Tuesday, 2021-04-13

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ricolin multi-arch SIG is not plan to run meeting today, welcome to find us in #openstack-multi-arch15:03
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julianpHello Mr Telfer! How are things?20:59
oneswigHi julianp, all good here.  Ready to go?20:59
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oneswig#startmeeting scientific-sig21:00
openstackMeeting started Tue Apr 13 21:00:03 2021 UTC and is due to finish in 60 minutes.  The chair is oneswig. Information about MeetBot at http://wiki.debian.org/MeetBot.21:00
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*** openstack changes topic to " (Meeting topic: scientific-sig)"21:00
openstackThe meeting name has been set to 'scientific_sig'21:00
oneswig... away we go! :-)21:00
oneswigso what's new?21:00
oneswigtrandles: LinkedIn tells me congratulations are in order for your new role?21:00
julianp(looks at LinkedIn)21:00
trandlesah, thanks oneswig21:01
trandlesit's a title.../shrug21:01
oneswigCouldn't happen to a better guy :-)21:01
trandlesI'm fighting more responsibility until I get my boss to agree to push some of my work on someone else :P21:01
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oneswigSo no significant change?21:01
trandlessignificant change, but trying to ease into it21:02
trandlesProbably _more_ cloud-related stuff in this role21:03
trandlesI have a platform now to push for better HPC/Cloud integration and adoption21:03
oneswigThe Next Platform will be queuing up for your pearls of wisdom before you know it21:03
trandlesBefore I'd talk and they could just ignore me :P21:03
oneswigWell that's just excellent.21:04
julianpCongrats trandles.21:04
oneswigSo what else is new?  I'm attending GTC (virtually)21:05
julianpWhat is GTC?21:06
oneswigNvidia's GPU technology conference21:06
trandlesthanks julianp21:06
oneswigAll things Nvidia.  More green branding than you ever thought possible / bearable21:06
trandlesThe fact LANL and CSCS are taking delivery of Grace systems is big news for me at least21:07
oneswigLANL too?  I think they were an also-ran in that announcement!21:07
oneswigI didn't get a feel for what the Grace CPU was capable of by itself, it was mostly described as a sidekick to an A10021:08
trandlesDon't look at me, I'll just point at the press releases21:11
oneswigmartial: you there?21:11
martialam here21:11
oneswighey martial21:11
oneswig#chair martial21:11
openstackCurrent chairs: martial oneswig21:11
oneswigtrandles: did they say when? I hope Nvidia hasn't picked up Mellanox's habit of pre-announcing tech21:12
trandlesfor us it's "early 2023"21:12
trandlesI think that's the same for CSCS21:12
oneswigThe system diagrams were reminiscent of the Transputer.  I was wondering about NUMA overheads.21:14
martialhave not had a chance to view the keynote yet21:14
oneswigIt's a bish-bash-bosh of one announcement after another.  But this time he doesn't get any hardware out of the oven.  I was disappointed.21:16
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martialtrue :)21:17
julianpI want a Transputer.21:17
oneswigIn the idle moments, I was wondering how he gets the fryup grease out of that plaster frieze above his cooker.21:17
oneswigNow if you see the keynote, you'll be thinking this too21:18
b1airohi gents - sorry i'm on a call with SoftIron crew21:19
oneswigHi b1airo, livestream it :-)21:19
oneswig#chair b1airo21:20
openstackCurrent chairs: b1airo martial oneswig21:20
oneswigOK we should probably cover some business wrt the PTG next week.21:20
martialso on the todo list for next week is for me to share a google meet link for everyone to join21:20
oneswigquick work martial!21:20
trandlesPTG next week....oof... link to the times? I better get it on my calendar if possible.21:21
oneswigThat would be good.  Can we share it via the mailing list?21:21
martialI was going to ask how to share it21:22
oneswigtrandles: its Wednesday, two 1-hour sessions at 14:00 UTC and 21:00 UTC21:22
martialI was thinking Slack originally21:22
oneswigSlack would cover most people.  There's always a bit of missionary evangelism needed to find others though.21:23
oneswigPerhaps instead of disclosing the link in a public way on the list, suggest people contact you for it?21:24
martialI can do that21:25
martialactually we can put it in the Etherpad21:25
b1airoyeah i'd just ask people to reply if interested21:25
b1airoand we can put it in etherpad at the start of the meeting21:25
oneswigFor the lightning talks, I was just thinking we should ask Kristi from MOC to present their work on Adjutant for user on-boarding.  We are planning to try that out ourselves.21:26
oneswiggood idea b1airo21:26
julianpOh my yes. I'd love to see that.21:26
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martialcool, we have a basic etherpad ready21:26
martialnot sure if it was going to be an official one21:26
oneswigI'll mail now before I forget21:26
martial#link https://etherpad.opendev.org/p/202104PTG_ScientificSIG_LightingTalks21:27
oneswigmartial: previously I think they've created a bunch of etherpads with a predictable naming sequence.  I haven't checked if they've done that again this time21:27
martialwe have currently 6 slots open21:27
oneswigOnly 6 remaining? :-)21:28
martialoneswig: agree, but I was unclear if that was still true, so I created this one21:28
martialfrom what you were saying we only have 5 slots available ... they go out fast21:30
oneswigI had a look on the OpenStack wiki - this is the Xena cycle, right?  No sign of an etherpads page yet21:32
martialwell we have a placeholder then :)21:34
oneswigYes, that's great.21:34
oneswigI'm going to do a talk but I'm not sure what on yet.21:35
julianpWhat are the candidate topics?21:35
martialI can do a talk about edge use case on jetson nano using containers but that seems less openstack-y and HPC to me21:36
oneswigjulianp: Monitoring for Slurm, Blazar and preemptible instances and the Scalable Metal Service cloud.21:36
martial(although it might interest b1airo and his edge idea)21:36
b1airosounds interesting to me martial - and no doubt other "Scientific" types :-)21:36
oneswigmartial: one of my team has a Jetson nano in a peanut butter tub.  It's awesome apparently21:36
julianpYup. I'm into that.21:37
b1airodon't have to limit ourselves to HPC21:37
b1airopeanut butter IS AWESOME, oneswig...?21:37
martialit is a nice little "cheap" GPU processor that can easily be placed at the edge21:37
b1airoanyone else got 30 GTC tabs open at the moment?21:38
oneswigb1airo: yeah, the peanut butter got eaten first, should have said that21:38
martialb1airo: nah, will watch it "after", too many fires21:38
oneswigb1airo: alas no, too distracting!  It's putting a dent in my day21:38
martialif people are interested in the nano, I am happy to recommend ...21:39
martial#link https://github.com/datamachines/cuda_tensorflow_opencv/tree/master/JetsonNano21:39
oneswigmartial: I saw you'd organised the PTG sessions with a proper meeting in the first slot.  If we get EMEA people with a lightning talk, would you object to them presenting it then?21:40
b1airohave heard of food grade lubricant being used as an immersive liquid cooling solution, not sure peanut butter would be good though... wonder what its specific heat capacity is21:40
martialwe can have them present their lighting talk then of course, we can only record that section21:40
trandlesWe happily never cared about GPUs at LANL. Then Nvidia bought Mellanox. Then Nvidia got in the ARM game. Now I should be watching GTC but I can't be bothered.21:40
b1airolol trandles21:40
martialmy plan was to record each talk independently so that everyone can get their own slot21:41
martialand their own video21:41
b1airotrandles: i suspect you might be interested in GRACE21:41
oneswigmartial: you work the tech, we have faith in you :-)21:41
trandlesisn't the viscosity of food grade lubricant kinda high?21:41
martialbut if there is interest in the nano stack, I can talk about the k3s stack for the nanos :)21:42
oneswigtrandles: have you got another chat going? :-)21:42
b1airotrandles: https://dug.com/dug-cool/21:43
trandlesb1airo: suddenly, yes, I'm interested in GRACE and BlueField21:43
martialSC virtual this year still? no idea of the oil to use to dip my server in anymore, that is what SC's floor is about, right? :)21:43
trandlesb1airo: that's an interesting cooling solution21:44
trandlesmartial: I hear from someone on the organizing committee that SC is still going to try and be in-person21:44
martialwow, shiny21:44
martialnice, looking forward to it!21:45
oneswigThe focus of this discussion is wrong, we should move from the cooling of computers to the heating of swimming pools - by computers - https://www.leaf.cloud21:45
trandlesI fear that SC can be in-person for certain people, and a complete miss for others, based on factors totally outside of the organizer's control.21:45
b1airoyeah i can't see in-person being a good idea this year21:46
trandlesFWIW I'm "fully vaccinated" from the US CDC's perspective, more than 2 weeks past my second pfizer dose21:46
oneswigtrandles: nice work.  I have my first jab scheduled for Monday.21:46
b1airoeven for those people who have been vaccinated there will still be considerable institutional inertia around international travel21:47
trandlesno tail, no lizard scales...and I don't live too far from a 5G tower21:47
trandlesso disappointed21:47
martialsame as Tim21:47
oneswigI'm getting the GH-325 vaccine - no, wait that was something else...21:47
trandlesb1airo: I think that's highly likely to be the case.21:47
martialb1airo: good point21:48
trandlesFor some reason all of my dreams are now Bill Gates lectures.21:48
b1airoi always thought there was something super about you oneswig ;-)21:48
oneswigha :-) good point though b1airo, we are still without an office.  That might change but plane flights are like going to another galaxy from where we are now21:49
martialoneswig: you have to watch the Falcon/Winter Soldier, it is a show for you :)21:50
oneswigmartial: My daughter is crazy about that, I've watched a few with her.  Pretty good!21:50
oneswigWhat can we do to get a few more folks signed up to speak?21:52
trandlesI'll reach out to someone who's doing a new RHOSP deployment and mentioned something about "Ceph going on hyperconverged Compute"21:53
b1airowe should ask the Nectar cloud core team if they've got something21:53
julianpCan we convince jomlow and/or jfischer to talk about Jetstream 2.0 progress?21:53
trandlesI don't want to throw this person under the bus by dropping a name.21:54
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martialand I can ask Rion to talk about Agave on k8s too21:54
oneswigAll good ideas21:54
trandlesjulianp: I don't know if Jetstream 2 hardware arrived on their floor yet.21:54
trandlesI'm always interested in what rbudden is doing with Discover at NASA21:55
trandlesI can't talk about our production deployment yet. Fingers crossed for Berlin though...21:56
trandlesIf they re-run last year's plan21:56
martial*crossing my fingers for Tim too*21:56
oneswigtrandles: true, rbudden and jonmills take a fundamental approach to managing things21:57
martialgetting close to the hour21:57
oneswigNearly at time - let's all go away and aim to get some lightning talk content.21:57
julianpGood plan.21:57
oneswigthe etherpad again: https://etherpad.opendev.org/p/202104PTG_ScientificSIG_LightingTalks21:58
trandlesbye folks...gotta get on another call21:59
oneswigThanks all, hopefully see you next week21:59
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