Tuesday, 2020-11-24

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yasufumhi, tacker team08:00
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tsukasasaHello, I'm Tsukasa Inoue from NEC. I joined Takahashi-san@NEC's team. Nice to meet you.08:02
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yasufumtsukasasa: welcome!08:02
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yasufum#startmeeting tacker08:03
openstackMeeting started Tue Nov 24 08:03:04 2020 UTC and is due to finish in 60 minutes.  The chair is yasufum. Information about MeetBot at http://wiki.debian.org/MeetBot.08:03
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yasufumdo you have any topic today?08:04
takahashi-tscI have 1 topic about heat-tranlator and tosca-parser.08:04
yasufumI have checking our ether pad.08:05
yasufum10th item?08:05
yasufum#link https://etherpad.opendev.org/p/tacker-meeting08:05
takahashi-tscYes, sorry  i forget to write item in section 0.08:05
yasufumno problem!08:05
yasufumIs there no update in 9th item, right?08:06
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takahashi-tscno update... POST_FAILURE occurred again but there is no progress now.08:07
yasufumOK. I and VA linux have been working for fixing the issue, reducing log messages and so on.08:09
yasufumI will share my update in the next meeting, or later possibly.08:09
yasufumI have no topic for today, so please go ahead your topic, takahashi-san.08:10
takahashi-tscPlease see etherpad L522-08:11
yasufum#topic heat-translator-and-tosca-parser08:11
*** openstack changes topic to "heat-translator-and-tosca-parser (Meeting topic: tacker)"08:11
takahashi-tscI think tacker development need to update heat-translator and tosca-parser, but recent patches is not merged.08:12
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takahashi-tscSo i'd like to propose something to proceed with such community activities. I want to send email to openstack-discuss.08:14
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takahashi-tscDiscussion point is...  1. Is such propose needed?  2. If needed, is it OK that I say that tacker member becomes heat-translator/tosca-parser's reviewers?08:15
takahashi-tscIn addtion, I want to propose that Tacker core team becomes heat-translator/tosca-parser core team, if possible.08:16
takahashi-tscL529 is another option(Move heat-translator/tosca-parser repository under Tacker if only Tacker use them.) But I think it is difficult...08:17
yasufumYes, I have already joined for reviewing and positive to become a core.08:18
yoshito-itoThank you, takahashi-san. I agree with your two proposals. I really appreciate if heat-translator/tosca-parser become more active because they are always the bottleneck of the patches related to my specs.08:19
takahashi-tscIf OK, I send email to openstack-discuss. I think this is discussion across projects, so [tc] tag is needed. [tc][heat][tacker]08:21
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takahashi-tscare there any objections? If no, I'd like to show 1 more discussion point(L530-)08:26
yasufumseems nothing08:26
takahashi-tscOK, I think we need to discuss how to develop with heat-translator/tosca-parser. I think we cannot conclude because it depends on above discussion. But I want to start discussion.08:27
takahashi-tscIssue is current tacker's FT use pip package of heat-translator/tosca-parser. i.e. even if the patch is merged to master them, Tacker FT does not use updated code.08:28
takahashi-tscI want team's opinions. Do we need to make script to install master for FT?08:30
takahashi-tscinstall master of heat-translator/tosca-parser.08:30
yasufumWe can install pip packages localy from source, and I think it is doable on zuul env as a remedy.08:31
yasufumUntil required updates are merged in the pip package08:32
yasufumYour ‘make a script’ means that you add installation script in our devstack script, right?08:33
takahashi-tscdevstack or zuul setup playbook.08:34
takahashi-tscOf course, this is just example. Is there any other way? I'm not sure...08:35
takahashi-tscBefore that, we should decide that FT should use pip package or master code.08:35
takahashi-tscI wrote pros/cons of using master code in etherpad L534.08:37
yoshito-itoIMO, it's better to use master code because our patches often depend on the new patch in heat-translator/tosca-parser. I don't want to wait till the new codes are introduced to pip repo.08:38
yoshito-itoI'm not sure how much risky to use master codes other than pip.08:39
yoshito-itoFor me, it seems enough to simply change the Zuul or devstack to use master codes without any new FTs.08:40
yasufumI think it is not so different between using master or pip repo.08:41
takahashi-tscMy biggest concern is L538, "We may release the code which is not available due to not updating heat-translator/tosca-parser pip package."08:42
takahashi-tscI think it will happen very rarely, but it may happen.08:43
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yasufumWe can customize the installation to use master repo while running pip installation.08:45
yasufumSo, I think it might not so serious issue actually.08:47
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takahashi-tscYes, I think there are not so serious issues. But I think we should decide our strategy and show to developers and users both08:49
yasufumIt should not be so long term issue, right?08:50
takahashi-tscI think so.08:51
yasufumSo, we do not need to care users, but only developers.08:51
yasufumIn my opinion, it just enough to update devstack installation.08:51
yasufumfor testing on devstack by developers, and passing CI on zuul.08:52
takahashi-tscOK, understood.08:53
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yasufumWe also need to have a discussion with teams, tosca-parser and heat-translator, for getting control for merging our patches in parallel.08:54
yasufumThanks takahashi-san for leading the discussion.08:54
takahashi-tscAgree, thanks.08:55
takahashi-tscThat's all from me.08:56
yasufumThanks. Please continue to discussion for details, especially for plans how to make agreement with them.08:58
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yasufumIt is almost the end of time, but do yo have other topic, everyone?08:59
yoshito-itoLet me ask you to review my updated specs:08:59
yoshito-ito#link https://review.opendev.org/c/openstack/tacker-specs/+/75960108:59
yoshito-ito#link https://review.opendev.org/c/openstack/tacker-specs/+/75964208:59
yoshito-itoAlso, my other specs are ready to review. Thanks.09:00
yoshito-itoThat's all from me.09:01
yasufumThank you for your mention.09:01
yasufumWe have some more specs ready to be reviewed which proposed while vPTG.09:03
yasufumPlease join for the review. Thanks09:03
yasufumI would like to close this meeting. Thank you for joining.09:04
takahashi-tscThanks. bye.09:04
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yasufum#endmeeting tacker09:04
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oneswig#startmeeting scientific-sig21:00
openstackMeeting started Tue Nov 24 21:00:16 2020 UTC and is due to finish in 60 minutes.  The chair is oneswig. Information about MeetBot at http://wiki.debian.org/MeetBot.21:00
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oneswighappy thanksgiving :-)21:00
oneswigThe turkey is indeed a powerful force21:02
trandleshi oneswig21:12
trandlesunfortunately super busy today :(21:12
oneswigMan, aren't we all.  I'm upgrading Ceph in the other window, how about you?21:13
trandlesjust did an RDO install of Usurri on a testbed...going to do a test OpenShift-on-OpenStack install for a work project21:13
trandlessorry I have to run now, just wanted to pop in and say "hi"21:14
*** b1airo has joined #openstack-meeting21:14
oneswigAh, so many questions...21:14
oneswigcheerio trandles21:14
trandlesyeah, me too...maybe I'll have some answers in a couple weeks21:14
oneswigHey b1airo, morning.21:14
trandleshi/bye b1airo21:14
b1airoirccloud gave me some trouble connecting this morning21:14
b1airohio/bye trandles !21:14
b1airocongrats on your confirmed president elect ;-)21:15
oneswigb1airo: Seems our usual cohort of Americans are full of turkey :-)21:15
b1airoah yes, that time of year21:16
oneswigHow's summer coming on?21:17
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b1airoshit right now :-)21:17
b1airobut we've been in the pool already21:17
oneswigThat's the spirit21:18
b1airogot a camper (pop-top) holiday sorted for end of year, so fingers crossed we get a settled couple of weeks21:19
oneswigWhere will you go?21:19
b1airoso what were the big news items out of the Summit and SC? i've been finding it very hard to get much involved in virtual conferences (except where I've been running/presenting something) so feel like most of it has passed me by21:20
b1airoheading up top of south island into the golden bay area and then over onto the top of the west coast there21:20
oneswigI got the free-tier ticket for SC but didn't actually use it.21:21
oneswigNelson?  Abel Tasman?  I remember it well(ish)21:21
oneswigI've had a fair bit going on over here so haven't been back through the Open Infra Summit talks.21:22
oneswigThe big thing for us at SC was getting the Ironic system in at #99 in the TOP50021:22
b1airoyeah, i need to queue up my youtube backlog too21:23
oneswig0.001 PF more than #100...21:23
b1airoJulia must have been pretty happy to hear about that21:23
oneswigI hope so.21:24
oneswigYou travelling much internally still?21:24
b1airono quite static at the moment. probably one, maybe two trips, before the year is out - but think i'm only at 4 or 5 for the year. one of those was only a day in and auckland went back into lock-down so i high-tailed it out of there21:26
b1airowill depend how Bel's concussion going too :-/21:26
oneswigIt's all over Bristol right now.21:26
oneswigHow's she doing?21:26
b1airofeel like you're taking a gamble every time you go to the shops? must be stressful21:28
b1airoshe's pretty good considering she probably hit her head on a "sleeper" (ha!) from 2-3m drop and had temporary dysphasia21:29
oneswigNot too much.  The kids both go to school and my wife works in the local uni.  Infection rates locally are high (~500 per 100k people) but even so it's not that bad.21:29
oneswig2-3m drop?  Ouch.  Bet that gave her a good bump.21:30
b1airois that confirmed infections or based on modelling accounting for asymptomatic cases?21:30
oneswigI think it's positive tests, so underestimating true prevalence rates.21:31
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oneswigEveryone's locked down right now so things are settling again.21:32
*** rfolco|ruck has quit IRC21:32
b1airoleft field question... have you ever used NVIDIA MPS ?21:34
oneswigMPS?  Not heard of it.21:34
oneswigI'm not a user of GPUs, particularly21:35
oneswigMore a plumber.21:35
b1airowe've got a few (8) A100s on the way and i'm thinking about how we can maximise utilisation across them21:37
oneswigThey aren't all in one box are they?21:37
b1airoGPU underutilisation seems to be incredibly common but no one ever talks about it...21:38
b1airono, going to be 2 per node (with NVbridge across them)21:38
b1airowe'll go denser once/if we see sustained demand for that21:40
oneswigIt's a challenge I'm sure to make the most of an exotic resource.21:40
oneswigb1airo: ever converted a Ceph deployment from non-containerised to containerised?  We've used the ceph-ansible playbook for this previously.  I'll be watching it very closely though.21:42
*** ykatabam has joined #openstack-meeting21:42
b1airowell that's the thing though, they're not that exotic anymore, insofar as there are plenty of GPU accelerated codes out there. but the obvious issue is that not many of those codes use GPU at a sustained rate21:42
oneswigright, I see.21:43
*** ykatabam has joined #openstack-meeting21:43
b1airono, though it doesn't sound fun. presumably the main challenge is making sure you don't have to redeploy the OSDs and replicate data across a 3 month upgrade window21:44
oneswigYou want applications that yield the GPU when they aren't using it.  That may be a long shot21:44
b1airothat's one of the things that MPS does - cooperative GPU sharing for CUDA workloads21:44
oneswigThankfully the cluster is smallish and fast21:44
b1airoah right, so you are blowing away the extra OSD data?21:45
oneswigUpgrade Ceph, containerise, and redeploy with CentOS 8.  In that order.21:46
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oneswigIt's quite a test plan21:47
*** baojg has joined #openstack-meeting21:47
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b1airohmm yeah, i guess the theory is that everything will be much easier once it is containerised...21:49
oneswigI am not certain about how much easier it will be.  The hardest bit will be the CentOS reinstall.21:50
b1airothe thing we always forget when getting excited about software defined infrastructure - software sucks! :-)21:51
oneswigalways a bit too clever for its own good21:51
b1airook, i'm going to run and see if i can make sure we're sorted this end for our Friday morning session21:52
oneswigsounds good.  Until then b1airo21:52
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openstackMinutes (text): http://eavesdrop.openstack.org/meetings/scientific_sig/2020/scientific_sig.2020-11-24-21.00.txt21:53
openstackLog:            http://eavesdrop.openstack.org/meetings/scientific_sig/2020/scientific_sig.2020-11-24-21.00.log.html21:53
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trandlesb1airo: thx RE: president. I'm looking forward to the day I can go a week without turning on the news and cringing.22:13
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