Thursday, 2021-05-13

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abhishekk#startmeeting glance14:00
openstackMeeting started Thu May 13 14:00:19 2021 UTC and is due to finish in 60 minutes.  The chair is abhishekk. Information about MeetBot at
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*** openstack changes topic to " (Meeting topic: glance)"14:00
openstackThe meeting name has been set to 'glance'14:00
abhishekk#topic roll call14:00
*** openstack changes topic to "roll call (Meeting topic: glance)"14:00
abhishekkcool, lets wait couple of minutes more14:00
abhishekklets start14:01
abhishekk#topic release/periodic jobs update14:02
*** openstack changes topic to "release/periodic jobs update (Meeting topic: glance)"14:02
abhishekkM1 is two weeks away14:02
abhishekkwe have two topics to look after14:02
abhishekk1. Cache API work (jokke)14:02
jokkeI think I have some API changes to write ;)14:02
abhishekk2. Review and approve quota related specs14:03
abhishekkjokke, cool, looking forward to it :P14:03
dansmithis there a spec for the cache stuff?14:03
abhishekkperiodic job is all green except one post failure and one retry14:04
abhishekkdansmith, yes there is14:04
dansmithah, was looking for owner:jokke, got it14:05
* dansmith assumes that needs updating14:05
abhishekkmoving ahead, we will discuss this in open discussion if you have any comments14:05
abhishekkdansmith, right, me or jokke will update it with latest understanding14:06
abhishekkmoving ahead14:06
abhishekk#topic Native Image Encryption (rosmaita)14:06
*** openstack changes topic to "Native Image Encryption (rosmaita) (Meeting topic: glance)"14:06
abhishekkthis is rosmaita14:07
rosmaitayeah, basically, it's what i said on the agenda14:07
rosmaita(i'm in a concurrent meeting, sorry)14:07
rosmaitait's looking like the barbican Consumer API may not be ready until late xena, or early Y14:07
rosmaitaso i proposed that we go ahead and implement the basic stuff anyway, including some CI14:08
abhishekk+1 from me14:08
rosmaitaat first i was thinking it could be an experimental feature14:08
rosmaitabut i think actually the feature doesn't really need the consumer api14:09
abhishekkI propose to have a separate spec/lite-spec mentioning this on top of the current approved one14:09
rosmaitathat makes sense to me14:10
rosmaitaok, i'll bring that back to Luzi and the pop-up team14:10
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abhishekkcool, thank you for taking care of this14:10
abhishekkmoving ahead14:11
abhishekk#topic Implement glance-unified-quotas14:11
*** openstack changes topic to "Implement glance-unified-quotas (Meeting topic: glance)"14:11
abhishekkSo we do have couple of reviews on the spec14:11
abhishekkand I am Ok with the current proposal with having usage APIs as a followup with this efforts14:12
dansmithI think there's a question about whether or not to split the current count to active count and staged count,14:12
dansmithbut other than that the comments from rosmaita were mostly clarifications14:12
dansmithif people want to see the count split, I can update it with that14:12
abhishekkIf any one has any concerns/suggestions kindly raise on the spec before next meeting14:13
abhishekkI think its better to have split count14:13
jokkehmm-m I had a quick chat about it with abhishekk last week but forgot to write the review. Will do shortly. I'm quite surprised/worried how racy the proposal is14:13
dansmithjokke: happy to discuss here,14:14
jokkejust the fact that with the soft limits and no enforcement as long as there is any quota left we basically allow no14:14
jokkelimits situation where someone can just start bunch of imports and go terabytes over their quota pretty easily14:15
dansmithwell, that's kinda how soft limits work14:15
dansmiththey're "stop the bleeding" and not "enforce the last byte of usage"14:15
dansmiththe way oslo limit works, we will hit keystone each time we check the limit, so if we do that on each chunk read we will generate a ton of traffic back to keystone while doing so14:16
jokkeI'd suggest we put stopgap there once one gets close, say 10% of quota left and you get one concurrent operation or something among those lines14:17
dansmithwell, rosmaita's suggestion will let you limit to N in-progress imports,14:17
dansmithwhich would let you limit it for imports at least14:18
jokkejust to make sure that one does not go "Oh I have only a gig of quota left, I better do all these imports and copy operations right now14:18
dansmithfor upload we'd have to do something else, like a quota on images in queued state or whatever14:18
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dansmithas noted, oslo limit doesn't really provide us a way to determine what our limit is, we tell it what our usage is and what we'ret trying to consume, and it tells us if we're over the limit or not14:19
dansmithso doing a bunch of math (which I think is likely to be confusing to the user if they can't see it) with all the numbers is difficult14:19
abhishekkAlso once we have basic mechanism in place we can always enhance it as per our use cases14:19
jokkeYeah, that's the other thing I noticed about the proposal. Due to the approach taken, the staging quota is pretty coarse too. It does not take into account for example copy jobs14:20
dansmithabhishekk: right, and nova used to have a quota system that obsessed over hard limits, and it was ripped out years ago in favor of a counting approach like this which doesn't get out of sync and need maintenance,14:20
dansmithso we're pretty in line with that14:20
dansmithI think other projects know the size of large things before/when they enforce quota.. since glance doesn't on upload...14:21
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dansmithjokke: meaning the staging space used when we're doing a copy later?14:22
dansmithjokke: as noted on that code patch, I'm gonna do that, I just haven't had time this week14:22
dansmithand web-download as well14:22
jokkedansmith: doing staging quota only based on the image state does not account staging usage during web-download or copy-image14:22
jokkeah, kk14:22
abhishekkyep, that could be addressed in implementation, but if you want we can also mention staging use during webdownload or copy operations in the spec14:23
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dansmithyeah, I'm kinda skeptical about how transparent that will be, because the space used in that scenario is more internalized,14:23
dansmithand the user doesn't really know or understand that we're doing that in the same way they do when they stage..import,14:23
dansmithbut I can see the mismatch so I'm fine with doing it that way14:24
abhishekkSo I will suggest to add concerns on the spec and get it addressed as early as possible14:24
jokkeyeah, I get my comments into the spec review14:24
abhishekkanything else jokke ?14:24
abhishekkmoving ahead14:24
abhishekk#topic Bi-weekly Bug discussion14:25
*** openstack changes topic to "Bi-weekly Bug discussion (Meeting topic: glance)"14:25
abhishekkCyril is not around due to holidy14:25
abhishekkWe have 3 bugs to discuss today14:25
abhishekklets start14:25
openstackLaunchpad bug 1920936 in Glance "Unrelated stack trace when image doesn't exist in store" [Undecided,New]14:25
abhishekkThis bug is reported in last cycle while we were working on glance-cinder multistore support14:26
jokkeI've been poking the pile of swift bugs past week, just fyi, the driver is surprisingly broken to the stage it amazes me it works at all14:26
abhishekkwe can discuss it later14:27
abhishekkSo the above bug is, if image is not present in any of the configured store then it raises 50314:27
abhishekkRajat has reported it, since it is difficult to reproduce we need to do some tricks for reproducing the same14:28
abhishekkIn either way I guess 503 is not acceptable and we should have meaningful response14:28
jokke503 is perfectly valid response14:29
dansmithwell, the stack trace isn't,14:29
jokkenot necessarily correct for the exact situation, but there is nothing wrong throwing 503 ;)14:29
abhishekksorry 50014:30
dansmithand it looks like a bug in trying to call ImageProxy14:30
dansmithit's not clear from the bug,14:30
abhishekkYep, I will try to have some steps to reproduce this issue and then will work on fix14:30
dansmithbut it looks like maybe if you delete the thing on the cinder side that you're stuck and can't even GET or DELETE the image anymore?14:31
abhishekkI guess so14:31
* abhishekk will work with rajat on this14:32
abhishekkmoving ahead14:32
openstackLaunchpad bug 1874458 in Glance "Glance doesn't take into account swift_store_cacert" [Undecided,New]14:32
jokkeDELETE _should_ work14:32
abhishekkjokke, as you are working with swift driver could you also note this down ?14:33
jokkeBut looks like it might not be Cinder specific. Looks like we don't handle well if we have locations but none of them has data for the image14:33
abhishekkhmm, will try to use this way to reproduce the same14:33
jokkeabhishekk: ack, I think it isn't in my current work set14:34
abhishekknope its not, but will be great if you add it14:34
jokkeyeah, I'll have a look14:34
abhishekkalso the bug doesn't show how to configure it, so does not have much information here14:35
abhishekkcool, kindly update your findings on the bug14:35
abhishekkmove ahead14:35
openstackLaunchpad bug 1924612 in Glance "Can't list "killed" images using the CLI" [Undecided,In progress] - Assigned to Abhishek Kekane (abhishek-kekane)14:35
abhishekkSo our image-list command have option but it does not list the killed images14:36
abhishekkI have a WIP patch14:36
abhishekkbut again it showed me that it has another issue as well14:37
abhishekkglance image-list --property-filter status=killed --property-filter deleted=114:37
abhishekkif I pass --property-filter deleted= true|false it does not recognize the value14:37
abhishekkit only works with integer and not with boolean14:38
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abhishekkSo may be that might be issue in our glanceclient14:38
abhishekkFor main bug I will write some unit/functional tests so that patch will be open for review14:39
jokkeeither in client or request deserializer14:39
abhishekkI will report this second bug once I find the root cause of it14:39
jokkebut I'd say that is not crazy critical bug as in there is exactly one way image ever gets killed and that is if you use signed image and the signature verifivation fails upon create14:40
jokkesorry, on upload14:41
abhishekkjokke, right, but as we have filter support it should work for all the image states14:41
jokkedo they show up when you list all, including deleted?14:41
jokkeoh, ok ... that's interesting14:42
abhishekkOther than this, we have pointed out some bugs which are reported against v1 and registry, so we are going to mark them invalid/close14:43
abhishekkthat's it from me for today14:43
abhishekk#topic Open Discussion14:43
*** openstack changes topic to "Open Discussion (Meeting topic: glance)"14:43
abhishekkJust for update, I will not be around tomorrow14:44
jokkeabhishekk: how is your next week looking?14:45
abhishekkwill be there whole week14:45
jokkeok, shall we, taken you're well by Monday, sync about the caching API stuff and get it moving from the start of the week?14:46
abhishekkfinish it by the week as well :D14:46
jokke14:00 utc works for you? or you prefer earlier?14:46
abhishekk1400 works well for me14:47
jokkekk, I'll have invite in your calendar by the time you log on Mon for 14:0014:47
abhishekkgreat, thank you14:47
abhishekkanything else14:47
jokkeYeah, so lots of the swift issues are related to keystoneauth had backwards incompatible breaking changes like couple of years ago14:48
jokkeand we missed them ... and have been lovely ignorant about the whole thing14:48
abhishekkdo you mean while doing multi store changes ?14:49
jokkeso that needs refactoring to the current API and we should have majority of those issues solved14:49
jokkeno I mean keystone changed keystonauth api14:49
abhishekkI guess on Monday we should sync on this as well14:49
jokkeand we never caught on that14:49
jokkethats all from me14:50
abhishekklets wrap up for today14:51
abhishekkthank you all14:51
jokkethanks all!14:51
abhishekkhave a great week ahead14:51
jokkeabhishekk: enjoy your time off, hopefully you're feeling better14:51
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abhishekkthank you, fingers crossed14:51
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openstackMeeting ended Thu May 13 14:51:57 2021 UTC.  Information about MeetBot at . (v 0.1.4)14:51
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