Monday, 2021-05-03

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Luzi#startmeeting image_encryption13:00
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Luzi#topic Roll Call13:00
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Luzihi fungi, lets wait for redrobot13:01
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Luziredrobot, are you there?13:05
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Luzihi rosmaita13:12
Luziwell it seems redrobot is not available today...13:12
Luziso i will ask them tomorrow in the barbican meeting about the secret consumers13:12
rosmaitasounds good13:13
Luziptg made it at least clear to me, that the secret consumer api is waiting for the microversions. and the microversion were/are waiting for the secure polices13:13
rosmaitathanks, that helps me understand the holdup13:14
fungii tried to give a summary to the tc during the ptg as well, notes start at line 51 here at the moment:13:15
fungi#link TC Xena PTG notes13:15
rosmaitacool, thanks for that summary13:16
rosmaitaLuzi: don't know if this will help, but cinder is also interested in the consumer API to harden our current handling of encryption keys for encrypted volumes13:17
Luzii know, we talked about it in the autumn ptg13:17
fungiduring the security sig session we talked about reviving past conversations around making barbican a base service, but step 1 would be finding use cases it enables. that might be one13:18
rosmaitayes, in order to have encrypted volumes in cinder, you must have a key manager service13:18
Luzirosmaita, do you use python-barbicanclient or castellan to interact with barbican=13:19
fungigagehugo: ^ for reference13:19
rosmaitai think castellan directly, but i believe that requires python-barbicanclient13:20
fungimore importantly, would users of that feature be interacting with barbican, or is it all filtered through the cinder api?13:20
Luzivolume encryption is transparant to users13:21
fungilike, should users be able to supply keys for encrypting volumes, and if so should they do that through the cinder api or barbican?13:21
rosmaitawell, we don't want them interacting with barbican, because without the consumer API, they can delete in-use keys13:21
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fungisure, i mean hypothetical future with consumer api13:21
rosmaitakeys are supplied automatically (generated by barbican)13:21
rosmaitawe haven't found a reliable way for users to upload keys that work13:22
rosmaitatoo many moving parts13:22
fungiso for this purpose, castellan and "a castellan-supported keystore" is sufficient i suppose13:22
rosmaitayes, though, red hat, for instance, uses barbican13:23
fungigot it. so doesn't support the argument for adding barbican to the base services list since we already have it covered by
fungi#link base services list13:24
rosmaitawell, maybe not13:26
rosmaitawe also have the upload-volume-to-image workflow13:26
rosmaitaforget that13:26
rosmaitaas long as you configure cinder and glance correctly, should work with another keystore13:27
fungimakes sense, thanks13:27
rosmaitathough we only test with barbican13:27
fungianyway, i didn't mean to hijack the meeting with tangential topics13:27
fungisorry about that13:27
Luzino worries13:27
Luziits more interesting than only have a discussion about waiting :D13:28
fungiso was the barbican clarification on consumer api and microversions the only real takeaway from the ptg?13:28
fungiand the "add microversion 1.1" change is still wip, since almost 9 months... any indication where the discussion on making it no longer wip is taking place? barbican meetings?13:30
rosmaitaLuzi: what are your plans for CI on this? I'm thinking maybe tests in cinder-tempest-plugin since the library will be in os-brick.  I wonder whether it makes sense to work on the os-brick part and get that working even without the consumer API?13:32
Luziyes in the barbican meetings, at least it should be there - i did not hear that secure polices were the reason the microversion were on hold until the ptg :/13:32
fungioh, the policy work is the blocker? i missed that13:33
rosmaitai think it may be a project bandwidth issue, not a technical issue13:33
fungisure, we're all far too familiar with that struggle13:34
Luzirosmaita, the os-brick part can be done without the secret consumer - but after that? how long would that be just dead code?13:34
Luziyeah the barbican team has much to do :/13:34
rosmaitawell, as long as we get some CI on it, it can be run all the time13:35
rosmaitawill probably require some devstack patches to enable whatever config you need in the services13:35
Luziokay, i think looking into the cinder-tempest-plugin would be a good start13:35
rosmaitabut we already use barbican for the encrypted volume tests in cinder-tempest-plugin, so a lot of what you will need is there13:36
rosmaitabecause you really could release this feature without consumer API13:36
rosmaitawouldn't have to worry about data leakage :)13:37
Luziwell thats only the case if glance is okay with it13:37
rosmaitait's kind of a bad hack, but you could do what cinder did with the cinder_encryption_key_deletion_policy metadata13:38
Luziand image encryption requires users to interact with secrets13:38
fungiup-side to zuul is you can implement the job completely in proposed changes with depends-on to the various features you need in different projects, and completely run it13:39
fungiso you don't have to wait for reviewers to approve stuff13:40
rosmaitawithout the consumer API,  the danger is that an end user might delete an in-use key by mistake ... is that correct?13:40
Luziyes it is13:40
rosmaitaand once the consumer api is available, there will only be a minor change in the workflow, i think13:41
Luziso you propose to release the feature and add secret consumers later?13:43
rosmaitawell, at least get it "almost" ready13:43
rosmaitaglance team is ok with releasing stuff as EXPERIMENTAL13:43
Luziwell that would help i think.13:43
rosmaitai'm just worried that if consumer api isn't available until M-3, this whole thing has to wait for Y13:44
Luzirosmaita, me too :/13:44
rosmaitai'm trying to find our release note from adding automatic key handling to glance13:44
rosmaitawe have a warning in there about the keys13:45
* redrobot sneaks in through the back door13:45
Luzii will talk to the glance team, if they are okay with having only experimental image encryption, than i will start working on this13:46
rosmaitafound it, it's in the glance release notes13:46
fungiredrobot: we saved a seat for you13:46
rosmaitathird bullet point13:46
Luziyeah, i have to discuss this with the glance team13:47
Luzihi redrobot13:47
rosmaitaeven if they don't want to release it, we can get everything in place and not tell anyone about it until it's ready13:48
Luzii will look through the remaining work - it should be the cinder part and the tests13:49
Luziglance is just missing the secret consumer part and os-brick should also be ready13:50
rosmaitaok, cool13:50
Luziredrobot, did you catch up and do you have any updates?13:50
rosmaitai think your brick patch needed tests13:50
rosmaitaor have you added them an i am out of date?13:51
Luzido you mean unit tests?13:52
redrobotTrying to catch up... sorry no updates on Barbican things.  I've been trying to squash a Hashicorp Vault bug13:52
rosmaitaLuzi: yes, i am out of date on your patch!13:53
Luzito many tasks for only one redrobot :(13:53
Luziyeah it has unit tests :)13:53
rosmaitaLuzi: when you get a chance, please resolve the merge conflict on that (it's probably in requirements or lower-constraints), which will re-run the CI13:54
rosmaitai'll put it on my list to get that reviewed early this week13:54
Luziyes, i will do that13:54
Luziokay do you have anything else you want to talk about?13:55
rosmaitayeah, i think if you can get an end-to-end test in cinder-tempest-plugin that would be fantastic13:55
rosmaitaand you would be ready for the consumer api13:55
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rosmaitacinder-tempest-plugin also has tests that interact with glance, so that part is there too13:56
Luziokay thank you13:57
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Luziif thats all, thank you for joining today and have a nice week13:58
Luzi#endmeeting image_encryption13:58
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