Wednesday, 2019-02-27

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diablo_rojo#startmeeting fc_sig07:04
openstackMeeting started Wed Feb 27 07:04:35 2019 UTC and is due to finish in 60 minutes.  The chair is diablo_rojo. Information about MeetBot at
openstackUseful Commands: #action #agreed #help #info #idea #link #topic #startvote.07:04
*** openstack changes topic to " (Meeting topic: fc_sig)"07:04
openstackThe meeting name has been set to 'fc_sig'07:04
diablo_rojo#link meeting agenda07:05
diablo_rojoSorry everyone :) I definitely lost track of time.07:05
diablo_rojoI blame netflix07:05
tonybdiablo_rojo: sounds legit07:05
diablo_rojogmann, around?07:06
diablo_rojoI'm guessing he's sleeping07:06
diablo_rojoBut figured I would try07:06
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diablo_rojoI think we can get things rolling since mattoliverau also won't be around tonight.07:07
diablo_rojo#topic New Contributor Patches07:07
*** openstack changes topic to "New Contributor Patches (Meeting topic: fc_sig)"07:07
diablo_rojoI was terrible and did not do the homework07:08
* tonyb found a tripleo one!07:08
tonybbut so far nothing much has happened07:08
diablo_rojoDoes it need someone to review it? Or you are waiting for the person to respond to comments you've made?07:09
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tonybI'm not push ing on the review side until the owner pipes in07:10
diablo_rojoGlad its being looked after :)07:10
tonybIt was a shock to find one ;P07:10
diablo_rojoNot many new contributors to tripleO I guess07:11
diablo_rojocmurphy, find anything notable?07:11
cmurphyi did not07:11
diablo_rojocmurphy no worries. I didn't either lol.07:12
diablo_rojoMoving on?07:12
diablo_rojo#topic Ask.o.o Questions07:13
*** openstack changes topic to "Ask.o.o Questions (Meeting topic: fc_sig)"07:13
mattoliverauI'm not here (but quickly while bathing) I got contacted by a guy who found me via the first contact sig page re: getting involved in swift! Been helping him get going, had a video meeting with him. He's based in India.07:13
diablo_rojomattoliverau, that's awesome :)07:13
mattoliverau*bathing the kids07:13
* cmurphy comments on osc patch07:13
mattoliverauOtherwise that might read wierd07:13
tonybmattoliverau: Great! and LOL07:14
diablo_rojomattoliverau, lol thats what I had read it as07:14
diablo_rojoBack on topic, I can try to write another softball question or two in the next week to help keep seeding the website with good information07:15
diablo_rojoTo make up for my not doing the homework :/07:15
diablo_rojo#action diablo_rojo will post another question or two on ask.o.o07:16
*** aojea has joined #openstack-meeting07:16
diablo_rojoThen hopefully one of you will answer it/them.07:16
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diablo_rojoNExt topic?07:16
tonybdiablo_rojo: +107:16
diablo_rojo#topic Sandbox Bot07:17
*** openstack changes topic to "Sandbox Bot (Meeting topic: fc_sig)"07:17
* diablo_rojo looks in tonyb's direction07:17
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tonybSo sadly not a lot to say since last meeting07:18
tonybIt basically works but really could do with some actual design work07:18
diablo_rojoI think I made one comment on it07:19
tonybThe original plan was for it to live in project-config but now I'm wondering if we just want it on pypi?07:19
diablo_rojoAnd tested it07:19
tonybdiablo_rojo: you did!07:19
* tonyb even addressed your comment ;P07:19
diablo_rojoI feel like it makes sense to live wherever the welcome new contributor bot lives?07:19
diablo_rojoCause bots need friends you know07:20
tonybOf course because it's running on my laptop and I rebooted last week it hasn't been running :(07:20
tonybhehe Yeah okay07:20
tonybSo the next step is for us to decide if what it does now is good enough to merge into project-config and then added to $all_the_things07:20
diablo_rojoI think what it does now is good. We can add to it more after.07:21
tonybI'll send an update to the list tomorrow07:21
diablo_rojoAnything you need from us tonyb?07:21
tonybI've done the easy bit07:21
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tonybso now I kind need ya'll to help with the hard stuff like adding it to OUI etc07:21
*** apetrich has joined #openstack-meeting07:21
diablo_rojoI feel like adding it to OUI is easy, but sure... the hard stuff.07:22
tonybdiablo_rojo: but I guess that needs to wait until I document it on list and get it merged07:22
diablo_rojoSome documentation would probably be good yeah07:22
diablo_rojoBut happy to review that if you wanna add me to the patch when you get it pushed07:23
tonybdiablo_rojo: cool beans07:23
diablo_rojoanything else on this topic?07:23
tonybnot from me07:23
diablo_rojo#topic Forum Planning07:23
*** openstack changes topic to "Forum Planning (Meeting topic: fc_sig)"07:23
diablo_rojoSubmissions are open until March 8th.07:23
diablo_rojoI made an etherpad:07:24
diablo_rojoBut its currently empty07:24
diablo_rojoWe also could have BoF space if we wanted07:24
diablo_rojoand only a few days later we will have PTG space for half a day07:24
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diablo_rojoSo... things to think about. What we want to talk about and when.07:25
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tonybI feel like the PTG is a better fit this time07:25
diablo_rojoThe only Forum session I was really thinking about was around the awareness/deduplication of onboarding efforts. Make sure everyone is aware of what exists, etc.07:26
diablo_rojoSince there seemed to be a lot of confusion and surprise as things were listed when the help wanted list was a hot topic07:27
tonybdiablo_rojo: Yeah that makes sense07:27
diablo_rojoBut thats still forming in my brain. So if anyone has input I am all ears.07:27
diablo_rojoI think the problem would be getting the right people in the room07:27
diablo_rojoI think we can use our BoF like we did last time- hang out/meet people/put names to faces etc07:27
diablo_rojoI think the rest of discussions we can save for the PTG07:28
diablo_rojoThat was a lot of sentences starting with 'I think' in a row lol07:28
cmurphyan onboarding/mentoring forum session with the tc sounds like a good idea07:29
tonybI think you're about right07:29
cmurphysorry *I think an onboarding/mentoring forum session with the tc sounds like a good idea07:29
tonybcmurphy: \o/07:29
diablo_rojocmurphy, I can get something drafted in the etherpad if you would give it a look before I submit07:29
diablo_rojoand then maybe we bring it up in office hours to get their buy in too?07:29
diablo_rojoI'll draft something tomorrowish. Maybe Thursday depending on how tomorrow goes.07:30
diablo_rojoAnyone got anything else on upcoming events? Or forum submissions? Hopefully gmann and mattoliverau can weigh in later.07:31
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* cmurphy nothing07:34
diablo_rojo#topic Regs for Organisations Contributing to OpenStack07:34
*** openstack changes topic to "Regs for Organisations Contributing to OpenStack (Meeting topic: fc_sig)"07:34
*** ttsiouts has joined #openstack-meeting07:34
diablo_rojoI tried to talk to lsell about how to get a thing on the agenda but didn't get any direction so I will keep pushing on that.07:34
diablo_rojoI saw some chatter about the next meeting so the agenda is probably already set, but if I can get a slot I will let you all know.07:34
diablo_rojoThat's all I had for this topic.07:35
diablo_rojo#topic People to Reach Out To07:35
*** openstack changes topic to "People to Reach Out To (Meeting topic: fc_sig)"07:35
tonybOh so ...07:35
diablo_rojoI am guessing its still all crickets here?07:35
tonybIn Decemeber I said I'd create a document to track who was reaching out and when that was last done07:35
tonybso I give you ... in all it's glory:
tonybbut yeah I haven't actually done anything07:36
diablo_rojoThats really helpful07:36
tonybI made my best guess ay who was 'assigned07:36
tonyb' based on the meeting logs but feel free to correct07:37
diablo_rojoI feel like mattoliverau and cmurphy were on this list as well for chatting to people, but I would have to go through many an IRC log to confirm..07:37
cmurphyi reached out to one a while ago07:37
diablo_rojocmurphy, yeah melissaml?07:37
cmurphywhat did you all say to them when you were reaching out?07:38
tonybdiablo_rojo: Yeah they definately looked that way but I *think* it was for organisations rather than developers07:38
tonybtheer was a lot of talk about 'Internap' but I couldn't match that to anyone on this list07:38
diablo_rojocmurphy...I...haven't yet.07:38
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cmurphydhellmann said he had some luck getting work out of people by being explicit about tasks that needed to get done, that might be a better approach than just offering to help07:38
tonybdiablo_rojo, cmurphy melissaml is ma.lei07:38
cmurphyif we have some kind of backlog07:38
tonybthay have multiple accounts :/07:39
diablo_rojocmurphy, yeah I saw that. I think its a good idea too.07:39
tonybPerhaps I should add that ...07:39
diablo_rojoI think if we get that help wanted list job postings maybe we can throw those things their way?07:39
cmurphyyeah maybe07:40
diablo_rojoOtherwise I don't know how to assign a project really since most of them have touched dozens of repos across several projects.07:40
diablo_rojoI guess we can wait till the help wanted list reforms and then give communication another shot.07:42
diablo_rojoSo hold off for now?07:42
* diablo_rojo will accept silence as agreement :) 07:43
diablo_rojoHa ha07:43
* tonyb shrugs07:43
tonyb... sure?07:43
diablo_rojoI'll take all of that as affirmation07:43
diablo_rojoAnything else on this topic?07:44
diablo_rojo#topic Open Discussion07:45
*** openstack changes topic to "Open Discussion (Meeting topic: fc_sig)"07:45
diablo_rojocmurphy, did you get Denver booked yet?07:46
diablo_rojoWill you be able to come help with OUI?07:46
cmurphylol still not approved07:46
cmurphyi still have a few hours right?07:46
tonybcmurphy: hours?07:46
cmurphybefore the discount pricing goes up?07:46
diablo_rojocmurphy, yeah I think so07:46
diablo_rojomaybe not a few07:46
diablo_rojomight just be like.. an hour07:47
* diablo_rojo looks07:47
* tonyb wishes that kind of feedback worked with $corporate_overlords07:47
cmurphyThis is a friendly reminder that your 80% discount code for a Summit + PTG Combo ticket expires at 11:59pm PT on Wednesday, February 27 (7:59am UTC on February 28).07:48
diablo_rojoOne more day then07:48
cmurphyi think that's in 24 hours not 10 minutes07:48
diablo_rojoI think you are correct07:48
diablo_rojoI was misremembering07:48
* diablo_rojo hasn't registered either for whatever thats worth07:48
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cmurphyi was thinking all yesterday that it was going to end this morning07:48
tonybdiablo_rojo: pft timezones are hard07:48
diablo_rojoI now have the les mis song 'One More Day' stuck in my head07:49
diablo_rojotonyb, they are07:49
cmurphyi am assuming i will be at the summit but probably at oui only for the sunday07:50
* tonyb adds One Day More to tomorrows playlist ... just becasue07:50
*** liuyulong has joined #openstack-meeting07:50
cmurphyi think aquarium diving is saturday07:51
*** jamesmcarthur has joined #openstack-meeting07:51
diablo_rojocmurphy, Sunday is the day we need more hands so that fine.07:51
diablo_rojocmurphy, you're going aquarium diving?07:51
diablo_rojoNice :)07:51
*** sridharg has joined #openstack-meeting07:52
diablo_rojoI will not be.. I will be educating the future of OpenStack instead ;)07:52
*** markvoelker has joined #openstack-meeting07:52
tonyb... but aquarium diving sounds fun07:52
diablo_rojoIt does07:53
* tonyb needs a PADI qualification to OUI it is ;P07:53
cmurphyyou still have time to get certified :)07:54
tonybcmurphy: there isn't a certifier here07:54
*** tetsuro has quit IRC07:55
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diablo_rojoAnything else for Open Discussion or shall I close it?07:55
* tonyb is done07:56
* diablo_rojo is done too07:56
diablo_rojocmurphy ?07:56
cmurphyoh wait07:56
cmurphymaybe we should do another poll for meeting tie?07:56
diablo_rojoOh yeah07:57
diablo_rojoWhen do you move again?07:57
cmurphybut gmann is already moved07:57
*** e0ne has joined #openstack-meeting07:57
tonybEarly April is when Australia does it's DST trabsition so by then US, EU and AU will all be on the 'new' time07:58
diablo_rojoI can get the poll ready to send out and we can shift the meeting maybe after the next one?07:58
*** yamamoto has joined #openstack-meeting07:59
tonybperhaps it's best to wait until that all settles?07:59
cmurphysounds good07:59
cmurphytonyb: that makes sense07:59
diablo_rojoYeah we can do the poll and then wait to actually do the shift till like.. after our April 9th meeting?07:59
* diablo_rojo thinks she counted that correctly07:59
tonybdiablo_rojo: that sounds right07:59
tonybI think that means we'll have a couple where gmann can't make it08:00
diablo_rojoCool. I'll get the poll made/sent out before next meeting08:00
tonyb... then of course we'll all go to Denver ;P08:00
tonybdiablo_rojo: #action it :P08:00
diablo_rojoWell I can add when we want to make the change to the email too08:01
diablo_rojo#action diablo_rojo will create a poll to find a new meeting time08:01
diablo_rojoAnything else?08:01
cmurphyfor real this time08:01
diablo_rojoOops we are over time08:01
*** lbragstad has quit IRC08:01
diablo_rojocmurphy, lol :)08:01
*** openstack changes topic to "OpenStack Meetings ||"08:01
openstackMeeting ended Wed Feb 27 08:01:48 2019 UTC.  Information about MeetBot at . (v 0.1.4)08:01
openstackMinutes (text):
cmurphythanks diablo_rojo08:01
tonybThanks diablo_rojo08:02
diablo_rojoMy pleasure cmurphy and tonyb :)08:03
diablo_rojoThanks for attending!08:03
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oneswig#startmeeting scientific-sig11:00
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*** openstack changes topic to " (Meeting topic: scientific-sig)"11:00
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oneswiggreetings o/11:00
*** yamamoto has joined #openstack-meeting11:00
oneswig#link Agenda for today
oneswighi ildikov bogdando belmoreira mgoddard11:01
jandersg'day all11:01
ildikovhi :)11:01
*** sdake has joined #openstack-meeting11:01
oneswigevening janders11:02
*** b1airo has joined #openstack-meeting11:02
oneswigI trust everyone has got their summit arrangements in place, for those that are going? :-)11:02
b1airoyeah i should really do that11:02
oneswigg'day b1airo11:02
oneswig#chair b1airo11:02
openstackCurrent chairs: b1airo oneswig11:02
jandersflights booked - rest in progress11:02
b1airohow goes it?11:02
janderswho's staying around for the PTG?11:02
oneswig#topic Denver Summit11:03
*** openstack changes topic to "Denver Summit (Meeting topic: scientific-sig)"11:03
oneswigI am - but only for 1 day.  Got to fly home for a family occasion at the weekend.11:03
mgoddardI'll be there sunday - saturday11:03
oneswigmgoddard: thought it was Monday?11:03
mgoddardsorry, monday - saturday11:03
b1airounsure yet. probably. we seem to have a spot in the PTG for the SIG11:04
mgoddardin fact, travelling monday, summit on tuesday :)11:04
priteauNo summit / PTG for me, but there should be two Blazar core contributors present11:04
oneswigWe do.  We have SIG sessions in the forum followed by SIG sessions at the PTG.11:05
*** Shilpa has joined #openstack-meeting11:05
oneswigDifferent focus but we'll need to concentrate on channelling the discussion in each...11:05
oneswigHi verdurin priteau, morning11:05
mgoddardHow will those sessions differ?11:05
jandersgreat to see a fair bit of interest in the PTG. I propose we dedicate a part of one of the future IRC meetings to discuss the Scientific SIG agenda for the PTG11:06
*** ShilpaSD has quit IRC11:06
oneswigmgoddard: The forum session is always operator/user facing.  I don't think so many of those will be in the PTG.  Last one I was at we talked a lot with the Nova and Ironic folks who were really great and turned up to our session.11:06
oneswigmartial led the last PTG and I think you know more about that one than me :-)11:06
b1airoseconded janders11:07
oneswigjanders: thirded11:07
mgoddardwill be a common theme I think, trying to maintain a useful distinction between these sessions with many of the same people present11:07
b1airodid i make you backspace oneswig ?11:07
ildikovoneswig: +1, the PTG is a great place for cross-project type discussions11:08
oneswigWhat I saw was a really productive discussion on articulating use case requirements.  We did *cough* not follow up on our side of the ensuing participation admittedly11:08
oneswigShould make a resolution to do that better this cycle.11:08
oneswigAnyway, it's actually a good opportunity because the forum session will be fresh in our minds.11:08
oneswigOn the subject of the forum session, we are planning to split it into some lightning talks again, given that seems to work well.11:09
*** ttsiouts_ has quit IRC11:09
jandersare any of you attending the Red Hat Summit in addition to the Denver events?11:09
oneswigjanders: not me, I don't get out much11:10
*** ttsiouts has joined #openstack-meeting11:10
oneswigI'm due to be at a Dell community HPC event at the end of March though...11:10
b1airoyeah, we could tee up some time with relevant project teams (e.g. Blazar, Cyborg, ...), but unless we have people who are using or have tried using those projects it is questionable as to how useful it would be. i suppose prep work and careful formatting is the key to making it worthwhile11:10
b1airothose Dell events are generally decent11:11
b1airounlikely to do Red Hat, too long away from home11:11
*** erlon has joined #openstack-meeting11:12
b1airoi did enjoy it last year though. they have good hands on stuff, but you really have to get in fast11:12
oneswigIf the PTG format is similar, we'll go in the early stage cross-project phase, and a lot of leads and cores from the larger projects tend to drop by.11:12
ildikovI'm not sure about the format yet as it'll be shorter this time11:13
jandersspeaking of Dell - do you guys have any experience with their PowerEdge C6420 platform?11:13
oneswigildikov: thanks, I've not seen anything on it11:13
oneswigjanders: yes, sure11:14
*** _hemna has joined #openstack-meeting11:14
verdurinjanders: we have a bunch of those11:14
ildikovoneswig: it's still under scheduling based on the teams' requests11:14
jandersany stability issues (and specifically MCEs)?11:14
b1aironice dense boxes - good luck finding a location for 5 asset tags...11:14
oneswigWe've done fun things with configuring BIOS and RAID parameters via Ansible on those11:14
janders(MCE = machine check exception)11:15
verdurinWe've seen some instability on (non-OpenStack) compute nodes, largely resolved with firmware updates so far.11:15
oneswigGetting memory and PCI issues janders?11:15
janderswe are having a nightmare run on about 40 of those, seems a faulty batch11:15
jandersthey reset with MCE in the SEL and no indication of what the problem is whatsoever. No kernel panics.11:16
oneswigDoes it go into the iDRAC event log?11:16
jandersbut usually MCE is accompanied by a hint what the reason was11:16
jandersnot in this case11:16
*** e0ne has joined #openstack-meeting11:16
b1airowe had a big headache with vanilla (i.e. not Dell OEM) Mellanox CX-4s in them, but they wouldn't even boot. went away after updating the Mellanox firmware - had to cold boot 60 of them about ~15 times each via iDRAC console to get the initial installs and updates done o_011:17
oneswigb1airo: think I remember that time11:17
jandersvery interesting11:17
jandersI will check with the guys if they updated the Mellanox firmware - BIOS/iDRAC I'm sure they did11:18
oneswigGood luck with that janders, always good to hear your reports from the coal face11:18
b1airoiirc it was a PCI training error or something of that nature that kept coming up (before BIOS had even finished initialising)11:18
b1airotry taking all peripherals out and see where that lands you11:19
oneswigb1airo: seen a few of those on C4130 GPU nodes.11:19
oneswigAnyway, let's get on?11:19
janderssorry to hijack the discussion with an off topic question - let's continue - we can touch on this more later time permitting (and if not I will chat to the team and likely email you with more questions)11:19
janderssure! thanks heaps guys11:19
oneswig#topic CFP Deadlines11:19
*** openstack changes topic to "CFP Deadlines (Meeting topic: scientific-sig)"11:19
oneswigbelmoreira: how's preparation going?11:19
oneswigCongratulations on your election btw!11:20
oneswig#link CERN OpenStack days CFP - closes tomorrow
oneswigAlso closing tomorrow is the Open Infra days London -
oneswigbelmoreira: I've been trying to reach Chiara but she's on holiday until tomorrow11:22
*** ttsiouts has quit IRC11:23
oneswigOK, let's get onto edge computing11:23
oneswig#topic Edge computing use cases11:23
*** openstack changes topic to "Edge computing use cases (Meeting topic: scientific-sig)"11:23
oneswigWho wants to go first ildikov bogdando?11:24
bogdandoildikov: please go for it11:24
ildikovas a generic highlight here's the Edge WG wiki:
*** takamatsu has joined #openstack-meeting11:24
ildikovand another wiki for our current use cases:11:25
*** Shilpa has quit IRC11:25
ildikovif you take a look at the second page you can see the first half of the list is Telecom heavy, like 5G and uCPE11:25
ildikovand some of the items on the list are a little futuristic, like drones11:25
oneswigOpenStack powered drones?11:26
ildikovthe Edge WG is planning to have Forum sessions as well as meet at the PTG11:26
*** markvoelker has quit IRC11:26
ildikovwell, the SW on the drone itself might not be OpenStack11:26
ildikovbut the small edge site and further layers could as well be OpenStack powered :)11:27
b1airomost important question i can think of, is there a community openstack edge cloud that i can have a Node of at home with a couple of raspberry pis and a liberal sprinkling of old usb keys?!11:27
oneswigildikov: the broader the use cases the less in common, how do you draw a line on defining what is edge computing?11:27
ildikovwe have a bi-weekly call to get further into the details of use cases as well as requirements and serving as a bridge towards the technical community who's doing the implementation work11:27
ildikovwe published a whitepaper last year to give that definition:
oneswigb1airo: Is Owncloud still going?11:28
b1airoowncloud and nextcloud (fork) last i looked oneswig11:29
ildikovthe edge platform angle of OpenStack is StarlingX11:29
jandersdefinitely not a typical use case, but we once built an OpenStack-powered Slurm HTC system running on VMs distributed across most continents, just to prove it's possible. Controllers were in central locations, computes all over the place. Worked fine despite latency in order of 100-300ms11:29
ildikovit's incorporating OpenStack services, Kubernetes, Ceph, etc to provide an edge platform that can be as small as one node11:30
ildikovjanders: that's a good info11:30
ildikovthe WG is also working on reference architectures:11:31
oneswigildikov: in the edge model, how is the decentralised service kept coherent?  User management, storage and so on.11:31
ildikovwhere we have the centralized model which of course doesn't work for all use cases11:31
ildikovwe are looking into enhancing federation in Keystone11:32
ildikovStarlingX has a Distributed Cloud service which provides synchronization11:32
ildikovso kind of trying to explore multiple ways of providing a solution as there's no one size fits all model here11:33
b1airoit's interesting to see that first diagram on the reference architectures wiki page - proximity (in terms of latency) to the end-user/consumer is always how i'd looked at Edge11:33
jandersare there any facilities there that would help with mapping filesystem-level ownerships in a federated context?11:33
oneswigildikov: I guess with the "edge" terminology, there's always assumed to be a center.  It's never a peer-to-peer decentralised model?11:34
janders(how would UID:GUID from site X map to UID:GUID on site Y while the two have some sort of federation going)11:34
ildikovjanders: that's a good question, we didn't get down to that level of detail at least with the working group11:34
ildikovjanders: there might be an answer in the StarlingX community11:35
b1airooneswig: i'd always thought the centre could be relative to the user/consumer11:35
ildikovoneswig: I would say yes based on what I've heard so far11:35
b1airomaybe we need a OpenStack DHT project oneswig ?11:36
ildikovI assume that partially comes from the assumption that the things we are currently talking about are running on an operator network at the end of the day11:37
ildikovI wonder if there's any use case you have that's not on our wiki/radar yet?11:37
ildikovwhich could also give us new ideas on architecture and requirements11:37
oneswigAs janders mentions, some kind of federated management of POSIX UID&GID is something that comes up a lot in the scientific space.11:37
oneswigI think the edge model follows the "totoro" analogy of having roles for a "big totoro" and a "little totoro"11:39
ildikovis there some material or description to look at about that?11:39
bogdandoI have a 5 minutes left before to eject, may I chime in with a short statement please?11:39
ildikovbogdando: sure11:39
bogdandoSo indeed some of the edge cases depend on the enhanced autonomy (de-centralized models) and the multiple-control planes requirement, like involving sophisticated data replication and conflicts resolving techniques. Not only limited to keystone federation or glance caching, basically.11:39
bogdandoI wanted to ask you'all folks to chime in for that research request to do the best to fill that gap and ideally come up with some new/adopted casual consistent database or KVS solution for OpenStack in general (and not only) and not only for the StarlingX scope, to cover such cases. And the link I posted is just a draft for a position paper, which only states the challenges but proposes not much yet :)11:39
bogdandoor at least do the better problems statement/positioning job than I attempted ;)11:40
bogdandothat's it from my side11:41
oneswigbogdando: I saw a good presentation yesterday on DynaFed, which is a project from the high-energy physics area for creating multi-site data federations and presenting a more user-friendly interface than (eg) S311:41
bogdandooneswig: thank you for info, that's interesting to look into11:42
oneswigI will ask if I can share the slides from yesterday.11:42
oneswigMight be interesting.11:42
bogdandoyes please11:42
bogdandothank you for getting my message folks11:42
bogdandogtg now11:42
priteaubogdando: Are you aware of the research work done by the Discovery project?11:42
bogdandonot really, will gladly accept all links )11:42
priteauThey've done research on replacing the SQL database by KV databases like Redis11:43
priteauThey're also using Cockroach DB11:43
oneswigWas this the work presented by Thierry Carrez and co at (IIRC) Austin?11:43
priteauThis work was lead by Adrien Lebre11:44
priteauUsing Grid'5000 for the experiments, so maybe it was11:44
*** macza has joined #openstack-meeting11:44
priteaubogdando: If you don't know Adrien I will get you in touch with him :-)11:45
*** imsurit_ofc has quit IRC11:45
*** a-pugachev has joined #openstack-meeting11:46
ildikovI'm also happy to put further pointers on the Edge WG wiki11:46
*** a-pugachev has quit IRC11:46
ildikovto make sure people find all the good and interesting info11:46
*** _hemna has quit IRC11:47
b1airoildikov: a use-case that might not be present there could be around applying infrastructure as code to scientific instruments. typically things like microscopes come with vendor supplied or specified workstations that are only good enough for basic data collection... having a cloud in the closet next door with some special connectivity to the instrument stack would open up some interesting possibilities11:47
*** a-pugachev has joined #openstack-meeting11:47
ildikovI'm happy to put up federated management of POSIX UID&GID as a topic for one of the upcoming meetings as well to see if others have some input for that11:47
ildikovb1airo: yeah, I have not heard this one yet11:48
*** macza has quit IRC11:48
ildikovb1airo: would be a good candidate to draft on the wiki if you agree11:49
jandersthat would be great!11:49
*** ttsiouts has joined #openstack-meeting11:49
ildikovb1airo: would you take an action point to add some details to the use cases wiki I linked above?11:50
ildikovb1airo: thank you :)11:50
oneswigWhat are the changes you are looking to make for federated authentication?11:51
ildikovoneswig: we have some activities aroun x509 authentication to fix things up11:52
oneswigCrikey... X50911:53
ildikovbasically make sure that code path works with the latest features like auto-provisioning11:53
*** jamesmcarthur has joined #openstack-meeting11:54
b1airoildikov: heard of SciTokens yet...?11:54
ildikovit came out from a discussion around an IDP master with shadow users scenario11:54
ildikovb1airo: I personally did not, but I'm also not an expert in this area11:54
oneswigAuto-provisioning in this case means service accounts and automated actions on behalf of users?11:54
oneswigDoes this also relate to limitations using trusts (ie, Heat) for shadow users?11:55
ildikovyes and I don't know :)11:56
oneswigI guess application credentials also come in here.  It would be important to be able to use them in this scenario, and I am not sure that it works.11:56
ildikovthat's a separate layer, so we didn't look into that, not directly at least11:57
oneswigAh, we are nearly at time - final comments on this?11:57
*** tetsuro has joined #openstack-meeting11:57
ildikovwould be good to think of next steps11:57
ildikovlike what relevant challenges this group has that we could help with11:58
oneswigildikov: see you in the forum for that one, I guess11:58
ildikovor solutions to use11:58
oneswig#topic AOB11:58
*** openstack changes topic to "AOB (Meeting topic: scientific-sig)"11:58
ildikovoneswig: Forum and PTG would be a good place to catch up!11:58
oneswigfinal comments anyone?11:58
priteauVery briefly before we finish11:58
jandersmgoddard: one of my team members was looking at your ansible UFM work (very cool!)11:58
ildikovand we also have weekly calls for those who're interested in this stuff :)11:59
jandersquick question: can your role do HA-UFM?11:59
b1airoi'm keen to talk to anyone who has used Rucio, dCache, or friends to proxy user access to HSM tape systems...?11:59
*** jamesmcarthur has quit IRC11:59
priteauThere is some interest from a joint Red Hat - MASS Open Cloud about using Blazar and Ironic:
priteauThere's some work required to Blazar to make it compatible with Ironic, I wonder if anyone else here would be interested by this use case?11:59
*** tetsuro has quit IRC11:59
mgoddardjanders: nice. It doesn't support HA right now. It's a bit weird in that it runs systemd & multiple services in a container11:59
jandersok! thank you12:00
janderswe might just deploy it on a bare metal os - but when we get back to containers and ha - I will get in touch12:00
jandersthank you all12:00
mgoddardjanders: picking apart the UFM init scripts into individual containers would have been challenging12:00
*** a-pugachev has quit IRC12:00
jandersyeah UFM is a complex beast..12:00
mgoddardjanders: sure, get in touch12:00
*** Luzi has quit IRC12:00
b1airopriteau: yes, i know several folks who would be interested in reservations for bare-metal nodes. but i thought that's what Chameleon already did...?12:01
oneswigpriteau: Ironic + Blazar does sound generally useful.12:01
priteaub1airo: it does but with patches to Nova, so not easy to replicate12:01
jandersI'd be interested, too! :)12:01
priteauAnd not easy to maintain12:01
oneswigHow can we follow up if we form a group of interested people?12:01
*** Luzi has joined #openstack-meeting12:02
priteauBe willing to test some early code, or even join in to the coding ;-)12:02
oneswigWe are over time - priteau janders b1airo can we follow up on this offline?12:02
b1airono prob12:03
oneswigOK, thanks all, until next time12:03
*** openstack changes topic to "OpenStack Meetings ||"12:03
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openstackMinutes (text):
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mlavalle#startmeeting neutron_l314:01
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openstackUseful Commands: #action #agreed #help #info #idea #link #topic #startvote.14:01
*** openstack changes topic to " (Meeting topic: neutron_l3)"14:01
openstackThe meeting name has been set to 'neutron_l3'14:01
*** mpiwowarczy has joined #openstack-meeting14:02
mlavalle#chair liuyulong, haleyb14:03
openstackCurrent chairs: haleyb liuyulong mlavalle14:03
*** yamamoto has joined #openstack-meeting14:03
*** yamamoto has quit IRC14:03
mlavalle#topic Announcements14:03
*** openstack changes topic to "Announcements (Meeting topic: neutron_l3)"14:03
mlavalleOur Stein-3 milestone is next week14:04
*** eharney has joined #openstack-meeting14:04
*** e0ne has joined #openstack-meeting14:04
mlavalleYesterday we reviewed our blueprints for the milestone14:04
mlavalleand overall we are in good shape14:05
*** bogdando has left #openstack-meeting14:05
*** awaugama has joined #openstack-meeting14:06
mlavalleToday is the last day to register at early bird rate to the Summit / PTG in Denver on May. Your promotion codes as contributors are only good until tonight, 23:59 US West coast time14:06
mlavalleHoping to see all of you there :-)14:06
mlavalleAny other announcements?14:07
* haleyb will not be going this time, trip conflict14:07
* mlavalle and slaweq will drink haleyb's beers14:07
slaweqno problem for me :D14:08
haleybenjoy them! :)14:08
mlavalle#topic Bugs14:08
*** openstack changes topic to "Bugs (Meeting topic: neutron_l3)"14:08
mlavalleFirst in the list is
openstackLaunchpad bug 1816698 in neutron "DVR-HA: Removing a router from an agent, does not clear the namespaces on the agent" [High,In progress] - Assigned to Swaminathan Vasudevan (swaminathan-vasudevan)14:08
mlavalleSwami has proposed a patch for it
*** mjturek has quit IRC14:09
mlavalleand haleyb has been reviewing it. any comments?14:10
*** xubozhang has joined #openstack-meeting14:11
mlavallewell I encourage the team to look at the patch14:12
*** sdake has joined #openstack-meeting14:12
haleybi'll review again14:12
*** mjturek has joined #openstack-meeting14:12
*** sdake has quit IRC14:12
* mlavalle just rechecked it14:12
mlavalleNext one is
openstackLaunchpad bug 1795870 in neutron "Trunk scenario test test_trunk_subport_lifecycle fails from time to time" [High,In progress] - Assigned to Miguel Lavalle (minsel)14:13
mlavalleFor this one I have a couple of patches under review14:14
*** jamesmcarthur has quit IRC14:14
mlavalleFor the second one I obviusly did something wrong:
mlavalleahh Iknow waht it was14:15
mlavalleforgot to update requirements14:15
mlavalleI'll push another revision soon14:15
*** cloudran_ has quit IRC14:15
mlavallehaleyb: this patch is linked with
*** cloudrancher has joined #openstack-meeting14:16
mlavallewhere the rootwrap fileter is14:16
*** jrbalderrama has joined #openstack-meeting14:16
mlavalleI wanted the updating of the process command to be its own patch14:16
*** priteau has joined #openstack-meeting14:16
mlavalleany comments?14:17
*** Luzi has quit IRC14:17
mlavalleok, moving on14:18
*** _hemna has quit IRC14:18
mlavalleNext one is
openstackLaunchpad bug 1789434 in neutron "neutron_tempest_plugin.scenario.test_migration.NetworkMigrationFromHA failing 100% times" [High,Confirmed] - Assigned to Manjeet Singh Bhatia (manjeet-s-bhatia)14:18
mlavalleShould this be a duplicate of the previous bug, slaweq?14:19
slaweqmlavalle: yes, I think so14:19
*** eharney_ has joined #openstack-meeting14:19
mlavalleok, I'll mark it duplicate14:19
slaweqI was testing this locally with Your patches to rootwrap filters and it worked14:19
slaweqat least for me14:19
slaweqso I hope it will be fixed with Your patch14:20
*** lbragstad has joined #openstack-meeting14:20
openstackLaunchpad bug 1774459 in neutron "Update permanent ARP entries for allowed_address_pair IPs in DVR Routers" [High,Confirmed] - Assigned to Swaminathan Vasudevan (swaminathan-vasudevan)14:20
mlavalleno progress on this one since early January14:21
mlavalleI'll send swami an email at the end of the meeting to see what's his plan, if any14:21
mlavalleAny other bugs we should discuss today?14:22
liuyulongI have14:22
slaweqI have one too14:22
*** eharney has quit IRC14:22
slaweqbut go on liuyulong :)14:22
openstackLaunchpad bug 1811352 in neutron "[RFE] Include neutron CLI floatingip port-forwarding support" [Wishlist,New]14:22
liuyulongSeems no one now takes this one14:23
liuyulongSo, I will submit our local implement for this.14:23
liuyulongmlavalle, we have openflow dvr topic during this meeting?14:24
mlavalleliuyulong: I think so14:24
mlavalleslaweq: go ahead14:25
liuyulongOK, so I will remain my next bug during that topic.14:25
openstackLaunchpad bug 1817696 in tempest "Network tests from may fail in multimode environment" [Undecided,In progress] - Assigned to Slawek Kaplonski (slaweq)14:25
slaweqit's tempest bug14:25
*** markvoelker has quit IRC14:25
slaweqbut related stictly to l3 scheduler tests14:25
slaweqso basically problem is that in multinode scenario when there is more than one L3 agent, test can fail if router is not HA and it tries to add it to other L3 agent than it is already added14:26
slaweqso I changed this test a bit
slaweqit worked for me and in gate so far14:26
slaweqbut I wanted to ask You as L3 experts14:26
slaweqis it possible that when I remove router from L3 agent it will be automatically scheduled on some agent?14:27
slaweqeven if there will be no any other action related to this router, like adding interface or something like that14:27
*** psachin has quit IRC14:27
slaweqbecause if it may happen then this proposed solution may be wrong too :/14:27
slaweqso please review it and tell me in comments if that solution makes sense or not :)14:28
slaweqthat's all from me14:28
mlavalleok, will do. Thanks for fixing this14:29
mlavallebut at first glance looks like a sensible approach14:29
slaweqthx mlavalle14:29
mlavalle#topic Openflow DVR14:30
*** openstack changes topic to "Openflow DVR (Meeting topic: neutron_l3)"14:30
mlavalleigordc, xubozhang: any uopdates this week?14:30
*** b1airo has quit IRC14:30
xubozhangyes, igor is doing refactoring of l3 agent14:31
xubozhangi am working on unit tests14:31
igordcI've propsoed a new wip refactor here:
*** cheng1_ has joined #openstack-meeting14:32
igordcit looks scary but it's actually not as scary as the original one14:32
igordcmost of the scariness stems from renaming RouterInfo to LinuxRouterInfo.. I'm open  to keeping the name and renaming its parent to BaseRouterInfo, per Yang Youseok's patch14:33
igordc(which btw fits very well with the refactor too, I'm talking about
liuyulongWow..any chance you can split to small patch sets?14:34
igordcliuyulong, it's actually a very difficult one to do so due to its nature14:35
*** cheng1_ has quit IRC14:35
igordcliuyulong, it's creating a lot of noise due to the refactored stuff14:35
*** cheng1_ has joined #openstack-meeting14:35
davidshaliuyulong: It seems to be a lot of small changes with 1 or 2 big files.14:35
igordcbut I'll do my best14:35
*** cheng1 has quit IRC14:35
*** jrbalderrama has quit IRC14:36
mlavallethanks for the hard work igordc14:36
igordcthe basic idea there is that we're no longer dual-purposing RouterInfo like in the original refactor and thus it becomes simpler (for example, no more classmethod workarounds).. I am introducing the Backend class14:36
* liuyulong add himself to the reviewers list14:36
mlavalleI will take a look at the patch. My first reaction, though, is that given the size of the change and how close we are to end of Stein, this is likely to slip to Train14:38
igordchaving a separation between RouterInfo and Backend will also fit well with having config options agent_mode and agent_backend, respectively14:38
mlavalleand the fact that it is still wip14:38
*** yamamoto has joined #openstack-meeting14:38
igordcmlavalle, right, I expect it to be fully ready by the deadline but obviously additional time is needed to get it well reviewed14:39
mlavalleigordc: thanks14:39
igordcmlavalle, and that's also the case of the overall openflow dvr14:40
mlavalleigordc: yeap, understood14:40
mlavalleThanks very much for pushing on this :-)14:40
mlavalleliuyulong: you wanted to comment on a bug....14:41
openstackLaunchpad bug 1817872 in neutron "[RFE] neutron resource health check" [Undecided,New]14:41
liuyulongToday, I filed this RFE which aim to check resource status, something related to the T cycle community goal "Service-side health checks".14:42
liuyulongSo I wonder if you guys could consider add some related utils function for this.14:42
*** Adri2000 has quit IRC14:43
*** yamamoto has quit IRC14:43
mlavalleIMO, it would probably be easier if you add a dependent patch to their series with the utility functions you want14:44
liuyulongIMO, the feature authors have full knowledge to understand global workflow of openflow dvr.14:44
*** ttsiouts has quit IRC14:45
mlavallewell, I'll let them speak for themselves14:45
liuyulongCloud users, especially operators, may have pain on trouble shooting of such flow based feature.14:47
igordcliuyulong, "openflow dvr" as in what xubozhang/me are proposing?14:47
mlavalleI see your point14:47
mlavalleigordc: yes14:47
igordcthis wouldn't be the only thing missing in the openflow dvr implementation14:48
*** sdake has joined #openstack-meeting14:48
igordcit's first version, that we want to get merged, won't support some other things that linux dvr does14:48
*** _hemna has joined #openstack-meeting14:49
igordcbut still definitely achievable, I'll have to read about this RFE more carefully after a coffee14:49
mlavalleigordc: thanks14:50
liuyulongYes, agree, I do not mean to block such amazing feature, but just want to give cloud users better experience.14:50
mlavalleliuyulong: since you are going to review their patches, maybe you can leve some hints in comments as to where you see help is needed14:50
igordcliuyulong, openflow dvr will be opt-in though14:51
liuyulongmlavalle, I will, I can't wait to experience such function.14:51
liuyulongigordc, it is, but if you want such feature to be widely used, then such status-check will be a pluses14:52
*** mpiwowarczy has quit IRC14:53
xubozhangyulong, we will make sure the existing l3 functionality still works, of-dvr is an opt-in14:53
haleybjust being devil's advocate, we should also remember OVN is here already too, and there is some overlap there with pure flow-based DVR14:53
* haleyb is assuming people know about OVN14:54
mlavalleLOL, we do14:55
liuyulonghaleyb, you rock14:55
*** sdake has quit IRC14:55
mlavalleok, let's move on14:55
haleybforgot the :)14:55
mlavalle#topic On demand agenda14:55
*** openstack changes topic to "On demand agenda (Meeting topic: neutron_l3)"14:55
mlavalleanything else we should discuss today?14:56
mlavalleok thanks for attending14:56
*** hongbin has joined #openstack-meeting14:56
mlavalleenjoy the rest of your week14:56
*** openstack changes topic to "OpenStack Meetings ||"14:56
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openstackMinutes (text):
liuyulongThanks mlavalle14:57
*** pcaruana has joined #openstack-meeting14:57
*** sdake has joined #openstack-meeting15:03
*** jamesmcarthur has joined #openstack-meeting15:03
*** yamamoto has joined #openstack-meeting15:05
*** ttsiouts has joined #openstack-meeting15:06
*** yamamoto has quit IRC15:09
*** igordc has quit IRC15:11
*** eharney_ is now known as eharney15:16
*** hongbin has quit IRC15:18
*** hongbin has joined #openstack-meeting15:20
*** liuyulong has quit IRC15:21
*** liuyulong has joined #openstack-meeting15:22
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*** markvoelker has joined #openstack-meeting15:22
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*** sdake has joined #openstack-meeting15:35
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*** stevebaker has joined #openstack-meeting15:57
*** ganso has joined #openstack-meeting15:57
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*** rosmaita has joined #openstack-meeting15:59
jungleboyj#startmeeting cinder16:00
openstackMeeting started Wed Feb 27 16:00:44 2019 UTC and is due to finish in 60 minutes.  The chair is jungleboyj. Information about MeetBot at
openstackUseful Commands: #action #agreed #help #info #idea #link #topic #startvote.16:00
*** openstack changes topic to " (Meeting topic: cinder)"16:00
openstackThe meeting name has been set to 'cinder'16:00
jungleboyjcourtesy ping:  jungleboyj diablo_rojo, diablo_rojo_phon, rajinir tbarron xyang xyang1 e0ne gouthamr thingee erlon tpsilva ganso patrickeast tommylikehu eharney geguileo smcginnis lhx_ lhx__ aspiers jgriffith moshele hwalsh felipemonteiro lpetrut lseki _alastor_ whoami-rajat yikun rosmaita enriquetaso hemna _hemna16:01
geguileohi! o/16:01
_pewp_jungleboyj \(-_- )16:01
jungleboyjLooks like we have a quorum.  So, lets get started16:02
jungleboyj#topic Announcements16:03
*** openstack changes topic to "Announcements (Meeting topic: cinder)"16:03
jungleboyjSo, reminder that Milestone 3 is coming up next week.16:03
jungleboyjNon-Client Libraries will be released next week.16:04
jungleboyjIs there anything critical in there that needs review?16:04
*** abishop has joined #openstack-meeting16:05
jungleboyjDo we want to try to get Avishay's change in?16:05
smcginnisIt seems a little risky this late in the cycle, but wanted to see what others thought.16:05
jungleboyjNeed geguileo and hemna to weigh in there.16:05
jungleboyjsmcginnis: ++16:05
smcginnisAlso wasn't sure about sahid's patch.16:05
geguileosmcginnis: I am also cautious of the risks16:06
jungleboyjsmcginnis:  Yeah, that one isn't clear to me.16:06
*** ijw has joined #openstack-meeting16:06
*** a-pugachev has joined #openstack-meeting16:07
smcginnisAvishay's might be a good one, but it would probably be safer to wait until Train opens so we have the whole cycle to watch for unintended side effects and have time to revert or fix if needed.16:07
jungleboyjsmcginnis:  ++ That is my feeling as well.16:07
geguileoone silly question, which CI jobs are testing os-brick master?16:07
erlonsmcginnis, +116:08
jungleboyjThe fix could be backported if necessary.  Right?16:08
geguileobecause if most of them aren't, then we might as well review and merge it16:08
erlongeguileo, so we can react at the time the change breaks?16:08
smcginnisgeguileo: There are jobs on the os-brick repo that run tempest with the latest os-brick from source. Is that what you mean?16:08
geguileosmcginnis: no, I meant what Cinder CI jobs run with os-brick master16:09
erlonwe have had situations in the past that our CI broke after os-brick landed on pip16:09
*** takamatsu has quit IRC16:09
geguileobecause if we don't have many, then the only chance of detecting if things break with os-brick is to merge the patch and release os-brick16:09
smcginnisWe don't have a "*-tips" job like some other projects have been doing. But we do have Cinder tests running against os-brick patches.16:09
*** enriquetaso has quit IRC16:10
smcginnisgeguileo: Yeah, that is a concern. But kind of why I would like to wait for train so there's not a last minute firedrill getting Stein out.16:10
jungleboyjsmcginnis:  ++16:10
erlonsmcginnis, those tips jobs suppose to run on os-brick/master?16:10
geguileosmcginnis: but even if we merge it at the begining of train, it won't get tested in Cinder until we release os-brick in Train, right?16:11
smcginniserlon: From the ones I've seen, on other repos they run tempest or some subset of tests, but pull certain dependencies from source rather than latest releases.16:11
smcginnisgeguileo: Right, but we can do that at any point in Train. And even if we wait until Train-1, that gives us ~4 months to identify problems versus ~4 weeks.16:12
erlonsmcginnis, hmm, that's what we are doing for os-brick. I think that Cinder should have a few jobs doing that too16:12
geguileosmcginnis: that's true16:12
smcginniserlon: Oh right. I think we've had this discussion before. :)16:12
*** enriquetaso has joined #openstack-meeting16:13
geguileoerlon: that's not the only change necessary16:13
geguileobecause CI's are running with a flag to prevent cloning16:13
smcginnisAnd as mentioned, we can always backport this once we are comfortable that it doesn't cause issues.16:13
erlongeguileo, why not?16:13
geguileobecause CI's are running with a flag to prevent cloning16:13
geguileoyou'll need it to be added to PROJECTS16:13
geguileoat least that's what I'm having to do for cinderlib16:13
smcginnisThat matches what whoami-rajat and I saw with an osc -tips job.16:14
geguileooh, wait... maybe for os-brick is different and that's enough16:14
jungleboyjSo, I am going to make the safe call that we don't merge this right now and then we can backport after it has had greater runtime.16:14
geguileoanyway, I think we should change it so that Cinder jobs always run with os-brick master16:14
erlongeguileo, hmm, I think it works for us becouse we are on zuulv216:14
geguileojungleboyj: +116:14
jungleboyjGiven that avishay isn't here arguing for it.  :-)16:15
smcginnisjungleboyj: +116:15
erlongeguileo, +116:16
jungleboyjAnything else on os-brick?16:16
smcginnisgeguileo, hemna: You're eyes on might be good, but I don't think that's a release critical thing either.16:16
geguileoerlon: I think I was mistaken, iirc the code adds LIBS_FROM_GIT to PROJECTS at some point16:16
jungleboyjYeah, that one needs to be looked at too.  Also, not totally clear exactly what the problem being fixed is.16:17
geguileosmcginnis: I'll have a look16:17
geguileosmcginnis: but I don't like the idea of using iscsi_id again16:17
geguileothat broke like crazy in my fault injection tets16:17
jungleboyjAlso want to note that python-cinderclient release is coming up the week after next.16:19
jungleboyjI didn't see much that needed attention there, but wanted to make everyone aware.16:19
jungleboyjOk.  Finally, just a note that I have requested space for a Project Update and an On-Boarding session at the Summit.16:20
jungleboyjSo, the usual requests there.16:20
*** aojea has quit IRC16:20
jungleboyjThat is all I had for announcements.16:20
jungleboyj#topic Need Topics for the Denver Forum16:21
*** openstack changes topic to "Need Topics for the Denver Forum (Meeting topic: cinder)"16:21
*** tssurya has quit IRC16:21
smcginnisForum session selection is coming up soon I think, right?16:21
jungleboyjYes.  I believe I need to submit the topics in the next week.16:22
jungleboyjLet me see if I can find that note.16:22
jungleboyjYeah, need to submit them by 3/816:23
jungleboyjI just added the Driver Capability Reporting topic.16:24
*** _hemna has joined #openstack-meeting16:24
jungleboyjDoes anyone have other ideas that could use User/Operator input?16:25
jungleboyjOk.  Will make one more call next week and then submit what we have.16:26
jungleboyjNext topic16:26
jungleboyj#New Patches with CGs Support16:26
jungleboyj#topic New Patches with CGs Support16:27
*** openstack changes topic to "New Patches with CGs Support (Meeting topic: cinder)"16:27
e0neI don't remember what was our decision on this topic16:27
e0nebut I don't understand why do we need implement new feature for deprecated API16:28
eharneythe question is CGs vs generic groups?16:28
e0neeharney: that patch add CGs support without generic groups support16:28
erlone0ne, they might be trying to implement that in a old old OS version16:29
*** _hemna has quit IRC16:29
erlonit should be easy to add generic groups support on that16:29
eharneywhat does a driver have to actually do to support generic groups?16:30
smcginnisYeah, we said CGs are dead and only work on generic volume groups with consistency should be done.16:30
eharneyhave to actually do*16:30
e0nebut we're going to remove CGs at all16:30
jungleboyjRight.  We need to go forward16:30
smcginnisI thought we had rerouted CG APIs to call the volume group code.16:30
eharneysmcginnis: i think this is CGs via generic groups if i'm reading the code right..16:30
jungleboyjsmcginnis:  That sounds familiar.16:30
e0ne - line #5916:30
smcginniseharney: OK, haven't really looked.16:31
smcginnisI wonder if xyang is around and remembers. :)16:31
eharneye0ne: so aren't generic groups just a manager operation anyway?16:31
e0neeharney: it has a bit different API16:32
erloneharney, usually just wrap the CG functions:
eharneythe manager catches NotImplementError and calls _create_group_generic..16:32
*** dmellado has quit IRC16:32
*** yamamoto has joined #openstack-meeting16:32
*** hongbin has quit IRC16:33
erlonjgriffith, always making reading code fun :)16:33
eharneyi'm not a cg expert, but it looks at a glance like the driver is doing the right thing16:34
*** dmellado has joined #openstack-meeting16:34
e0neit just confused me that driver adds CGs support16:34
jungleboyjOh, I miss reading jgriffith s code.16:34
eharneyit adds support for create_group()16:34
jungleboyjDelightfully passive agressive.16:35
eharneynot create_consistencygroup()16:35
erloneharney, yes, it its16:35
*** macza has joined #openstack-meeting16:35
e0neeharney: also, it uses 'skip_if_not_cg' decorator16:35
jungleboyjYeah, so it looks like it is doing the right thing.16:35
eharneye0ne: right, because if it's not a CG, the driver doesn't have anything to do...16:36
jungleboyjThey have  the driver history explaining it that way too.16:36
erlonthough they should handle cases where the group being created is not 'consistent'16:36
eharneyerlon: they are handled16:36
erloneharney, ow, in the decorator, missed that16:37
e0neok, looks like the patch is valid16:37
*** yamamoto has quit IRC16:37
jungleboyje0ne:  Good to move on then?16:38
e0nejungleboyj: yes, thanks16:38
jungleboyje0ne:  Welcome.16:38
jungleboyj#topic release from stable/pike->  make it 11.2.0 ?16:38
*** openstack changes topic to "release from stable/pike-> make it 11.2.0 ? (Meeting topic: cinder)"16:38
_pewp_jungleboyj \( ・_・)16:38
rosmaitawe are about 65 or so commits behind on stable/pike cinder release16:39
rosmaitasome stuff has crept in, tony wants to make it 11.2.0 instead of 11.1.x16:39
jungleboyjYikes.  That was a lot of commits.16:39
rosmaitalooks like all the questionable changes (new config opts, mainly) have release notes already16:39
* jungleboyj is glad that rosmaita it helping us keep up with that.16:39
rosmaitaso, need some stable cores to take a quick look and let me know whether we want to revert some stuff, or jsut release as 11.2.016:40
jungleboyjrosmaita:  Why do those require a version bump like that if they aren't braking existing functionality?16:40
*** tetsuro has joined #openstack-meeting16:40
* rosmaita thinking16:41
smcginnisWe are adding config options that sometime change behavior. Plus there were some requirements changes that maybe shouldn't have been allowed.16:41
rosmaitai also think maybe 2 opts changed default values?16:41
*** hongbin has joined #openstack-meeting16:41
rosmaitasee tony's comment at the bottom16:41
eharneyone driver started requiring "fallocate" which is sort of a requirements change16:42
jungleboyjYeah, I just read that.16:42
jungleboyjWell, I think it would be a bigger mess to try and revert things.16:42
rosmaitai agree!16:42
jungleboyjI am ok with bumping to 11.2.016:42
eharneythere's no reason to revert any of this that i see, just ship it as 11.2.016:42
rosmaitaok, i will update the release patch16:43
e0neeharney: +116:43
jungleboyjrosmaita:  Thank you.16:44
jungleboyjWe bump the major release with each development cycle so it doesn't really impact anything.16:44
jungleboyjSo, lets move on.16:45
smcginnisAnd that will better communicate to downstream consumers that there are more than just simple bugfixes included so they should pay attention to release notes.16:45
jungleboyj#topic Cinderlib status update16:45
*** openstack changes topic to "Cinderlib status update (Meeting topic: cinder)"16:45
smcginnisrosmaita: Commit message16:45
geguileoquick update on cinderlib16:45
geguileowe now have the cinderlib project as openstack/cinderlib16:45
jungleboyjWe are back to regular updates from geguileo   :-)16:45
geguileoand governance added it under the Cinder team16:45
geguileothere is a patch ready for review to add CI jobs16:46
*** gouthamr_ has joined #openstack-meeting16:46
geguileoananother to add it to devstack16:46
whoami-rajatthe patchsets show a lot of struggle.16:46
geguileowhoami-rajat: yeah, the ceph job was a pita16:47
geguileobecause it required the ceph-common library16:47
geguileothat install pythong-six from rpm16:47
*** ijw has quit IRC16:47
geguileobut the gate installs tox from pypi, which bring six from pypi16:47
* smcginnis is happy not to be the only one that typos pythong16:47
jungleboyjpythong is my favorite version of python16:48
*** gouthamr has quit IRC16:48
geguileoand the system python site-package got into a weird state16:48
geguileothere's also the patch for devstack-gate, but that one won't pass for the time being16:48
geguileoand we have the first real patch for cinderlib, by courtesy of hemna !!!!16:49
whoami-rajatso the struggle was real. glad it finally passed.16:49
jungleboyjYay!  Good to have hemna back!16:49
*** cheng1_ has quit IRC16:49
hemna:)  it's good to be back16:49
geguileoonce the devstack code merges I'll add cinderlib functional tests to Cinder LVM and Ceph jobs as well16:49
* jungleboyj waves goodbye to the struggle bus16:49
geguileothat's the update16:50
*** gouthamr has joined #openstack-meeting16:50
*** gouthamr_ has quit IRC16:50
geguileooh, and once the CI jobs are merged16:50
jungleboyjgeguileo:  Sounds good.  Thank you for being patient and working to move this to its own project.16:50
*** ijw has joined #openstack-meeting16:50
*** tetsuro has quit IRC16:51
jungleboyjSo, the final topic.16:51
geguileojungleboyj: thank you all for steering this into the right direction16:51
jungleboyj#topic Feature Freeze Doubts16:51
*** openstack changes topic to "Feature Freeze Doubts (Meeting topic: cinder)"16:51
*** ekcs has joined #openstack-meeting16:51
jungleboyjSo, untyped volume spec should go into Train.16:52
*** sdake has quit IRC16:52
jungleboyjToo late for that to go into Stein.16:52
jungleboyjWe should also take a look and see if there are other Specs that merged but don't have associated code merged.16:52
*** markvoelker has joined #openstack-meeting16:53
jungleboyjAs for the api-ref automation ....16:53
whoami-rajatjungleboyj:  ok. The code also won't be ready by the freeze time so good for me :D Thanks16:53
jungleboyjI think those are still ok to merge until RC unless anyone disagrees.16:53
*** sdake has joined #openstack-meeting16:54
smcginnisyikun: Staying up late again I see. :)16:54
whoami-rajatjungleboyj: so can still work on the api-ref responses after freeze ? right?16:55
jungleboyjCorrect.  Have a few more weeks until we hit the RC point.16:55
whoami-rajatjungleboyj: ok. Thanks for the clarifying my doubts. :)16:56
jungleboyjwhoami-rajat:  No problem.16:56
jungleboyjwhoami-rajat: Happy to help new people learn the process.16:56
jungleboyjIt is a good thing.16:57
jungleboyj#topic Open Discussion16:57
*** openstack changes topic to "Open Discussion (Meeting topic: cinder)"16:57
jungleboyjAnything else we need to talk about or can we end on time for once?  :-)16:57
*** pcaruana has quit IRC16:57
*** cloudrancher has quit IRC16:57
eharneyi found that a bunch of CI jobs are running too many tempest scenarios, trying to get those nice and cleaned up16:58
eharneyshould improve failure rate for ceph and lio-barbican16:58
eharneyjust an fyi16:58
*** cloudrancher has joined #openstack-meeting16:58
jungleboyjeharney:  Nice.  Would like to see those failing less often!16:58
*** gyee has joined #openstack-meeting16:59
jungleboyjLets wrap up then.16:59
jungleboyjOne last reminder to please give input to the Forum planning.16:59
jungleboyjThank you for taking time to attend the meeting and to work on Cinder16:59
jungleboyjHave a great week everyone.16:59
whoami-rajatjungleboyj: Thanks!16:59
*** openstack changes topic to "OpenStack Meetings ||"16:59
smcginniseharney: ++16:59
openstackMeeting ended Wed Feb 27 16:59:52 2019 UTC.  Information about MeetBot at . (v 0.1.4)16:59
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*** mriedem is now known as mriedem_away17:01
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*** _alastor_ has joined #openstack-meeting17:05
*** macza_ has joined #openstack-meeting17:07
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fungibased on discussion in #storyboard we'll probably skip the formal meeting today but are happy to discuss stuff of interest in #storyboard if anyone wants19:15
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notmynameswift team meeting time21:01
notmyname#startmeeting swift21:01
openstackMeeting started Wed Feb 27 21:01:09 2019 UTC and is due to finish in 60 minutes.  The chair is notmyname. Information about MeetBot at
*** zaitcev has joined #openstack-meeting21:01
openstackUseful Commands: #action #agreed #help #info #idea #link #topic #startvote.21:01
claygaka "party time"21:01
*** openstack changes topic to " (Meeting topic: swift)"21:01
openstackThe meeting name has been set to 'swift'21:01
notmynamewho's here for the swift team meeting?21:01
notmynamewhoa. fancy emoji there21:01
rledisezhi o/21:02
notmyname#topic general stuff21:02
*** openstack changes topic to "general stuff (Meeting topic: swift)"21:02
notmyname(1) I hope everyone has booked (or is in the process of booking) summit/ptg details21:02
notmynamethe ptg is thursday, friday, and saturday. summit is monday, tuesday, and wednesday21:03
notmynamefrom talking to people, it seems that most people are going to arrive some time on wednesday and fly home on sunday21:03
clayg^ that's me21:03
claygbut only cause I want to be like "most people"21:03
notmynameI'll be arriving sunday and leaving on saturday21:04
* notmyname is different21:04
* mattoliverau is planning on arriving on Friday the week before because I'll mentor at OUI21:04
* kota_ is same with notmyname21:04
notmynameit's quite fun to see you involved in that mattoliverau :-)21:04
notmynamerledisez: do you know yet when you/alex/ovh will be there?21:05
mattoliverauthanks, it is quite fun, I get to be loud and try not to scare new contributors off :P21:05
rledisezwe'll probably do the full week, sunday to sunday21:05
timburkeclayg, you are not like most people. sorry. but i can state that with great confidence :P21:05
timburkealso, i see it as a good thing :-)21:05
notmyname(2) next week there's an openstack deadline for client library releases21:06
claygmattoliverau: you are super engaging - i bet everyone that sees how excited you about Swift will want to join in!21:06
*** mmethot has quit IRC21:06
* clayg 🤗 @timburke21:07
notmynameI've been doing the authors/changelog on swiftclient. timburke and I need to figure out one last issue, then that can land, and I'll work on the 3.6.1 tag request21:07
notmyname should land so that the current cycle will have historic py37 coverage21:07
patchbotpatch 639777 - python-swiftclient - Add py37 check/gate jobs; add py37 to default tox ... - 2 patch sets21:07
notmynameI'm just waiting on zuul for that one21:07
mattoliverau:) Well I'm mentoring a new Swift contrib now. Helping him get set up with an SAIO. He found me himself via the First Contact Sig page.. so it actually works.21:07
notmynamethat's great!21:08
notmyname#topic losf21:08
*** openstack changes topic to "losf (Meeting topic: swift)"21:08
notmynamerledisez: kota_: how's losf feature branch this week? I see that there have been some updates21:08
mattoliverauI'll get him to join the IRC channel and introduce him, once he's got it all working. He's based in India.21:08
notmynamespecifically, I'm interested in what came up about eventlet and grpc versions21:08
mattoliverauoh yeah, do tell21:09
kota_the first draft version landed to losf branch.21:09
kota_we had a problem with grpc version but Alex made sure the newer version was fixed so we turned to use the newer version that fits with UPPER constraint with openstack's one21:10
notmynamemeaning that new eventlet works with grpc? or new grpc works better? what changed?21:10
kota_1 sec21:10
kota_the blocker seems like a temporary fix, Alex says.21:11
patchbotpatch 639365 - swift (feature/losf) - Change grpcio version in requirements.txt to >=1.11.0 - 1 patch set21:11
patchbotpatch 639365 - swift (feature/losf) - Change grpcio version in requirements.txt to >=1.11.0 - 1 patch set21:11
kota_a75712a71f01c06d7e5868a75cb62b26d775e5df at grpcio has started to work with eventlet.21:12
kota_(wait a bit making a link...)21:12
claygtime.sleep(5.1) !!! brilliant21:14
claygthe other links were like just... random probetests + gate slowness madness21:14
kota_anyway, my next step is packaging and making a gate that are using losf backend.21:14
notmynamethat's a great step! having a lsof gate job is a huge21:15
claygkota_: 🤯21:15
claygthat is awesome!21:15
kota_to do that, we can make sure whether it works or not in the gate21:15
kota_the remaining works are organized at #link
kota_and Alex is also working to add/work the items.21:16
notmynamegreat work21:16
notmynamethanks for the update21:16
notmyname( don't know if the bot picks up directives from the middle of lines. if not...21:16
kota_oic, thanks notmyname21:16
notmynamelet's test it...21:17
notmynamenow on to the next #topic py321:17
notmynameno :-(21:17
notmyname#topic py321:17
*** openstack changes topic to "py3 (Meeting topic: swift)"21:17
notmynameeveryone's favorite!21:17
notmynamethere have been a bunch of py3 changes landing this week21:18
zaitcevWe made an unusual amount of progress, basically did a month's work in a week.21:18
mattoliverauzaitcev and timburke have been doing an aweome job here.21:18
notmynameany noticeable reason for getting so much done this week?21:19
notmynamelike... is it something that can be duplicated for next week? :-)21:19
zaitcevHowever, it'll take a while to catch up, we have some known-bad places, and the integration phase is a concern.21:19
timburkenotmyname, i wasn't trying to re-engineer versioned_Writes to work for s3api?21:19
notmynamefair enough21:19
notmynamewhat are the known bad places?21:20
zaitcevI suppose main reason is timburke got serious.21:20
*** yamamoto has joined #openstack-meeting21:20
timburkeat some point (maybe in the near future?) it's going to come down to clayg's idea from long ago of just ripping the band-aid off21:20
mattoliverauYeah, so long as the py2 unit, func and probe tests pass then we just will have to live with maybe finding a few bugs.. but hey. that's life.21:22
notmynamewhat are the known bad places you mentioned zaitcev?21:22
*** markvoelker has joined #openstack-meeting21:23
notmynameor the concerns around the integration phase?21:24
*** jamesmcarthur has quit IRC21:24
zaitcevbulk is something I was unable to port thus far, because it uses a tarball module that does not want to accept utf-8 names21:24
notmynameoh, interesting21:24
*** jamesmcarthur has joined #openstack-meeting21:24
zaitcevThe integration - that is basically functests and probe tests - is going to hit places that aren't covered by unit tests, especially with international characters in object/container names, ACLs, listing prefixes etc.21:25
*** yamamoto has quit IRC21:25
timburkehow to deal with object metadata is another one. account and container, metadata has to be utf-8 (in part because we serialize it as json). obj allows arbitrary bytes, which just get pickled21:25
*** redrobot has quit IRC21:25
notmynametimburke: are you still keeping up to date?21:26
notmynameor is there a better place?21:26
timburkenot really. on either question21:26
notmynamedo we need one?21:27
*** awaugama has quit IRC21:27
zaitcevmaybe later?21:27
notmynametimburke: zaitcev: what are your next goals with py3? keep working on bulk? or to tackle another area?21:28
zaitcevThis tracking may be useful once we start to whittling missing parts down one by one. But for now we're still finishing unit tests. IMHO.21:28
claygso explore how far we can get with brute force - then gather the wagons around the hard parts21:28
zaitcevnotmyname: we have a very good unit test coverage fortunately, so the first goal is to have all unit tests pass, including bulk. That one may yet be soluble using Unicode surrogates and/or appeals to upstream.21:29
zaitcevBasically what Clay said21:30
timburkei was thinking that obj might be a good next target, then see if we can get some fraction of the functional tests running against a py3 swift21:30
timburkebeing sure to run the func tests under py2, because i don't trust that they'll test the same things otherwise21:30
zaitcevWe still have s3api21:30
timburkeyeah, i think that one may take a bit :-(21:30
mattoliverautimburke: but it's cool that we can do that. It worked for me when testing the sharder21:31
notmyname3x py3s3api v321:31
timburkezaitcev, i'd be happy to take a stab at bulk, though; see how far i can get21:31
zaitcevtimburke: you have a history of simplifying my excesses, so I am hoping for miracle from you again here21:31
timburkemattoliverau, did you ever get more info on the func test failure you saw?21:32
zaitcevIf I were doing py3 alone, _everything_ would've been forced UTF-8 top to bottom :-)21:33
zaitcevBytes, bytes as far as eye can see21:33
mattoliveraunot yet, but haven't quited looked yet. I've been looking into some of the 404s I got while sharding a test container I have here.. it sharded fine, but there were some extra 404s trying to get shardranges at times. (in py3). So might have gotten a little distracted.21:34
mattoliverauzaitcev: lol21:34
zaitcevWell. As long as we didn't break py2, this is probably acceptable for now.21:34
timburkezaitcev, yeah, it's tempting... but i really worry about the burden that would put on middleware developers21:34
notmyname#topic open discussion21:35
*** openstack changes topic to "open discussion (Meeting topic: swift)"21:35
notmynameany other topics to bring up this week during the meeting?21:35
kota_ah, just a qustion21:35
kota_perhaps, we may be missing keystone tests in the gate? AFAIK, the devstack gate was the one we had.21:36
kota_and I don't see the gate job in the recent gerrit result...21:36
timburkeswift-dsvm-functional should include keystone testing21:37
claygwhoa :\21:37
*** Guest66940 has joined #openstack-meeting21:37
timburke(and the ipv6 one)21:37
claygoh d[ev]s[tack]vm-functional - there you go21:37
kota_i'm not sure when it was dropped tho.21:37
* timburke hides21:37
*** Guest66940 is now known as redrobot21:38
claygbut we *have* a devstack gate job?21:38
claygkota_: or you don't see `swift-dsvm-functional[-ipv6]` jobs?21:38
timburke *will* come back to bite me some day...21:39
kota_clayg: e.g. doesn't show the swift-dsvm-functional job21:39
mattoliverauyeah and looking at those logs, it's defintely deploying keysone. Well it's marked as required in the early logs anyway.21:39
patchbotpatch 639365 - swift (feature/losf) - Change grpcio version in requirements.txt to >=1.11.0 - 1 patch set21:39
mattoliverauthe job might have a filter on the branch?21:40
kota_at master, the dsvm gate are still working.21:40
claygkota_: that's probably because of the feature branch21:40
claygtimburke: notmyname: do you guys know if any zuul jobs are "injected" based on the branch/repo - or if EVERYTHING is in the .zuul file now?21:40
kota_gotha, I should go look to the .zuul.yaml or project-config, thx.21:41
clarkbclayg: most of it should be in .zuul.yaml (or similar config files) at this point. There are some release jobs we still manage centrally iirc21:41
clarkbso if the job isn't in the branches job config that would explain it21:41
notmynameclarkb: thanks for the clarification :-)21:42
*** mmethot has joined #openstack-meeting21:42
clayglooks like it's in `.zuul.yaml` on losf same as master?21:43
claygkota_: so maybe 1) well spotted!  2) we don't know why 😞21:43
kota_we don't change anything of .zuul.yaml at losf but I'll be able to make sure why it happens.21:44
claygyes, it's curious21:45
timburkei'll see what i can find out... but i'm not sure my search will be successful21:45
claygkota_: it's *just* those two jobs21:45
mattoliverauwhat's defined in devstack-minimal? maybe theres a branch filter there or something21:46
notmynamekota_: thanks for bring that up21:46
notmynameI'll add a follow-up for that question to next week's agenda21:47
*** eharney has joined #openstack-meeting21:47
notmynameanything else to bring up for anyone?21:47
rledisezone other topic: somebody on ML asked (twice) about fstab entries, proposing we encourage the use of UUID instead of device names (sda, …). I totally agree that using sda is a bad practise (we had many issues with that in the past at OVH), what are your though on updating the documentation for that?21:47
zaitcevUmm we never said use /dev/sda, did we21:48
notmynameI thought we encouraged labels21:48
timburkelabels are good, too21:48
zaitcevWe use "sda" as a device name within Swift, is all. All my systems use -L labes.21:48
notmynamedevice names are terrible because they're not stable on reboot21:48
rledisezi gotta admit I didn't check what he's saying21:48
notmynameif we're ever encouraging device names, we should absolutely update the docs21:49
notmynameanything else?21:49
zaitcevI name my devices in Swift in a way that does not match the /dev, this way there's no confusion. Like "x1a" etc.21:49
timburketake a look at for example...21:49
notmynametimburke: well I also notice the ubuntu 12.04 mentioned there... ;-)21:50
notmynameor 10.04!!!!21:51
rledisezquoting his mail " the docs tell to use the disk labels in the disk's /etc/fstab21:51
rledisez/dev/sda    /srv/node/sda   xfs noatime.............21:51
zaitcevStill... Who's going to edit deployment_guide.rst ?21:51
timburkeaw, it's so cute... "Rackspace currently runs Swift on Ubuntu Server 10.04, and the following changes have been found to be useful for our use cases. ..."21:51
claygrledisez: well it'd be useful to know which docs he's referring to21:52
notmynameyeah, all mentions of "we" and rackspace should be updated as well21:52
claygif you want to reply - or point someone at the thread21:52
zaitcev# Do not use /etc/fstab to mount Swift drives. If a drive fails mount,21:52
zaitcev# it's better for Swift to proceed than to fail to the repair prompt.21:52
zaitcevset +e21:52
zaitcevmount -L a1 /srv/node/a121:52
zaitcevmount -L a2 /srv/node/a221:52
zaitcev(this is a recommendation from Joe Arnold's book BTW)21:53
claygI know there's LOTS of places we use as sda as *an example*21:53
claygwe don't want to add an addendum to every example saying "replace sda with the device on your system and also don't use unstable device names"21:53
timburkerledisez, ok, 14.04... we're making progress... ;-)21:54
*** e0ne has quit IRC21:54
zaitcev%s/sda/exampledevicea/g problem solved21:54
claygit'd be cool if we could think of another string that has a strong context of "example device"21:54
claygzaitcev: kind of?21:54
claygok, at least it's docs in our tree!21:54
clayg@rledisez thanks21:55
timburkeclayg, swift-disk-N? idk...21:55
claygyeah I like that!21:55
claygwe use `dN` for brevity - again we like labels21:55
notmynameI like `swift-disk-N` too21:55
zaitcevLike "a1" in my example from /etc/rc.d/rc.local above21:55
claygThe instructions use /dev/sdb and /dev/sdc, but you can substitute different values for your particular nodes.21:56
*** markvoelker has quit IRC21:56
notmynamerledisez: did you (or can you) respond to the ML post?21:56
rledisezi didnot yet, but i can/will21:56
notmynamerledisez: thanks. yeah, I think it's a good idea to correct and guide when there's a fair question and arguably bad docs out there21:57
notmynameyeah, we're at full time anyway21:57
*** zaitcev has left #openstack-meeting21:57
claygzaitcev: that's an interesting idea about sing rc.local to avoid the repair prompt!  that joe... he's so smart21:57
rledisezi'll create a bug report and answer to the ML (with a link)21:57
notmynamerledisez: perfect. thanks21:58
claygrledisez: like a $%^&*ing CORE21:58
notmynamethanks for coming this week21:58
notmynamerledisez: kota_: thanks for the losf work. sounds great21:58
notmynamezaitcev, timburke; thanks for the great py3 work21:58
*** openstack changes topic to "OpenStack Meetings ||"21:58
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