Tuesday, 2021-06-08

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yasufumhi tacker team08:00
yasufum#startmeeting tacker08:01
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yasufumueha: thx for your fix for zuul tests08:03
yasufumit works fine now :)08:03
uehaYou're welcome!08:03
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yasufumAnother fix for using OVN also looks good08:04
yasufumDo you have any update discussing here today?08:05
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uehaNo, nothing in particular. If I had to say, this is the third point I wrote on etherpad.08:06
uehaI have been looking at kuryr-Kubernetes and it seems that there is no patch development for formal fix yet.08:07
uehaI will continue to watch and try it if there is any update. thanks.08:08
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uehaThat's all from my side today.08:11
yasufumI think we don’t need to hurry up to merge your patch soon actually, but don’t wait for the fix kuryr-kubernetes.08:11
uehaSorry, what does "don’t wait for the fix kuryr-kubernetes." mean?08:13
yasufumIf no update from kuryr-kubernetes, go forward to your patch also it includes some dependency on old-kuryr.08:14
uehaI see. thanks.08:15
yasufumyes, I think it’s good to us if we discard the old dependency before merging the patch.08:17
yasufumI have also updated my patch for local.conf to enable to setup tacker with ovn08:18
yasufum#link https://review.opendev.org/c/openstack/tacker/+/79401408:18
yasufumI’d appreciate if you test it on your server to confirm it works.08:19
yasufumI’m not sure it works on redhat distros actually08:20
yasufumonly tested on ubuntu 20.04 currently.08:21
uehaI'm testing it now on ubuntu20 using local.conf.kubernetes.08:22
manpreetki have tested in 20.04 it worked08:23
yasufumok, great08:23
uehaI see the following error, but I wonder if my environment is not good.08:24
ueha++ /opt/stack/kuryr-kubernetes/devstack/lib/kubernetes:kubeadm_init:119 :   sudo kubeadm init --config /opt/stack/data/kuryr-kubernetes/kubeadm-init.yaml --skip-phases=addon/kube-proxy --ignore-preflight-errors Swap --skip-phases=addon/coredns08:24
uehaunable to select an IP from lo network interface08:24
uehaYou didn't get the above error, did you?08:26
yasufumUmm… I don’t see such a situation in my log.08:26
uehaIs it because it is a VM environment via nat..?08:28
yasufumI’m not sure, but possibly08:28
uehaChanging the parameters for HOST_IP and PUBLIC_NETWORK_GATEWAY or either seems to work well. I will try!08:30
yasufumAnyway, I’d like to check the code around kubeadm_init08:30
uehaThanks, I will also check!08:31
yasufumIs there any comment, or other topics?08:32
manpreetk Just a humble request to review XS patches,08:32
manpreetkMost of the patches are been reviewed by Yasufumi Ogawa san.08:32
manpreetkThanks in advance. That's all from my side.08:32
yasufumFor patches for tacker-horizon, it already got two +2 and ready to be merged.08:34
yasufumI will proceed to it. Thanks08:35
manpreetkThanks :)08:35
yasufumAny other asking to be reviewed?08:39
yasufumin hurry08:39
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yasufumseems nothing08:41
uehaSorry, could you review the patch? https://review.opendev.org/c/openstack/tacker/+/79501608:41
uehaHe want you to review it as soon as possible. thanks.08:42
uehaThank you! I will review it too.08:43
yasufumI’d like to close this meeting if you have no more topics today.08:44
tsukasasa_I want to make sure my proposals are OK, about fixing a bug. https://etherpad.opendev.org/p/tacker-meeting L.7308:45
tsukasasa_This is a bug that the state of vnf_lcm_op_occs does not change from PROCESSING due to an unexpected stop of the process.08:46
tsukasasa_takahashi-tsc spoke at PTG.08:46
tsukasasa_My proposals are:08:46
tsukasasa_ Create an API that changes the state to FAILED_TEMP from PROCESSING. API is  /vnflcm/v1/vnf_lcm_op_oocs/{id}/force_fail. the API is not included in SOL003. Tacker server receives the request via the API. Tacker server changes the record and returns the changed record as a result.08:46
tsukasasa_My point is08:48
tsukasasa_Can I add new API.08:48
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tsukasasa_I don't care about adding new API.08:53
tsukasasa_easy to implement.08:53
uehaCould you tell me one thing. What is the difference from "Cancel operation" as defined in SOL 003?08:56
uehaI see "Figure States of a VNF lifecycle management operation occurrence", and the transition from PROCESSING to FAILED_TEMP appears to use cancel.08:57
tsukasasa_there is no big difference.08:59
tsukasasa_I want to fix the bug immediately, Implementation according to SOL003 is difficult.09:01
tsukasasa_Complete cancel API is difficult. So I want to add a different API name, We might misunderstand that the same API name is SOL compliant.09:06
uehaI see.. I can't judge, but the ideal is to have a SOL003 compliant interface. Is it possible to implement it step by step?09:08
uehayasufum and tsc-takahashi: What do you think?09:10
yasufumI don’t agree to add such a API basically.09:11
takahashi-tscDoes it mean adding API is not good? Adding new option of existing API or make tools is better?09:12
yasufumI think it’s better to provide such a feature for changing status forcibly other than API.09:15
tsukasasa_I consider providing a tool to change the DB without via API.09:16
yasufumalthough I don’t understand how it difficult without using API09:17
tsukasasa_Probably not difficult.09:18
tsukasasa_Conclusion: provide tool without using API.09:19
tsukasasa_Thank you.09:19
yasufumueha: what do you think?09:20
uehaIf the tool is available and implement is not difficult, I think that's more fine than adding non-compliant API.09:22
takahashi-tscIn my understanding, the disussion point is just about how to expose. And adding API is just current implementation. So we just choose a better way.09:22
takahashi-tscTacker dicision seems not adding new non-compliant API, so tsukasasa should proceed with consideration of such implementtion. @tsukasasa Is it OK for you?09:24
yasufumMy opinion is it’s a normal operation and required to do that only when an unexpected error is happen, right?09:26
yasufumso, it is not so good way to provide the feature as other features of APIs.09:26
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takahashi-tscI see... yes, your understanding seems correct.09:28
yasufumAnyway, thank you for tha proposal for fixing the critical issue.09:30
yasufumI’d appreciate if you write down our conclusion and some information how to implement on etherpad simply.09:33
yasufumsorry everyone for taking for a long time. I’d like to close the meeting if you OK.09:34
uehaOkay, thank you!09:35
yasufumthnak, bye09:35
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masaki-ueno bye09:36
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julianpHallo Stig.20:59
oneswigLet's go?21:00
oneswig#startmeeting scientific-sig21:00
opendevmeetMeeting started Tue Jun  8 21:00:44 2021 UTC and is due to finish in 60 minutes.  The chair is oneswig. Information about MeetBot at http://wiki.debian.org/MeetBot.21:00
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oneswigHi julianp, welcome to "the other side"21:00
oneswigI wonder who else made the jump21:01
julianpHeh. Thanks.21:01
oneswigWhat's new with you?21:01
julianpNot much. Getting ready for some fun summer trips.21:03
oneswigWe've been struggling recently with some adventurous work with OVN and high-performance networking.  I think it is finally there, which is a big relief, but it did require master-branch builds of OVN for some of the features to make it possible.21:04
julianpBleeding edge can be rough.21:05
oneswigOpen Vswitch is one of those technologies that does things its own way.  You have to invest a lot of effort to make sense of it.21:05
julianpIs all this work proprietary at the moment? Have you written anything about it?21:06
oneswigNone of it's proprietary, the only part that's hard to share is the learning curve but we've done our best with that.21:07
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oneswigThere was this - https://www.stackhpc.com/vflag-kayobe.html21:08
martialhello friends21:08
oneswigI think there's about a month of further hacking that followed that21:08
oneswigHey martial21:08
oneswigthat was quick :-)21:08
oneswig#chair martial21:08
opendevmeetCurrent chairs: martial oneswig21:08
julianpHi Martial21:09
martialProcrastination power? :)21:09
oneswigjulianp: How's your bare metal support for Exosphere going?  I was on vacation last week but I think we landed the major pre-requisite for the Scalable Metal Service (IPV6 addressing).21:09
oneswigOne big step closer to being open for new projects.21:09
julianpOoh. That's interesting. I need something real to kick around. This sounds promising.21:09
oneswigReal can get painful in deeply prosaic ways21:10
julianpIndeed. Let's catch up on Slack about next steps.21:10
oneswigSounds good to me.  I'm catching up with the SMS team on Thursday, I should know more then.21:11
julianpGreat. Looking forward to it.21:13
oneswigmartial: a colleague was asking for tips on minio performance tuning.  Is there any low-hanging fruit?21:17
martialThat would be a good question for Rion, can your colleague reach out to him?21:18
oneswigMight be good for a Slack follow up, if Rion's on there.21:18
martialhe is on there, yes21:19
martialamong the topics for today, do  we have ISC and SC ?21:19
oneswigI don't think an agenda was set, ahem...21:19
oneswigBut ISC is coming up soon and worth discussing21:19
martialBlair reached out to mention it was happening :)21:21
oneswigIt's still a paid-for ticket for ISC, right?21:21
martialvirtual of course21:21
martialvery small amount of time per person given the the time we have21:21
martialso begs the question if we ought to skip any intro and have just links for people to work with21:21
martialalso he asked about mentimeter, and yes that is possible here again21:22
oneswigWas that what you were using for gathering questions last time?21:22
martialyes, you make a list of questions and it makes visuals for us21:23
martial(live updated)21:23
oneswigThat certainly sounds handy21:23
martialI still have the account so easy to do, just need a list of questions before hand21:23
martialmaybe we can just setup a google docs or etherpad to discuss things21:26
martialand share it with known presenters to get started21:26
oneswigSounds like a good start.  I'm not sure which I prefer but either would work.21:28
oneswigEtherpad perhaps because some people don't have/want Google IDs.21:28
martialcan do21:29
oneswigWhat's the news on SC?  I hadn't realised it was going ahead "in person", which is cool.21:30
martialSC hotels opened up, is all I know21:32
martialwe did not propose a BoF yet21:32
martialis it too late?21:32
martialLooks like we are not too late https://sc21.supercomputing.org/submit/submission-deadlines/ August21:35
martiallet's come up with a plan soon-ish?21:35
oneswigSounds like a good idea.  I'm just checking the dates.21:36
martialbeyond that I have little to share :)21:40
martialsounds like we have plans, I will follow up with the list of questions we had last time on mentimeter and an etherpad21:43
oneswigIt looks like my plans fit around SC.  Subject to travel policy, I'm (tentatively) in21:45
martialhopefully ISC will be in person next year21:45
martialbut SC being possible is great :)21:46
martial#topic AOB ?21:46
oneswigCurious the bot didn't pick that up.21:46
martialmaybe we can even end the meeting early, it sounds like it is a little slow anyhow21:47
oneswigYeah, makes sense.21:47
martialmaybe the question mark21:47
martialI have two action items that I added to my Kanban so I will follow up Tomorrow21:47
oneswigExcellent.  Thanks martial21:48
oneswigOk, let's close there?21:48
martialgood with me21:49
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opendevmeetLog:            http://eavesdrop.openstack.org/meetings/scientific_sig/2021/scientific_sig.2021-06-08-21.00.log.html21:49
oneswigthanks martial julianp, catch you soon21:49
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