Thursday, 2020-06-25

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abhishekk#startmeeting glance14:01
openstackMeeting started Thu Jun 25 14:01:11 2020 UTC and is due to finish in 60 minutes.  The chair is abhishekk. Information about MeetBot at
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abhishekk#topic roll call14:01
openstackThe meeting name has been set to 'glance'14:01
*** openstack changes topic to "roll call (Meeting topic: glance)"14:01
abhishekklets wait 2 minutes for others14:01
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abhishekklets start14:02
abhishekkWe have dansmith today :D14:02
abhishekk#topic release/periodic jobs update14:02
*** openstack changes topic to "release/periodic jobs update (Meeting topic: glance)"14:02
abhishekkglance_store and python-glanceclient released for V1 milestone14:03
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* mordred waves14:03
abhishekkthanks to jokke and smcginnis for taking care of this14:03
abhishekkmordred, as well14:03
abhishekkV2 is 4 weeks away from now and we have handful of specs to get reviewed14:04
abhishekkKindly focus on reviewing the specs14:04
abhishekkRegarding periodic job, we have 1 time out this week, else were green14:05
abhishekkMoving ahead14:05
abhishekk#topic Specs reviews14:05
*** openstack changes topic to "Specs reviews (Meeting topic: glance)"14:05
abhishekksparse image upload -
abhishekkUnified limits -
abhishekkImage encryption -
abhishekkCinder store multiple stores support -
abhishekkApart from these we have Duplicate downloads spec as well14:06
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abhishekkPlease review at top priority14:07
abhishekkMoving to next topic14:07
alistarleHi, any news about the next steps about this spec for sparse upload ?
abhishekkalistarle, there are some comments on the specs, please go through those14:08
abhishekkjokke, has added one suggestion on it14:08
alistarleYes I see the one of erno, but I didn't understand yours14:08
alistarlebecause I have added all the things we discuss during the PTG14:09
abhishekkYou had provided two ways to do sparse upload in the specs under proposed section14:09
abhishekkI am saying keep what we agreed on in Proposed section and another one in Alternative section14:09
alistarleYes because there is two successive optimisation, do you want me to split it in two different spec ?14:10
alistarlethe two proposal will be implemented14:10
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jokkeabhishekk: There is read part of it and write part of it14:10
abhishekkjokke, ack14:11
abhishekkalistarle, I will revisit my comment and update accordingly14:11
jokkeabhishekk: the read part is if we read everything from staging or if we try to take the advantage of the FS call that gives us holes directly14:11
alistarleAnd Erno, do you want me to rename the option to "enable_thin_provisionning" ?14:12
abhishekkjokke, got it14:12
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alistarleIn my understanding of your comment, this flip should enable all optimizations, not only  sparse upload right ?14:12
jokkealistarle: if it's not too much trouble that would be great. Based on the feedback from the Ceph engineering, it would make sense to avoid sending all the 0s over the wire in either case so calling it thin provisioning would be more decriptive for the deployers/admins14:14
jokkealistarle: so for your spec it will be the sparse upload, what we should look as followup is to use the ceph rewrite buffer for those who don't want the images being thin provisioned14:15
jokkewhich allows us to send like few kB of zeros over the line and tell ceph "Write this 200 000 times"14:15
abhishekkalistarle, jokke should we continue this in Open Discussion?14:16
jokkeabhishekk: sure, sorry14:16
abhishekkjokke,  no problem14:16
abhishekkmoving ahead14:17
abhishekk#topic cross tenant/user copy image authorization14:17
*** openstack changes topic to "cross tenant/user copy image authorization (Meeting topic: glance)"14:17
dansmithSo, I'm working on making nova able to use the copy-image functionality to make sure a user's image is copied to a local rbd store for remote compute nodes,14:17
dansmithand one of the big things that I think doesn't quite fit is that only images the user owns directly can be copied14:17
dansmithwhich is fine for some circumstances, but not for others.. there's one pretty serious bug, which is that we get no indication that we were disallowed from copying, which is fixed by this early auth check, which I think we need to merge regardless:
dansmithhowever, I would also like some way to grant a user the ability to copy images that aren't theirs, i.e. public images that aren't charged to any specific paying user and that just need to be copied when they are deployed to a store at a remote site with computes for the first time14:19
*** markvoelker has joined #openstack-meeting14:19
dansmithone way to do that is a special property on the image, that either glance sees as relaxing the auth check, or that nova sees and knows to use admin credentials to do the copy14:19
dansmithhowever, I think the better plan would to be do this in policy somehow, so that users of a specific role or relationship can copy images14:20
dansmithso something like "if it is shared with me via member list, then I'm allowed to copy it" or "if this image is public, then allow it to be copied" etc14:20
abhishekkjokke, rosmaita AFAIK we have policy checks at different layer, right?14:20
dansmithso I'm looking for thoughts on the policy approach vs. the property hack14:21
dansmithit seems to me that through some refactoring, we could spawn the actual copy thread with an admin context, if the policy allows the user to copy, which would cut down on the refactoring, but I know that may be a little less palatable than refactoring any such checks further down14:22
rosmaitaabhishekk: mostly, though there is that tasks-api policy that is at the api layer14:22
jokkeIf we limit this to public images I think the policy approach would be great. Then deployer could specify user or role which those copies would be allowed14:22
jokkeif that needs to be happening in shared images as well, that gets messy quickly14:23
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dansmithjokke: what are the mechanical differences there?14:23
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jokkedansmith: Making image public is behind policy wall already and what I have heard in most cases restricted to admins and image maintaners. Which likely is like you pointed out, not charged customer. Sharing image is much more flexed and then it might need indeed the owners approval for consuming exra storage rather than just admin call14:25
rosmaitabut is the proposal that the user who initiated the copy would own the copy?14:26
dansmithjokke: I understand the semantic differences, I meant.. if it's just policy checks in glance, are the shared images somehow more complex than the public ones?14:26
dansmithrosmaita: the copy is just an additional location in the image, so no14:27
*** yamamoto has joined #openstack-meeting14:27
dansmithIf we start with just "owner or public" I think that's a major step forward, so I'm happy with that to start... I can just imagine someone being confused about why they can grant people copy access to public images, but not any image a user can see14:27
jokkedansmith: Just the fact that you need to check that the user is in the shared users list as in has actually right to see and consume the image14:28
dansmithjokke: okay, but presumably that is already a routine somewhere since we have to do that check in order to show them the image?14:28
dansmithcan shared images be modified (i.e. metadata) by a share-ee or just downloaded?14:29
jokkedansmith: I think the question is at least as difficult politically if not more than technically. So the politics of public image are likely easier and cleaner to deal with when documented well14:29
dansmithdefinitely understand that :)14:29
jokkedansmith: just consumed14:29
dansmithjokke: okay, well, that's the same as the public case then, in terms of the effect you can have on an image14:30
rosmaitawhat about community images?14:30
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dansmithrosmaita: personally, I would expect that I should be able to grant this functionality to any kind of image that a user can already see14:31
rosmaitaso who pays for the storage?14:31
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jokkerosmaita: I think politically we should put them into the basket of shared images in a sense that they are more likely to be charged on the owner for storage consumption14:31
dansmithif you're a private cloud and not charging for image space, then you really want to grant a user the ability to use an image, which includes using that image in whatever remote edge site they can spin up instances in14:31
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dansmithpublic is good enough for a lot of those people, but if they want only some users to be able to spin up a sensitive image, then losing the ability to do the copy is unfortunate,14:32
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dansmithand may lead to people downloading and re-uploading the image so they have control over the copy, just using more space14:33
jokkedansmith: one thing to take into account with shared images is that it requires out of band communication between those two users already14:33
jokkeWhich means that the collaboration where that image should be located is not much overhead on that case14:33
dansmithrosmaita: in case it's not clear, the case here is a cloud spread across a central DC and several edge sites, the edge sites having their own ceph. with this, nova can (if needed) copy your image from the central store to the appropriate edge store before booting your instance so you get fast clone, snapshot, etc ceph goodness14:34
dansmithrosmaita: which right now is only possible for images you own14:34
dansmithrosmaita: and if you have multiple things doing that in different tenants, you have to upload the image multiple times, one for each tenant in order for this to work, which sucks14:34
rosmaitai guess my worry is filling up the edge storage (which is likely to be smaller) if you leave this up to tenants to pick what should be at the edge if they don't have to pay for it14:35
dansmithjokke: yep, understand, but if there's no technical way to grant that access then making an actual copy of the image and diverging is the only user-consumable solution14:35
jokkerosmaita: I agree, that's why I think we cannot just by default let anyone do this. And why I think policy where admin can grant that permission for the tenant trusted to behave and having need for it can do it14:36
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dansmithrosmaita: at the expense of duplicating every image for every tenant in the central site though14:36
*** ricolin has quit IRC14:37
abhishekkthat's what we assumed while designing this14:37
dansmithand of course, if that image duplication happens,14:37
jokkeand there is that ^^ we have no per store policy either so anyone who can create an image, can do it to any store available14:37
dansmiththen the edge site gets even full-er because two tenants that should share the same base imge, don't, since they're "different" images14:37
*** ricolin has joined #openstack-meeting14:37
dansmithanyway, if we can start with "public or owner" that's a big step forward14:39
abhishekkHow about we start with limiting it to public images ?14:39
dansmithand if the demand for finer grained sharing comes, then we can do that and I can collect beers :)14:39
jokkedansmith: I glanced through your early fail bug, which was very nice catch. I think controlled public image copy will get us much closer to decent user experience for both sides consumers and owners of those images14:39
dansmithit will14:39
jokkeAnd we can refine these in future if store user cases arise14:39
dansmithyep, I'm good with that14:40
abhishekkWe need a spec for this14:40
jokkeif abhishekk and rosmaita are on board with this approach14:40
abhishekkI am fine with this approach14:40
rosmaitai'm not against it, but i have not been following along too closely14:41
dansmithwe still need to merge the early auth check patch of mine rather soon because right now nova will wait until timeout not knowing it wasn't allowed to copy an image14:41
dansmithand extend it with the expanded public stuff14:41
jokkedansmith: yep agreed, I just targeted it to Victoria and Ussuri as high priority ... that is not by any means Nova specific fault14:42
abhishekkMoving ahead as has less time14:42
abhishekk#topic Copy Image race condition14:42
*** openstack changes topic to "Copy Image race condition (Meeting topic: glance)"14:42
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openstackLaunchpad bug 1884596 in Glance "image import copy-to-store will start multiple importing threads due to race condition" [Critical,New] - Assigned to Abhishek Kekane (abhishek-kekane)14:42
abhishekkthis is another bug we had found around copy-image operation14:43
jokkeAnd just for the record this is just "copy-image" moethod specific as the image state transition catches it in the actual import jobs14:44
abhishekkThis is valid race condition and needs to be addressed, as we have common staging area, two different API calls to same image will provide unexpected results14:44
abhishekkI am working with dansmith to solve this issue14:45
jokkeit will also cause all kind of mess when they get to the point of location handling and try to add duplicate locations14:45
jokkedansmith: thanks for good catch on this too14:46
abhishekkdansmith, has added one patch to update image property for image only once14:46
dansmithjust got a couple tweaks from mike, which I will make, but otherwise that'll do it14:46
abhishekkplease have a look as well, I need to build my solution around this patch14:47
abhishekkmoving ahead14:47
abhishekk#topic openstackclient/sdk patches14:48
*** openstack changes topic to "openstackclient/sdk patches (Meeting topic: glance)"14:48
abhishekkrosmaita, this is you?14:48
dansmithmordred: I think14:48
rosmaitai added them, but it's mordred's issue14:48
*** alistarle has joined #openstack-meeting14:48
dansmiththese are patches to make osc able to do the import flow14:48
dansmithwhich I've modified the devstack patch to use instead of glanceclient14:49
dansmithstill working on getting them tested against a real deployment, but latest rev is probably good14:49
dansmithwe'll know in a few hours14:49
abhishekkSo this is again came to pace due to Dan's work14:49
mordredheya - yeah14:49
mordredmostly just wanted ot let folks know they're there - they worked in my local testing, so hopefully dan's patch goes green now14:50
abhishekkwill have a look at those patches14:50
abhishekk#topic Open discussion14:50
*** openstack changes topic to "Open discussion (Meeting topic: glance)"14:50
dansmithit won't go green for other reasons like the image sharing thing, but.. it should go red later :)14:50
mordredplease do - we also discovered that the api-ref docs and reality don't match on all_stores_must_succeed14:51
jokkemordred: oh?14:51
jokkeplease do tell14:51
rosmaitai filed a bug14:51
jokkeok, cool14:51
abhishekkthere is one location where it states default as False14:51
mordredyeah. the actual default behavior is true in the glance code - the api-ref says defaults to false in one place and is silent in the other place14:51
abhishekkwill put a correction patch soon14:52
abhishekkThen there is 3rd bug which we found yesterday14:52
openstackLaunchpad bug 1884996 in Glance "default value for all_stores_must_succeed is not stated" [Low,Triaged]14:52
openstackLaunchpad bug 1885003 in Glance "Interrupted copy-image may break a subsequent operation or worse" [High,In progress]14:52
jokkeah, nice catch then, lets make sure that is corrected. IIRC the spec clearly defined it should be true so docs neds changing14:52
rosmaita"or worse" sounds bad14:52
jokkealistarle: did you have something to continue around the sparse upload stuff14:53
abhishekkI have a fix up for above bug14:53
abhishekkI need to change bug title as well14:54
alistarleYes about the flag name, you expect to have another flag for optimization from ceph engineering or keeping the same "thin provisionning" one ?14:55
abhishekkLast 5 minutes14:55
alistarlebecause seems ceph engineering optimization don't relate to thin provisionning14:56
jokkealistarle: so that's why I wanted to change the name. I'd like to keep it only as one option14:56
*** diurnalist has quit IRC14:56
jokkealistarle: that way if "thin provisioning" is enabled we use the sparse upload and if it's disabled we use th rewrite buffer mechanism14:56
alistarleOh ok I get it, you don't want to be called "thin provisionning" like14:56
alistarleI thought it was your recommandation14:57
jokkeboth ways we don't send majority of the zeros across but the end result in the storege changes ;)14:57
jokkeSo everybody wins :)14:57
alistarleOk understood14:58
mordredI asked rosmaita about this briefly yesterday ... he said that there is no current support for having import staging space be in a backing store like ceph14:58
alistarleI will update that14:58
mordredare there any future plans for that or blueprint already?14:58
*** diurnalist has joined #openstack-meeting14:58
jokkemordred: I'm working on it, but haven't had time to set it up yet to test14:59
mordredjokke: cool!14:59
mordredmnaser: ^^14:59
abhishekktime's up15:00
rosmaitawe made the change a while back so that it uses a local filesystem store for the stage, so what jokke is working on is the next step15:00
jokkemordred: The (first) approach would be utilizing cephfs so stuff like qemu-image will work. and second would be to look into using actual rbd driver for it if none of the file operations are needed15:00
abhishekkshift to #openstack-glance for any further discussion15:00
abhishekkThank you all15:01
*** openstack changes topic to "OpenStack Meetings ||"15:01
openstackMeeting ended Thu Jun 25 15:01:18 2020 UTC.  Information about MeetBot at . (v 0.1.4)15:01
openstackMinutes (text):
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gagehugo#startmeeting security15:01
openstackMeeting started Thu Jun 25 15:01:54 2020 UTC and is due to finish in 60 minutes.  The chair is gagehugo. Information about MeetBot at
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*** openstack changes topic to " (Meeting topic: security)"15:01
openstackThe meeting name has been set to 'security'15:01
fungihey there!15:02
gagehugo#link agenda15:03
gagehugoI was out the last couple days for training so didn't update the agenda much15:03
fungiwe made a trove bug public15:04
fungiother than that i don't think i have much to cover15:04
gagehugoI did see that15:06
gagehugoI was asked about including a slide for openstack 10 years about the security sig, so I just included a section from the security sig wiki page15:07
*** Lucas_Gray has quit IRC15:07
fungithat sounds good15:08
gagehugobut otherwise I don't have anything really15:08
fungioh, on a related note15:08
fungihow would folks feel about moving the wiki page into governance-sigs repo? like i did for
fungi#link sample sig page15:09
gagehugoworks for me15:09
gagehugoI don't mind15:09
fungii'll add that to my to do list15:10
fungion the trove report, that was bug 188445715:13
openstackbug 1884457 in OpenStack DBaaS (Trove) "Remote Code Execution in trove-conductor" [Undecided,New]
fungi#link Remote Code Execution in trove-conductor15:13
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fungithis turned out to be a known risk, trove currently recommends using a service tenant for all the trove instance resources in any deployments where trove users are not trusted15:14
fungiotherwise you could do things like attach the trove storage device to a general purpose server instance under the control of the user and inject arbitrary code or grab message bus credentials15:15
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gagehugohmm ok15:16
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gagehugofungi: anything else?15:18
fungii got nuthin'15:19
*** armstrong has joined #openstack-meeting15:20
gagehugohave a good rest of the week!15:20
*** openstack changes topic to "OpenStack Meetings ||"15:20
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openstackMinutes (text):
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gmann#startmeeting policy-popup17:00
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gmannwho all here today?17:00
gmannsorry its is after 1 hour.17:01
gmannredrobot: see you exactly after an hour, sorry about mis timming17:01
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redrobotgmann, cool17:01
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gmann#startmeeting policy-popup18:00
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gmannthis is right time.18:00
gmannraildo: hi18:00
raildogmann, yo, how you doing?18:01
raildo#link Agenda:
gmann3 meeting today :) and gate stuff you know18:01
gmannredrobot: hi18:01
gmannlet's wait for couple of min if more people shows up18:01
raildogmann, yeah, things are getting crazy this last days...18:01
gmannlet's start18:04
raildolet's do it!18:04
gmann#topic PTG feedback18:04
*** openstack changes topic to "PTG feedback (Meeting topic: policy-popup)"18:04
gmannthis is our first meeting after PTG18:04
gmannwe had great amount of discussion over new policy things and feedback too18:05
gmannfrom oslo-nova cross projects sessions we captured the json->yaml migration plan which we will discuss in next topic18:05
raildoindeed, the idea of making a virtual PTG it was pretty good, imho18:05
gmannand keystone sessions on more investigation we should do to find out the missing things18:06
gmannraildo: true,18:06
raildoalso some projects like manila, barbican, cyborg have some plans to start supporting default policies during victoria cycle18:06
gmanndiscussions were productive18:06
gmannyeah and neutron also18:06
* gouthamr sneaks in18:06
raildoyep, pretty cool result for the PTG :)18:07
gmannwe need to get some pre-work done before more projects start shipping that18:07
raildogouthamr, hey o/18:07
gouthamro/ raildo18:07
gmanndiscussions are n etherpad if anyone missed the sessions18:07
gmannraildo: gouthamr redrobot  please link the spec or code links on wiki if you have started or know about any other project has started18:08
gmannanything else on PTG side?18:09
raildogouthamr, redrobot also, we added a fixed topic for "review requests" on the agenda, you can link any patch that needs our attention over it18:09
raildogmann, nope18:10
gmann#topic Pre-work before adopting new policy on more projects18:10
*** openstack changes topic to "Pre-work before adopting new policy on more projects (Meeting topic: policy-popup)"18:10
redrobotraildo, nice18:10
gmann^^ this oslo spec captured the json->yaml transition plan18:10
gmannthis is very much needed things to finish before you ship the new policy to avoid the operators18:11
gmannI will be working on this on priority and try to finish early in this cycle18:11
gmannand one things we need on project side is to add the upgrade-checks for json format and switch the config option default value.18:12
bnemecEven though that has merged, please take a look and let us know if there are any issues.18:12
gmannI have plan to do in nova first as example18:12
bnemecIt's a security sensitive change so the more eyes we get on it the better.18:12
gmannbnemec: +118:12
raildobnemec, ack18:12
gmannfeedback from other projects will be valuable here if anything we are still missing or can do in better way from operators persepctive18:13
gmannI will say we should add these pre-work things on projects review also to ack them and get more feedback if any18:14
gmannlet me record the action also18:14
gmann#action to start the upgrade-check on nova as ref18:14
gmannraildo: you want to take action to update wiki for pre-work section and there we will start listing down the things we need to burn down before projects start the implementation18:15
gmannso that everyone can easily check the status and also can help18:15
gmann#action gmann to start the upgrade-check on nova as ref18:16
raildo#actoin to update wiki page with the pre-work for victoria cycle regarding the up-grade-check and json-to-yaml migration18:16
raildooh lord...18:16
raildo#action to update wiki page with the pre-work for victoria cycle regarding the up-grade-check and json-to-yaml migration18:16
raildogmann, awesome :) anything else?18:16
gmannnothing else, let's move18:17
gmann#topic Review Requests18:17
*** openstack changes topic to "Review Requests (Meeting topic: policy-popup)"18:17
gmannany review request?18:17
gmanni know cyborg started the code last cycle but did not check if that is rebased and ready now18:17
gmannno updates seems #link
raildogmann, ack, let's keep our eyes on it18:19
gmannanyways do ping us review here in meeting or add in wiki.18:19
gmann#topic Open Floor18:19
*** openstack changes topic to "Open Floor (Meeting topic: policy-popup)"18:19
gmannany other topic to discuss18:20
raildonothing from my side18:20
gmannneutron team is starting the discussion, i talked to amotoki and due to TZ he could not not join meting.18:20
gmannI will send the updated over ML and if we get more people from Asia TZ then we can adjust the meeting time also18:21
*** markvoelker has joined #openstack-meeting18:21
raildoI'm ok with moving meeting time if needed, but let's see how it goes18:22
gmannyeah, once we get more movementum and more things to discuss then we can re-iterate the timing.18:22
gmannok, let's close for today if nothing else to discuss and we will meet on 9th July(hope i am counted date correctly :))18:24
raildothat's right18:24
raildothanks everyone!18:24
gmannthanks all for joining18:24
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