Thursday, 2020-02-13

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gagehugo#startmeeting security15:00
openstackMeeting started Thu Feb 13 15:00:19 2020 UTC and is due to finish in 60 minutes.  The chair is gagehugo. Information about MeetBot at
openstackUseful Commands: #action #agreed #help #info #idea #link #topic #startvote.15:00
*** openstack changes topic to " (Meeting topic: security)"15:00
openstackThe meeting name has been set to 'security'15:00
gagehugo#link agenda15:00
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* fungi is here, just fiddling agenda15:03
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gagehugo#topic YVR event attendance poll15:05
*** openstack changes topic to "YVR event attendance poll (Meeting topic: security)"15:05
gagehugoIt's that time, before the summit/ptg/event15:05
gagehugoWe're supposed to gather attendence info and ask for a room if we need15:05
gagehugoredrobot fungi: either of you plan on attending the Vancouver PTG?15:06
redrobotNo plans yet.  Gotta talk to the boss here pretty soon.15:06
gagehugoI know it's a bit early15:06
gagehugoyeah same haha15:06
redrobotI gotta do the same for the Barbican team too, haha15:06
fungii'll be there, spread thin as usual, but if there are security-related activities which folks think will be easier to get done in a face-to-face setting then i'm happy to join15:06
gagehugoI'll send out an email to see if we can gauge any interest15:08
gagehugocould probably get a small session slot if possible15:08
gagehugo#topic rainstorm post-678426 tasks15:10
*** openstack changes topic to "rainstorm post-678426 tasks (Meeting topic: security)"15:10
gagehugo#link etherpad15:10
fungithe long-awaited merging of the vulnerability management policy updates finally happened15:10
fungiso now we need to do some actual work ;)15:11
gagehugooh boy15:11
fungii was just wanting to spend a few minutes figuring out what we think needs to happen next15:11
* redrobot hides at the mention of work15:11
gagehugoprobably go through the big OS projects and unhide all those private security bugs15:11
fungifor one, we should update the embargoed report template we include at the top of private security bugs to mention the embargo expiration timeframe15:12
fungiwe should also yes go through all existing private bugs and add a comment saying that we now have a maximum embargo time15:12
fungii think we start the countdown when we add that comment on them though, to give folks at least some time to prepare15:13
fungiand i guess we need an announcement to the openstack-discuss ml about this change taking effect15:14
fungialso we should update our vmt process document to mention noting the expiration date for the embargo when we triage a new report15:15
fungiand mention the 90-day max embargo period in the reporting guidelines on the security site as well15:16
fungii'll jot these down in the etherpad, but can anybody think of anything else directly related to this change which we need to do now that it's approved?15:16
gagehugothose sound fine, do we want to give notice on current private security bugs now that we will make them public in X days?15:17
gagehugoor are we just going to make them public after announcing via mailing list and updating docs/guides?15:17
fungii was thinking we do it in this order:15:18
fungi1. update our site/docs/templates15:19
fungi2. send announcement to the ml15:19
fungi3. add a 90-day warning to all currently private reports15:19
fungi4. switch those reports to public security after the 90 days15:19
fungifor new incoming reports we'll comment setting the expiration to 90 days from when we triage it and subscribe project reviewers15:20
gagehugoIs there a way to set that automatically in launchpad?15:20
gagehugolike how it marks "expired" if there's no activity after 60 days?15:21
fungino way i know of, but it shouldn't be hard to calculate15:21
fungii usually just set myself reminders if i've proposed to make a bug public on a certain date15:21
fungiit's not critical if it slips a few days, more that we set the expectation that we won't keep reports private indefinitely even if nobody gets around to working out a fix15:21
fungith vmt can still extend the deadline in extreme circumstances, like a fix is nearly complete or something15:22
fungii left us the "except under unusual circumstances" loophole in the policy15:23
fungiif anybody disagrees with any of the tasks or proposed order, i'm happy to revisit the plan15:24
fungiand also willing to do the bulk of the work on it as long as i know we're basically in agreement on what needs doing15:24
fungias an aside, here's a way from the command line you can calculate "90 days from today": date -d@$[$(date +%s)+7776000] -I15:27
fungi(if your shell is bash anyway, otherwise you might need an echo and |bc or something)15:27
fungioh, hah, i should have remembered there's a much easier way: date -d90days -I15:29
* fungi sighs at how he always overcomplicates things15:29
fungibut yeah, i'll mention that in the process doc15:30
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fungias for auto-expiring private status, i think we want human oversight anyway15:30
fungiso i'd be uneasy just having it automatically switch to public15:30
gagehugoprobably, I just like offloading responsibilities to robots15:30
fungimostly due to the "extreme circumstances" clause, if we decide it needs more time we'd have to catch the expiration early and disable it, and hope we did that right15:31
fungis/disable/adjust/ or whatever15:32
fungibut also i don't think either lp nor sb have a mechanism for auto-changing bug types on a schedule15:32
fungiso it's probably a moot point15:32
gagehugomight just be status then15:33
fungianyway, unless anyone has other suggestions, or wants to volunteer to pick up some of those tasks, i'm done with this topic for now15:34
gagehugoI can send off the email, is that something we want to do today then?15:37
fungiper the above sequence, i think the announcement should wait until we get official documentation updated15:38
fungijust so we're not pointing folks to outdated info15:38
fungiand then the bug updates can refer to the ml announcement too if we continue with the ordering i suggested15:39
fungii've adjusted the order in the pad to match15:41
fungii'll push up a change for the first step later today, hopefully so folks can review15:41
fungigerritbot should announce it in #openstack-security15:42
fungibut i can nick highlight folks in there as well if anyone wants me to15:42
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gagehugo#topic open discussion15:48
*** openstack changes topic to "open discussion (Meeting topic: security)"15:48
gagehugofungi redrobot: anything else for today?15:48
funginothing too exciting in the security ml archives15:48
fungibug 1841933 got a fix merged to master15:49
openstackbug 1841933 in OpenStack Compute (nova) "Fetching metadata via LB may result with wrong instance data" [Undecided,Fix released] - Assigned to Kobi Samoray (ksamoray)15:49
fungithe fix for bug 1668410 got updated in an ubuntu sru15:50
openstackbug 1668410 in neutron (Ubuntu Xenial) "[SRU] Infinite loop trying to delete deleted HA router" [High,Fix released]
redrobotnothing on my end15:50
fungiand bug 1666959 got marked won't-fix by the neutron team15:50
openstackbug 1666959 in OpenStack Security Advisory "ha_vrrp_auth_type defaults to PASS which is insecure" [Undecided,Won't fix]
gagehugohmm I see15:51
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funginothing else to cover this week as far as i know15:53
gagehugofungi redrobot: thanks!  Have a good rest of the week15:55
*** openstack changes topic to "OpenStack Meetings ||"15:55
openstackMeeting ended Thu Feb 13 15:55:29 2020 UTC.  Information about MeetBot at . (v 0.1.4)15:55
openstackMinutes (text):
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fungithanks gagehugo!15:55
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efried#startmeeting nova21:00
openstackMeeting started Thu Feb 13 21:00:03 2020 UTC and is due to finish in 60 minutes.  The chair is efried. Information about MeetBot at
openstackUseful Commands: #action #agreed #help #info #idea #link #topic #startvote.21:00
*** openstack changes topic to " (Meeting topic: nova)"21:00
openstackThe meeting name has been set to 'nova'21:00
efried#link agenda
efried#topic Last meeting21:01
efried#link Minutes from last meeting:
efriedACTION: sean-k-mooney to do the train implemented specs business21:01
efriedDone: (needs review please)21:01
efriedACTION: efried to ML about spec scrub day21:01
efriedACTION: lyarwood to curate rocky EM list21:01
*** openstack changes topic to "Last meeting (Meeting topic: nova)"21:01
efriedNot sure about that last one, and I imagine lyarwood is afk21:01
efriedwill fup next week I guess.21:01
efried#topic Bugs (stuck/critical)21:02
efriedNo Critical bugs21:02
*** openstack changes topic to "Bugs (stuck/critical) (Meeting topic: nova)"21:02
efried#link 96 new untriaged bugs (+6 since the last meeting):
efried#link 21 untagged untriaged bugs (+6 since the last meeting):*&field.status%3Alist=NEW21:02
efriedthese numbers are rising steadily21:02
efried#link bug triage how-to:
efried#help need help with bug triage21:02
efriedI think mriedem said if we get to 100 untriaged bugs, a huge marshmallow man comes and wrecks shop.21:03
efried#topic Reminders21:03
efried#link ussuri blueprints
*** openstack changes topic to "Reminders (Meeting topic: nova)"21:03
efriedSo we're at 30 open blueprints, of which six are still not Design:approved.21:04
efriedNUMA topology with RPs21:04
efried#link blueprint
efried#link spec Proposes NUMA topology with RPs
efriedWe've been back and forth on this one. I think it needs one more rev, as noted. Hopefully we can approve it in the morning.21:05
efriednothing to be done now, since the main players are euro.21:05
efriedUnified limits21:05
efried#link blueprint unified-limits-nova
efried#link spec Add Unified Limits Spec
efriedmelwitt is +2. Anybody qualified to +A that? (I'm not.) dansmith?21:06
melwittI think we were hoping for alex_xu for the other approver21:06
dansmithnot me21:06
melwittbut bauzas is also reviewing it21:06
melwittand stephenfin21:07
efriedk, next:21:07
efriedSupport volume local cache21:08
efried#link blueprint support-volume-local-cache
efried#link spec Support volume local cache
rosmaitathe cinder side hasn't been approved yet21:08
rosmaitawe had a cross project meeting this morning21:08
rosmaitathe nova people are not dead-set against it21:08
dansmithunfortunately, that was at 5:30am my time, so didn't get to join21:08
rosmaitayeah, primary person on that is in shanghai21:08
rosmaitaso, Liang is going to revise both cinder and nova specs21:09
rosmaitahe's usually pretty quick, and not a lot of new stuff came up in the meeting21:09
rosmaitai don't know if he's that quick21:09
rosmaitai think we will need to ask for a spec-freeze exception21:10
rosmaita(assuming nova does such things)21:10
rosmaitai think most of the cinder-side issues are under control21:10
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efriedOkay. I haven't like announced how that works, and dunno if we have a doc for it, but a [nova][sfe] email to the ML seems appropriate for requesting that exception.21:11
efriedesp because the people who should agree to same are spread across time zones.21:11
sean-k-mooneytypically we have allowed 1 week to ask for an excetion21:12
efriedseems like the main cores on the nova side have been gibi and dansmith, with a nod by alex_xu. Are those the right people to collar IYO rosmaita?21:12
sean-k-mooneyand i think then wanted 3 cores to +2 or have at least 2 sign up to review it21:12
rosmaitasean-k-mooney: what's your assessment of the reasonableness of this getting done in U?21:12
dansmithI'm definitely not going to approve it so you can just leave me out of it21:12
rosmaitayes, you made that clear on the spec review :)21:13
sean-k-mooneyi need to review it but i felt like it would be a streach to get it done21:13
sean-k-mooneyif the scope is limited maybe21:13
sean-k-mooneymove operations seam unlikely21:13
sean-k-mooneywell live migration21:13
efriedokay, let's discuss the feasibility via the email thread.21:13
efriedfor now, we'll assume it will need an exception, unless it miraculously gets approved tomorrow.21:14
rosmaitaok, i'll work with Liang to get something the ML early next week21:14
efriedthanks for joining rosmaita.21:14
efriedSupport re-configure deleted_on_termination in server21:14
efried#link blueprint destroy-instance-with-datavolume
efried#link spec Support re-configure deleted_on_termination in server
efriedI can't tell whether brinzhang is still working this, but I'll assume if it hasn't had action by tomorrow it's also deferred.21:14
efriedanyone have insight?21:15
efriedIf not, I'll move on...21:15
efriednoVNC requires password authentication21:15
efried#link blueprint nova-support-webvnc-with-password-anthentication
efried#link spec Proposal for a safer noVNC console with password authentication
efriedanyone have insight?21:16
efriedLast one:21:16
efried#link blueprint nova-audit
efried#link Add nova-audit spec
melwittI have a little21:16
efriedon the vnc one?21:16
melwittthe use case around the vnc password feature isn't described in much detail on the spec, which raised a lot of questions21:17
sean-k-mooneyi think the vnc password spec has merrit21:17
melwittno one's opposed to the general idea though and there is some valid use case, but the approach needs to be adjusted before we'd want to approve it21:17
sean-k-mooneythe usecase is mirroring the behavior of a vnc server to a client21:17
efriedOkay, great that it has merit and seems doable, but it's going to need someone to own it and drive it.21:17
sean-k-mooneywhere you have to enter a vnc password before the terminal of the guest is exposed21:18
melwittalex_xu had a suggestion for the design that I prefer and the spec has not yet been updated to reflect that. the author said they would update it though if I understood their last reply correctly21:18
efriedI left a comment that it needs to be revised asap. Otherwise I'll defer.21:18
sean-k-mooneyya makes sense21:18
efriedback to nova-audit:21:18
efriedmelwitt has taken ownership, but needs to get support from cores.21:18
efriedmelwitt: comments?21:18
melwittI sent email to some cores to see if there's any interest in their review of it, we'll see if anyone reviews it by EOD tomorrow21:19
efriedany specs or blueprints I missed?21:19
sean-k-mooneyi missed the start of the meeting did you cover the mixed cpu and numa specs21:20
sean-k-mooneyif so ill just read scollback21:20
efriedmixed CPU was approved a couple hours ago. NUMA I mentioned, yes.21:20
sean-k-mooneyok cool21:21
efriedSo after today's scrub (where I already deferred several that were/seemed dead) we're at21:21
efried30 total. 24 are Design:Approved, of which 7 are Implemented21:21
efriedI've been making noise about trying to reduce the scope to a number we actually think we have a good chance of getting done in U.21:21
efriedI don't remember exactly, but I want to say the number 25 was flying around the ML at some point.21:22
efriedso, we're really not too far off.21:22
efriedI'm going to try to crystallize some kind of process/criteria/whatever and kick something off next week.21:22
efriedIn the meantime, if you have thoughts on this, please brain dump in21:23
efried#link etherpad for working the scrub
efriedAny questions or other subtopics under specs, blueprints, freeze, process thereon, etc?21:23
efriedokay, moving on.21:24
efried#topic PTG/Summit planning21:24
efriedPlease mark **attendance** and topics on21:24
efried#link PTG etherpad
*** openstack changes topic to "PTG/Summit planning (Meeting topic: nova)"21:24
sean-k-mooneyok, am to highlight two that you were involved with, with the changes happening at intel will you/intel be able to complete the vtpm and provider yaml spects.21:24
sean-k-mooneye.g. may they need some help to get across the line. i can follow up after the meeting21:25
efriedah, okay.21:25
efriedyeah, those two were Definition:Approved a while back, so they haven't been on the spec freeze radar just yet.21:25
efriedjroll has taken ownership of vTPM.21:25
efriedhe will have to advocate for the Direction:Approval of that blueprint I suppose.21:26
efriedProvider yaml is really really close to code-complete, so I think it makes sense to make it go.21:26
efriedI think we're waiting for dustinc to do another rev (I imagine he's primarily looking for a job rn) but if he doesn't, I'm sure we can talk somebody into doing that.21:27
efriedI would, but I want to retain my +2 power21:27
efriedbut the changes needed are pretty minimal IIRC.21:27
efriedMoving on:21:28
efried#topic Sub/related team Highlights21:28
efriedPlacement (tetsuro)21:28
*** openstack changes topic to "Sub/related team Highlights (Meeting topic: nova)"21:28
efriedThere was noise about resurrecting can_split for the NUMA topo bp, but I think we managed to kill that.21:28
*** lbragsta_ has quit IRC21:29
efriedThere's some kind of placement API change needed for the shared disk thing, but that's not apparently going to happen in U.21:29
efriedSo that leaves consumer types. melwitt, update there?21:29
melwittI'm still chasing a bug in the consumer types patches. I found what's wrong and now trying to fix (sql query stuff that I'm not good at)21:29
melwittonce I fix it, they'll be ready for review again21:30
efriedmelwitt: remind me, is that a dep of something in nova?21:30
melwittit is, it's something we'd need to clean up some quirks in counting quota usage from placement21:30
efriedcleanup, not a nova bp?21:31
melwittthings like being able to take a "delta" of usage in the middle of a resize, etc21:31
melwittI didn't make a nova bp about it yet because it's not a thing until consumer types are available21:31
sean-k-mooneyits a dep for unifeid limits?21:31
melwittno, it's not a dep for unified limits21:31
melwittit's a dep for doing things like, stop counting double flavor for a resize that has not been confirmed or reverted yet21:32
efriedsorry, I guess I'm asking: will whatever needs to get done in nova, that depends on consumer types, require a blueprint (and therefore be Victoria earliest) or not (and therefore conceivably U)?21:32
sean-k-mooneyah ok21:32
melwitttoday we count both the old and new flavor. with consumer types, we'd know how to take the ceiling of the two flavors mid resize21:32
melwittefried: yeah, definitely won't be anything in U for nova. V at the earliest21:33
efriedokay, cool.21:33
melwittI'm just trying to get the placement side done for U21:33
efriedyeah, good plan :)21:33
efriedAPI (gmann)21:33
efriedThis week update:
gmannAs we can see in email. 4 BPs are ready/in-progress for code review.21:33
gmannOther are still on spec review side and few of them are already discussed.21:33
efriedmost of those we discussed earlier.21:33
gmannOn Policy work: I did few more API policy changes and up for  review and continuing the rest of the API.21:33
gmannWhile dong policy BP work, I am finding few bugs in policy side. 5 till now which are mainly on admin-or-owner things which is good.21:34
gmannthat's all from my side.21:34
efriedthanks gmann21:34
efried#topic Stuck Reviews21:34
*** openstack changes topic to "Stuck Reviews (Meeting topic: nova)"21:34
efried#topic Open discussion21:34
efried[efried] PTL transfer21:34
*** openstack changes topic to "Open discussion (Meeting topic: nova)"21:34
efriedIt's not for sure yet, but it's looking increasingly likely that I will no longer be able to continue as PTL after March 31 at the outside.21:35
efriedSo it's time to start thinking about whether YOU would be willing to take the PTL role for the remainder of the U release.21:35
efriedDoes anyone want to put up their hand at this time?21:36
efriedNot a commitment, just for my information.21:36
gmannFYI next PTL election might be during March(dates are not out yet)21:36
gmannor starting april some time21:36
efriedHm, that would be an interesting wrinkle.21:37
efriedokay, good to know.21:37
efriedSo, anyone?21:37
efriedFYI there's not a real solid process around this, but if I can't find anyone, the TC "gets involved"...21:38
efriedAny other open topics before we move on?21:38
gmannone thing to update on stable gate: stable/rocky|queens should be passing now as stackviz issue is resolved and latest tarball is available for jobs to use. we ca recheck failing one.21:38
efriedThanks gmann21:38
efriedOkay, thanks all.21:39
*** openstack changes topic to "OpenStack Meetings ||"21:39
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