21:21
ttxAny planned features/ETA so far ?21:21
notmynameas far as project plans, no.21:21
ttxok then, anything else about Swift before we move to Glance ?21:22
notmynameI've been talking with heckj et al about the keystone bug. other than that, we've got a coupl eof new old core devs re-engaged in swift21:22
ttxgood news21:22
notmynameI don't have anything else to report on swift21:22
ttxZombie core devs ftw21:23
*** spn has quit IRC21:23
notmynameshould be no more zombies now, actually :-)21:23
ttxmarkwash, bcwaldon: around ?21:23
ttxok, let's skip to quantum21:24
ttx#topic Quantum status21:24
*** openstack changes topic to "Quantum status (Meeting topic: project)"21:24
ttxdanwent: hi!21:24
ttxstill on your famous non-Internet connection ?21:25
markwashttx: here btw (sorry for delay)21:25
danwentttx: that's only the evenings… at work i have decent connectivity :)21:25
ttxmarkmc: ok, you're next21:25
*** henrynash has quit IRC21:25
ttx#link https://launchpad.net/quantum/+milestone/grizzly-221:25
ttxyay, 24 blueprints21:25
markmcnot me again21:25
danwentttx: we have a LOT Of high blueprints21:25
ttxmark*wash*: you're next21:26
ttxSo on one side that's more than you ever managed to complete in one milestone...21:26
danwentbut several of them are items already deep through code review, essentially left-over from G-121:26
ttxyes, you already have made good progress on about half of them21:26
*** henrynash has joined #openstack-meeting21:26
ttxso it looks actually quite doable21:26
danwentttx: there are several that if no one starts working on them in one week or so, i think we can bump out21:26
ttxdanwent: good plan21:26
ttxThere are a few things to fix in that plan:21:26
ttxquantum-v2-euca-compat is in the current milestone but has no assignee.21:27
danwentttx: yup, i'm going to try and get someone to sign up, otherwise boot21:27
ttxlbaas-agent-and-rpc: this is not part of the series goal, but has a milestone set21:27
ttxand lbaas-plugin-api-crud (High, grizzly-2) depends on lbaas-restapi-provider (Medium, no milestone)21:27
ttxdanwent: maybe clarify those by next week ?21:28
danwentttx: ah, that's a new one… it though I just checked for things missing series and there were none… one sec21:28
danwentttx: definitely, will take care of them.21:28
ttxThere are also 4 blueprints with "unknown" status. Should I set them to "Not started" instead ?21:28
ttxHmm... make-string-localizable and nvp-provider-net look started, actually (have linked changes)21:28
danwentnvp-provider net definitely is started, its in code review, i believe21:28
ttxWill make those two started and the other not started.21:28
danwentlet me follow-up with the devs directly21:29
danwentv6 is definitely not started21:29
ttxok, I'll let you update those then21:29
ttxdanwent: anything on your mind ?21:29
danwentstable release21:29
danwentwe are still tracking a few last items to get merged into stable/folsom21:29
*** rkukura has joined #openstack-meeting21:30
danwenti think markmc is aware of this.  garyk is lead on stable/folsom on our end.21:30
ttxdanwent: ok21:30
*** cdub has quit IRC21:30
danwentalso, i'm working with annegentle_ to try and get more attention focused on quantum docs by quantum core devs21:30
danwentthat's about it.21:30
ttxSounds good. Everyone ready to switch back to glance now ?21:30
ttx#topic Glance status21:31
*** openstack changes topic to "Glance status (Meeting topic: project)"21:31
ttxmarkwash: welcome!21:31
ttx#link https://launchpad.net/glance/+milestone/grizzly-221:31
markwashttx: thanks21:31
ttxPlan looks good, quite ambitious though, compared to your usual velocity21:31
ttxFeeling confident you can hit all those targets by January 8 ?21:31
markwashwell, most of them21:31
markwashnot sure which will need more at this point21:32
markwashone is in a similar situation to quantum bps, most of the work done already for g-121:32
ttxmarkwash: sounds good21:32
ttxwe'll track progress in the next weeks and see if things are getting completed at a reasonable rate anyway21:33
ttxmarkwash: did you have anything else ?21:33
markwashthat's all :-) happy to answer any other questions though21:33
ttxDo we have jgriffith in the house ?21:34
jgriffithttx: yessir21:34
ttx#topic Cinder status21:34
*** openstack changes topic to "Cinder status (Meeting topic: project)"21:34
ttxjgriffith: hello sir21:34
ttx#link https://launchpad.net/cinder/+milestone/grizzly-221:34
jgriffithttx: afternoon21:34
ttxSo.. 19 blueprints !21:34
jgriffithThey're *small* :)21:35
ttxThat would... explode your own record21:35
jgriffithsome of them21:35
jgriffithThat's the goal :)21:35
ttxI repeat that the deadline is Tuesday, January 8 :)21:35
jgriffithttx: Nope, it's the week before for Cinder ;)21:35
ttxeven better :)21:36
jgriffithttx: I've checked with everyone and made it clear that we're shooting for Christmas presents21:36
ttxShould I assume all the "unknown" ones are actually "not started" ?21:36
ttx(well, the two unknown ones)21:36
jgriffithttx: Yes.. that's safe21:36
ttxok done21:37
jgriffithttx: I'm fairly certain they're not started but wanted confirmation before stating so21:37
ttxjgriffith: if you defer, try to defer early. You don't have that much targeted to g321:37
ttxThat's all I had. Anything more in Cinder ?21:37
jgriffithNot from me... unless somebody wants to rewrite LVM snapshots :)21:38
ttxjgriffith: I think we only do that every Friday21:38
jgriffithdang it!21:38
ttx#topic Nova status21:38
*** openstack changes topic to "Nova status (Meeting topic: project)"21:38
ttxvishy: hi!21:38
ttx#link https://launchpad.net/nova/+milestone/grizzly-221:39
ttxSame as quantum, lots of work, but you seem on track so far.21:39
ttxhyper-v-compute-resize: should I add it to the series goal ? Which priority ?21:39
vishysure its new21:40
ttxwill do21:40
ttxAbout the general plan at https://blueprints.launchpad.net/nova/grizzly21:40
ttxIt still suffers from too many "High" priority stuff being untargeted21:40
ttxCould you get assignees to indicate *when* they think their work will land ?21:40
ttxThere are a number of things where work started, where I think the assignees should have a pretty good idea...21:41
ttxdb-session-cleanup, coverage-extension, vmware-compute-driver, zk-service-heartbeat, trusted-filter-cache, grizzly-hyper-v-nova-compute, hw-feature-to-vm21:41
ttxAbout bug 1079210 that was raised by davidkranz last week... any updated status ? the bug is quite calm21:42
uvirtbotLaunchpad bug 1079210 in nova "Successful full gate jobs show ERRORs and stacktraces" [Medium,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/107921021:42
davidkranzttx: Sean Dague's team is looking at this.21:42
ttxdavidkranz: ok21:42
davidkranzttx: mtreinish was going to talk to vishy  this afternoon.21:42
vishyyeah he pinged me21:42
vishyits going to take some investigation21:42
davidkranzvishy: There was a suggestion to put some code in tempest that pulls info from the nova db to help.21:43
ttxvishy: anything else on your mind ? Review queue worries ?21:44
davidkranzI'm sure you guys will figure it out.21:44
vishydavidkranz: that would help, so would leaving broken builds up for investigation21:45
vishyttx: no i think we are good atm21:45
vishyttx: going to discuss blueprints at the meetup on thursday21:45
vishyto hopefully get more help on the ones i emailed about21:45
*** dolphm has quit IRC21:46
ttxyou mean meeting ?21:46
vishyno i mean at the meetup in southbay21:46
ttxor really recruiting in local meetup ?ok21:46
ttxAnything else about Nova ?21:46
comstudi RSVP'd for Thursday's meetup21:47
comstudppl can give me crap about cells if they want21:47
comstudexcept Vish.21:47
ttxcomstud: that reminds me...21:47
russellbcomstud: I can't go, but can I still give you crap about cells?21:47
comstudrussellb: NO21:47
ttxcomstud: how is the weather looking for cells code those days ? Was lamost in, then farther away...21:48
comstudwe're close.. i'll have some cleanups up tomorrow21:48
comstudthe db model re-add went in earlier21:48
russellbi'm going to go into heads down review mode on cells once comstud posts updates tomorrow21:48
ttx#topic Horizon status21:49
*** openstack changes topic to "Horizon status (Meeting topic: project)"21:49
ttxgabrielhurley: hey21:49
ttx#link https://launchpad.net/horizon/+milestone/grizzly-221:49
*** spiffxp has joined #openstack-meeting21:49
ttxOnly one unassigned blueprint left, I see: orderable-mutiple-choice-field21:49
gabrielhurleythe one unassigned blueprint is up in the air on who will do it.. a couple people have mentioned thoughts on it but I'm the fallback. it's necessary for quantum work.21:49
gabrielhurleyI should have an assignee by next week I hope21:50
ttxthat works21:50
ttxYour plan looks nice and reasonable. So I don't have much to say.21:50
ttxAnything you wanted to raise ?21:51
gabrielhurleyi have a question though21:51
ttxi didn't order my T-shirt, because you don't ship internationally.21:51
gabrielhurleyhaha, hit me up in private on that one21:51
ttxwas that this one ?21:51
gabrielhurleyI'm trying to schedule the weekly project dev meeting for horizon, but I'm having a hard time... what would it take to actually start a second meeting room?21:51
gabrielhurleybasically I'm on Pacific time and a lot of the folks who want to participate are in Europe, so there's not a lot of middle ground21:52
ttxnot that much, apart from having the meetbot also hang on that one21:52
gabrielhurleyyeah, I figured that was the main bit21:52
ttxgabrielhurley: raise an openstack-ci bug about an #openstack-meeting2 channel21:53
gabrielhurleyawesome, will do21:53
gabrielhurleythat's it for me then21:53
ttxThere aren't so many good spots for meeting, and we can parallelize a bit21:53
ttxthough we should avoid double-booking as much as we can, to let people attend21:53
ttxit's simpler for me to attend two meetings at the same time than one meeting at 4am21:54
gabrielhurleyI'm probably gonna parallelize with the red dwarf meeting right after this one21:54
*** kmansel has joined #openstack-meeting21:54
ttxgabrielhurley: we could also say that reddwarf needs ot move to let priority to the core project, but that would not be nice :)21:54
gabrielhurleyI considered that. ;-)21:55
ttxwhich nicely brings us to the next topic, incubation21:55
ttx#topic Incubated projects21:55
*** openstack changes topic to "Incubated projects (Meeting topic: project)"21:55
ttxAnyone to talk Ceilometer ?21:55
ttxAnyone from Heat ?21:56
ttxshardy: your Launchpad teams look good now.21:56
*** grapex1 has joined #openstack-meeting21:57
ttxOnly one small remark: you should set the "development focus" on https://launchpad.net/heat to be the grizzly series21:57
shardyttx: yep I think we still have some work to align our issues with the grizzly milestones tho21:57
*** ddemir has joined #openstack-meeting21:57
ttxNext step is bug 108282021:57
uvirtbotLaunchpad bug 1082820 in openstack-ci "Move heat to OpenStack" [High,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/108282021:57
shardyPlan to discuss at our meeting tomorrow and get that more organized21:57
ttxshardy: make sure you get the CI folks in to discuss that21:58
*** SlickNik has joined #openstack-meeting21:58
ttxStill planning to do a grizzly-1 milestone yourself ? Any ETA for that ?21:58
*** henrynash has quit IRC21:58
shardyNo, I think we're targeting our next release to align with grizzy-221:58
shardytoo soon after our last release for things to be ready for g-121:59
*** jdorothy has joined #openstack-meeting21:59
ttxok, then I'd just remove that milstone and make g2 your forst, like we did for ceilo.21:59
shardywill organize the issues in LP so we have a clear plan of what we'll deliver for g-221:59
*** markvoelker has quit IRC21:59
ttxYes, you need to transfer your roadmap to https://blueprints.launchpad.net/heat/grizzly21:59
ttxit's a bit empty, I'm pretty sure you have more plans that this :)22:00
shardyYep, we're still getting organized after moving everything from github issues22:00
ttxok, we're done.22:00
*** henrynash has joined #openstack-meeting22:00
shardyone question -22:00
ttxshardy: shoot22:00
shardycan we get some help from the CI guys to get better value from our integration tests?22:00
ttxshardy: I suspect yes.22:01
ttxshardy: talk to them, let me know if there are any issues22:01
* ttx clears the floor for next meeting22:01
*** openstack changes topic to "OpenStack meetings || Development in #openstack-dev || Help in #openstack"22:01
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openstackMinutes:        http://eavesdrop.openstack.org/meetings/project/2012/project.2012-11-27-21.01.html22:01
shardyOk, great, I'll reach out to them22:01
openstackMinutes (text): http://eavesdrop.openstack.org/meetings/project/2012/project.2012-11-27-21.01.txt22:01
openstackLog:            http://eavesdrop.openstack.org/meetings/project/2012/project.2012-11-27-21.01.log.html22:01
ttxshardy: you're welcome!22:01
*** cdub has joined #openstack-meeting22:02
hub_capthx for cleaning shop ttx22:02
hub_cap#startmeeting reddwarf22:02
openstackMeeting started Tue Nov 27 22:02:23 2012 UTC.  The chair is hub_cap. Information about MeetBot at http://wiki.debian.org/MeetBot.22:02
openstackUseful Commands: #action #agreed #help #info #idea #link #topic #startvote.22:02
*** openstack changes topic to " (Meeting topic: reddwarf)"22:02
openstackThe meeting name has been set to 'reddwarf'22:02
hub_cap#link http://wiki.openstack.org/Meetings/RedDwarfMeeting22:02
*** esp1 has joined #openstack-meeting22:02
hub_caplets start action items22:03
*** dprince has quit IRC22:03
*** sdague has quit IRC22:03
SlickNiksup peeps.22:03
hub_cap#topic Action Items from previous meeting22:03
*** openstack changes topic to "Action Items from previous meeting (Meeting topic: reddwarf)"22:03
hub_cap#info hub_cap has not talked image creation yet! Will be doing so this wk since im back from paternity leave22:04
hub_capjcooley: you're up next, how bout devstack integration?22:04
* CaptTofu is here too22:04
vipulsjcooley may not avail22:05
hub_capkk, do u have any infoz regarding his item vipuls?22:05
vipulshub_cap: SlickNik, dkehn from our end will be taking a closer look at this beginning late this week22:05
hub_capok cool22:05
hub_cap#action SlickNik dkehn to take over devstack / reddwarf integration22:06
SlickNikroger that.22:06
SlickNikvipuls, hub_cap: you guys have the link to last meetings action items?22:06
hub_capSlickNik: in the meeting notes22:06
hub_capthe first link i posted22:06
hub_capitll always be in that22:06
cp16net#link http://eavesdrop.openstack.org/meetings/reddwarf/2012/reddwarf.2012-11-20-22.03.html22:06
hub_capSlickNik: grapex1 update on the gate stuff?22:07
SlickNikStill work in progress.22:07
grapex1hub_cap: Sorry, no update on that yet. I'd like to propose we wait on that until we can get RDLI running with the tests.22:07
*** markmc has left #openstack-meeting22:07
SlickNikI was working with grapex to get the "real" mode integration tests running.22:07
*** jpich has quit IRC22:08
grapex1Yeah, lets focus on that first and then we can work on the gate. Until then it'll be hard to set up.22:08
hub_cap#info SlickNik grapex workign on the real mode integration tests before redstack-gate work22:08
hub_capcp16net: youre next, blueprint stuffz22:08
esp1grapex1: I found a couple of little things regarding the unit tests but I will try to ping you after.22:09
cp16netyeah so looking at all the other projects they do not have any links22:09
*** datsun180b has joined #openstack-meeting22:09
*** yidclare has joined #openstack-meeting22:09
vipulshub_cap, cp16net: pinged #openstack-infra earlier, and this is not supposed to work, at least the regex doesn't match non-openstack projects22:09
jcooleyas typical. in a meeting on nova bare-metal.22:09
cp16netso i dont think we can change the blueprint links22:09
hub_capvipuls: they are "Fixing" it22:09
hub_caplet me find the bug22:09
vipulsyea, it may mean putting sometihng like 'implements blueprint reddwarf/xxx'22:10
vipulsin the commit message22:10
hub_cap#link https://bugs.launchpad.net/openstack-ci/+bug/108376622:10
uvirtbotLaunchpad bug 1083766 in openstack-ci "gerrit only searches openstack namespace when linking blueprints" [Low,Triaged]22:10
vipulswe'll see22:10
* CaptTofu thought slicknik was the next generation sneakypete :)22:10
hub_capalso, the blueprint stuff does _not_ auto change blueprint status22:10
hub_capeven for openstack projects22:10
SlickNikheh @capttofu.22:10
vipulsCaptTofu: you'll have to make a trip to seattle, lots of new face22:10
CaptTofuand hopefully show up with a new face of Simon22:11
SlickNiksweet. looking forward to meeting f2f.22:11
hub_capok mine is next22:11
vipulshub_cap: so what's the process for closing blueprints22:11
*** sdague has joined #openstack-meeting22:11
hub_capyes vipuls22:11
hub_capthey mentioned coding it up tho22:11
hub_capso it might be avail in teh future... :D22:12
hub_cap#info blueprint status change manual, not automated thru gerrit22:12
hub_capso as for the projects, they are now all defaultd to a branch called stackforge22:12
hub_capand only have a readme forwarding them to stackforge22:12
grapex1hub_cap: Nice.22:13
*** annegentle__ has joined #openstack-meeting22:13
hub_capi didnt _see_ a readonly flag tho in github...22:13
SlickNikcool. Thanks, hubcap.22:13
*** thingee has left #openstack-meeting22:13
datsun180bmakes sense22:13
hub_capdid i miss something vipuls?22:13
hub_capu mentioned making them r/o last wk22:13
vipulsnope, just thought there was an option, maybe not22:13
hub_capalso (https://github.com/rackspace/reddwarf)22:13
vipulsthis is even better22:13
hub_capya so the client, integration, and mine/rax reddwarf are all updated22:14
hub_capw/ proper links22:14
hub_capok next one is nebulous...22:14
hub_capbut i think spiffxp made some code changes regarding it22:14
vipulsi think it relates to 922:14
hub_cap#info https://review.openstack.org/#/c/16581/ <-- review for reddwarf_lite name change22:14
hub_capoh duh22:15
hub_capwell then lets talk #9 :P22:15
vipulsso for that, i think that reivew is one part of it22:15
vipulsand i don't have have an update for the other bits, so let's keep that on the list for next meeting22:15
spiffxpyah I was just grepping/sedding the python-reddwarfclient, reddwarf-integration, and reddwarf repos… not sure what else there is22:15
hub_cap#action vipul owns updating references22:15
hub_capim sure itll be a work in progress22:16
vipulsi think only other stuff is launchpad pages, and anywhere else we may have a link to non-stackforge stuff22:16
hub_capalso, im firing up a 12.04 vm so i can code primarily on the stackforge stuffs, so ill be able to help update some of the integration code as well22:16
hub_capso as for #10, we already chatted about it, so ill pass on it22:16
*** annegentle_ has quit IRC22:17
hub_capwow the power just flicker'd here, nice22:17
cp16nethaha yeha22:17
SlickNikI can take a look to see if there are any references on our internal wiki and fix them there.22:17
hub_cap#action start discussion about the need for the extra actions that require login in reddwarf22:17
hub_capi didnt start that either, cuz well, i was holding a child and changing his diapers :P22:17
*** henrynash has quit IRC22:17
hub_capany work on making user configurable from your guys vipuls?22:18
vipulsnope no update on that.. damn long weekends22:18
*** henrynash has joined #openstack-meeting22:18
hub_caphah ya :P22:18
SlickNiknot from my end, hub_cap22:18
hub_capcool, then we finished Action Items, WOO!22:18
hub_cap#topic CI updates / Image updates22:19
*** openstack changes topic to "CI updates / Image updates (Meeting topic: reddwarf)"22:19
*** jrodom has joined #openstack-meeting22:19
hub_capany update on this?22:19
hub_capas per eariler i have not talked w/ lifeless/dev yet about gen'ing a image22:19
hub_capbut i believe you guys had said someone from hp was workign on it?22:19
vipulsjdorothy got tox setup in python-reddwarfclient22:19
hub_capgreat! u mentioned unit tests too on the client22:20
hub_capany word on those?22:20
jdorothythose are coming next22:20
hub_capthx jdorothy, good news indeed22:20
vipulsjustin, dror kagan from our end (forgot their IRC handles) are working on image building22:21
vipulsfirst attempt is to get something similar to what's in redstack now, and make it work with 12.0422:21
vipulsas well as with Percona22:21
hub_capcool vipuls, ill reference last wks convo (they were on it) and ping them22:21
vipulsthe plan later is to hook into the vm builder work that devananda has, and build images using that22:21
hub_capid like to get something automated so we can move forward, i can help shepherd it along even if i dont work on it22:21
*** spligak has quit IRC22:22
hub_cap#action someone working on the image build to make a blueprint on the subject22:22
vipulsthose guys have started the conversation with devananda, so we're on the right track22:22
*** nikhil has quit IRC22:22
hub_capvery nice22:22
hub_capgrapex1: anything to add for ci?22:22
grapex1hub_cap: Nope. Turkey day and some other stuff here got in the way of it, sorry.22:23
*** nikhil has joined #openstack-meeting22:23
hub_capsure np22:23
grapex1But its my first priority now.22:23
hub_capok shall we skip on to the next item? anyone have any otehr CI updates?22:23
hub_cap#info work will resume this wk on CI / Image updating22:24
SlickNiknope, sounds good.22:24
hub_cap#action hub_cap to keep an eye on it, help with blueprinting22:24
hub_capcrap i gotta be more explicit w/ the action items, they dont make sense out of context.....22:24
hub_cap#topic Specific Blueprints22:24
*** openstack changes topic to "Specific Blueprints (Meeting topic: reddwarf)"22:24
hub_caplets chat about22:25
hub_cap#link https://blueprints.launchpad.net/reddwarf/+spec/upgrade-oslo22:25
vipulssteveleon attempted to do this, any update on this?22:25
hub_capi was tasked internally w/ updating some of the common code, a small chunk of it actually and it snowballed22:25
hub_capits completely do-able22:25
vipulsand i don't think he's here22:25
vipulsso couple of questions.. are we just doing a straight copy paste?22:26
hub_capits my primary task, i had everything updated when i left, but only rpc/log/service was really done22:26
hub_capvipuls: yes and no22:26
cp16netyeah a big part is config22:26
hub_cap#link http://wiki.openstack.org/Oslo22:26
hub_cap#info the openstack-common config file details what to copy over22:26
vipulsany word on if this is going to be packaged/versioned?22:26
*** matiu has quit IRC22:26
hub_cap#info teh update.py script is broken currently too but a review is posted22:26
hub_capvipuls: one day maybe :P22:27
*** matiu has joined #openstack-meeting22:27
*** matiu has joined #openstack-meeting22:27
spiffxpI suppose grizzly milestones are too much to ask for22:27
hub_capmarkmc was talking to ttx about cutting a milestone22:27
hub_capbut that still wont hit pypi or anything22:28
esp1is it possible to at least separate openstack common and just check it out as referenced project?22:28
hub_capand wont solve our namespace issues :(22:28
hub_capesp1: not unless its packaged in some way22:28
hub_capor a git submodule22:28
vipulsyea, that may be a moving target22:28
hub_capbut then u end up w/ namespacing issues22:28
hub_capya we will do what is recommended for now22:28
hub_capcopy-pasta via update.py22:28
hub_capive updated the code in my local env22:28
hub_capill be pushing small bits of it for reviews22:29
hub_capso its not a big ugly code review22:29
vipulsk cool22:29
hub_capeveryone ok w/ that?22:29
*** jchiles has quit IRC22:29
hub_capnext on the list of BPs22:29
spiffxpfwiw, I wonder if pip requirements can track git repos at a certain sha?22:29
SlickNikthat sounds good.22:29
vipuls#action hub_cap owns Oslo upgrade22:29
*** jdbarry is now known as jdbarry|away22:29
hub_cap#link https://blueprints.launchpad.net/reddwarf/+spec/volume-usage22:29
*** jdbarry|away is now known as jdbarry22:30
hub_capthis one id like to talk about cuz its a good learning experience22:30
hub_capthere is no info at all on it, and id like to see us start filling out BPs a bit more22:30
hub_capill be filling mine out as i figure out what pieces i need to update, so mine is shotty to, but its got a _bit_ of info in it22:30
hub_capmost of the time, wiki pages are created for the BPs22:30
hub_capwell _some_ of the time22:31
vipulsk, we'll have to get better at writing these22:31
hub_capif u can fit the info in it, then just add teh info there22:31
hub_capya all around, my guys too!22:31
vipulsrelated note: volumes don't work in ref impl22:32
vipulsi guess i'll file a bug / blueprint to sort that out22:32
hub_cap#info volumes dont work in reference implementation22:32
hub_capya vipuls plz do22:32
vipuls#action Vipul file bug/blueprint to fix volume support22:32
hub_caponce i get set up ill be able to help out a bit more w/ those things too, id like to knock out oslo first tho22:32
SlickNikYeah, we hit that volume support bug earlier.22:33
hub_capi know what _has_ to happen and whats nto happening, so work w/ me to get it done. i cna help answer q's22:33
vipulsk will do22:33
hub_capso who is Robert Myers?22:33
vipulsno clue22:33
hub_caphe owns that BP22:33
*** dolphm has joined #openstack-meeting22:33
SlickNikI can take a look at working with hub_cap to figure out what needs to be done.22:33
vipulsdon't think he's HP22:33
hub_caplol burned 2x, thats our new guy22:33
SlickNikoops, is he already looking at it?22:34
hub_capSlickNik: hes working w/ that BP yes22:34
hub_capbut thats not fixing vol in ref impl22:34
vipulsYep, i'll work on the ref impl fix...22:35
hub_capok does anyone have any Qs or other BPs to speak about?22:35
hub_capyes thx vipuls that would be awesome22:35
SlickNikcool, thanks vipuls.22:35
vipulsnope, don't think we've filed too many...22:35
vipuls#action Vipul to file blueprint on image-building22:36
hub_capsoooo.... the next item is 'Movement on os_admin / root discussion ?', i think we know the answer on that right?22:36
hub_cap#topic Movement on os_admin / root discussion22:36
*** openstack changes topic to "Movement on os_admin / root discussion (Meeting topic: reddwarf)"22:36
hub_capso who is going to own this?22:37
SlickNikyeah, I haven't had a chance to default the user to "root" as was discussed.22:37
SlickNikI'll take that.22:37
hub_cap#info no movement on this yet22:37
hub_cap#action SlickNik to blueprint/own default user for the guest22:37
*** AlanClark has quit IRC22:37
SlickNikyou're fast.22:37
SlickNikgot it.22:37
hub_capi type for a living SlickNik ;)22:37
*** AlanClark has joined #openstack-meeting22:38
*** heckj has quit IRC22:38
spiffxpslicknik: steveleon seemed like he was running into that, might want to ping him when he's around22:38
SlickNikokay spiffxp, I'll ping and check on steveleon.22:38
esp1I talked to steveleon today about it looks like he was running into another issue.  maybe a bug in reddwarf api for creating a new mysql user?22:38
*** mtreinish has quit IRC22:39
spiffxpah n/m then22:39
vipulsnext item?22:39
*** grapex1 has quit IRC22:40
*** grapex1 has joined #openstack-meeting22:40
vipulshub_cap fell asleep at the wheel22:40
yidclaremaybe their power went out22:40
hub_capok now for a fun one22:41
hub_capman sry... i got booted22:41
hub_capguess topic change didnt happen, sry all22:41
hub_cap#topic Dealing with Redstack (Integration)22:41
hub_caplol lost power22:41
hub_capmy bouncer kept me on22:41
*** openstack changes topic to "Dealing with Redstack (Integration) (Meeting topic: reddwarf)"22:41
hub_capyes it did... can u see my typing?22:41
SlickNikhe's back.22:41
hub_caplol im back yes, connectivity got hosed 5 min after power cycled, im sure they had to cycle the network22:41
hub_capsorry bouncer makes me appear online :P22:41
hub_capSo, spiffxp didnt u have a review/wiki article in regard to this?22:42
SlickNikno, but we figured since the fast typing stopped. :P22:42
spiffxpznc has this neat auto-away feature I hear...22:42
hub_capya i dont like my nick changing... its quite annoying for me22:42
hub_caphahah SlickNik22:42
hub_capand ive switched to bip spiffxp, way nicer22:43
*** annegentle__ has quit IRC22:43
vipulsSo esp1, SlickNik have been working with grapex1 on getting redstack with real mode integration testing22:43
vipulsis that what this item is?22:43
spiffxphub_cap: hm, nope not really, I was planning on starting from from https://github.com/openstack-dev/devstack and working backwards22:43
hub_capwell this is _anything_ related to integration, its somewhat nebulous22:43
hub_capid like to get a gauge for what you guys are dealing w/ in the public, so we can try to make it mo-bettah22:44
*** dolphm has quit IRC22:44
grapexspiffxp: Are you saying you'll change devstack to set up Reddwarf?22:44
spiffxpI'd at least like to understand their framework, if there is one, and push for one for incubating projects if there isn't22:44
hub_capya lets keep that conversation going. spiffxp can u start a convo on the ML for that? so we can all see whats going on22:45
spiffxpI've been a bit out of the loop on getting redstack up and running on in-cloud instances, but I think that would at least be a good first step22:45
vipulsgrapex, spiffxp: that's sort of the redstack CI action item we discussed.. dkhen, SlickNick are also signed up for that22:45
grapexWhen we looked in the spring, it seemed devstack wasn't quite built for modularity, so we decided to have redstack call it and then do some additional steps. The modularity of devstack could have improved since then.22:45
spiffxpare you guys still using vagrant as your primary dev / ci env?22:46
grapexspiffxp: These days we all use vmware22:46
hub_capvipuls: SlickNik can yall start a ML topic on that?22:46
grapexPlus a Cloud Server for CI22:46
jcooleyyep, dkehn, slicknick and spiffxp were going to look into what the right thing to do here is.22:46
hub_capwe should _not_ have any reliance on a particular vm tho22:46
spiffxpwe're trying really hard to use openstack instances if possible, thinking that might make transition to CI easier22:46
jcooleyopenstack CI is going to use salt/heat, but...22:46
*** datsun180b_ has joined #openstack-meeting22:47
SlickNikokay, I'll start a ML topic on this.22:47
vipuls#action SlickNik, vipul, spiffxp, dkhen discuss devstack integration of Redstack in ML22:47
dkehnstarting to understand the way baremetal folk integrated into it use the devstack/lib approach seem plausable22:47
hub_capthx guys22:47
SlickNikthanks vipuls22:47
hub_cap#info reddwarf-integration does _not_ work w/ 12.0422:48
*** datsun180b has quit IRC22:48
*** datsun180b_ is now known as datsun180b22:48
hub_capi didnt mean to make this exclusive to devstack, i likely misnamed it redstack in the meeting notes. i meant anything regarding reddwarf-integration22:48
vipuls#info we haven't gotten 'real mode' tests to work yet22:48
spiffxp#link https://bugs.launchpad.net/reddwarf-integration/+bug/107890122:49
uvirtbotLaunchpad bug 1078901 in reddwarf-integration/grizzly "Redstack requires non-LTS ubuntu" [Undecided,New]22:49
grapexvipuls: Have you been able to successfully create a Reddwarf Instance?22:49
vipulsgrapex: yep via rd-client, ys22:49
hub_capive updated that bug report22:49
grapexvipuls: And the guest wakes up and updates the service status to active?22:50
vipulsgrapex: that part seems to work, service status is updated22:50
SlickNik@grapex: yes, we've been able to successfully create a reddwarf instance and get the guestagent running.22:50
vipulsinstance state reports as active22:50
hub_capok thats good, so _some_ of RDI is working :D22:51
vipulsmaybe just need a walkthough of getting real-mode tests to run22:51
*** datsun180b has quit IRC22:51
hub_capok #grapex to work w/ vipuls to get real-mode tests a-workin22:51
hub_capdoh im dumb22:51
spiffxppossibly related to this topic… where are we on de-duping tests between reddwarf and reddwarf-integration?22:51
*** datsun180b has joined #openstack-meeting22:51
*** saurabhs has joined #openstack-meeting22:51
vipulsmake that esp1, SlickNik22:51
hub_cap#action grapex to work w/ vipuls to get real-mode tests a-workin22:51
SlickNikheh, too fast :P22:52
hub_cap#action make that esp1, SlickNik to work w/ grapex to get real-mode tests a-workin22:52
hub_capyou have been stricken from teh record vipuls22:52
*** ayoung-afk is now known as ayoung22:52
*** ayoung is now known as ayoung-22:52
grapexspiffxp: I'd like to get the public RDI stuf fup and working before de-duping.22:52
*** 17SAB5KKR has joined #openstack-meeting22:52
spiffxpk, so is the gate getting rdi running in non-fake mode against a redstack instance?22:53
esp1grapex: spiffxp: I22:53
esp1've made a bit of progress here22:53
grapexspiffxp: Yes.22:53
SlickNikYeah so the order we're looking at tackling this is:22:53
SlickNik1. get real mode tests working22:53
SlickNik2. de-dupe tests22:53
SlickNik3. Investigate and add CI-gates.22:53
SlickNikdoes that match up with what you had in mind, grapex?22:53
grapexSlickNik: Looks right.22:53
hub_captime check about 7 minutes left22:53
hub_capshould we table the feature discussion to next meeting?22:54
spiffxpworks for me, moving on?22:54
hub_capand continue this, or move on22:54
vipulsyep, features next meeting22:54
hub_capkk, #action talk about Features next wk22:54
hub_capdurn i keep forgetting22:55
*** dolphm has joined #openstack-meeting22:55
hub_cap#action talk about features next week22:55
hub_capu gotta start with teh octothorpe22:55
SlickNikin teh beginning, there was hash.22:55
hub_capok so if tehre is no more chatter about integration/tests/etc we can move on22:56
hub_caplol SlickNik22:56
hub_capSo we have 4 min for anything else not covered22:56
hub_cap#topic Open Discussion22:56
*** openstack changes topic to "Open Discussion (Meeting topic: reddwarf)"22:56
vipulsAdding a new core member.. what will it take22:56
*** henrynash has quit IRC22:57
hub_capdoh i forgot about that, lets chat it up22:57
hub_capwell we can sub out spiffxp for SlickNik if we see fit as a core group22:57
vipulsso spiffxp is leaving us :( -- would liek to get SlickNik added22:57
hub_capim fine w/ it22:57
spiffxpbut +122:58
SlickNiksad to see spiffxp go :(22:58
hub_capok so 3/4 of us +1 the swap, ill make it so now22:58
hub_caplol vipuls u were 3/422:58
*** henrynash has joined #openstack-meeting22:58
hub_capgrapex was the other +122:58
vipulsWanted to bring up OpenVZ as well22:59
*** dhellmann-afk is now known as dhellmann22:59
vipulsafter the summit, we had a good idea of what it would take.. i think devananda has done some work to make this possible now22:59
hub_capgood, i want to put our ovz guy back on the push for it22:59
vipulsis this a blueprint item? -- or already on your plate?23:00
hub_caphes ready, i just need buy in from our mgmt23:00
hub_capill be working on it this wk23:00
hub_capits not a reddwarf BP tho23:00
vipulsmake sense..23:00
hub_capill give u update next wk on it23:00
vipuls#action hub_cap to provide OVZ update next week23:00
hub_cap#action hub_cap to update group on OVZ adoption in nova23:00
hub_capi gotta do it twice, geeeez23:01
hub_capok anything else blowin in the wind?23:01
datsun180bshould be idempotent23:01
hub_cap#info SlickNik core, spiffxp deactivated23:01
hub_capdatsun180b: sure :D23:02
*** jcru has quit IRC23:02
hub_capok then if no one has any objection ill be closing the meeting, ill give a min23:02
SlickNikthanks guys.23:02
spiffxpbetter on time this week :)23:03
*** openstack changes topic to "OpenStack meetings || Development in #openstack-dev || Help in #openstack"23:03
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openstackMinutes:        http://eavesdrop.openstack.org/meetings/reddwarf/2012/reddwarf.2012-11-27-22.02.html23:03
vipulswe have a n00b at the wheel last week23:03
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*** esp1 has left #openstack-meeting23:03
hub_capvipuls: we've had a n00b at the wheel every wk!23:03
yidclareclearly we have lots to say...23:03
vipulsaction items grow every week it seems23:04
hub_capi was _just_ about to say that vipuls23:04
hub_capok lets take it to #reddwarf :)23:04
*** yidclare has left #openstack-meeting23:04
*** vipuls has left #openstack-meeting23:04
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