Thursday, 2021-07-22

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abhishekk#startmeeting glance14:00
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abhishekk#topic roll call14:00
abhishekkrosmaita is on leave14:01
abhishekkwaiting for others to join14:01
abhishekkdansmith, looks like just us today14:02
dansmithshall we cancel and just go back to -glance or go through it just for the logs?14:02
abhishekklets see whether anyone else joins in couple of minutes14:02
dansmithI was going to ping cyril this morning to try to get to the bottom two of your paches14:03
abhishekkrosmaita is on vacation, cyril has 1st vaccine so might not be around, neither I seen jokke_ 14:03
dansmithah, okay14:04
dansmithwhere is cyril located?14:04
abhishekkDo you have any specific topic to discuss ?14:05
abhishekkI guess we both know status of policy refactoring work14:05
dansmithI think we do :)14:05
dansmithso no, no topic we can't just discuss in -glance, IMHO14:05
abhishekkJust for others and to be here in logs, we have one spread sheet to cover the status of work14:05
abhishekk#link #link
abhishekkAll progress is recorded here14:06
abhishekkSoon we need help in terms of reviews14:06
abhishekkThat's it14:06
abhishekkpdeore, anything specific from your side?14:06
pdeorenot ATM .. :)14:07
abhishekkLets wrap up and use the time for policy work :D14:07
abhishekkThank you all14:07
dansmith++ :_14:07
dansmither, ++ :)14:08
pdeoreack , Thanks !! :)14:08
abhishekkI guess cyril saw Thank you and left immediately :P14:08
abhishekkThis is the spread sheet you can use to see the progress of the policy refactoring work14:09
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