Monday, 2021-06-21

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Luzi#startmeeting image_encryption13:00
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Luzi#topic Roll Call13:00
Luzihi fungi 13:02
Luzihi redrobot 13:04
Luzilets start13:04
Luzi#topic Barbican Consumer API Update13:05
Luziredrobot, are there news about the barbican consumer api?13:05
redrobotLittle to no progress unfortunately.  I've been working on getting the Vault backend fixed up.13:05
Luziokay thank you13:05
redrobotThere were some issues with the migration13:05
redrobotthat adds the consumers table13:05
redrobotdue to a new version of SQLAlchemy13:06
redrobotwe did merge a couple of patches that fix it13:06
Luziah thats unfortunate13:06
Luzi#topic spec-lite update13:07
Luziit's still open and i think dansmith posted a comment about it maybe being better as a full spec13:07
Luzii would like to talk to him, he is also in one of the US-timezones right?13:08
rosmaitado you have the url handy?13:08
rosmaitahe's in pacific timezone13:08
fungiLuzi: yes, utc-813:08
fungior i suppose it's utc-7 this time of year13:08
Luziokay, well i hope i can manage it this week13:08
Luzii wonder if he is talking about the this specific spec-lite or if maybe he doesn't know about the former spec for which the WIP-patch was originally for13:09
Luziwell i will have to ask him personally13:11
Luzithats all from my side.13:11
Luzido you have any other topics you would like to talk about13:11
rosmaitawas just looking at dan's comments13:11
rosmaitai think they apply to both the spec and spec-lite13:12
fungiLuzi: dansmith just sent e-mail to the openstack-discuss ml, so may already be awake/around13:12
rosmaitai mean his comments at and
Luzihm the WIP-patch was just a first draft, so i worry more about the spec-lite. 13:15
Luzimy question is: is this spec-lite sufficient or will it be necessary to write another spec?13:16
rosmaitai guess the point you'll want to make is that this encryption model has the end user managing the secrets.  The secret consumer API will help provide some safeguards, but there's nothing we can do to prevent users from deleting an in-use secret and making some resources inaccessible13:16
rosmaitaon the other hand, we don't want to make the lives of users completely miserable13:16
rosmaitai guess my advice would be to put up a patch to the original spec for how you want to handle the various error scenarios dan points out (and others that occur to you)13:18
rosmaitabecause i think you need to handle them the same way with & without the secret consumers API13:19
Luzirosmaita, well thats a starting point.13:20
rosmaitaLuzi: can you attend the weekly glance meeting (1400 utc thursday?)13:21
Luziwell, i think this week i could13:22
rosmaitai suggest put yourself on the agenda and find out from the team what revisions they would like and whether they should be spec, spec-lite, or WIP patch13:22
rosmaitathat way we'll all be on the same page13:22
Luziokay i added this to the agenda13:25
Luziare there any other topics you would like to talk about?13:26
rosmaitanothing from me13:26
fungii got nothin'13:28
Luziokay thank you for joining and have a nice week13:28
Luzi#endmeeting image_encryption13:29
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fungithanks Luzi!13:30
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