Friday, 2017-11-10

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ekcs#startmeeting congressteammeeting02:32
openstackMeeting started Fri Nov 10 02:32:24 2017 UTC and is due to finish in 60 minutes.  The chair is ekcs. Information about MeetBot at
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ekcshi all!02:32
ekcstopics scratch pad here as usual:
ekcspls read/comment/add02:33
ramineni_ekcs: hi02:33
ekcshi ramineni_ !02:34
ekcsso masahito won’t be here today because of summit travels. same with last week.02:34
ekcsnot a whole lot of topics on my end so may be a short meeting.02:35
ramineni_ekcs: oohok02:35
ramineni_ekcs: how was the summit02:35
ekcssummit was good. I guess we can dive into that part.02:35
ekcs#topic summit update02:35
*** openstack changes topic to "summit update (Meeting topic: congressteammeeting)"02:35
ekcsSummit went well from what I could tell. Project update and onboarding session helped people understand congress better and what’s going on.02:36
ramineni_ekcs: great02:37
ekcsthe self-healing forum discussion was good too. a lot of interest there, looked like over 30 people in that discussion. very helpful group with many different projects as well as ops involved.02:37
ramineni_ekcs: any features congress needs to add for self-healing02:38
ekcswe decided to start the self-healing SIG with primary purpose to collect use cases, do gap analysis, and propose reference openstack self-healing architecture by leveraging the different projcets.02:38
ramineni_ekcs: ok02:39
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ekcsI think for Congress the most important things are datasource integrations with gnocchi, mistral, vitrage, monasca. possibly in that order.02:39
ekcsso we might consider putting gnocchi (with ceilometer api removed) higher on our priority. we could discuss that. I’m not sure how to rank them actually in priority. depends on the use cases we come up with actually.02:41
ramineni_ekcs: right , adding gnocchi should be easier , as it might be using similar APIś02:42
ramineni_ekcs: yes, if we have requirement, we can add that datasource02:42
ekcsgot it. I’ll revisit the priorities list then.02:43
ekcsthat’s all I have about the summit. anything else to discuss there?02:44
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ramineni_ekcs: no, we can move on02:44
ekcsok then.02:44
ekcs#topic gate status02:45
*** openstack changes topic to "gate status (Meeting topic: congressteammeeting)"02:45
ekcsSo it looks like gate is more or less normal now.02:45
ekcsramineni_ and others worked on getting replicated-mysql test back working02:45
ramineni_ekcs: im trying to get the py35 dsvm job , so that we can make it voting too02:46
ekcsvery nice to be back to having some replicated test.02:46
ekcsgot it. that’s great. yup I saw the patches for that.02:46
ekcsany more comments or announcements or discussions around gating?02:46
ramineni_ekcs: none for now, hopefully to get the gate errors resolved soon :)02:47
ekcsawesome. great progress already getting the replicated jobs back on after zuul transition.02:48
ekcsand also getting py35 dsvm to this stage, past the infra stuff down the actual congress code.02:48
ekcsok then let’s move along for now.02:49
ekcs#topic patches02:49
*** openstack changes topic to "patches (Meeting topic: congressteammeeting)"02:49
ekcsany patches we want to discuss?02:49
ramineni_working on the last patch of the GUI bp, found some gaps in cli , server , so posted patches for the same02:50
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ekcsSo about this patch:
ramineni_ekcs: yes02:51
ekcsIt looks good to me. I was just clarifying that the support is added to client library but not to CLI. Right?02:52
ekcsLooks like what I said was confusing to you.02:52
ekcsand then your reply was confusing to me too.02:52
ramineni_ok, cli you meant only osc?02:53
ramineni_congress clinet , changes are needed02:53
ramineni_osc, we can support it if you want02:53
ekcsright. my understanding it, dashboard need the client library change, hence the patch. but it leaves osc/cli unchanged.02:54
ekcsseems like we’re on the same page.02:55
ramineni_ekcs: not only dashboard , any application who imports congressclient needs the change02:55
ramineni_but ya, right now, dashboard02:55
ekcsright we’re on the same page then =)02:55
ramineni_ekcs: do you have plans to support library APIś in OSC02:56
ramineni_or planning to leave it for now02:56
ramineni_right now, we have to use curl requests for any library API;s use02:57
ekcsI don’t have any specific plans. seems like something we’d evetually want to have, but also doesn’t seem to me to be a immiment issue now so not a high priority. just my thoughts.02:59
ekcsthe spec called for osc.02:59
ekcsso it’s part of the plan.02:59
ramineni_ekcs: ok , its just easier to use the feature if cli is supported02:59
ramineni_sounds good, by the way , updated the commit message as requested03:00
ekcsi’ve just been more focused on prioritizing things that affect use cases being pursued right now. where as adding the osc/cli is more usability. so it’s not high on my personal priotity but it certainly doesn’t hurt to add!03:00
ekcsif it’s high on your priority then add it =)03:00
ramineni_ekcs: no, just asking .. but sure ..will add if i find time .. :)03:01
ekcsawesome thanks!03:01
ekcsok maybe we can clarify this more quickly in real time:
ekcsI haven’t looked carefully at what you’ve encountered that needs it.03:03
ramineni_ekcs: ya, its not working without this change as we cant pass None in body here03:03
ramineni_null is not accepted identifier in python03:03
ekcshmm weird so what happens if we do body=None? some kind of error?03:04
ramineni_yes, no a vald json type or something im getting03:04
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ekcshmm. ok got it. well I’m not well versed on API conventions and what a body should be, null or {}. if you know than that’s great. if not I’ll take a closer look at conventions.03:06
ramineni_so instead of checking explicit None, checking both empty dict or None, both should qualify for the case03:06
ramineni_ekcs: you can check if yo want .. if any better way is there, but for server patch , either way ..change seems valid?03:07
ramineni_if there is empty dict , bad request error shouldnt be raised ideally03:07
ekcsyea i guess it should be fine. i just get fussy when it comes to getting the API interface right and I’m not totally sure what’s right. i’ll take a closer look but it should be fine the way it is.03:08
ekcsthanks for the clarifying discussion.03:08
ramineni_ekcs: great, thanks03:08
ekcsok anything else to talk about on patches?03:09
ramineni_no, done from my side03:09
ekcsok then.03:09
ekcs#topic open discussion03:09
*** openstack changes topic to "open discussion (Meeting topic: congressteammeeting)"03:09
ekcsanything else at all?03:09
ramineni_nothing , you are back from summit, or still in sydney? no vacation plans ? :)03:10
ekcsby the way, i’m going to be on vacation next two weeks. I’ll still be at meeting, but keep track of ML and patches. but may not be as responsive or productive. just a heads up.03:10
ramineni_:) got it03:10
ramineni_have a great vacation !!03:11
ekcsI came to taiwan after sydney. just got here this a few hours ago.03:11
ramineni_Ah , ok03:11
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ekcsok then. more next week?03:12
ramineni_yes, sure,03:12
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