Thursday, 2020-09-10

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abhishekk#startmeeting glance14:01
openstackMeeting started Thu Sep 10 14:01:35 2020 UTC and is due to finish in 60 minutes.  The chair is abhishekk. Information about MeetBot at
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abhishekk#topic roll call14:01
*** openstack changes topic to "roll call (Meeting topic: glance)"14:01
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abhishekkWaiting for others to join14:02
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abhishekklets wait couple of minutes for jokke and dansmith14:02
dansmithI'm here, but have a conflict14:03
abhishekkdansmith, ack14:03
abhishekksmcginnis, rosmaita  we don't need FFE for glance-store now14:03
rosmaitai had to get one for os-brick yesterday14:04
abhishekkAs the failure was related to tests only, we have separated the functional test patch and core functionality is merged now14:04
abhishekkso I will remove my -1 from creating stable branch for glance_store14:04
abhishekkrosmaita, yeah, I saw that discussion14:04
abhishekkLets start, we have very short agenda, so we can use remaining time in reviewing couple of patches before release14:05
abhishekk#topic release/periodic jobs update14:05
*** openstack changes topic to "release/periodic jobs update (Meeting topic: glance)"14:05
abhishekkReleased final python-glanceclient for victoria, thanks to smcginnis14:06
abhishekkglance M3 release is this week14:06
abhishekkBut we still have 3-4 patches related to documentation and enhancement are pending14:06
abhishekkSo I am thinking to tag it on Monday, if it is ok14:07
abhishekkTo-Do etherpad -
abhishekkList of pending patches are listed in above etherpad14:07
abhishekksmcginnis, rosmaita may be you can have a look, simple and already reviewed by dansmith and me14:07
abhishekkjokke, ^^14:08
abhishekkIf those patches gets merged in next 3-4 hours, I can push a release patch today itself14:08
abhishekkI have also pushed Victoria cycle highlights and same is merged as well14:09
patchbotpatch 750873 - releases - Add Glance Victoria highlights (MERGED) - 3 patch sets14:09
abhishekkPeriodic jobs all green for straight 5th week14:10
abhishekkAny questions/suggestions around M3 release?14:10
smcginnisDid we determine anyone actually needs an M3 release?14:11
abhishekkBut IMO as we have couple of new features merged in this milestone its good to tag it before rc114:12
smcginnisSure. We really don't need to if no one is going to pick that up though.14:13
abhishekkack, then I think I will ask gmann to review my devstack patch, so that we can also get cinder CI job in if possible14:14
abhishekkmoving ahead14:15
abhishekk#topic Important reviews14:15
*** openstack changes topic to "Important reviews (Meeting topic: glance)"14:15
abhishekkabove etherpad has all patches which we need to get in, kindly review them14:16
abhishekk#topic Open discussion14:16
*** openstack changes topic to "Open discussion (Meeting topic: glance)"14:16
abhishekkIs there any way to move approved specs to implemented yet?14:17
abhishekkrosmaita, smcginnis ^^14:17
rosmaitayou mean automatically?14:17
abhishekkAFAIK, symbolic links does not work as per expectations14:18
abhishekkrosmaita, no, earlier we use to set symbolic links, right?14:18
rosmaitayes, and they used to work ... i still have not followed up14:18
rosmaitafungi offered to troubleshoot a few months ago, but i haven't had time to work on it14:19
rosmaitathough i did catch a problem in my cinder .htaccess14:19
rosmaitadon't know if it will help, it hasn't merged yet14:19
abhishekkdo you remember what was that problem14:19
rosmaitano, speculation was that .htaccess is using an absolute url14:20
rosmaitabut since it did use to work, not sure that's it ... there's been a config change somewhere in the infra side14:20
abhishekkok, will try to have look14:21
rosmaitaclarification about the process ... we used to move in the git repo from approved -> implemented14:21
rosmaitaand then put the redirect from approved to implemented14:21
rosmaitaso that older links would work14:21
abhishekklets see, I will work around it this week14:23
abhishekkDo we have anything else for discussion?14:23
abhishekkjokke, Steap ?14:23
fungirosmaita: abhishekk: oh, yep, i still have a note about the htaccess entries on my to do reminders14:24
rosmaitafungi: thanks, i was going to bug you when i had some time, and you know how that goes14:25
fungiget up with me and i'm happy to help identify the underlying problem (or remind myself that i already figured it out and just hadn't written the fix)14:25
jokkeabhishekk: ?14:25
rosmaitaprobably after RC-114:25
abhishekkfungi, thank you, may be I will ping you sometime next week14:26
rosmaitaeven better14:26
abhishekkjokke, I was asking do you have anything for discussion?14:26
jokkenot for this, but the forum proposals are accepted now if we want to have anything there14:27
abhishekkack, any recommendations?14:27
abhishekkmay be we can discuss this after the meeting14:28
abhishekkLets wrap up and use this time for reviews and other work14:29
jokkeyeah ... do we want to try to get some community comments about what next with import tasks and multi-store?14:29
abhishekkthank you all, thank you fungi14:29
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openstackMeeting ended Thu Sep 10 14:30:15 2020 UTC.  Information about MeetBot at . (v 0.1.4)14:30
openstackMinutes (text):
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gagehugo#startmeeting security15:06
openstackMeeting started Thu Sep 10 15:06:14 2020 UTC and is due to finish in 60 minutes.  The chair is gagehugo. Information about MeetBot at
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gagehugo#link agenda15:09
gagehugo#topic opendev ptg15:09
*** openstack changes topic to "opendev ptg (Meeting topic: security)"15:09
gagehugoI signed us up for 2100-2300 on Monday the 26th of Oct15:10
gagehugoDoes that work for everyone? or is there another time that would be more favorable?15:11
fungithat's probably extremely late for Luzi, though i can make it (it's early evening here)15:14
gagehugoCan probably do morning15:14
fungiwho else usually joins us? redrobot?15:14
Luziyeah would 2200 - 2400 I think ... I can do it, but I will be tired :D15:16
redrobotSorry, on a video call right now.15:16
redrobotAs long as it does not conflict with Barbican times, I should be good.15:16
redrobotlooks like 4pm-6pm for me, so that works for me.15:17
gagehugoLemme look at a morning time then15:18
gagehugoif that works better15:18
gagehugoor just another session15:18
gagehugofor multiple time zones15:18
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gagehugo#topic open discussion15:25
*** openstack changes topic to "open discussion (Meeting topic: security)"15:25
gagehugoDoes anyone have anything else?15:25
funginot really, other than a reminder that there are a few days left to submit topics for the forum track at the summit15:26
fungi#link submit forum sessions15:27
fungimonday next week is the deadline15:28
Luzii found that the link to the tripleO TLS everywhere guide ind the native qemu tls doc: leads to a 404 site15:28
Luzidoes anyone of you know where this guide is now?15:29
fungiis that just in nova's train docs, or later versions too?15:29
Luzialso for latest15:30
fungii was going to check their site, but it's not responding for me15:32
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gagehugoyeah not responding to me either15:34
fungicould it be this?15:34
Luzii will have a look into it, thank you fungi15:36
fungiyou're welcome15:38
gagehugoOk, I put down a session for 13-15 UTC, but fungi that is also during opendev so you might be preoccupied there15:40
gagehugobut we will also meet at the 21-23 time as well15:41
fungiso both those times are on the 26th?15:41
gagehugoI will be out a few days that week, so it's an unfortunate time for me15:42
gagehugobut I plan on being around Monday15:42
fungicool, i'm sure we can make it work. thanks!15:42
Luzithank you gagehugo15:42
gagehugoI'll just write a sticky note reminding me to wake up early that day haha15:43
gagehugoHave a good rest of the week everyone, stay safe15:43
*** openstack changes topic to "OpenStack Meetings ||"15:43
openstackMeeting ended Thu Sep 10 15:43:30 2020 UTC.  Information about MeetBot at . (v 0.1.4)15:43
fungithanks gagehugo!15:43
openstackMinutes (text):
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