Monday, 2013-07-29

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*** geekinutah has left #openstack-meeting18:54
*** lucasagomes has joined #openstack-meeting18:55
*** lastidiot has quit IRC18:56
*** JoeHazzers has joined #openstack-meeting18:56
*** egallen has quit IRC18:56
*** vipul-away is now known as vipul18:58
*** meteorfox has joined #openstack-meeting18:58
*** sushils has joined #openstack-meeting18:58
*** willOchanda has joined #openstack-meeting18:59
*** neelashah has quit IRC19:00
devanandahi all!19:00
*** romcheg has joined #openstack-meeting19:00
JoeHazzershey :D19:00
devananda#startmeeting ironic19:01
openstackMeeting started Mon Jul 29 19:01:10 2013 UTC and is due to finish in 60 minutes.  The chair is devananda. Information about MeetBot at
openstackUseful Commands: #action #agreed #help #info #idea #link #topic #startvote.19:01
*** openstack changes topic to " (Meeting topic: ironic)"19:01
openstackThe meeting name has been set to 'ironic'19:01
devananda#chair NobodyCam19:01
openstackCurrent chairs: NobodyCam devananda19:01
devanandaadding nobodycam to chair as I'm in Redding, tethered on my cell...19:01
NobodyCambig aganda today19:01
*** ryanpetrello has quit IRC19:01
devananda~600ms ping, so i might drop19:01
*** rloo has joined #openstack-meeting19:02
devanandaagenda ^^19:02
devanandaso, let's run down the agenda :)19:02
devananda#topic testing19:03
*** openstack changes topic to "testing (Meeting topic: ironic)"19:03
romchegOh, that's for me19:03
devanandaromcheg: i think ... yep :)19:03
NobodyCamsome really nice patches around this this week19:03
*** nati_uen_ has joined #openstack-meeting19:03
romchegSo I basically did some research and have some code that is powered by a set of dirty hacks but it deploys ironic to devstack19:04
*** neelashah has joined #openstack-meeting19:04
devanandaromcheg: sweet! think it'll be ready for a review soon?19:04
romchegI'm going to vanish it a little bit and publish in a day or two19:05
devananda(or even a draft so others can start to poke at it)19:05
romchegYes, that will be a WIP19:05
*** bgorski has quit IRC19:05
devanandacool :)19:05
devanandaalso FYI for folks, yuriy add some more db tests19:05
romchegCurrently it works exclusively on my VM so I cannot publish it :)19:05
devanandaso migrations are now tested and any new db change must have tests added19:06
*** nati_ueno has quit IRC19:06
*** cwolferh has quit IRC19:06
devanandaNobodyCam: want to talk about your dib element now? it's related to testing ;)19:07
romchegI spoke to him today and he said he was going to add some opportunistic tests as well19:07
NobodyCamI can19:07
romcheg*to port those tests from nova19:07
devanandaromcheg: i saw the pg/mysql opportunistic tests and merged it already :)19:08
NobodyCamI have been using my ironic dib element to look into the stevedore issue19:08
romchegdevananda: ah, great!19:08
NobodyCamfor those that don't know we get a error "IronicException: Failed to load driver fake."19:08
JoeHazzershow ironic19:09
NobodyCamseems to be a stevedore issue19:09
NobodyCamin testing we mox the object so it passes19:09
devanandaso, romcheg, you may get the same error in devstack if you attempt to PATCH a node, since that will cause the conductor to load the node driver19:10
NobodyCamhere is the latest dump I have:
NobodyCambut the good news it rpc is working19:11
romchegdevananda: I will keep that in mind thanks19:11
devananda#action NobodyCam to file a bug in ironic rconductor not able to load drivers19:12
* devananda delegates :)19:12
* NobodyCam will do19:12
devanandaany other questions/concerns about testing?19:12
devanandak, moving on19:12
devananda#topic keystone19:12
*** openstack changes topic to "keystone (Meeting topic: ironic)"19:13
devanandathis was left open from last meeting19:13
*** sarob_ has joined #openstack-meeting19:13
devanandaanyone have further insight into the question19:13
romchegThere are some bad news19:13
romchegOr at least not so good ones19:13
*** sarob has quit IRC19:13
romchegI'm working on supporting keystone domains in ironic19:14
*** sarob_ is now known as sarob19:14
*** sarob_ has joined #openstack-meeting19:14
romchegHowever, I was not able to log in to keystone under a domain administrator to test the things.19:14
romchegI spoke to some guys who are familiar to keystone, but the problem is not solved yet.19:15
*** sarob has quit IRC19:15
devanandaromcheg: have you been in touch witht he keystone devs?19:15
devanandaah, ok19:15
*** sarob has joined #openstack-meeting19:15
romchegSo the most of the code in ironic is ready.19:15
devanandawhen we have cross project dependencies like that19:15
*** colinmcnamara has quit IRC19:16
romchegI will try to re-configure my setup tomorrow and try it again.19:16
devanandaer, maybe i misread. are you waiting on keystone changes?19:16
*** nachi has joined #openstack-meeting19:17
*** nachi_ has joined #openstack-meeting19:17
romchegIt's either a bug in keystone or misconfiguration of keystone in devstack19:17
NobodyCamis there a keystone bug for the domian admin issue already19:17
jog0romcheg: are we the frist project to try using domains?19:17
romchegI still have not found that out yet19:18
romchegjog0: nova seems to use V3 api19:18
romchegdo not know about domains19:18
*** nachi_ has quit IRC19:18
*** sarob_ has quit IRC19:18
jog0romcheg: so that may be the issue, we are first to use domains19:18
NobodyCamromcheg: can you check for existing bug and if not file one?19:19
romchegNobodyCam: will do that.19:19
devananda#action romcheg to file bug & investigate keystone domains19:20
NobodyCamwant a action line19:20
*** abaron has quit IRC19:20
devanandamoving on19:20
devananda#topic PXE drivr19:20
*** openstack changes topic to "PXE drivr (Meeting topic: ironic)"19:20
devananda#topic PXE driver19:20
*** openstack changes topic to "PXE driver (Meeting topic: ironic)"19:20
devanandaGheRivero: hi! it looked like it was about to be merged, and then ... ?19:21
devanandait == the oslo image utils patch19:21
*** nikhil_ has joined #openstack-meeting19:22
*** nikhil_ has quit IRC19:22
devanandaflaper87 +2'd it and then someone else -1'd19:22
devanandaalso, I haven't gotten around to testing GheRivero's branch in a tripleo env yet19:23
NobodyCameddie does bring up some good points19:24
devanandathat'll probably be the first thing i do when NobodyCam has the dib element all squared away (and i'm back from trips)19:24
devanandait seems like GheRivero isn't here, so unless anyone else has comments on either his glancecleint or pxe driver patches... let's move on19:25
* devananda gives the room a minute19:25
* NobodyCam notes that element sould work now for testing 19:25
devanandaNobodyCam: # link it pls :)19:26
*** nikhil_ has joined #openstack-meeting19:27
devanandak, moving on19:27
devananda#topic API19:27
*** openstack changes topic to "API (Meeting topic: ironic)"19:27
devanandathe big topic! and we still have 30 minutes left, hehe19:27
*** nikhil_ is now known as Guest5642519:27
devanandalucasagomes: hi! you've been doing a lot on the api -- thanks!19:27
*** meteorfox has quit IRC19:27
*** Guest56425 has quit IRC19:28
devanandawant to give an update of what's landed, what needs review, what's blocking you?19:28
*** nikhil__ has joined #openstack-meeting19:28
*** sarob has quit IRC19:28
lucasagomesso self links to the resources landed last week19:28
*** sarob has joined #openstack-meeting19:29
lucasagomesnow I'm working in adding pagination to the collections19:29
*** gkotton has joined #openstack-meeting19:29
lucasagomeswe still need patches to expose the nested resources19:29
lucasagomesno blockers in the moment19:29
lucasagomesbut some decisions still needs to be made19:29
lucasagomesfor e.g the PATCH vs PUT thing19:30
lucasagomesshould we stick and use only one method to make updates at least for the first review? (using only PUT for e.g)19:30
lucasagomesstick to one method to do update only*19:30
*** erwan_taf has quit IRC19:30
devanandawas the argument against PATCH that the metalanguage would be complex to implement?19:31
NobodyCamwe have patch in who19:31
lucasagomesdevananda, yea, and also we need to decide de format19:31
devanandaNobodyCam: yes, but apparently I implemented it not according to spec19:31
*** erwan_ta- has joined #openstack-meeting19:32
*** enikanorov-w_ has joined #openstack-meeting19:32
*** annashen has quit IRC19:32
*** enikanorov-w has quit IRC19:32
*** swifterdarrell has quit IRC19:32
devanandaI think it's reasonable for our API to be consistent with other service APIs, at least in terms of how we implement basic commands19:33
*** garyk has quit IRC19:33
*** crank has quit IRC19:33
*** haomaiwa_ has quit IRC19:33
*** jaypipes has quit IRC19:33
*** gkotton is now known as garyk19:33
*** swifterdarrell has joined #openstack-meeting19:33
*** haomaiwang has joined #openstack-meeting19:33
*** bogdando has quit IRC19:33
*** jaypipes has joined #openstack-meeting19:33
devanandathis is probably worth a mailing list thread to sort out19:33
*** annashen has joined #openstack-meeting19:33
*** bogdando has joined #openstack-meeting19:33
devanandai can probably do taht tonight, unless someone else wants to19:34
*** crank has joined #openstack-meeting19:34
devananda#action devananda to pose API PUT vs PATCh question on -dev ML19:35
lucasagomesalso, our spec is not aligned with the implementation19:35
lucasagomesI will write a patch to update it soon19:35
devanandagreat, thanks!19:35
devanandawhat about parameter name rewrite / mapping?19:36
devanandaeg, internal id == external uuid19:36
devanandado we really care about that?19:36
devanandaor should we just updte the spec and expose uuid19:36
*** akshayms has quit IRC19:37
devanandawoops, i typo'd -- spec says internal uuid == external id. I'm suggesting we just use uuid all the way through.19:37
*** Tacho has quit IRC19:38
*** Netos has joined #openstack-meeting19:38
lucasagomesyea, nowadays you can use both, but the returns will always use uuids19:38
*** sarob has quit IRC19:38
NobodyCamdevananda: +1 for consisteny19:38
*** tedross has quit IRC19:38
lucasagomesI'm happy changing it to use uuid only19:38
*** akshayms has joined #openstack-meeting19:38
*** nati_uen_ has quit IRC19:38
*** eharney has quit IRC19:38
devanandaack. might as well work that in the spec change when you do it :)19:38
devanandai have no update on the wsme version bump // status return codes issue19:39
*** eharney has joined #openstack-meeting19:39
*** meteorfox has joined #openstack-meeting19:39
devanandaanyone have more API questions/comments?19:39
lucasagomesyea it's a problem... we should talk to dhellman and see when will be the next wsme realease19:40
* dhellmann is lurking19:40
dhellmannso, wsme19:40
dhellmannthere are 2 things going on19:40
dhellmannfirst, some of the fixes that are included in trunk now only work with pecan, and Christophe wants some level of feature parity before doing a release19:41
*** lastidiot has joined #openstack-meeting19:41
dhellmannsecond, we are working out the details of moving wsme to stackforge (although that doesn't hold up the release)19:41
*** nati_ueno has joined #openstack-meeting19:41
dhellmannthat's the discussion about moving ahead with another release19:42
dhellmanndoes that link work for you guys, or is it somehow encoded for me?19:43
dhellmannlooks weird19:43
devanandaproper handling of status codes, both for errors and non-error-but-non-default is going to be important19:43
devanandalink worked for me19:43
devanandamost of nova->ironic interaction will be in updating certain fields19:44
* NobodyCam work for me19:44
devanandasome will be immediate ERROR/SUCCESS responses19:44
devanandasome will yield 202 INPROGRESS19:44
*** IlyaE has joined #openstack-meeting19:44
dhellmannmakes sense19:44
dhellmannand that doesn't sound like an exception19:45
NobodyCam15 minutes19:45
dhellmannchristophe is looking for input on an API for that, so maybe you have some?19:45
* dhellmann hasn't given that any special thought, yet19:45
devanandai hadn't either -- beyond playing with the Response obj enough to realize it didn't work :(19:45
*** cp16net is now known as cp16net|away19:46
devanandait seemed like a reasonable approach though19:46
dhellmannyeah, it seems like it ought to19:46
devanandaresponse.obj = thing19:46
devanandaresponse.status = int19:46
devanandareturn response19:46
* dhellmann nods19:46
dhellmannI don't want to take up the whole meeting with debugging that. Maybe post to the WSME list and we can work it out there?19:47
devanandak, i'll reply to that thread (tonight)19:47
devananda#action devananda to post to WSME list re: Response objects19:47
devananda#topic open discussion19:47
*** openstack changes topic to "open discussion (Meeting topic: ironic)"19:47
dhellmannand for now, go ahead and send pull requests to the wsme hg repo19:47
dhellmannthere are some tricky bits to moving it that may make it take a little while19:47
dhellmannmostly around the test configurations, so I don't want to just break them19:48
devanandaif anyone wants to dig into fixing wsme's response object ... ^ :)19:48
dhellmannis it wsme's object, or working with the combination of pecan/wsme?19:48
devanandadhellmann: link? i actally haven't looked for wsme's upstream before19:48
devanandadunno - haven't dug into it19:48
*** sarob has joined #openstack-meeting19:49
NobodyCamso how about some stevedore talk19:50
devanandaah! another question for dhellmann then ;)19:51
NobodyCamfrom my poking we have a issue here
devanandaso we've found that, outside of unit tests, stevedore has been failing to load our drivers for a little while19:52
dhellmannwhat are the symptoms?19:52
NobodyCamhere is a really bad log19:52
*** tedross has joined #openstack-meeting19:53
NobodyCamnote any thing with cjk was hacked in by /me19:53
dhellmannstevedore should be logging an exception if it tries to import something and fails19:54
devanandaNobodyCam: I think you'll find this also in the traceack19:54
devanandadhellmann: it's raising an exception, yes19:54
dhellmannah, ok, so at least it's not eating the error19:54
*** neelashah has quit IRC19:54
dhellmannwell, no, the error in that log is a key error from trying to use the driver after it should be loaded19:55
devanandaNobodyCam: yea, that paste matches the resource_manager link i just pasted19:55
dhellmannso there should be a traceback earlier in the log based on
dhellmannif you're not seeing that, then there's something wrong with the logging setup19:55
devanandaor it's not even trying to load it19:55
devanandadhellmann: i (was?) doing on-demand loading19:55
NobodyCamthat the full conductor log19:55
devanandaor thought i was :)19:55
NobodyCamthere is a api log19:56
dhellmanndevananda: you may be19:56
* dhellmann reads a bit19:56
NobodyCamshow the request sent and error racieved back19:56
devanandait's a
dhellmanndevananda: what keys does the _driver_factory have? did it find anything?19:57
NobodyCamhey GheRivero19:57
NobodyCamdhellmann: I'm not sure its finding anything at all19:57
devanandadhellmann: i dont have a test in front of me...19:58
dhellmanndevananda: to be clear, the manager is going to import the code when it is instantiated and invoke_on_load means it is going to "call" the thing it gets from load() at the same time19:58
dhellmannso the "on demand" bit is really just getting something out of a dictionary19:58
*** cp16net|away is now known as cp16net19:58
GheRiverojit... image tools almos merged. some positive core reviews +1 and a couple of small bits missing. To be done in the next hours. meanwhile, i'll update the image-tools ironic branch just in case19:58
dhellmannit will log what it finds at debug level (
devanandasounds like we need to dump NodeManager._driver_factory inside that try: block19:59
devanandadhellmann: NodeManager is instantiated on demand :)19:59
*** derekh has joined #openstack-meeting19:59
devanandalet's move to #openstack-ironic, our time here is up19:59
devanandathanks everyone!!19:59
NobodyCam1 minute19:59
dhellmannbut the extension manager is a class attribute according to
dhellmannwhich means it is instantiated when the class is read, on import19:59
*** openstack changes topic to "OpenStack meetings ||"19:59
openstackMeeting ended Mon Jul 29 19:59:58 2013 UTC.  Information about MeetBot at . (v 0.1.4)20:00
openstackMinutes (text):
*** vipul has quit IRC20:00
*** jlucci1 has joined #openstack-meeting20:00
*** vipul has joined #openstack-meeting20:00
*** colinmcnamara has joined #openstack-meeting20:01
SpamapS#startmeeting TripleO20:01
openstackMeeting started Mon Jul 29 20:01:26 2013 UTC and is due to finish in 60 minutes.  The chair is SpamapS. Information about MeetBot at
openstackUseful Commands: #action #agreed #help #info #idea #link #topic #startvote.20:01
*** openstack changes topic to " (Meeting topic: TripleO)"20:01
openstackThe meeting name has been set to 'tripleo'20:01
SpamapS#topic roll call20:01
*** openstack changes topic to "roll call (Meeting topic: TripleO)"20:01
*** lucasagomes has left #openstack-meeting20:01
SpamapSwelcome all :)20:02
NobodyCamjust the three of us?20:02
SpamapSlifeless is unavailable today so I'll be facilitating20:02
*** neelashah has joined #openstack-meeting20:02
SpamapSto the agenda..20:03
*** rloo has left #openstack-meeting20:03
SpamapS#topic bugs20:03
*** openstack changes topic to "bugs (Meeting topic: TripleO)"20:03
*** jlucci has quit IRC20:03
SpamapSbug 1182249 and bug 1183223 are both kind of waiting for an end-to-end evaluation by me once I've replaced cfn-hup with os-collect-config20:04
uvirtbotLaunchpad bug 1182249 in tripleo "quantum configuration is overly hardcoded" [Critical,In progress]
uvirtbotLaunchpad bug 1183223 in tripleo "nova-compute.yaml missing parameters" [Critical,In progress]
*** troytoman is now known as troytoman-away20:04
*** jlucci1 has quit IRC20:04
*** ffive has quit IRC20:04
SpamapSwhich is bug 120232220:04
uvirtbotLaunchpad bug 1202322 in tripleo "cfn-hup restarts everything every 5 minutes because of heat-localip" [Critical,In progress]
*** romcheg has left #openstack-meeting20:05
*** otherwiseguy has quit IRC20:06
SpamapSah bug 1200201 is actuall Fix Released , since we landed ORC-REFACTOR to not manage os-refresh-config in an upstart job20:06
uvirtbotLaunchpad bug 1200201 in tripleo "undercloud: nova-bm-dnsmasq not running after reboot" [Critical,Fix released]
*** nati_uen_ has joined #openstack-meeting20:06
SpamapSthe POC: bugs are all things we can do to make currently running tripleo's better (of which I'm only aware of one.. :)20:07
SpamapSderekh: looks Fix Released. No?20:08
*** meteorfox has quit IRC20:08
uvirtbotLaunchpad bug 1202612 in diskimage-builder "during ramdisk-image-create most of /dev is removed" [Critical,Triaged]20:08
SpamapSperhaps openstack hudson doesn't have enough privileges on diskimage-builder?20:09
SpamapSAh yeah, just need to add openstack-hudson to ~diskimage-builder-core20:10
*** nikhil__ has quit IRC20:10
derekhSpamapS: fixes are merged for bug 1202612, at least the problem doesn't hose your machine anymore20:10
uvirtbotLaunchpad bug 1202612 in diskimage-builder "during ramdisk-image-create most of /dev is removed" [Critical,Triaged]
SpamapSderekh: excellent can you close it?20:10
derekhyup, will do, didn't know I could them20:11
SpamapSOk it looks like diskimage-builder is just setup a bit wonky. Will bug an owner/admin of that project to let openstack-hudson poke bugs20:11
SpamapS#action SpamapS to drive making sure gerrit can close bugs on diskimage-builder LP project20:12
SpamapSanybody else have other bugs to bring up?20:12
SpamapS#topic Grizzly test rack status20:13
*** openstack changes topic to "Grizzly test rack status (Meeting topic: TripleO)"20:13
SpamapSAFAIK, status is unchanged. We'd still like to close the POC bugs to make it better.20:13
SpamapSOtherwise.. ?20:13
SpamapS#topic CI virtualized testing progress20:14
*** openstack changes topic to "CI virtualized testing progress (Meeting topic: TripleO)"20:14
SpamapSpleia2: How're things?20:14
pleia2I was out last week so no progress, I'll touch base later this week when I have something20:15
*** echohead has joined #openstack-meeting20:15
SpamapSpleia2: welcome back :)20:15
pleia2thanks :)20:15
SpamapS#topic open discussion20:16
*** openstack changes topic to "open discussion (Meeting topic: TripleO)"20:16
SpamapSTHe sprint, btw, is a go20:16
SpamapSSep 16 - 20 in Seattle, per the message to openstack-dev20:16
*** martine_ has quit IRC20:17
SpamapSWe have quite a few people attending. If you have not booked/registered your intent, please do so soon. All TripleO interested parties are welcome!20:17
* pleia2 will book travel soon!20:17
SpamapSWell in the interest of not holding peoples' attention any longer than it needs to be held...20:18
SpamapSby the powers vested in me by the kiwi who was not available this week, I hereby end this meeting20:19
*** openstack changes topic to "OpenStack meetings ||"20:19
openstackMeeting ended Mon Jul 29 20:19:24 2013 UTC.  Information about MeetBot at . (v 0.1.4)20:19
openstackMinutes (text):
*** troytoman-away is now known as troytoman20:22
*** cwolferh has joined #openstack-meeting20:25
*** otherwiseguy has joined #openstack-meeting20:31
*** jlucci has joined #openstack-meeting20:33
*** russellb has quit IRC20:35
*** russellb has joined #openstack-meeting20:39
*** schwicht has quit IRC20:41
*** sarob has quit IRC20:42
*** anniec has quit IRC20:52
*** MarkAtwood has quit IRC20:52
*** amotoki has joined #openstack-meeting20:54
*** SergeyLukjanov has quit IRC20:54
*** nati_uen_ has quit IRC20:56
*** LuzCazares has joined #openstack-meeting20:57
*** nati_uen_ has joined #openstack-meeting20:58
*** jackmccann has joined #openstack-meeting20:59
*** jcoufal has quit IRC20:59
*** amotoki has left #openstack-meeting21:00
*** amotoki has joined #openstack-meeting21:00
*** jecarey has joined #openstack-meeting21:00
Swamihi all21:01
*** vipul is now known as vipul-away21:01
SumitNaiksatamhi all!21:01
mesterysalv-orlando: No aloha this week?21:01
*** vbannai has joined #openstack-meeting21:02
salv-orlandomestery: I was just checking if anyone noticed… :)21:02
mesterysalv-orlando: Heh.21:02
emaganahi all!21:03
markmcclain#startmeeting Networking21:03
openstackMeeting started Mon Jul 29 21:03:06 2013 UTC and is due to finish in 60 minutes.  The chair is markmcclain. Information about MeetBot at
openstackUseful Commands: #action #agreed #help #info #idea #link #topic #startvote.21:03
*** openstack changes topic to " (Meeting topic: Networking)"21:03
openstackThe meeting name has been set to 'networking'21:03
markmcclain#topic Announcements21:03
*** openstack changes topic to "Announcements (Meeting topic: Networking)"21:03
*** LuzCazares has left #openstack-meeting21:04
markmcclainCongrats to our two new core team members: armax and mestery21:04
salv-orlandomarkmcclain: have you told them about the ritual?21:05
emaganacongratulations mestery and armax!21:05
salv-orlandothey have to buy drink for all the other cores at the next summit21:05
salv-orlandoone round each21:05
mesterysalv-orlando: No mention of a ritual, is this something to happen in Hong Kong?21:05
*** vipul-away is now known as vipul21:05
salv-orlandomestery: ^21:05
*** spzala has quit IRC21:05
armaxah, okay for a second I feared the worst :P21:05
mesterysalv-orlando: I will be happy to do that in Hong Kong. :)21:05
markmcclainarmax: that's the part we can talk about it public :p21:05
armaxoh my21:06
salv-orlandoah the lies I would tell for some free booze. Don't you find it tastes a lot better when it's free?21:06
markmcclainboth guys will be able to help with our review bandwidth especially with the large amount of work we have to accomplish in H321:07
armaxI hope I won't let you guys down :)21:07
garykthey have ti buy all drinks at the next summit. congratulations21:07
markmcclainspeaking of work.. we're getting close to our target number of med or high blueprints for H321:07
markmcclain#info armax and mestery promoted to core21:08
markmcclainnow that is it official in the logs can continue :)21:08
markmcclainwhen grooming the blueprint list I've become a little concerned with several of the blueprints that have not been started21:09
nati_uen_It looks like some bp with 'not started' have reviews.. (Qos etc)21:11
markmcclainwhich one?21:12
*** GeoffArnold has joined #openstack-meeting21:12
nati_uen_markmcclain: ah sorry it is my mistake21:12
*** meteorfox has joined #openstack-meeting21:13
markmcclainno worries.. there are several in that area and I thought I had missed one21:13
markmcclain#topic Bugs21:14
*** openstack changes topic to "Bugs (Meeting topic: Networking)"21:14
uvirtbotLaunchpad bug 1194026 in neutron "check_public_network_connectivity fails with timeout" [Critical,In progress]21:14
*** carl_baldwin has joined #openstack-meeting21:14
markmcclainThis bug is still open.  nati_uen_ want to update?21:14
nati_uen_OK In this week, I found ping time out is just 20 sec.21:15
nati_uen_so I fixed tempest, but it looks like no effects21:15
nati_uen_I'm working on this
nati_uen_latest patch looks no failure in some gating. so I'll keep investigation21:15
markmcclainok.. thanks for working through it21:15
nati_uen_I can't find the way to reproduce it in my env for this time.. This is very nasty bug21:16
markmcclainYes it definitely is… I've tried to replicate it a few ways too21:17
markmcclainAny other bugs the team should tracking?21:17
*** woodspa has quit IRC21:18
markmcclain#topic Docs21:18
*** openstack changes topic to "Docs (Meeting topic: Networking)"21:18
*** sushils has quit IRC21:18
emaganastill working on:
uvirtbotLaunchpad bug 1202331 in openstack-manuals "renaming to neutron in non-networking docs " [Medium,In progress]21:18
emaganawill be completed this week!  I was busy updating a plugin, you can guess which one!21:19
markmcclainthe linuxbridge :p21:19
emaganamarkmcclain: OVS  ;-)21:19
markmcclainseriously, thanks for updating the other manuals21:19
markmcclainAny questions for docs?21:20
emaganaon VPNaaS, will start ASAP! BP is created and assigned to me21:20
*** sushils has joined #openstack-meeting21:20
emaganaon FWaaS, Sumit can provide update21:20
nati_uen_emagana: please assign it for me :)21:21
*** jasondotstar has quit IRC21:21
pcm_I've starting on
uvirtbotLaunchpad bug 1203865 in openstack-api-site "Neutron VPNaaS API Docs" [Undecided,New]21:21
emagananati_uen_: thanks!21:21
pcm_Waited till quantum->neutron change occurred.21:21
markmcclainGood idea21:22
markmcclain#topic API21:22
*** openstack changes topic to "API (Meeting topic: Networking)"21:22
*** shiv_ has joined #openstack-meeting21:22
markmcclainsalv-orlando: hi21:22
salv-orlandohello people21:22
*** thomasm has quit IRC21:23
salv-orlandoon the API side, there is no major news worth mentioning21:23
enikanorovi'd like to ask21:23
salv-orlandoI think there is not a lot left to sort out for FW and VPN21:23
salv-orlandoperhaps just about port ranges on FW21:23
salv-orlandobut I've no checked gerrit over the weekend21:23
enikanorov'api core for services' blueprint has high priority for H321:23
salv-orlandoanyway, nothing that cannot be discussed directly on gerrit21:23
salv-orlandoenikanorov: yep21:24
enikanorovwhich 'service' extension worth moving to core?21:24
enikanorovrouters, i guess?21:24
salv-orlandoI think that's related to L2/L3 split21:24
salv-orlandoIMHO, doing the blueprint you mentioned make sense only if we manage to make progress on the L2/L3 split21:25
salv-orlandoI don't think, at this stage, we are in a position such to consider anything else core21:25
enikanorovI see. then I don't see why it should have high priority21:25
enikanorovas i didn't see much progress with l2/l3 split21:25
salv-orlandoI am happy to keep on the same priority level on the blueprint for splitting layer-2 and layer-3 plugin21:26
salv-orlandoand talking about that blueprint… do we have a real use case for that for Havana?21:26
mesterysalv-orlando: What was the original use case for that BP, can you refresh my memory?21:27
enikanorovnot for Havana, I guess.21:27
salv-orlandoallowing for implementing plugins which provided L3 functionality over another L2 plugin21:27
nati_uen_IMO,  l2/l3 split should be high priority. IMO Henry has some reviews21:28
enikanorovi remember that was a 5k lines patch21:28
salv-orlandofor instance you might use ML2 for L2, and then 'use-my-router-and-your-network-will-be-faster-than-ever' for L321:28
mesteryBob has rebased this a few times, the patch is quite large, if people are interested, I'll see if we can get this pushed out again soon.21:28
enikanorovafter having a first set of -1 it was abandoned21:28
nati_uen_I'm also happy to review it21:28
salv-orlandoTo cut a long story short, the rules for all the other patches will apply to this one too.21:29
mesteryOK, I will talk to Bob and get him to push it out, though he may be on vacation for the rest of this week.21:29
salv-orlandoWe can downgrade it to low if we deem there's not enough interest around it.21:29
mesterysalv-orlando: I think there is plenty of interest it appears.21:29
salv-orlandoAt that stage, we might downgrade also the blueprint assigned to enikanorov21:29
*** danflorea has joined #openstack-meeting21:30
markmcclainI'll put both at medium for now21:30
enikanorovyes, that seems reasonable. but i even suggest to postpone it to Icehouce21:30
enikanorov(I'm talking about now)21:30
markmcclainsalv-orlando: thoughts on deferring?21:30
salv-orlandoI have no reason for making it a priority for Havana (the layer-2/layer-3 split)/21:31
*** alrs has quit IRC21:31
salv-orlandoAnd even api-core-for-services… I don't seem to have any reason for making it happen in Havana21:31
*** dscannell has quit IRC21:31
*** sandywalsh has quit IRC21:31
salv-orlandoLet's start moving api-core-for-services to low.21:32
salv-orlandoThen we'll sync up with Bob on the other blueprint21:32
mesteryworks for me too21:32
nati_uen_It looks like some routers service are proposed, so IMO  layer-2/layer-3 split should be earlier21:32
salv-orlandonati_uen_: I am aware of a draft blueprint for a L3 plugin, and of another 'provider router' blueprint still under discussion21:34
salv-orlandobut not anything else - with priority medium or higher - which will require this change for havana21:34
nati_uen_salv-orlando: I got it21:35
amotokiAs long as router is implemeted as a part of core pluign, we don't need to split L2/3.21:35
salv-orlandoamotoki: correct.21:35
mesteryThe split allows for something like the Embrane work to exist without a L2 plugin, though. Just FYI.21:35
salv-orlandomestery: that is the draft I mentioned21:36
GeoffArnoldHeads-up: we'll be proposing a blueprint to address multivendor router support in the next few weeks21:36
mesteryGeoffArnold: For Havana?21:36
salv-orlandoGeoffArnold: you should propose it kind of… now21:36
GeoffArnoldNo, icehouse21:36
salv-orlandoah ok!21:36
mesteryGot it.21:36
markmcclainOk.. then we're fine on timing21:36
emaganaGeoffArnold: +121:36
GeoffArnoldEarly enough to prep for a useful discussion in Hong Kong21:36
salv-orlandosure, it might be good if you check this blueprint from Bob Melander then, and see how it fits in your blueprint21:37
GeoffArnoldWe're looking seriously at multivendor configurations and also virtual appliance provisioning (they're interrelated)21:37
mestery#link L3 Routing BP21:38
*** neelashah has quit IRC21:38
markmcclainmestery: thanks for the link21:38
GeoffArnoldYeah, I looked at that. The challenge is how to do policy-based resource allocation across resources from multiple vendors21:39
markmcclainwill be interested to read the BP21:39
mesteryAgreed, and to see how it ties into Bob's work.21:40
markmcclainto make sure we stay on time.. I'll follow up with Bob, Salvatore21:40
markmcclainAny other API issues to discuss?21:40
salv-orlandomarkmcclain: not from me.21:40
*** stevemar has joined #openstack-meeting21:40
markmcclainThanks for the update21:41
amotokiI would like to discuss about default quota API. I will send a dev mail later.21:41
amotokis/a dev mail/a mail to dev ML/21:41
amotokiplease go ahead.21:42
*** spzala has joined #openstack-meeting21:42
*** mrodden has quit IRC21:42
markmcclainamotoki: sounds good21:42
markmcclain#topic VPNaaS21:42
*** openstack changes topic to "VPNaaS (Meeting topic: Networking)"21:42
markmcclainnati_uen_: Looks like getting real close and most of the iterations have been small changes21:42
nati_uen_markmcclain: I think so too.21:43
nati_uen_salv-orlando: Is the pending policy OK for you? not allow update resource on pending. allow delete anytime21:43
nati_uen_salv-orlando: Thanks.21:44
*** sandywalsh has joined #openstack-meeting21:44
nati_uen_amotoki: do you have any more concerns?21:44
amotokinati_uen_: nothing except PENDING above21:44
*** dkranz has quit IRC21:44
amotokinati_uen_: i agree with your policy21:44
nati_uen_amotoki: latest patch is following the policy21:45
nati_uen_amotoki: so pending issue is solved?21:45
amotokinati_uen_: will check21:45
nati_uen_amotoki: thanks21:45
*** dani4571 has joined #openstack-meeting21:45
nati_uen_markmcclain: amotoki: do you guys have concerns for driver patch?21:45
*** cp16net is now known as cp16net|away21:46
markmcclainneed to take a last look and test a bit more21:46
amotokiI don't see more concerns so far. will test it after the meeting.21:46
*** mlavalle has joined #openstack-meeting21:46
nati_uen_markmcclain: Thanks. is up-to-date, so plese use this21:46
nati_uen_amotoki: Thanks21:46
markmcclainnati_uen_: will do21:47
markmcclain#topic Nova21:47
*** openstack changes topic to "Nova (Meeting topic: Networking)"21:47
nati_uen_One news is heat support is in review :)  That's all from us21:47
*** cp16net|away is now known as cp16net21:47
*** topol has quit IRC21:47
markmcclainnati_uen_: great!21:47
nati_uen_markmcclain: Thanks!21:48
markmcclainI'm sure most saw, but nova-net deprecation has been delayed a release21:48
markmcclainSo the earliest it will disappear is J21:48
garykdo we still want to try and have quantum set as the default for devstack?21:48
markmcclaingaryk: yes21:48
mesteryI think we should try for that, yes.21:48
garyksorry neutron - bad habits are hard to break21:49
markmcclainThe pushback has been passing tempest tests unmodified21:49
markmcclainAnything else for Nova integration?21:50
markmcclain#topic FWaaS21:51
*** openstack changes topic to "FWaaS (Meeting topic: Networking)"21:51
*** garyk has quit IRC21:51
markmcclainSumitNaiksatam: FW is in the same situation as VPN.. super close to merging with only minor fixups made the last 2-3 days21:52
SumitNaiksatammarkmcclain: hi21:52
SumitNaiksatamyeah, the patch has been stable for a few days now21:52
*** garyk has joined #openstack-meeting21:52
SumitNaiksatami hope 50 is a lucky number :-)21:52
markmcclainme too :)21:52
SumitNaiksatami don't seem to have any pending items21:53
*** lbragstad has quit IRC21:53
*** kebray has quit IRC21:53
garyksorry - internet went down and came back up again. did i miss anything?21:53
SumitNaiksatamlast i checked there were 6 cores who commented on the reviews21:53
SumitNaiksatamis everyone happy? :-)21:54
*** rosmaita has quit IRC21:54
SumitNaiksatamtalking about the API patch:
markmcclainI think so.. it it is really testing21:54
salv-orlandoIf nobody complains about dichotomy with port ranges wrt security groups I am fine too21:54
SumitNaiksatamsalv-orlando: thanks21:55
SumitNaiksatamthe agent and the driver patches are also done21:56
markmcclainsalv-orlando: you're talking n:n in one column vs range_min and range_max in a separate attributes (columns)?21:56
*** GeoffArnold has quit IRC21:56
SumitNaiksatambut really waiting for the API patch to get through21:56
salv-orlandomarkmcclain: yes21:56
*** colinmcnamara has quit IRC21:57
markmcclainyeah.. I've gone back and forth on it21:57
salv-orlandosumitnaiksatam replied that after a careful review they asserted that this widely accepted as standard way of configuring throughout the industry21:57
SumitNaiksatammarkmcclain, salv-orlando: this seemed more natural coming from the firewalls/iptables world21:57
*** pcm_ has quit IRC21:58
SumitNaiksatami am not religious about this, but talking to a lot of people they seemed this was more usable and easier21:58
salv-orlandomarkmcclain: I think both solutions are totally valid. It's the fact that they are different that makes me unhappy21:58
markmcclainunderstand.. that's my concern21:58
markmcclainwe can talk offline since we're running out of time21:59
salv-orlandoIf we have a large consensus that the range in a  single attribute is the way to go, I'd add it to security groups and deprecate the range (keeping it for bw compatibility)21:59
marun-1 on a single attribute21:59
marunwe're storing this in a db22:00
*** nati_ueno has quit IRC22:00
marunstoring as a blob is a dumb idea22:00
SumitNaiksatammarun: dumb???22:00
marunmaybe it works in fw land, where indexed access is easy22:00
* salv-orlando please don't tell me I've opened a can of worms22:00
marunyes, dumb in the context of db storage22:00
marunit's not smart to concatenate columns unless there is a performance reason to do so22:01
maruni'm not saying this has to affect the api22:01
*** Brainspa1kle is now known as Brainspackle22:01
marunbut storage should be separate22:01
*** rnirmal has quit IRC22:01
SumitNaiksatammarun: concatenation of columns? not sure if you have looked at the patch22:01
maruni heard 'one column vs range_min and range_max'22:02
SumitNaiksatami think we are digressing here talking about performance22:02
*** brianr has joined #openstack-meeting22:02
nati_uen_yeah, we should discuss it on the review22:02
marunfair enough22:02
*** carl_baldwin has quit IRC22:02
markmcclainyeah.. we can chat after in #openstack-neutron22:02
markmcclainwe're at an hour and have several folks staying up late22:02
SumitNaiksatammarkmcclain: sounds good, lets sort this out an move on22:02
SumitNaiksataman -> and22:02
markmcclain#topic LBaaS22:02
*** openstack changes topic to "LBaaS (Meeting topic: Networking)"22:02
markmcclainenikanorov: anything new?22:02
enikanorovi'd like to have this bp in for h-3:
enikanorovi've also posted a question to dev ML22:03
markmcclainI set the milestone to H322:03
enikanorovregarding the possible issue in API22:03
markmcclainis not showing that way for you?22:03
enikanorovmarkmcclain: but it's not approved yet22:03
*** tedross has quit IRC22:03
*** gkotton has joined #openstack-meeting22:03
*** AlanClark has quit IRC22:03
markmcclainsorry.. too many boxes to check on different screens.. I'll fix that22:03
*** vipul is now known as vipul-away22:04
markmcclainok.. I'll look at the ML for the API issue22:04
enikanorovbeside that, SumitNaiksatam, nati_uen_, salv-orlando, please share your thought on the question in ML22:04
*** garyk has quit IRC22:04
*** colinmcnamara has joined #openstack-meeting22:04
*** gkotton is now known as garyk22:04
enikanorovthat's all from my side22:04
markmcclainThanks enikanorov22:05
*** carl_baldwin has joined #openstack-meeting22:05
salv-orlandoenikanorov: will do22:05
markmcclain#topic Stable Branch22:05
*** openstack changes topic to "Stable Branch (Meeting topic: Networking)"22:05
nati_uen_enikanorov: sure22:05
markmcclaingaryk: since me a text that connection dropped, but wanted to let everyone know that the next Stable release will be Aug 8th22:05
markmcclain#topic Horizon22:05
*** openstack changes topic to "Horizon (Meeting topic: Networking)"22:05
markmcclainamotoki: Any important items to highlight?22:06
*** alexb_ has quit IRC22:06
amotokiFWaaS beta is available22:06
mesterymarkmcclain: For stable, I'd like to see if we can get this bug in there:
uvirtbotLaunchpad bug 1204125 in neutron "Neutron DHCP agent generates invalid hostnames for new version of dnsmasq" [Medium,Fix committed]22:06
amotokiAnd default quota read API discussion is raised in horizon bug. I will send a mail later.22:06
mesterymarkmcclain: I marked it as backport potential.22:07
amotokithat's all.22:07
*** pentameter has quit IRC22:07
markmcclainmestery: yeah.. that's on the list22:07
mesterymarkmcclain: Thanks (sorry for being late here, was digging hte link out)22:07
*** alexpilotti has quit IRC22:08
markmcclainamotoki: cool.. I'll have to try the FWaaS UI22:08
*** noslzzp has quit IRC22:08
markmcclainAny other questions on Horizon?22:08
*** burt has quit IRC22:08
*** vipul-away is now known as vipul22:08
markmcclain#topic Open Discussion22:09
*** openstack changes topic to "Open Discussion (Meeting topic: Networking)"22:09
markmcclainAnything we didn't cover that needs to be talked about?22:09
mesteryFYI: I have a new revision of the ML2 devstack patch out for review here:
uvirtbotLaunchpad bug 1200767 in devstack "Add support for setting extra network options for ML2 plugin" [Undecided,In progress]22:09
nati_uen_markmcclain: When we discuss service-agent?22:09
mesteryAnyone who wants to try it out, please do and provide feedback.22:09
markmcclainnati_uen_: thanks for the reminder22:09
markmcclainIRC chat about service agents Wednesday 1530 UTC in #openstack-meeting-alt22:11
nati_uen_markmcclain: sure. Thanks :)22:11
markmcclainwe will discuss the high level changes needed to the l3 agent now that VPN and FW will be available22:12
*** alexb_ has joined #openstack-meeting22:12
markmcclainmestery:  thanks for sharing the devstack link22:13
markmcclainAnything else for this week?22:13
*** galstrom is now known as galstrom_zzz22:13
salv-orlandoyeah, I would like to rewrite Neutron in javascript22:13
salv-orlandojk :)22:14
markmcclainsalv-orlando: I want LISP first22:14
mesterysalv-orlando: Why not Ruby?22:14
salv-orlandoI was about to say Eiffel, but then people might have called me reactionary22:14
nati_uen_erlang erlang erlang!22:14
markmcclaindkehn: I'll take a look and test concurrently with API changes22:14
dkehnmarkmcclain, thx22:15
amotokidkehn: sorry for the late response. I'll look it.22:15
*** woodspa has joined #openstack-meeting22:15
HenryGI cannot run neutron unit test suite twice in a row. Anyone else seeing this?22:15
markmcclainHenryG: No22:15
markmcclainHow are you invoking?22:16
dkehnamotoki, has all the suggestions that you brought up22:16
HenryGtox -e py2722:16
mesteryHenryG: I occasionally see random failures. Try a third run. :)_22:16
nati_uen_neutron.tests.unit.ml2.test_agent_scheduler.Ml2AgentSchedulerTestCase.test_network_add_to_dhcp_agent always fails in my env, but it is ok on gating22:16
dkehnnot I22:16
clarkbHenryG: testr will actually reorder tests based on previous runtimes to try and maximize throughput22:17
amotokidkehn: Thanks for addressing them. I will check both API and CLI sides.22:17
enikanorovnati_uen_: the same failures in my env22:17
*** tong|2 has quit IRC22:17
clarkbHenryG: its possible that reording results in a thing that fails22:17
clarkbHenryG: nati_uen_ it is probably worth debugging the failures as chances are they are real bugs22:17
nati_uen_enikanorov: I'm grad to hear I'm not only one :)22:17
dkehnamotoki, please read the review notes there was a side effect on one of them22:17
markmcclainclarkb: agreed22:17
clarkbHenryG: nati_uen_ `testr run --analyze-isolation` after a failed run is very useful for finding test interactions that cause failures22:17
enikanorovand they'r not failing if run alone22:17
nati_uen_clarkb: I'm assumption is the function using waiting timer. if the test exceeds 1 sec, it will fail22:18
mesteryI've got to drop off folks, have a good night!22:18
nati_uen_clarkb: I agree, we should debug it22:18
nati_uen_clarkb: Thanks22:18
markmcclainmestery: bye22:18
nati_uen_mestery: bye!22:18
clarkbenikanorov: that usually indicates there is a second test (or more) that is interferring with your test22:19
HenryGThanks clarkb - I will try your suggestions when I get a chance. Will ping you if I have further questions.22:19
clarkbenikanorov: by running concurrently or before the failing test22:19
enikanorovclarkb: i understand. the failures are pretty stable. 100% i'd say22:19
markmcclainIt is very likely that we have a few tests that unintentionally don't clean up or change read-only datastructures22:20
markmcclainEveryone have a good evening/morning/afternoon and talk to everyone on the mailing list and IRC22:20
*** openstack changes topic to "OpenStack meetings ||"22:21
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openstackMinutes (text):
*** danflorea has quit IRC22:21
SumitNaiksatammarkmcclain, salv-orlando: you guys want to get on to openstack-neutron to discuss port range?22:21
nati_uen_Have a good one!22:21
salv-orlandoSumitNaiksatam: I will be there until my eyelid close.22:22
salv-orlando* eyelids22:22
SumitNaiksatamsalv-orlando: no problem, thanks :-)22:22
markmcclainsure.. I've got a few minutes before I have to head out22:22
*** stevemar has quit IRC22:22
amotokibye all! good day/night22:23
*** zehicle has quit IRC22:23
*** derekh has quit IRC22:24
*** alrs has joined #openstack-meeting22:24
emaganaciao ciao22:25
*** vijendar has quit IRC22:29
*** lastidiot has quit IRC22:33
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