Tuesday, 2021-09-28

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yasufumhi tacker team08:01
yasufum#startmeeting tacker08:04
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yasufumDo you have any item for today?08:06
yasufumit seems nothing on etherpad.08:06
yasufum#link https://etherpad.opendev.org/p/tacker-meeting08:06
uehaNothing from my side, but I am concerned about the FT error occurring in https://review.opendev.org/c/openstack/tacker/+/810340.08:08
uehaall multinode job got "RETRY_LIMIT".08:09
yasufumI’m not sure, but have rechecked it.08:10
yasufumit might be because of some gate error discussed on ML possibly.08:11
uehaIs it likely to be influenced by what is discussed in discuss ML?08:11
ueha topic: [all] Gate status: All devstack based jobs are failing for placement url issue in devstack08:11
yasufumSo, recheck might be going to be failed again.08:12
uehaIf recheck also fails, it's better to wait for the conclusion of the discussion.08:12
* yasufum I think we don’t need to be serious the problem now because no patches remained should be merged.08:16
uehaSure. If something needs to be done at Tacker after conclusion of discussion, let do it. :)08:17
yasufumSome patches are still under reiveiwing, but no need to be merged before the end of term of final RC.08:20
yasufumAny other topic?08:21
manpreetkyasufum: Are we considering stable/train and stable/stein as candidates for removing lower-constraint gate jobs? As I could see for python-tackerclient we had removed l-c testing till stable/ussuri .08:21
yasufumI’m not sure all of stables should be fix for the problem, but I think no need to do that.08:24
manpreetkok thanks for sharing, that's all from my side. Thank you.08:25
yasufumThis fix is required only when a new patch should be merged, or no need to run gate test08:25
yasufumSo, drop lower-constraints if an update is suggested for a stable branch.08:26
yasufumOK, any other comment?08:30
manpreetkNothing from my side, thanks.08:30
yasufumBefore closing this meeting, I would like to share about the status of xena release.08:32
yasufumAs I shared the previous meeting, we could not include all patches proposed for xena RC1 and agreed to release RC2.08:33
yasufumAll of patches were merged successfully.08:35
yasufumAnd RC2 was released before the deadline.08:36
yasufumI’d appreciate all for contribution.08:36
uehaI'd appreciate, too. :)08:38
yasufumI have one more thing to be shared.08:39
yasufumI noticed in the previous meeting that no FTs run for patches for stable/xena.08:40
yasufumI found the situation was happened not only for tacker but also other projects.08:41
yasufumI discussed the problem among cores and dicided to merge with out FTs because the patches were passed on master branch and no harmful on stable.08:43
yasufumand also we did not have so much time to fix the issue.08:43
yasufumI will check config of zuul or so to understand about issue later for future patches possiblly proposed for stable/xena.08:46
yasufumThat’s all.08:47
yasufumAny comment?08:48
uehaThanks for sharing. Didn't it happen when stable/wallaby branch?08:48
yasufumIt looks the same on previosu patches for wallaby and victoria, but I’m not sure correctly.08:51
uehaI didn't look different too, so I wonder why it happened only in xena.. umm.08:52
uehaAnyway, please investigate it. thank you.08:54
yasufumIf no more comment, close the meeting today.08:56
yasufumThanks for joining, bye!08:58
manpreetkThanks, Bye08:58
uehathanks, bye08:58
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oneswig#startmeeting scientific-sig21:00
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trandleshi oneswig 21:01
oneswigHey trandles, good afternoon21:01
oneswigReminds me, one of our team did some useful work this week fixing Ironic provisioning of images with SW RAID and LVM21:02
oneswighi julianp, good to see you21:03
trandles(sorry, in another meeting that's running long so I'm multitasking poorly)21:03
julianponeswig: Likewise.21:03
oneswigjulianp: whats new on Exosphere?21:03
julianpA couple of things. 21:04
julianp1. User-friendly, DigitalOcean-esque OpenStack image selection landed recently:  https://gitlab.com/exosphere/exosphere/-/merge_requests/497#screenshots21:04
julianp2. Launch Binder-compatible repositories on OpenStack instances: https://gitlab.com/exosphere/exosphere/-/merge_requests/496#screenshot21:04
julianpLike mybinder.org but long-lived, with access to lots of compute and potentially GPUs.21:05
oneswigChoosing different image versions is really tidy.  Nice work!21:06
julianpThanks! That was all cmart's handiwork. 21:06
julianpWe're having a 5 day hackathon/coding retreat next week to bring some new contributors onboard, and really polish the UI.21:07
martialhello friends21:07
oneswigSounds lovely21:07
oneswigHi martial21:07
julianpHi martial.21:07
oneswig#chair martial21:07
opendevmeetCurrent chairs: martial oneswig21:07
oneswigjulianp: over here we are doing our twice-yearly company design summit - more of a talking retreat than a coding one.  Only two hours per day though.21:08
julianpHow many days?21:09
oneswigfive days, through this week.21:10
oneswigLots of roadmap and planning stuff.21:10
martialwelcome Blair21:12
oneswigHey b1airo21:12
oneswig#chair b1airo21:12
opendevmeetCurrent chairs: b1airo martial oneswig21:12
julianponeswig: That sounds good.21:12
julianpHi b1airo.21:12
b1airohi gang21:12
oneswigI've been investigating our first case where Mellanox OFED doesn't build out of the box on CentOS 8 Stream.  Looks like RH have backported some packet sample code from a 5-series kernel which OFED doesn't expect.21:14
oneswigA useful test case on how close CentOS 8 Stream will be to RHEL in reality 21:14
martialgood point21:16
oneswigAs a counterpoint, I've also been troubleshooting some Ubuntu deployment issues.  A lot's happened in a year...21:18
b1airohmm interesting, sounds funstrating ...?21:18
trandleshello again...other meeting wrapped finally21:19
oneswigb1airo: to each cat, his own rat21:19
oneswighey trandles, how's Kam getting on?21:20
trandleshe's long gone21:21
martialgood or bad?21:21
trandlesunfortunately...there's a long story there better suited for a conversation over drinks21:22
trandles(ie., not logged)21:22
trandlesHe was doing good work but lost some time due to other factors and then the summer was over. :(21:23
oneswigah sorry to hear that21:23
julianpTopic proposal: October PTG21:26
julianpIs anything planned for Scientific SIG?21:26
martialwell we have a couple sessions planned21:28
martialwas going to discuss (like last time) options for lighting talk 21:28
martialas well as our regular meeting session21:28
martialwe should start an etherpad21:28
martialI can offer a google meet link again21:28
julianpmartial: Google Meet seemed to work well last time. Let me know if you need help with anything.21:29
oneswigAll good suggestions21:29
martialwe have a few weeks to get organized but if people were comfortable with the previous session, I am happy to help organize a repeat21:31
oneswig+1 from me.  Is it the w/c Oct 11th?21:32
martialI think it is the following week21:34
martialOur sessions are Wed Oct 20th21:34
oneswigAh Ok, thanks!21:35
oneswigA big week for other reasons :-) 21:35
martialat least that is what I remember adding to the calendar at the time21:35
martial(it was a jigsaw game to find an opening)21:35
oneswigI don't doubt it!  Thanks for persisting.21:38
trandlesoops, I better register for PTG21:39
trandlesI have a post-it note reminder that has been there long enough I ignore it :P21:40
martiallike SC :)21:40
martialremote SC21:40
trandlesyou are correct martial ... I deleted my request to attend in person and never submitted a new one for remote ...21:41
martiallol indeed, was not trying to divine things :)21:41
trandlesok, PTG registration complete21:44
oneswigtrandles: you are an example to us all21:45
martialAOB? 21:48
oneswigI just registered too 21:49
trandlesoneswig: if this is a working meeting it's more productive than most of the others I have ;)21:50
oneswigAny time, trandles, been a pleasure doing business21:50
oneswigI need to head off - getting late over here and time to turn in.21:53
oneswigIf I hear anything further about OFED on CentOS 8 Stream, I'll let you know on Slack21:54
martialgood to close the meeting anyhow21:54
julianpGoodnight oneswig.21:54
julianpSee y'all next time.21:54
trandlesbye all21:54
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oneswigUntil next time!21:56

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