Monday, 2018-11-26

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clayglooks like cdent has picked up maintainership of paste-deploy - (that's good!)15:18
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clayglp bug #1804627 seems like a bummer - hooray for p 61950216:59
openstackLaunchpad bug 1804627 in OpenStack Object Storage (swift) "Selection of select eventlet.hub instead of poll in wsgi servers" [Undecided,New]
claygI'm guessing we don't run new enough eventlet to cause this problem - but I haven't really confirmed that yet...16:59
claygno, we should be on eventlet 0.22 🤷‍♂️17:00
notmynameclayg: mischan?17:00
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slaweq#startmeeting networking21:01
openstackMeeting started Mon Nov 26 21:01:02 2018 UTC and is due to finish in 60 minutes.  The chair is slaweq. Information about MeetBot at
openstackUseful Commands: #action #agreed #help #info #idea #link #topic #startvote.21:01
*** openstack changes topic to " (Meeting topic: networking)"21:01
openstackThe meeting name has been set to 'networking'21:01
slaweqmlavalle is traveling today and he asked me to run our meeting21:01
amotokihi morning21:01
bcafarelhi mlavalle's clone (and others)21:01
slaweqagenda for meeting is on
slaweq#Topic Announcements21:02
*** openstack changes topic to "Announcements (Meeting topic: networking)"21:02
slaweqNext milestone is Stein-2, January 7 - 1121:03
slaweqOther thing which is worth to highlight is fact that mailing lists are being combined:21:04
slaweqso we should use openstack-discuss ML now21:04
bcafareland add "[dev]" if needed in topic21:05
slaweqand [neutron] tag also can be added, right?21:05
amotokifrom what I gathered so far,if a topic is completely specific to dev, [dev] would be fine.21:06
amotoki[neutron] is fine too21:06
bcafarel[dev] [neutron] probably then21:06
amotokiso if a topic is also related to ops/users, just [neutron] would be fine21:06
slaweqthx bcafarel for the link21:08
slaweqso, please be aware and use new ML instead of old ones now :)21:08
amotokifollowup thread would be helpful like
slaweqold MLs will be closed in few weeks IIRC21:09
slaweqok, any other announcements for today?21:10
slaweqok, I guess that means "no" :)21:11
slaweqso next topic21:11
slaweq#topic Blueprints21:11
*** openstack changes topic to "Blueprints (Meeting topic: networking)"21:11
slaweqcurrent BP for Stein-2:
slaweqany updates on blueprints?21:11
slaweqok, I guess there is no any updates on blueprints21:14
slaweqso let's move on to the next topic then21:14
slaweq#topic Community goals21:15
*** openstack changes topic to "Community goals (Meeting topic: networking)"21:15
slaweqamotoki: any updates on policy-in-code?21:15
amotokiThere are several updates on policy-in-code. The code is becoming a good shape, but I see several things.21:15
amotokiI would liek to share three issues I see now.21:15
amotokiFirst one is failures in unit tests and functional tests. When I dropped tests/etc/policy.json, they fail.21:16
amotokithere is a test patch :
amotokiSecond is when I drop policy.json completely from devstack ( somehow neutron-fullstack fails (patch set 6 of
amotokiThird is a problem caused by two policy enforcers (neutron and neutron-lib). neutron enforcer works fine but neutron-lib enforcer warns no corresponding rules if we have customized partial policy.json. I am exploring an approach.21:16
amotokiMy current priorities are first and second ones. Any helps on investigating failures would be appreciated.21:17
amotokithis is updates from me21:17
slaweqI think You pasted wrong link to PS6 and fullstack failure21:18
amotokislaweq: you are correct. it should be "patch set 6 of"21:18
amotokiI am wondering why devstack policy.json change triggers fullstack failure. it needs more investigation21:19
slaweqamotoki: I can help with that one21:19
slaweqtomorrow I will take a look at this issue with fullstack tests21:19
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slaweqand what about those UT and functional tests? Do You have examples of failures too?21:20
amotokiUT failure example is
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amotokihandling of shared attribute of address scope is failing21:22
amotokithis is the only failure pattern I see so far.21:22
slaweqok, so this doesn't looks like "big" issue :)21:22
amotokiI hope so. perhaps it is caused by some difference between the real API processing and a plugin for UT.21:23
slaweqyep, it is possible21:24
slaweqamotoki: and this is functional failure, right?21:25
amotokiyes, that's the one21:26
amotokiboth are linked from
slaweqok, so it is only one test which is failing21:26
slaweqand I think both issues can be easily reproduced locally so debugging shouldn't be very hard probably21:26
amotokiI think so too21:27
slaweqok, thx for update amotoki21:27
slaweqI will ping You if I will find something with this fullstack issue21:27
slaweqlets move on21:28
amotokinote that we need to ensure /etc/neutron/policy.json does not exist to reproduce UT failure21:28
amotokilet's move on21:28
slaweqI think njohnston is not here, so we can skip python 3 goal today21:28
slaweqand last one is upgrade checker cli tool21:29
slaweqI have patch to allow loading checks from stadium/3rd party projects to neutron tool:21:29
*** e0ne has joined #openstack-meeting21:30
slaweqI did it in the way that stadium projects can register their own checks in entry_points21:30
slaweqand each check function is one entry point21:30
slaweqamotoki proposed different approach21:30
*** shrasool has quit IRC21:30
amotokimy approach is one entry point per stadium/3rd party project.21:31
slaweqI would like others to review this patch and tell what is better solution in Your opinion - for me both are fine21:31
slaweqamotoki: am I understand correct that then such stadium project should have some method like "get_checks()" or something like that, which we can call in neutron-status script to load all checks from stadium project?21:32
slaweqis my understanding correct?21:32
amotokislaweq: correct21:33
amotokiI see a little difference. Only difference I see is per-project entry points looks easier to avoid naming conflict in check functions, but we can suggest the naming convention.21:33
slaweqI'm starting thinking that Your idea is better :)21:34
amotokithe similar approach is used in policy-in-code loader21:34
slaweqyes, I saw it today when I was reviewing Your big patch21:34
*** tidwellr has joined #openstack-meeting21:35
slaweqthx for suggestion amotoki, I will change it :)21:35
slaweqok, next topic then21:36
slaweq#topic Bugs21:36
*** openstack changes topic to "Bugs (Meeting topic: networking)"21:36
slaweqyamamoto was bug deputy last week21:36
slaweqI don't see report from him on ML but maybe I missed it today21:36
slaweqthx a lot amotoki21:37
slaweqI was looking on openstack-dev ML :)21:37
slaweqI have to remember this new one now21:37
slaweqok, so we have one critical bug from last week:21:38
openstackLaunchpad bug 1803745 in neutron "neutron-dynamic-routing: unit test failures with master branch of neutron" [Critical,In progress] - Assigned to Hongbin Lu (
slaweqhongbin is assigned to it21:38
slaweqany update hongbin?21:38
hongbinthere is a patch proposed to neutron-dynamic-routing21:38
* hongbin is finding the link21:38
tidwellr ?21:39
hongbintidwellr: right, thx21:39
hongbinslaweq: any specific question about this bug?21:39
slaweqnot from me21:39
slaweqI see that yamamoto has some questions in review21:40
hongbinyes, i think i replied to his comment21:40
slaweqyes, and he replied to Yours too :P21:40
hongbinok, i will check it out21:41
slaweqhongbin: thx21:41
slaweqfrom other bugs I would like to highlight one high:
openstackLaunchpad bug 1799737 in neutron "l3 agent external_network_bridge broken with ovs" [High,Confirmed]21:41
slaweqwhich don't have assignment yet21:42
*** apetrich has joined #openstack-meeting21:42
amotokithe config option is deprecated but it seems we need to fix and backport it.21:43
hongbinslaweq: doesn't you have a patch to remove that config?21:43
slaweqyes, I think I know this patch21:43
amotokiand then we would like to drop it in Stein (after cleaning up in other projects)21:44
*** awaugama has quit IRC21:44
slaweqhongbin: yes, I have patch to remove this option finally but it seems that ironic is using it still and they need some time to get rid of it21:44
slaweqso I don't know if we will be able to remove it in Stein finally21:44
hongbinslaweq: i will look at the ironic side to see what we can do21:44
slaweqit's already removed from some repos but still not from neutron :/21:44
slaweqhongbin: thx a lot :)21:45
slaweqand I will take a look at this bug this week21:45
slaweqthis week's bug deputy is mlavalle21:46
slaweqand he told me that he is aware of it already :)21:46
slaweqso we are in good hands for sure21:46
slaweqlets move on21:46
slaweqnext topic21:46
slaweq#topic neutron-lib21:46
*** openstack changes topic to "neutron-lib (Meeting topic: networking)"21:46
slaweqboden: any updates?21:47
bodenquickly since we are short on time21:47
bodenwe were talking about doing a neutron-lib release this week... I'm still waiting for
bodenif there are other patches we need to wait for pls let me know21:47
bodenand finally a FYI... it seems bgpvpn's gate maybe broken... I filed
openstackLaunchpad bug 1805240 in networking-bgpvpn "Unit tests fail with: 'AnonymousUser' object has no attribute 'token'" [Undecided,New]21:48
bodenthat's all I have really21:49
slaweqis this UT failure related to neutron-lib?21:49
bodenslaweq not that I know of, other than its holding up some lib patches in bgpvpn21:50
slaweqahh, ok21:50
slaweqthx for update then21:50
slaweqand looking at list of neutron-lib patches at I don't think there is anything really needed to be released this week (except Your patch)21:51
bodenslaweq okay thanks21:51
slaweqamotoki, please check it also as release liaision :)21:51
amotokislaweq: yes, I often check the release reviews :)21:52
slaweqamotoki: thx :)21:52
slaweqok, lets move on21:52
slaweq#topic os-ken21:52
*** openstack changes topic to "os-ken (Meeting topic: networking)"21:52
slaweqhongbin: any updates?21:53
hongbinfirst, we have a patch that rename everything from "ryu" to "osken"21:53
hongbinthis patch needs code reviews :)21:53
slaweqI think You gave wrong link21:53
hongbinslaweq: right :)21:54
hongbinafter that patch is merged, i will propose another release21:54
slaweqok, I will review it tomorrow morning21:54
hongbinon the neutron side, there is a POC patch for switching to the new library21:55
slaweqI just wanted to ask about switch in neutron :) thx hongbin21:55
hongbinthere are some discussion in the reviews21:55
hongbinthe argument is about whether we should rename "ryu" to "osken" in neutron side21:56
*** eharney has quit IRC21:56
amotokiif "os_ken" is "ken", we don't need space changes :p21:57
slaweqI will look at this patch but now I think that we could change it21:57
amotokiI am not sure how often we have backports from ryu upstream.21:58
amotokiit depends on maintenance cost. diff seems not a lot.21:58
slaweqI don't think we will have a lot of such backports21:58
amotokiyeah agree21:59
slaweqas ryu isn't in very active development now, right?21:59
slaweqok, I think we need to finish now21:59
slaweqsorry that I didn't get to on demand agenda today21:59
hongbinthe reason we need to create "ken" is that ryu will no longer be maintained, so no, i don't think ryu is very active22:00
slaweqthx for attending22:00
amotokilet's add demand agenda to the agenda22:00
*** openstack changes topic to "OpenStack Meetings ||"22:00
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openstackMinutes (text):
slaweqamotoki: it's added on agenda page but we didn't have time to get to it today :/22:01
slaweqhave a good week folks, and see You on irc o/22:01
slaweqGood night!22:01
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amotokislaweq: I see no topic in "On Demand Agenda" section.22:01
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