Tuesday, 2021-11-16

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uehaHi, tacker team.08:02
uehaDoes anyone know if yasufum and tsc-takahashi will participate?08:02
yasufumhi team08:03
yasufum#startmeeting tacker08:04
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esto-alnHello Everyone, Takahashi-san is in another meeting and cannot participate today.08:04
yasufumOK, thanks.08:06
yasufumThere are three topics on etherpad today.08:06
yasufum#link https://etherpad.opendev.org/p/tacker-meeting08:06
yasufumI am not sure who is the owner of the first item.08:07
h_asahinaSorry, it's me.08:08
h_asahinaI forgot to write my name.08:08
yasufumand it is helpful to change the color of hightlight.08:08
yasufumAnyway, could you start your topic?08:09
h_asahinaAs I wrote here, I recently found the bug that VNF Instantiaion with Legacy API fails when heat tries to bind `net_mgmt` port to a server.08:10
h_asahinaFirst of all, I'd like to confirm does anyone have the same problem08:11
h_asahinaIf nobody face this problem, I'd like to ask you whether we should fix this soon or not.08:13
h_asahinaAs it's a legacy API, I guess there aren't so many people using it.08:14
yasufumHave you confirmed the error is caused in takcer, or underlying component, might be heat or neutron?08:16
h_asahinaI think the problem happens between Nova and Neutron08:17
yasufumIs it neutron considering the error log?08:17
yasufumOK, i see.08:17
h_asahinaI've confirmed it by manually runnning `openstack server ...` command08:18
h_asahinaSo, it might be a matter of the OpenStack deployment, and not Tacker's bug.08:19
h_asahinabut, at least, the environment using local.conf in the tacker repository incurs this problem in my environment.08:20
yasufummatter of the OpenStack deployment > I think so...08:22
yasufumAnyway, I will try the same on my env.08:23
yasufumso that we will discuss later.08:24
h_asahinasounds good. thanks08:24
yasufumAny other comment, or go to the next topic?08:24
uehaDo you mean that it can happen with SOL compliant APIs with similar settings?08:25
h_asahinaNo. This problem doesn't happen when using SOL complicant APIs.08:26
h_asahinathough I'm not sure the reason why...08:27
uehaOkay I see, thanks.08:27
yasufumThanks for your comment.08:29
yasufumThe second topic is mine.08:31
yasufumWe have found that fenix plugin is not activated in the examples of local.conf with k8s08:31
yasufumwhile the error of previous fenix was fixed by ueha.08:32
yasufumFenix is supported in tacker officially, so it should be included in the example basically.08:33
yasufumI would like to hear your comment if you opposite this change.08:33
yasufumDo you think there is any problem if fenix is included in k8s example?08:34
uehaI thinks it should be included and it may be no problem.08:36
yasufumOK, thanks. I will do that.08:36
yasufumany other comment?08:37
yasufumgo to the final topic08:38
yasufumueha: can you share your topic?08:39
uehaSure, this is about the CI error we discussed last week.08:39
uehaThe FT error that I reported last week has been resolved in patch [1], but there is another error in gate job..08:40
ueha[1] https://review.opendev.org/c/openstack/tacker/+/81718308:40
uehaFailure in "tox -e docs" that showing following error: "undefined label: types_typedecorator"08:41
uehaThis error caused by updating SQLAlchemy version to 1.4.27 on Nov 11.08:41
uehaThis error of tox-docs job seems to be problem between SQLAlchemy and Sphinx, so I think there are following resolutions: 08:42
ueha1. Error point is db/types.py. Therefore this error can be fixed by excluding db/types.py from sphinx-apidoc. and I posted the patch [2] and test is passed.08:43
ueha  [2] https://review.opendev.org/c/openstack/tacker/+/81795308:43
ueha2. Exclude "SQLAlchemy 1.4.27" from tacker's requirements and openstack/requrements.08:44
uehaSince the gate of many patches is stopped, first of all, I think that 1. should be implemented as a workaround in tacker.08:45
uehaDo you have any other good idea or comment?08:45
uehaIf there is no problem with solution 1 in particular, I would like you to review patch [2].08:47
yasufumIs something dropped from API docs if you add 'db/types.py' in apidoc_excluded_paths?08:47
yasufumfor [2]08:48
uehaI think it dropped the tacker.db.types pages of documentation -> https://docs.openstack.org/tacker/latest/contributor/api/tacker.db.types.html08:49
yasufumMy another concern is there is an possibility the same problem is happened in other projects although nothing on any projects from my short survey.08:53
yasufum[2] looks good to me as an temporary and local fix for tacker.08:54
uehaI think it should be fixed with Sphinx or SQLAlchemy.08:55
yasufumBut I also think it does not take times so much to fix global requirements in ‘requirements’ project.08:55
yasufumIf the team agree to do so.08:56
yasufumIt’s just adding the excluded version.08:56
yasufumAlthough I am still not sure it is ideal way for fixing.08:57
h_asahinaI'm concerned that the problem happens again in the future when the SQLAlchemy is updated.08:58
yasufumIt can be avoided by using lower thant 1.4.27, but we cannot use any other updates in the later versions…09:00
uehaYes I'm concerned same things. If it isn't fixed in SQLAlchemy or Sphinx, we are going to keep updating requirements.09:00
uehaand as yasufum says, we can't use the latest version SQLAlchemy... uum..09:02
h_asahinaI guess we might have to contact with SQLAlchemy or Sphinx community to deal with this problem. Is it possible?09:03
yasufumI think you can do that, but it is something difficult to ask to stop using `:ref:` attribute.09:05
yasufumAnyway, in my opinion, [2] is acceptable although we will lost a API doc for `tacker.db.types`09:07
yasufumbecause our top priority is to recover the gate test.09:07
yasufumas a temporary solution.09:08
h_asahinaI agree09:08
uehaI think so. thanks09:08
yasufumplease continue to discuss for the details on gerrit review if you have any comment09:11
yasufumIt is the end of the time for today’s meeting.09:13
yasufumSo, I would like to wrap up this meeting if you have no more comemnts.09:13
uehaSorry, I have one thing.09:14
uehanext week (Nov 23), Japan is national holiday.09:14
uehaso, is next weekly meeting cancel?09:15
yasufumConsidering not so many people joining from other than 09:17
yasufumjapan, it seems OK09:17
uehaI see, thanks09:17
yasufumI would like to make an announcement for that because of “my absence”.09:18
yasufumand ask someone to host the meeting if anyone want to have a meeting at the day.09:19
yasufumthanks for your good suggestion!09:21
yasufumIs there any other comment?09:21
yasufumLet’s close this meeting.09:22
uehathanks, bye!09:22
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