Wednesday, 2018-08-22

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jungleboyj#startmeeting Cinder16:00
openstackMeeting started Wed Aug 22 16:00:42 2018 UTC and is due to finish in 60 minutes.  The chair is jungleboyj. Information about MeetBot at
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openstackUseful Commands: #action #agreed #help #info #idea #link #topic #startvote.16:00
*** openstack changes topic to " (Meeting topic: Cinder)"16:00
openstackThe meeting name has been set to 'cinder'16:00
geguileohi! o/16:00
jungleboyjHoping to see people show up.16:01
* jungleboyj shall not ping.16:01
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jungleboyjGive people another minute to show up.16:02
geguileoabishop: lol16:03
tommylikehuabishop:  lol16:03
erlonjungleboyj, lost the discussion about pinging16:04
erlonwas that an issue?16:04
abishopif he pings us then he gets booted from the channel16:04
smcginnisDue to the spam we were getting, there is a bot in channel that kicks people that look like they are spamming.16:04
smcginnisLike giving a big long list of nicks to ping.16:05
erlonoww, haha16:05
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jungleboyjInterestingly there are no good Giphy's to go with that.16:05
jungleboyjAnyway, lets move on.16:05
jungleboyj#topic announcements16:05
*** openstack changes topic to "announcements (Meeting topic: Cinder)"16:05
jungleboyjWeekly reminder about the PTG Planning Etherpad:16:06
erlonjungleboyj, you could spread the ping throughout the meeting :p16:06
jungleboyjGetting a nice list of topics in there and it looks like we are going to have good attendance.16:06
smcginnisAttendance looks great!16:06
jungleboyjWould like us to make the most of our last PTG.16:06
* jungleboyj marks tbarron tardy.16:07
* tbarron is just auditing this class and sits in the back16:07
smcginnisI've been corrected on saying the last.16:07
smcginnisWe will still have the PTG, but it will be immediately after (and maybe slightly overlapping) with the Summit.16:07
jungleboyjsmcginnis:  Ah, ok.16:08
smcginnisWe shall see how that goes.16:08
* jungleboyj Will change his wording.16:08
* jungleboyj feels like we have been there before.16:08
smcginnis*cough* design summit *cough*16:09
jungleboyjWe will see how it goes and I have discussion about what we want to do as far as mid-cycles planned for the PTG.16:09
smcginnisI vote for Ft Collins.16:10
smcginnisWe can all crash at Scott's house.16:10
jungleboyjAlso, hopefully everyone saw that I started a joint Manila/Cinder dinner planning section in the etherpad.16:10
jungleboyjsmcginnis:  ++16:10
jungleboyjIf you want to join that please respond to the doodle poll.16:11
jungleboyjAnything else related to the PTG right now?16:12
abishopI have a ptg question/comment, but not directly related to our agenda16:12
abishopthere's a lot of action in the community about "edge" stuff, and there's this16:12
jungleboyjabishop:  Sure, go ahead.16:12
tbarronjungleboyj: ty for the dinner planning legwork16:12
abishopI don't see cinder participation mentioned, and that seems curious16:12
jungleboyjtbarron:  Welcome.16:12
* abishop pauses for reaction16:13
jungleboyjabishop:  Hmmm.16:13
smcginnisI don't know if there has been much for Cinder with edge yet.16:13
smcginnisAt least no one I've seen coming to us with any different needs.16:13
smcginnisI think in a lot of cases it's similar to NFV that external storage doesn't play as big of a role.16:14
*** efried is now known as efried_rollin16:14
jungleboyjYeah, not that there wouldn't be impacts but I am not sure what they would be.16:14
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smcginnisI'd love to hear from someone involved if they need anything.16:14
jungleboyjsmcginnis: It is all more likely to be smaller amounts of local storage.16:14
abishopmaybe we should have an envoy to listen in, just to keep up to date and maybe flag any storage misconceptions16:14
jungleboyjabishop:  That isn't a bad idea.16:15
jungleboyjWhat day is that?16:15
*** woojay has joined #openstack-meeting16:15
smcginnisThat would be good. I'm too overbooked to do it, but would be great if someone else has time.16:15
abishopI hope to attend that day (I think it's Tue) but I am not much of a cinder expert as rest of you gang16:15
* jungleboyj pulls up the schedule16:16
*** raildo has joined #openstack-meeting16:16
jungleboyjYeah, it is Tuesday.16:17
jungleboyjIt is opposite the First Contact SIG.  Not sure if I will be needed there though.16:17
jungleboyjabishop: I will try to go back and forth there.16:17
jungleboyjabishop:  If you can attend and ping me if there is something that they might need my input on I can be there.16:18
geguileoabishop: I haven't looked up the schedule yet, but I will try to attend it (if my melted brain doesn't forget)16:18
abishopyes, will do! and anyone else from cinder should consider joining16:18
*** raildo_ has quit IRC16:19
jungleboyjSounds like a plan.16:19
jungleboyjAny other PTG questions/comments?16:19
jungleboyjAs for the Rocky Release Schedule.16:20
*** akhil_jain has left #openstack-meeting16:21
jungleboyjI cut an RC-2 today.16:21
jungleboyjThat was to fix a security issue.16:21
jungleboyjThings have been quiet otherwise.16:21
jungleboyjEveryone cool with how Rocky is looking?16:21
smcginnisI think we're in decent shape.16:22
* smcginnis knocks on wood16:22
* jungleboyj does too.16:22
jungleboyjGood that things have been fairly quiet.16:23
*** annabelleB has quit IRC16:23
jungleboyjI guess we can move on from that.16:23
jungleboyj#Topic Team Dinner Planning at the PTG16:24
*** openstack changes topic to "Team Dinner Planning at the PTG (Meeting topic: Cinder)"16:24
jungleboyjGuess I already mentioned this.16:24
jungleboyjHave 5 people who have added their name to the etherpad.16:24
smcginnisMore have taken the poll though.16:25
jungleboyj10 people in Doodle.  :-)16:25
jungleboyjLooks like we are leaning towards Tuesday.16:25
jungleboyjAfter the Happy Hour.16:25
jungleboyjI am cool with that idea.16:25
jungleboyjWill give people a little more time to respond.  Will come back next week with a place idea so we can get this all nailed down.16:26
jungleboyjHopefully this time the place won't run out of food and beer.16:26
jungleboyjtbarron:  You will share this with your team as well?16:27
tbarronjungleboyj: yes16:27
jungleboyjAnything else on that topic?16:28
*** masayukig has quit IRC16:28
jungleboyjOk.  So that was all for the agenda.16:29
jungleboyj#topic Open Discusion16:29
*** openstack changes topic to "Open Discusion (Meeting topic: Cinder)"16:29
jungleboyjAnything else that people want to talk about today?16:30
walshh_In relation to the PTG, is there a way to join remotely?16:30
jungleboyjwalshh_:  Oh, good question.16:30
walshh_I wont be able to make the trip this time16:30
jungleboyjWe have several people asking for remote.16:31
jungleboyjMichael, Walt and Xing.16:31
smcginnisjungleboyj: Going to bring the nice mic and second laptop for streaming?16:31
*** davidsha has quit IRC16:31
jungleboyjsmcginnis:  Yeah.  I can do that if you don't make fun of me for having a larger suitcase.16:32
smcginnisI can't promise anything.16:32
* jungleboyj sighs16:32
* jungleboyj will make you carry it again.16:32
abishopoh, one more thing on the edge topic, this is a good read:16:33
jungleboyjAnyway, I now have access to the YouTube channel.  So that is a good thing.16:33
jungleboyjsmcginnis: I should test that out here this week to make sure I can get the live stream working.16:33
smcginnisabishop: Thanks!16:34
walshh_thanks Jay16:34
jungleboyjabishop:  Yeah, that looks helpful.16:34
jungleboyjwalshh_:  Yeah, so we will document things in the etherpads like before and I will work on livestreaming things.16:35
walshh_sounds good16:35
jungleboyjAny other topics for today?16:36
jungleboyjGoing once16:37
jungleboyjGoing twice ...16:37
jungleboyjOk.  I think we are done today then.16:38
jungleboyjThanks all for coming.16:38
*** openstack changes topic to "OpenStack Meetings ||"16:38
openstackMeeting ended Wed Aug 22 16:38:25 2018 UTC.  Information about MeetBot at . (v 0.1.4)16:38
openstackMinutes (text):
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SotK#startmeeting storyboard19:02
openstackMeeting started Wed Aug 22 19:02:46 2018 UTC and is due to finish in 60 minutes.  The chair is SotK. Information about MeetBot at
openstackUseful Commands: #action #agreed #help #info #idea #link #topic #startvote.19:02
*** openstack changes topic to " (Meeting topic: storyboard)"19:02
openstackThe meeting name has been set to 'storyboard'19:02
SotK#link Agenda19:03
SotKonce again I forgot to update it until now, sorry19:03
SotK#topic Announcements19:03
*** openstack changes topic to "Announcements (Meeting topic: storyboard)"19:03
*** dustins has quit IRC19:04
SotKwelcome diablo_rojo19:05
diablo_rojofungi, here too?19:05
SotKdo we have anything to announce?19:07
diablo_rojoRequirements migrated last week?19:07
diablo_rojoI think thats the only one19:07
fungioh, yep, i'm around19:08
diablo_rojoRequirements was the only one you migrated last week correct?19:08
fungiafaik, yes19:08
*** fatema_ has joined #openstack-meeting19:08
diablo_rojoOh hello fatema_ :)19:08
fungii'm scheduled to migrate some project called "slogging" a week from tomorrow19:08
fatema_hello, sorry I'm late19:09
SotKhello fatema_ :)19:09
fatema_Hi, diablo_rojo SotK19:10
diablo_rojoOh yes that's the other one I was trying to remember19:10
diablo_rojofatema_, no worries19:10
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SotK#topic Migration Updates19:11
*** openstack changes topic to "Migration Updates (Meeting topic: storyboard)"19:11
diablo_rojoI saw that Searchlight and Freezer are kind of reorganizing and I suggested now might be a good time to migrate. Haven't heard anything back from them yet.19:12
diablo_rojoStill nothing from keystone.19:12
diablo_rojoAnd others are holding out for attachments.19:12
diablo_rojoI thiiink thats all the updates I have19:12
SotKcool, hopefully you hear back from folks19:13
fungidiablo_rojo: it looked like the new searchlight ptl agreed with your recommendation?19:13
fungiat least based on my reading of the reply on that thread19:14
diablo_rojofungi, oh, okay cool- missed that in my inbox19:14
diablo_rojoI'll take another look.19:14
diablo_rojoCan do a test migration today19:14
fungispeaking of test migrations, not sure if you saw my comment in #storyboard during the requirements migration testing but repeating the migration tool runs only pulls in new tasks/comments (and users), doesn't update any existing tasks whose statuses have changed in lp since the previous run19:16
diablo_rojoI see the thread but I don't see my message nor a response- just ttx and Nguen and Trinhs messages19:16
SotKah, its mentioned in the first email of the searchlight thread19:16
diablo_rojofungi, would we want to update those though? We wouldnt want sb statuses to be overwritten if they had changed.19:17
diablo_rojoI see now19:17
diablo_rojoHe must have started a new thread that looks practically the same.19:17
diablo_rojoHence my confusion19:17
fungithe mailman archive seems to thread it correctly19:18
diablo_rojofungi, probably just inbox getting confused19:18
diablo_rojoor my brain19:18
diablo_rojoor both19:18
fungibut yeah, maybe he dropped reference headers19:18
fungias for updating task status, i guess it depends19:21
SotK#topic In Progress Work19:21
*** openstack changes topic to "In Progress Work (Meeting topic: storyboard)"19:21
diablo_rojoA bunch of your stuff landed SotK :)19:21
SotKI noticed, thanks for the reviews!19:21
fungiin that particular case we spent a while trying to figure out why there were a lot more active stories in storyboard-dev for requirements when there was only one open in lp19:22
fungibefore i noticed that most of them had been resolved before the second migration run19:22
fungimade it hard to compare the state between the test import and what was in lp19:22
diablo_rojoOh weeird19:23
fungibasically during an earlier test import they had been active, so when rerunning last week their active statuses weren't updated to be resolved19:24
fungias the tasks already existed on sb-dev19:24
diablo_rojoThat should be a simple thing to add. We would just want to check that the status in sb isnt already resolved and reset it to active19:24
fungiyeah, i don't know that it's a problem to be "fixed" so much as just a caveat to keep in mind when you're doing these19:25
diablo_rojoI could go either way19:26
diablo_rojoI don't think its that big a deal, but I can see how if it happens to a lot of stories, it could be a pain19:26
fungiwell, one way doesn't involve needing to do anything ;)19:26
diablo_rojoI am almost always in favor of those ways unless there is some pressing reason to do otherwise19:27
fungiso i'm in favor of spending our effort wisely and just leaving it the way it is unless it becomes a serious problem19:27
SotKme too19:27
diablo_rojoWorks for me :)19:27
fungiwe've also had a couple more requests for making the project and project-group story list have smarter rules for inferred story state (not taking other projects into account when determining state)19:28
SotKmhmm, I think that should be fairly doable19:29
fungias a workaround, i suggested using a task board with automatic lanes based on task states rather than stories19:29
fungibut that's obviously suboptimal19:30
diablo_rojoSo if its completed in a project show it as done there and if its being shown in a project group and they aren't all done show it as active?19:31
fungibasically in the project story listing ignore the states of tasks for other projects, and in the project-group story listing ignore the states of tasks for any projects not in that project-group19:32
fungiat least i find that an easier way to reason about it19:32
diablo_rojoI think that makes sense19:32
SotKyep, that's how I've understood it19:32
SotKdhellmann pointed out an issue earlier too, where stories with many comments become a bit unusable in the webclient19:34
*** mriedem has quit IRC19:35
fungiyeah, we dropped pagination a while back to avoid confusion, but that brings new problems if you have a story with >1k comments19:35
diablo_rojoPopular story :)19:35
diablo_rojoA release goal I would guess?19:35
fungipopular with his script anyway19:36
persiaEven > 100 comments ends up being noticeably slow.19:36
fungithe py3k-first release goal, yeah19:36
diablo_rojolooks like mordred was talking in #storyboard about updates to make it less painful19:37
diablo_rojobut also 'is not really here right now'19:37
SotKI think that's pretty much the next thing I'm going to work on fixing after I've finished the project groups by name thing I've started19:37
SotKand then after that probably writing a spec for attachments19:37
SotKunless anyone beats me to it of course :)19:38
fungihe had also mentioned that the lack of separation between a story state for only "todo" tasks and a story state with an assorted mix of task states made finding untriaged stories harder (at least i think it was dhellmann who pointed that out)19:38
*** mriedem has joined #openstack-meeting19:38
SotKoh yeah, I think it was19:38
SotKit probably makes sense to look at that at the same time as improving how story state is determined when browsing by project/project group19:39
persiaThere is probably scope for having a richer list of story states (derived from the small set of task states).19:39
fungiyeah, for that, there were some nuanced combinations of states we probably wanted to take into account, so having some sort of matrix might make it easier to reason through19:39
persiaKey to a larger list is not actually letting it be set manually, to avoid the "too many choices" problem.19:39
persiaDo there exist any stories of how people did that sort of thing with LP, or did people not usually use bugtasks in LP?19:42
SotKthe discussion about it is in the irc logs from the 5th and 6th of August19:42
SotKah now I can link it because I have the internet again19:43
SotKand also
* fungi is jealous of SotK's internet access returning19:44
SotKI'm happy if we just address the states discussed in those logs for now19:46
SotKmaybe there would be value in a "Review" state when all tasks are in review too19:46
persiaI like the idea of mirroring the task status when all tasks are in the same status (or invalid+that status).19:46
fungipersia: we use bugtasks in lp a lot... i think it's a combination of the fact that lp doesn't have non-project-specific lists of bug and it treating bugtask states as a priority ordered list so just displayed the highest state value of those across the various series bugtasks present for that project19:47
*** pcaruana has quit IRC19:47
*** efried_rollin is now known as efried19:47
persiafungi: exists, but I agree that nobody ever uses it.19:48
funginew>triaged>confirmed>in-progress>merged>released>opinion>wont-fix>invalid or something like that19:48
* SotK is happy with mirroring too, re-reading those logs I'm a bit concerned that "new" has unwanted meaning for that context19:48
fungiahh, yes i've used the non-project-specific bug listing option so infrequently that i didn19:48
fungi't realize it existed at all19:48
fungiSotK: sure, i like "todo" for that instead19:49
* persia has been using that bug tracker since before it was called "Launchpad", and so remembers lots of special bits that probably should have been removed from the interface years ago19:49
fungi*cough* blueprints *cough*19:50
persiaOne of the features I like about mirroring is that it is amenable to gaming.  For example, if one wants to have "TODO" be untriaged and "Active" be triaged, one can create a task "triage this" and mark it complete.19:50
*** timburke has joined #openstack-meeting19:50
persiablueprints is actually an entirely different project that was put into LP.  Also, yes :)19:50
fungiyeah, i got a ton of backstory on how blueprints was developed and shoehorned in, none of which is likely germane to this discussion ;)19:52
persiaAlso yes :)19:52
SotKanything else in progress?19:53
diablo_rojoSome of fatema_ 's stuff needs reviews19:54
diablo_rojoOther than that- not really19:54
SotKoh, I'd be really happy if can get some reviews so that I can pad out the update email I've been drafting with more things19:55
SotK would also be good to get merged if someone that isn't diablo_rojo has time to review it19:55
* SotK plans to look at fatema_'s patches in his next reviewing session19:56
* diablo_rojo adds bugfixes reviews to the list19:56
*** dustins has joined #openstack-meeting19:57
fatema_thanks SotK19:57
*** e0ne has joined #openstack-meeting19:57
fatema_Is there time for questions ?19:57
SotK#topic Open Discussion19:57
*** openstack changes topic to "Open Discussion (Meeting topic: storyboard)"19:57
SotK3 minutes :)19:57
fatema_ for this one19:58
fatema_Is there a way to pick it up?19:58
persiaIs it worth doing?19:58
fatema_I want to add simplejson to make it possible to use arrow function in coding19:59
persiaAlternately, is there another way to cause those requirements to apply iff the migration script is run?19:59
fungiif it's worth restoring, any core reviewer should be able to set it to restored state19:59
fatema_well in the discussion
persiaFor clarity, my opposition is only to LaunchpadLib: I have no objection to simplejson.20:00
*** iyamahat has joined #openstack-meeting20:00
fatema_persia, that's fine by me20:00
SotKwe're out of time, lets continue in #storyboard20:00
*** iyamahat has quit IRC20:00
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notmyname#startmeeting swift21:00
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*** tdasilva has joined #openstack-meeting21:00
notmynamewho's here for the swift team meeting?21:00
rledisezhi o/21:01
*** m_kazuhiro has joined #openstack-meeting21:01
notmynamehello, everyone21:02
notmynamegood to see you. I was out all last week, and I've been trying to catch up most of this week so far21:03
*** jamesmcarthur has joined #openstack-meeting21:03
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notmynameseeing as I *just* updated the agenda for this week's meeting, I think it will be pretty quick :)21:04
notmynamethe big news is that swift 2.19.0 has been released!21:04
timburkebest swift yet21:04
notmynamethis is what goes into the openstack rocky release, which is set to be released this week or next (Real Soon Now)21:05
notmynamethanks for all the reviews and code work everyone did last week to get this release finished21:05
notmynameI haven't really gone through the priority review page in great detail yet21:06
notmynamebut things to keep in mind: we *need* to get the PUT+POST patch landed.
patchbotpatch 427911 - swift - Replace MIME with PUT+POST for EC and Encryption - 40h 40m 53s spent in CI21:07
notmynameif you can help with that, it's appreciated21:07
notmynamethe patch authors on have been very patient, as well, and it's a useful feature21:07
patchbotpatch 507808 - swift - Add ability to undelete an account. - 32h 4m 31s spent in CI21:07
*** jamesmcarthur has quit IRC21:08
notmynameand the patches that help rledisez's work on LOSF will be good to get in21:08
notmynameso those things, in that order, are my opinion as ptl on important thing to get done21:08
mattoliverauPut post is waiting on Pete to address reviews I think21:09
notmynamehowever, FWIW, swiftstack's priorities are around getting the remainder of the s3api patches landed (and a few other non-swift things)21:09
notmynamemattoliverau: good to know21:09
notmynameI wonder if we need to be a little more cavalier about pushing updates over each other so that we can make more rapid progress21:10
kota_e.g. - in etag for multipart?21:10
notmynamekota_: yes21:10
timburkekota_: yeah, among others21:10
mattoliverauKMS keymaster multi key patch would be good, just while it's still loaded in people's head21:10
timburkemattoliverau: it's on my list :-) just gotta remember how to spin up barbican21:11
notmynamemattoliverau: I agree completely, but it's not something I know of anyone using, much less needing new feature for :-)21:11
timburkekota_: if you see my name by a patch on*+project:openstack/swift -- i want it :-)21:11
notmynamefor context on the swiftstack s3 stuff, most of these are patches we were carrying on swift3, and we need these landed on s3api so we can move customers there. once that happens, we'll be able to implement some new s3 compat (eg s3 versioning)21:12
*** gouthamr has joined #openstack-meeting21:12
kota_timburke: alright, is p 575860 ready for reviews?21:12
patchbot - swift - s3api: Include '-' in multipart ETags - 15h 15m 57s spent in CI21:12
notmynamekota_: mattoliverau: rledisez: anything to share from your respective employers about priorities?21:12
mattoliverautimburke: there's a vagrant Env you can spin up thanks to tdasilva and Mathias21:12
timburkemattoliverau: once i get barbican loaded into my head again, i might look at a follow-up to to have barbican+encryption in a dsvm job21:13
patchbotpatch 589270 - swift - Move legacy-swift-dsvm-functional job in-tree - 12h 59m 41s spent in CI21:13
timburkekota_: yeah, should be trimmed down to just the S3 Multipart Upload PUT path now iirc21:13
mattoliverauUmm, not really, py3 is probably still very important as we want a py3 only release.21:14
rlediseznotmyname: on our side, LOSF, reducing eventual consistency effect as customers complains a lot about that, and replication/rebalancing21:14
kota_I don't have so much priority thing for now, but personal perspective, I'd like to get rledisez's p 447129 soon as possible.21:15
patchbot - swift - Configure diskfile per storage policy - 26h 33m 33s spent in CI21:15
notmynamemattoliverau: yup. there's always py321:15
tdasilvatimburke: just for reference: this worked at some point in the past21:15
notmynamerledisez: good to know. please talk as much as possible upstream about those things. we all have the same problems :-)21:15
kota_it's nice to have.21:15
timburkerledisez: when you say "reducing the effect", what does that entail? mostly just trying to reduce object replication/reconstruction cycle times? or updates for container listings? or...?21:16
rlediseztimburke: actually both. I worked on reducing the delay for container listing update in special case that was harming us, but also moving back data from handoff to primary node as fast as possible21:18
notmynameoh, speaking of moving data from handoffs more quickly...21:19
notmynamewe've had several customers move to the new workers/concurrency settings, and their replication cycle times went *way* down21:19
timburkemattoliverau: i know i mentioned this in a meeting a bit ago, but i forget if you were there for it -- i've got some stuff not in gerrit at that's pretty promising... but i haven't had cycles to work on it in a bit21:19
timburkeiirc we want something like upstream, because our func tests are insane21:20
notmynameespecially when deployers have a lot of drives in a single storage node, moving to more workers and less concurrency really helped. eg old setting was effectively 1 worker with 90 concurrency, new setting is 45 concurrency with 2 workers21:21
mattoliverautimburke: cool, no I didn't know21:21
notmynamesorry, swap that. 45 workers with a concurrency of 221:22
rlediseznotmyname: good to know. I think we used to do that with reconstructor (1 worker per disk, 1 concurrency per worker)21:22
timburkemattoliverau: unfortunately it's a bit of a mishmash -- i'd hack away until i got some new set of (func) tests passing, then commit as a kind of high-water mark. needs to get pulled apart into a reviewable chain21:22
notmynamerledisez: interestingly, just doing 1 worker per drive had some problems in a 90-drive box. some kernel hangups or something. doing 45/2 was much better than 90/121:23
*** felipemonteiro has quit IRC21:23
notmynameit's not what we would have expected, and it needs more investigation. but it's an interesting data point21:23
rlediseznotmyname: sure, linux kernel is "sensitive" sometimes :)21:24
notmynamethe PTG is less than a month away21:24
notmynamethere's the planning etherpad. I seeded it with some topics, but it needs some more input (eg all the stuff we've just briefly mentioned in this meeting)21:25
notmynameso please add stuff that you want to talk about21:25
notmynameand add your name at the top if you're attending21:26
*** felipemonteiro has joined #openstack-meeting21:26
mattoliverauWish I was :( I'll add stuff I want y'all to talk about ;p21:27
notmynamethanks mattoliverau. and you'll be missed21:27
notmynamewhat else do we need to discuss this week in this meeting?21:27
kota_nothing from my side21:28
notmynamethanks, everyone, for your work on swift21:29
notmynamebe proud of today's release :-)21:29
notmynamethanks for coming today21:29
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