Monday, 2013-02-18

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reedhi evgeny17:59
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reedjeblair, you there?17:59
evgenyreed: hi - you're Stefano right?18:00
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reedlet's wait for jeblair a couple of minutes18:01
evgenyHello, jeblair, mordred18:03
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* fungi is listening in as well18:05
jeblairreed: so i think we wanted to make sure we agreed on who was responsible for what, and then to coordinate on access to a new server18:06
evgenyare you planning to use puppet?18:07
reedwait, before we go into the details I'd like to lay out the overall plan18:07
evgenyIdeally we'd need two servers - staging and production18:07
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reedwhat OS do you need on these? what basic systems?18:09
*** adjohn has joined #openstack-meeting18:09
evgenypreferrably ubuntu lts18:09
mordredI think the plan is simpler than that: jeblair and I discussed giving you a server ( could be 2 if you need 2 ) with ubuntu LTS on it, injecting your keys on it and letting you manage it however you want18:09
evgenysounds good18:10
jeblairyeah, from my point of view, things get messy when we start having two sets of sysadmins on a box18:10
jeblairso i'd either like to have the server fully managed in our environment with our public puppet repo18:10
jeblairor just be hands-off and let you manage the whole thing how you want18:10
reedgood for me18:10
evgenysounds good, the system under my management would be more understandable to me18:11
jeblairevgeny: from the last time we talked, it sounded like you didn't want to put all of your management systems into our puppet repo, so i'm assuming the hands-off, you manage the whole thing yourself option is what you'd prefer, but let us know if that changes. :)18:11
evgenysounds good18:12
evgenythis way actually I will be able to help at shorter notice18:12
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evgenyI have to admit that I don't know anything about puppet18:12
evgenyI support systems under puppet control, but there is an engineer who deals with the puppet per se18:13
evgenyand I just tweak things for the upgrades18:13
jeblairevgeny: ok, so our part will just be to provide two ubuntu lts servers, and set up dns.  you'll do all the configuration, administration, security updates (including ubuntu package updates) and backups.  yeah?18:13
evgenysounds good.18:13
evgenyI will email you my keys18:14
jeblairevgeny: great, i'll set up two servers and add your keys to ~root/.ssh/authorized_keys (if you prefer to make your own accounts and sudo, you can set that up after logging in as root)18:15
reedok, I think this point is done then18:15
reednext point is domain name18:15
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*** maurosr has quit IRC18:16 or something else?18:17 lgtm...18:17
jeblairubuntu uses ask... what about fedora?18:17
*** tongli has quit IRC18:17
* fungi agrees. the old openstack forums can just redirect to the askserver once it's ready18:17
evgenythe most common are either ask or answers18:17
reedask it is18:18
jeblairand ask-staging for the other server?18:18
jeblairoh, server size?  how much ram/disk do you need for ask.o.o? and ask-staging?18:18
*** egallen has joined #openstack-meeting18:18
evgeny1Gig will be fine for production, and quarter of that for the staging18:19
jeblairevgeny: sure that's enough?  you can have whatever you need.  :)18:20
reedevgeny, do you know the specs for the server that runs for fedora?18:21
clarkbwe can also grow the servers with a couple hours of downtime if that becomes necessary18:21
evgenythat would be enough, can it be increased on demand?18:21
jeblairclarkb: +118:21
evgenyreed: re:fedora - I don't know I can ask18:21
jeblairclarkb: was it really hours last time?  it used to be minutes. :(18:22
fungiclarkb: it's actually not even a couple hours of downtime, just a little downtime around a couple hours after we start the process18:22
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clarkbjeblair: the entire process is about 2 hours but the actually no service time period is much shorter18:22
clarkbbut you don't know exactly when the 5 minutes of shutdown startup will happen18:22
jeblairclarkb: but hard to predict within a couple hours window, i guess.18:22
reedI say get the 2gig one, it's safer18:22
evgenyreed: that will be fine18:22
jeblairalso, i guess it depends on the size, so a small server will probably expand faster18:23
jeblairokay, i'll do 2g and 1g.18:23
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fungijeblair: yeah, when we grew static.o.o the actual downtime was still nearly 25 minutes a believe, but there was around 1.5 hours of waiting beforehand18:23
fungier, i believe18:23
clarkbjeblair: sounds good to me18:24
*** spligak has joined #openstack-meeting18:24
reednext point: timeline18:24
reedwhen can we start?18:25
reedand what are the steps?18:25
reedBTW, I'm taking notes on
evgenyI can get the sites up and running by next monday (possibly sooner)18:25
jeblairreed: we can have the servers for evgeny a few minutes after he sends his key18:25
reedevgeny, what will you need to do after that? which are your steps?18:26
fungijeblair: i'm happy to start spinning up the virtual machines right now if you like18:26
evgenythe theme ready for production: 1-1.5 months.18:27
evgenygiving safe time estimates here18:27
reedevgeny, I will send you the draft theme I have, maybe we can reuse that18:27
jeblairevgeny: can you handle ipv6 in your web configuration?  the server will have an ipv6 address.  i can set up a AAAA record in DNS.18:27
evgenyreed: sure that will help18:27
*** jog0 has joined #openstack-meeting18:28
jeblairevgeny: (i'd like to have ipv6 support, we're adding it to all the rest of our servers)18:28
evgenyjeblair: never done that, but should figure out:)18:28
*** tongli has joined #openstack-meeting18:28
jeblairevgeny: why don't we try it, and we'll remove the record if it doesn't work18:28
reedevgeny, while you work on the theme, can we start defining processes, roles, users, etc?18:28
reedevgeny, the important part I believe is the OpenID integration, before the theme18:29
evgenyreed: please explain what do you mean by that?18:29
evgenyopenid is supported out of the box18:29
jeblairfungi: i was thinking of doing it completely manually, so there isn't any of our base configuration on the machines18:29
fungijeblair: up to you18:29
reedwe need to use Launchpad as OpenID provider, nothing else18:29
*** eharney has joined #openstack-meeting18:30
*** eharney has joined #openstack-meeting18:30
reedor let me rephrase that as a question18:30
evgenyreed: no problems - re: openid18:30
*** maurosr has joined #openstack-meeting18:30
reedjeblair, mordred, fungi: do we want to use only Launchpad as auth or let people use other openID sources?18:30
reedor any other auth system supported by askbot?18:30
evgenyMaybe when I deploy the instance, you will see how it works and then decide?18:32
fungii think keeping it lp-only would be good consistency with our current services. if we open up to other providers we should do it in more than just one place anyway18:32
*** sacharya has quit IRC18:32
fungion the other hand, this is less directly tied to our development systems18:33
reedfungi, that's what I was thinking but ...18:33
reedi'm also thinking that for filing bugs people need to have a LP ID anyway... so18:33
jeblairyeah; if we end up doing a foundation membership system SSO or something, it might be handy to use lp now be able to tie things together later.  but i think with ask, we don't _need_ to.18:33
reedprobably we can just disable everything else and use only LP....18:33
*** Mandell has joined #openstack-meeting18:33
jeblairthe wiki is lp-only.18:33
jeblairevgeny: if you go to:
jeblairevgeny: and click login, it sends you to launchpad's openid sign-in page18:34
evgenyjeblair: looking18:34
jeblairevgeny: so you don't have to type in an openid url18:34
jeblairevgeny: so that's the kind of functionality we're talking about18:34
*** cdub_ has quit IRC18:35
evgenyaskbot works about the same way18:35
jeblairevgeny: basically, it's regular openid, but you use the same URL for everyone without asking them.18:35
evgenyyou can try at
evgenythe styling is different, but all the steps are the same.18:35
*** koolhead17 has quit IRC18:35
evgenyNo worries, we'll have the LP login.18:37
reed can be simplified, removing all the options but OpenID and only launchpad for that :)18:38
*** adjohn has quit IRC18:39
*** jdurgin has joined #openstack-meeting18:39
evgenyyes, can be done.18:39
evgenyreed: the buttons can be turned off by configuration18:39
reeddo you already have an idea of how much time that will take?18:39
evgenyand I will create a custom button for LP18:40
evgenyWill get it done by Mon.18:40
jeblairevgeny: "" is the launchpad openid SSO url18:40
jeblairevgeny: so if you make clicking 'sign in' do the same thing as entering that into the openid url field, that should do it18:41
evgenyjeblair: ok got it18:41
reedgood, anything else?18:41
clarkbwill there be some sort of "its broken we do X and Y to get it fixed" process? DNS broke once and it wasn't quite clear who made the change and who would be able to fix it which made that day interesting for me.18:41
*** egallen_ has joined #openstack-meeting18:41
evgenyjeblair: meaning clicking18:41
evgenyjeblair: meaning clicking "signin" on the header start the openid process right away? this can be done too.18:41
fungiyes, some sort of notification/escalation plan so we know where and who to contact would be very much appreciated18:42
jeblairevgeny: so actually if clicking 'sign in' would do that, instead of taking you to a page with the buttons, i think that would be best18:42
jeblairevgeny: yes18:42
reedah, I need to create Google Analytics code and the other stuff for it18:42
evgenyand google site validation in the webmaster tools.18:42
evgenyalso - if you want SSL - a signed certificate18:42
reedwe like ssl18:42
*** adjohn has joined #openstack-meeting18:43
*** egallen has quit IRC18:43
*** egallen_ is now known as egallen18:43
reedjeblair, can we provide the SSL cert?18:43
jeblairevgeny: okay, i'll take care of the ssl cert18:43
jeblairthat'll take a few days18:43
*** radez_g0n3 is now known as radez18:43
evgenyjeblair: no problems, we can add ssl when you have the certificate18:44
reedwhat else?18:45
jeblairevgeny: if we have problems, who should we email?18:45
evgenyan MX record for the DNS?18:45
evgenyjeblair: email me at evgeny.fadeev@gmail.com18:46
jeblairevgeny: i don't think it's necessary -- smtp uses A records if there's no mx18:46
*** mrunge has quit IRC18:46
jeblairevgeny: assuming you want to receive mail at ''18:46
evgenyjeblair: this can be used for answering by email.18:46
evgenyI think nothing else really18:48
jeblairreed: i'm good18:49
evgenyjeblair: getting the keys for you now18:50
evgenywill email them18:50
reedperfect, all we need is a start date :)18:50
reedgreat, let's say tomorrow then18:50
jeblairevgeny, reed: cool.18:50
evgenyreed: sounds good18:50
reedwonderful, it's very exciting18:50
reedevgeny, I'll start also the process to get you the payment18:51
reedthanks everybody18:51
evgenythank you!18:51
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danwenthi folks21:00
danwentamotoki: can you update horizon + quantum section on wiki?21:00
amotokii'm updating it21:00
emaganahello all!21:00
danwentsalv-orlando: looks like you updated api section, just didn't change hte last updated field?21:01
salv-orlandoyes, probably21:01
danwent#startmeeting quantum21:01
openstackMeeting started Mon Feb 18 21:01:24 2013 UTC.  The chair is danwent. Information about MeetBot at
openstackUseful Commands: #action #agreed #help #info #idea #link #topic #startvote.21:01
*** openstack changes topic to " (Meeting topic: quantum)"21:01
danwenthi folks21:01
openstackThe meeting name has been set to 'quantum'21:01
*** dane_ has joined #openstack-meeting21:01
danwent#info agenda:
*** garyk has joined #openstack-meeting21:01
danwentnote that we have switched to a new wiki.  if any sub-team leads are having trouble accessing it, let me know.21:01
*** asomya has joined #openstack-meeting21:02
danwentwe have a few US people out due to a holiday today21:02
danwent#topic announcements21:02
*** openstack changes topic to "announcements (Meeting topic: quantum)"21:02
danwent#info G-3 branch date is TOMORROW Feb 19th.21:02
danwent#info: All features must be merged by tomorrow EOD (11:59pm PST).21:02
*** SumitNaiksatam has joined #openstack-meeting21:02
danwent#info: Core devs: be vigilant against last minute "rush reviews"21:02
SumitNaiksatamhi all!21:02
danwentI can't stress this point enough…. letting in sub-standard code always comes back to bite us in the ass21:03
danwentand wreaks having on the noble folks who maintain the stable branch (garyk most of all!)21:03
danwent#info We will not be giving feature freeze exceptions for non high/critical issues.21:03
danwent#info Remember to file doc bugs as we merge in G-3 features.21:03
*** roampune has joined #openstack-meeting21:04
danwentstarting next week, we should be focused on:21:04
danwent1) dealing with any feature freeze exceptions (FFE)21:04
danwent2) pairing down our list of bugs to those that are truly serious21:04
danwent3) making sure we are spinning up the documentation machine21:04
danwentany other announcements before we move on?21:04
danwent#topic bugs (markmcclain )21:05
*** openstack changes topic to "bugs (markmcclain ) (Meeting topic: quantum)"21:05
*** al-maisan is now known as almaisan-away21:05
*** maurosr has quit IRC21:05
markmcclainwe have 6 high bugs that are not merged21:05
uvirtbotLaunchpad bug 1112912 in quantum "get_firewall_required should use VIF parameter from quantum" [High,In progress]21:06
uvirtbotLaunchpad bug 1121119 in quantum "Metadata support for the NVP plugin" [High,In progress]21:06
markmcclainare in review.. please take a look21:06
danwentmarkmcclain: are we covering db locking bug in db section?21:06
garykmarkmcclain: i think that the vif one requires nova support.21:06
markmcclainI need to move it up.. I have it IPAM21:07
danwentmarkmcclain: that's ok, just want to make sure we get that covered, as we need to backport that to stable asap21:07
danwentalso, i saw this come in today:
uvirtbotLaunchpad bug 1128931 in quantum "l3-agent can not find Endpoint" [Undecided,New]21:07
danwentwould be good to get that triaged prior to G-321:07
garykdanwent: i'll take a look at that one tomorrow morning21:08
markmcclainyeah.. this one is interesting because we use RPC, so it only applies to folsom21:08
danwentnati_ueno: my understanding is that there's still discussion on get_firewall_required stuff?21:08
danwentmarkmcclain: good point, so yeah, i guess applies only to stable, g-3 is irrelevant21:09
nati_uenoi got new comment from daniel21:09
danwent#todo danwent comment on get_firewall_required bug after meeting21:09
danwentmarkmcclain: btw, i invalidated
uvirtbotLaunchpad bug 1111572 in quantum "quantum subnet-update can't update allocation-pool " [High,Invalid]21:09
danwentsince it seems like we don't want to change the API spec21:09
danwentmarkmcclain: so you can take it off your list21:10
markmcclainok.. I missed the status change21:10
markmcclainI'll update21:10
danwentok, anything else before we move on?21:10
markmcclainthat's all for now21:10
danwent#topic api (salv-orlando)21:11
*** openstack changes topic to "api (salv-orlando) (Meeting topic: quantum)"21:11
salv-orlandohi all.21:11
salv-orlandoas you can read in the status, there nothing serious (critical, high) on the API side. However we really might use a core dev for merging the pagination patch.21:12
markmcclainI owe Alex a review on that one21:12
salv-orlandoit's very mature, so I suspect it should be an easy review.21:12
salv-orlandoI am afraid we will not have enough review cycles for completing the WADL blueprints. nati-ueno is the only one who did some reviews.21:13
danwentok, salv-orlando do we still have a bug filed for grizzly to validate API input to avoid issues with mispellings, etc that are silently ignored?21:13
salv-orlandoYes, it under review.21:13
salv-orlandoIt's a very small patch (+5, -0)21:13
danwenti think that is very important, so can you post a link?21:13
danwenti know lots of people who would be happy to take a look at a 5 line review after the monsters we've been doing through lately :)21:13
zyluosalv-orlando: can the wadl patch also have some cores?21:14
garykmy kindom for a review of afew lines21:14
salv-orlandozyluo: I can do a review tomorrow morning, but I am afraid I can't make a commitment to have it merged21:14
salv-orlando <-- the small patch from Jason Zhang (bearovercloud)21:15
danwentok, so it sounds like both the WADL and pagination patches need people to step forward if folks really want to see them in grizzly.  In both cases, I'm not very worried about rushed reviews, as salv-orlando says the pagination stuff is mature, and the wadl stuff is not code that runs as part fo the service21:15
salv-orlandoyou must merge a patch from somebody with that nick21:15
danwentok, anything else on the API?21:15
salv-orlandono, that is all my master21:15
danwent#topic L3/IPAM/dhcp (markmcclain)21:16
*** openstack changes topic to "L3/IPAM/dhcp (markmcclain) (Meeting topic: quantum)"21:16
danwentbtw, the last-update field of "now" is not very helpful :P21:16
danwentgaryk's suggestion of using the signature if perfect21:16
markmcclainGood news… Part 1 of Yong's scheduler patch has merged21:16
danwentyup, great21:17
markmcclaincores please take a look at
markmcclainYong has been super responsive to make sure this merges in time for G321:17
danwentok, i think this is probably our highest priority item outstanding21:17
markmcclaintake a look at part 2 first21:18
markmcclainand then comment on part 321:18
danwentso if you're doing a lot of reviews, but this one is languishing, something is wrong :)21:18
markmcclainThat is the last high item for G321:18
salv-orlandowhat about part 1? did it already merge (it looked quite mature to me)21:18
markmcclainsalv-orlando: yes… today21:18
salv-orlandooh sorry - missed a line21:19
amotokipart 2 looks near merge.21:19
amotokipart 3 needs more reviews.21:19
gongyshpart 3  is still monster.21:19
markmcclainyeah.. I suspect most attention was on part 1 now we need to check out parts 2 and 321:20
garykfor part 2 do we want the notifications in each plugin. this cncerns me21:20
danwentgaryk: yeah, i was wondering about the same thing.21:20
danwentseemed like maybe we could extract it out21:20
danwentanyway, probably more of a review board discussion21:20
*** martine has joined #openstack-meeting21:20
garykdanwent: ok21:20
gongyshthe same problem to security group and other extensions.21:21
danwentgaryk: sorry, just trying to end meeting before its too late :P21:21
garykdanwent: np. understood.21:21
danwentgongysh: let's move discussion to gerrit to keep meeting moving, as I don't think the comment was a fundemental concern21:22
danwentmarkmcclain: go ahead21:22
markmcclainI want to thank garyk for fixing last weeks documentation bug21:22
amotokigaryk: thanks!21:23
garykthanks to amotoki for the info :)21:23
markmcclainand the last item for my report is the proposed fix for the DB IP Allocation bug21:23
*** almaisan-away is now known as al-maisan21:24
markmcclainthe fix uses a select..for update SQL query under the hood21:24
markmcclainto lock the row until the transaction is complete21:24
markmcclainthere are two −1s… I'm ready to remove mine21:24
danwentmarkmcclain: i need to re-read that patch, as its not clear to me how the case where we allocate a specific IP is covered.21:24
danwentbut if we're confident it is, i'm fine removing my -121:25
danwentdon't need to explain it now21:25
danwentwe can handle it on review21:25
markmcclainok.. I just wanted to call attention the review because it will impact both G3 and stable21:25
danwentyup, agreed.21:26
markmcclainthat is it for my report21:26
danwentone other item i wanted to bring up:
uvirtbotLaunchpad bug 1056437 in quantum "L3 agent should support provider external networks" [High,In progress]21:26
danwentrkukura couldn't make it today, but he is planning on working on this21:26
danwentits valuable, and has been hanging around since just before folsom release21:26
danwentif we're going to do this, i think we need to wrap it up soon, as touches some pretty critical code21:27
danwentok, sounds like we're good on l3/ipam/dhcp?21:27
danwent#topic nova quantum integration (garyk)21:27
*** openstack changes topic to "nova quantum integration (garyk) (Meeting topic: quantum)"21:27
garyksome minor stable fixes.21:27
garyknot sure if we need to make changes for the vif firewall. nati_ueno  or amotoki you guys aware of that?21:28
nati_uenoimo it should be21:28
*** lloydde has quit IRC21:28
garyknati_ueno: thnks21:29
amotokiIf we don't use generic VIF driver, we don't need to update it, but idealy it should be.21:29
garykthere is also - add port for hot plug which touchs on quantum from nova21:29
danwentgaryk: i promised vishy i would review that later today21:29
danwentso will be looking at it right after meeting21:30
garykdanwent: thats it. we should follow up on the vif/firewall side on nova21:30
danwentack on both accounts21:30
danwentsecurity / firewalling (arosen)21:30
garykdanwent: i looked this morning and need to look after the patch was updated21:30
danwent#topic security /firewallg (arosen)21:30
*** openstack changes topic to "security /firewallg (arosen) (Meeting topic: quantum)"21:30
arosenThe NEC, NVP, OVS patches merged for this.21:30
danwentgaryk: yes, seems like there is a new patch owner… odd21:30
garyki think arosen is too busy fixing bugs :)21:30
arosenThere is a patch  for RYU that implements security groups that's still up for reveiw.21:31
arosenMy nova changes are still also up for review which hopefully should merge soon.21:31
arosenthat's about it on the security group side.21:31
danwentarosen: ok, those nova security group proxy patches are important21:32
danwentseems like vishy is on board with them getting in, but i'll re-check with him21:32
*** pcm_ has quit IRC21:32
arosenwill do21:32
vishyI'm on board21:33
danwentanything else?21:33
danwentvishy: ha, thanks :)21:33
danwentvishy: do you expect problems getting a second core?21:33
vishydanwent: we shall see :)21:33
*** dprince has quit IRC21:33
danwentok… i can go begging if needed :)21:33
danwent#topic LBaaS (danwent)21:34
*** openstack changes topic to "LBaaS (danwent) (Meeting topic: quantum)"21:34
danwentok, this one got very interesting in the past few days21:34
danwentbasically, we weren't happy with the current state of things with lbaas, and as is, the code was not going to make the standard grizzly cut-off21:34
danwentwe were faced with the option of either not having any in-tree lbaas impelmentations for grizzly, or drastically simplifying things and trying to push that into grizzly with a FFE21:35
danwentmarkmcclain has volunteered to work with the mirantis team on the latter21:35
danwentthe model is basically to simplify things by using a namespace + agent approach similar to DHCP, and to leverage the haproxy code from the existing patch to write config files, etc.21:36
danwentfor haproxy.21:36
danwentwe're going to request a one-week FFE from ttx tomorrow.21:36
*** vipul|away is now known as vipul21:36
danwenthere is ha-proxy driver review, which will remain intact except for the "remote control" stuff to manage VMs (
zykes-So, No LBaaS in G?21:37
danwentand markmcclain is using to track the simplified agent approach.  he expects to have a branch posted late tues/ early wed.21:37
danwentzykes-:  we'll see, its still pending21:37
salv-orlandodanwent: so paramiko dependency is definetely gones?21:37
zykes-ok :)21:37
danwentsalv-orlando: yes, all use of SSH to access VMs would be gone21:38
danwentsince there wouldn't be VMs21:38
danwentI think we'll huddle again on the #quantum-lbaas channel on thurs to see if we feel like we have enough to push for grizzly21:38
salv-orlandook, I can take some of the review burden out of markmcclain's hands. I'll sync with him to see which patches I should look at first21:38
danwenti'll have one of the developers send out a note about it.21:38
danwentsalv-orlando: great, thanks… that would be helpful21:39
markmcclainsalv-orlando: thanks!21:39
danwentmarkmcclain: anything else to add?21:39
markmcclainyou covered it for now21:39
danwent#topic quantum client / cli21:39
*** openstack changes topic to "quantum client / cli (Meeting topic: quantum)"21:39
danwentgongysh + markmcclain21:39
gongyshNo code for Make QuantumClient library more pythonic21:40
danwentlooks like content is still from last week?21:40
danwentor just no change to last-updated? :P21:40
gongyshmarkmcclain is busy.21:40
danwenthaha, no kidding :)21:40
danwentok, so are we still planning on making that change?  seems somewhat risky?21:41
gongyshwe needs review for allow known options be put after unknown options in list and update commands21:41
danwenthave we set a "feature freeze" date for the client 3.0 release ?21:41
danwentok, if you plan to, definitely let people know a bit ahead of time21:43
gongyshbut we need to publish a milestone for G server.21:43
danwentsorry? "G server"?21:43
gongyshthis phthonic does not impact feature to access quantum server G, so, we can go without it.21:43
gongyshG server -> quantum server G21:44
danwentah, the grizzly version of quantum-server… got it.21:44
gongyshwe needs review for allow known options be put after unknown options in list and update commands21:44
danwentok, so is the thought that we would pushing a 2.x compatible with grizzly, then update to 3.0 potentially out of sync with server releases?21:45
amotokigongysh: i am looking it. I have no more comments than Gary commented.21:45
gongyshamotoki: thanks21:45
danwentgongysh + markmcclain : both please send PGP keys to monty so that you can push tags indicating client releases yourself.21:45
markmcclainwill do21:46
*** al-maisan is now known as almaisan-away21:46
gongyshdanwent: will do.21:46
gongyshdanwent:  yes, that is the plan21:46
danwentgongysh: thx21:46
gongyshdanwent: IMO21:46
danwent#info we plan to release python-quantumclient 2.x compatible with grizzly, then separately release a 3.0 with new pythonic interface (likely before havana)21:47
gongyshThere are some other patches lacking reviews too.21:47
danwentgongysh: btw, we should then add a new milestone on launchpad for the 2.x release and retarget things21:47
gongyshon python quantum client21:47
danwentgongysh: please highlight21:47
gongyshabout a new milestone, I will talk with markmcclain.21:49
danwentgongysh: great, thanks.21:49
*** martine has quit IRC21:49
gongyshno other stuff from my side.21:49
danwentonce the feature-set of grizzly is defined by what merged tomorrow night, we can know exactly what CLI stuff needs to be in the corresponding client version.21:49
danwentgongysh: thanks.21:49
gongyshby the way, the action=clear is the previous topic at last meeting?21:50
danwentas mentioned in my email, i'm planning on skipping systemtest and stable sections, due to G-3 deadline21:50
gongyshwhat is the result?21:50
danwentgongysh: was there a final decision made on that?21:50
*** mrodden has quit IRC21:51
danwentgongysh: can we add a bug to the 2.x release to finalize our plan for that?21:51
gongyshno, as far as I know. the patch is expired.21:51
danwentwe'll have to add python-quantumclient release as another focus area for meeting next week.21:51
danwent(I will be reformatting agenda for that meeting, since we are in release mode)21:51
danwent#topic quantum + horizon (amotoki + nati_ueno)21:51
*** openstack changes topic to "quantum + horizon (amotoki + nati_ueno) (Meeting topic: quantum)"21:52
amotokivnic-oridering has been merged. quantu-lbaas has a good progress.21:52
*** lglenden has joined #openstack-meeting21:52
amotokinachi's network-topology has got one +2.21:52
amotokiI hope someone else tests it.21:52
amotokione concern is my secgroup-support.21:53
amotokiI encountered the trouble during development.21:53
amotokiI will send a mail to Gabriel to discuss the future plan.21:53
danwentok.  seems like this may be too big of an item for G-321:53
danwentplease keep me in the loop on the email21:54
amotokidanwent: sure, of cource.21:54
danwentbut it may be best to leave this for Havana, so we can make sure we don't overwhelm the reviewing resources from horizon21:54
danwentseems like a lot of their patches are from the quantum team lately, you guys have been doing a great job :)21:54
danwent#topic open discussion21:55
*** openstack changes topic to "open discussion (Meeting topic: quantum)"21:55
amotokidanwent: agree with you21:55
danwentone item i wanted to mention was:
danwentthis is the fact that people can delete nova ports directly from quantum21:55
danwentthe question is whether the API should look at device_owner + device_id and prevent this, or if the CLI / GUI should simply do this check21:55
danwentmy concern with doing it in the API is that it requires nova to do two calls to tear down a VM, rather than one.21:56
danwent(i.e., clear device-id, then delete)21:56
*** asomya has quit IRC21:56
danwentwhich seems silly21:56
zykes-dhellmann: question, will there be any ideas around supporting stuff like Port Mirroring from the API ?21:56
garykdanwent: i agree with you21:56
salv-orlandoapart from this, the implications of this patch are manifold21:56
salv-orlandobasically this means that I can create a port, own it, and the lose its ownership as soon as I attach it to a VM21:57
danwentanyway, pleaese give opinions on the review… but i would like to see some resolution to this issue in grizzly21:57
danwentany other open discussion?21:57
danwentzykes-: was that a question for us?21:57
danwentah, you probably mistakenly typed dhellmann21:57
zykes-danwent: yeah, since we hit open discussion I thought I'd ask for @ Havana21:58
markmcclainI'll be speaking at the OpenStack LA Thursday Feb 28th:
danwentzykes-: got it.  Yeah, NVP has support for things like port mirroring, so I think salv-orlando or arosen may be working on something like that.21:58
danwentmarkmcclain: nice… wish I could roadrip down there :P21:58
danwentmarkmcclain: looks like a good crowd already21:59
danwentok, we're about out of time21:59
danwentgoing once...21:59
danwentoh, one more reminder21:59
danwentplease please please be careful about merging code that is not ready, just because a developer really wants a feature in a release, doesn't mean its the right thing for the community to have to support and fix that feature.22:00
danwentok, two bigs days of reviewing.  please remember that gongysh's patch and the lbaas stuff are our two high priority community BPs22:00
danwentsee you all on gerrit!22:01
*** openstack changes topic to "OpenStack meetings || Development in #openstack-dev || Help in #openstack"22:01
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openstackMinutes (text):
garykdanwent: and i thought you were going to tell us to "be careful out there"22:01
garykgood night and thanks22:01
danwentgaryk: haha… i perfer "stay classy san diego!"22:01
markvoelkerNight folks!22:01
*** mlavalle has left #openstack-meeting22:01
amotokithank, bye!22:01
danwentgaryk: how is it tha tyou know more pop-culture references than i do?22:02
danwentamerican pop-culture that is :P22:02
*** Brian__ has quit IRC22:02
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