Thursday, 2021-10-28

*** ricolin_ is now known as ricolin14:40
rosmaitagmann: i lost track of time, are you having the policy popup meeting today?18:01
gmannrosmaita: hi, not today. we will have call next week as per doddle vote and then we will decide doing it weekly or so18:02
rosmaitaoh, ok18:02
gmannrosmaita: I should have updated the wiki page for that. 18:03
rosmaitanp, i left some questions on the agenda, but we can discuss next week18:03
rosmaita(hopefully early in the week)18:03
gmann+1, Can you add it on this etherpad too which is where we will keep track of all discussions point
rosmaitaok, will do18:04
gmannthanks 18:05

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