Tuesday, 2021-08-31

uehaHi, tacker team.08:01
yasufumIs there any topic today?08:04
uehaMy topic has no update, but just review request to takahashi-tsc. https://review.opendev.org/c/openstack/tacker/+/79112308:05
uehaIf this patch is not merged, other patches will not pass the gate. thanks :)08:06
takahashi-tscOops... sorry I missed. I will review soon.08:06
uehaAfter the above patches have been merged, the various patches will be rebased.08:08
ueha I will add a review as soon as it becomes Zuul+1, thank you.08:08
yasufumWe have one more patch to be reviewed soon08:09
yasufumIt’s almost the end of term for release for tacker client.08:09
yasufumAny other asking for review?08:12
yasufumSo, wrap up this meeting, thanks08:14
uehaThanks, bye08:14
takahashi-tscthanks! 08:15
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oneswig_#startmeeting scientific-sig21:00
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oneswig_It's been a good day at the OpenStack upgrade coal face21:02
jandershi there :)21:03
janders(in two meetings, but listening in)21:03
oneswig_Hey janders, long time no see!  How's things?21:03
jandersgood, thank you! :)21:03
oneswig_Are you still in Canberra?21:03
jandersyeah sorry I've got schedule clashes on both slots, but maybe I will just start joining and listening in in the background21:03
oneswig_No shame in lurking :-)21:04
jandersoneswig_: no, we moved North (Queensland) early last year21:04
oneswig_Nice.  Mind the crocs21:04
jandersoneswig_: what's happening with the upgrades? :)21:04
jandersthanks, will do! :)21:04
oneswig_Catching up a client deployment.  The upgrade went smoothly, but then Neutron DHCP namespaces wouldn't die on one of the controllers.  A reboot freshened things up but I'd prefer to know where the dangling reference came from21:06
jandershttps://photos.app.goo.gl/tMgboXFndJtWE5aZ8 < he +1s your comment21:06
oneswig_killing the IP netns failed with "resource in use" or somesuch21:06
oneswig_That's a beast!21:08
janderssorry to hear about DHCP hassles but glad it got resolved quickly21:08
jandersI guess in the greater scheme of things it's not too bad as far as upgrade issues go21:09
janderswas this related to Neutron DHCP CVE?21:09
janders(the upgrade)21:09
oneswig_No, thankfully not.21:10
jandershttp://lists.openstack.org/pipermail/openstack-discuss/2021-August/024568.html I spotted this going through the scrollback on IRC21:10
jandersnow that you mentioned Neutron DHCP I figured I will mention in case it's relevant/useful21:10
oneswig_Thanks - I saw that earlier.  A classic pattern for software that invokes a lot of subprocesses, I guess.21:12
oneswig_No backports beyond Ussuri, interestingly - that leaves out a chunk of the OpenStack installed base.21:14
oneswig_Was that croc photo taken by you?  It looks pretty fearsome21:16
b1airoanyone aboot?21:18
oneswig_The other bit of fun in the last week was Open Infra Live21:18
oneswig_hey b1airo, morning.21:19
oneswig_How's things?21:19
oneswig_#chair b1airo21:19
opendevmeetCurrent chairs: b1airo oneswig_21:19
b1airo(just juggling kid setup - school at home, hooray...)21:19
oneswig_I know that feeling!21:20
b1airodon't get me started o_021:21
b1airoOpen Infra Live passed me by, what'd we miss?21:21
oneswig_#link Open Infra Live - Software-defined Supercomputing https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fOJTHanmOFg21:21
oneswig_buncha folks yappin', usual kind of thing21:21
oneswig_:-) 21:22
oneswig_It was great to talk with some people working on the now and the next of HPC infrastructure management21:22
b1airoah, this was the one SteveQ mentioned21:24
oneswig_That would be the one.21:24
b1airocurious to hear CSCS one given we missed Sadif on the ISC panel21:25
oneswig_She's referring to the new Cray system, "Alps", which is sprouting some APIs for software-defined infrastructure21:26
b1airohmm, sounds dubious assuming such APIs are vendor implementations21:28
oneswig_It's likely coming from a team who used to be Scalable Informatics.  It would be interesting to know more about what they can do.21:29
oneswig_Nice to have the concept validated!21:29
oneswig_janders: are you still working on Ironic?21:31
jandersoneswig_: yes! :)21:32
jandershttps://review.opendev.org/c/openstack/ironic/+/800001 < that's what I've been up to lately21:33
jandersVerify steps. Yet-another kind of steps (to add to clean and deploy steps). Can be used to execute custom steps on node enroll/verification.21:34
jandersuseful for cleaning lifecycle controllers, iDRAC resets, etc21:34
janderspreemptive maintenance kind of a thing21:34
oneswig_Neat!  If only the BMCs could be fixed in the first place :-) 21:34
jandersim still hoping to get some storage cleaning improvements into Xena (kind of a follow up to NVMe cleaning, but for hybrid HDD NVMe nodes) 21:35
oneswig_Can't think why you're describing this in the terminology of Dell's product portfolio of course :-P21:35
jandersIMHO this only speaks highly of Dell21:36
jandersthey've done a lot of good work implementing fixes to these issues21:36
jandersI can say hand on my heart having to reset BMCs every now and then is a cross-vendor problem21:36
oneswig_We've tried to use the iDRAC driver and given up for this exact reason - the iDRAC getting it's jobs confused.  janders: are you saying it's worth revisiting?21:37
jandersI don't think any is immune to that21:37
jandersoneswig_: when this merges, it should fix the problem of a repurposed node having leftover LC jobs from the previous life21:37
janderswhich tends to cause really obscure problems, especially in vMedia driven deployments21:38
oneswig_I can imagine21:38
jandersif LC jobs are causing issues in other circumstances than repurposing the node, I think it's a separate problem that this mechanism probably won't fix21:39
oneswig_Last time I think it was BIOS parameter reconfiguration as a trait-driven deploy step21:41
jandersbreakfast time, will be on and off again21:43
jandersin case im not back in the next 15 minutes, it was great to chat with you guys! :)21:44
oneswig_man, I just had second helpings of dessert :-) 21:44
janderswill check out the YT video21:44
jandersthanks for sharing21:44
oneswig_Perhaps we should wrap up here - bon appetite janders, good to see you21:44
jandersthank you oneswig_21:44
oneswig_b1airo: anything else to cover at your end?21:44
jandershave a good night (and have a good day b1airo) :)21:44
oneswig_same to you!21:44
b1airothanks gents - i'm watching the vid :-)21:45
b1airobut yes, I reckon the lifecycle management function in iDRACs is a dog21:45
oneswig_OK, shall we wrap up there b1airo?  The day/night beckons21:50
b1airoyep sorrry, didn't reallise you were waiting on me!21:51
b1airoone hand on Eva's chromebook, one eye on Teams, etc21:51
oneswig_wasn't waiting on you, working through the loose ends of the day21:51
oneswig_Cheers then - have a good one21:53
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