Wednesday, 2021-10-06

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oneswig_#startmeeting scientific-sig11:00
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oneswig_Main topic for today is our PTG activity11:02
martialgood morning11:03
oneswig_We have two 1-hour sessions11:03
oneswig_Hi martial11:03
oneswig_#chair martial11:03
opendevmeetCurrent chairs: martial oneswig_11:03
oneswig_just us so far :-)11:04
oneswig_I'm thinking about lightning talk ideas11:04
martialgood topic11:05
oneswig_Will you speak?  You've always got something interesting going on ...11:05
martialwe ought to announce it to our group members soon-ish11:05
martialI am thinking about it, just need to think of what goes in the 6 minutes (if we follow the same pace as last time)11:07
martial(on daddy duty, it is this time here so will become less available soon)11:10
oneswig_I'm sure there's something interesting I can speak about from recent work - I'll have a think11:10
martialsounds good to me11:11
oneswig_Ok martial - let's drum up some interest via the slack channel.  Did you already create an etherpad for the session?11:12
martialnot yet, can get to that later today11:13
oneswig_Yes please - thanks martial11:13
martialadded to my list11:14
oneswig_There was an interesting discussion on Slack about Ceph-Ansible and Ceph in containers.  That's what I'm up to today, coincidentally...11:14
oneswig_Really good to see information sharing on the SIG11:14
oneswig_OK martial, seems like we've covered all we need to - shall we wrap up the meeting?11:15
martialgood with me 😁11:16
oneswig_OK, let's call it there.  Thanks Martial, catch you later11:17
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