Thursday, 2021-07-15

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abhishekk#startmeeting glance14:00
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abhishekk#topic roll call14:00
abhishekklets wait couple of minutes for others14:00
abhishekkOk, I don't see rosmaita around14:02
abhishekklets start, he may join later14:02
abhishekk#topic Updates14:02
abhishekkPTG October 2021 Team Signup14:02
abhishekkTimings: Last two PTGs, glance has scheduled between 1400 UTC to 1700 UTC14:03
abhishekkLooking at the glance core-team + new members if any, I think this will be the best time for current PTG as well.14:03
abhishekkIF you do have any suggestions then let me know, otherwise I will book these timings for us14:03
dansmithsounds good14:03
abhishekkThis is the planning etherpad14:03
abhishekkYou can add discussion topics here14:04
abhishekkMoving ahead14:04
abhishekk#topic release/periodic jobs update14:04
abhishekkM2 tagged today14:05
abhishekkwe need to keep a look on our constant check job14:05
abhishekkNeed to change the migration version in db layer to fix this issue14:05
abhishekkM3 is 7 weeks from now14:06
abhishekkglance_store xena release - 5 weeks from now14:06
abhishekkNo new spec will be accepted from next week14:06
abhishekkPeriodic job was green till morning, I saw one failure today realted to test_reload14:06
abhishekkwill try to find out the failure cause14:07
abhishekkMoving ahead14:07
abhishekk#topic M3 Targets14:07
abhishekkPolicy refactoring work, spec is merged14:07
abhishekkNeed to rampup the implementation work14:08
abhishekkWe will come up with todo list which will give overall idea about current progress and remaining work for the same14:08
abhishekkI will request you all to review the patches once those are open for reviews14:09
abhishekkCache API - Glance + client changes14:09
abhishekkWe have POC for bot API and client related changes14:09
abhishekkNeed to focus on adding test coverage, documentation and tempest now14:09
abhishekkjokke_, anything from your side ?14:09
jokke_nope, you cvered it14:10
abhishekknext is, Metadef project persona integration14:10
abhishekkI am working on this side by side, and will have something up for review along with policy refactoring changes soon14:10
abhishekkFor galnce-store, we have Attachment API support for cinder driver14:11
abhishekkThis is the list for official M3 targets14:11
abhishekkLots of work, and we need lots of reviews as well14:11
abhishekkso be ready for the same14:11
abhishekk#topic Open discussion14:12
abhishekkWe have one spec proposed related to removing sqlalchemy migration 14:12
abhishekkI would like to have your views on this as well14:12
abhishekkI think we are using alembic since ocata, so it makes sense to remove unused code from our tree14:13
croelandtthe first few patches looked ok to me14:14
croelandtgotta make a second pass though14:14
abhishekkYep, I found all good, but need to go second pass as well14:14
abhishekkPhew, 15 minutes and I am done 14:15
abhishekkanything from you guys?14:15
dansmithI move to adjourn14:16
jokke_abhishekk: so is it safe to assume, no encrypted images this cycle?14:16
abhishekkjokke_, I didn't saw any updates post our discussion, I guess 3 weeks now14:17
abhishekkso Yes, its safe to assume no encrypted images14:18
jokke_and what happened to our bug tracking?14:19
abhishekkWe can have a dedicated bug squash day if everyone is willing to contribute, otherwise me and croelandt are working by weekly on this14:20
croelandtbut if you want to have topics discussed during this meeting14:21
abhishekkcroelandt, added one more issue at the bottom14:21
croelandtfeel free to add bugs to the etherpad:)14:21
jokke_croelandt: just surprised that we went from ~600 bugs at the beginning of the cycle to nothing to bring up in 4 bi-weeklies. ;)14:23
croelandtjokke_: we're so efficient, it's unbelievable14:23
abhishekkor we can just say croelandt is now with us :D14:24
abhishekkanything else guys ?14:25
abhishekkgoing once...14:27
abhishekkthank you all, have a nice weekend ahead14:27
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