Monday, 2021-11-22

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Luzi#startmeeting image_encryption13:00
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Luzi#topic Roll Call13:00
Luzigood morning everyone - i don't have much time today, so I will start13:02
Luzi#topic Barbican Consumer API Update13:02
Luzistill not much progress on the microversions, which are blocking this13:03
Luzi#topic spec-lite for glance13:03
LuziI've read the minutes of the last cinder meeting and will try to rebase the os_brick patch and look into the spec-lite again13:05
Luziplus I am preparing a simple WIP- PoC patch for Cinder as a starting point for further discussions13:05
Luzi#topic next meetings13:10
Luzias my next weeks will be stressful, I don't know, if i will always be able to hold the meetings.13:11
Luzii will write an email to the ml in case i don't make it13:11
Luzithat's all for today13:12
Luzi#endmeeting image_encryption13:12
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opendevmeetMinutes (text):
fungiLuzi: thanks! sorry, i overslept13:22
Luzino problem fungi, have a nice week13:22
fungii did bring up your questions in the cinder meeting, answers are in their meeting log13:22
fungiahh, you read them. perfect13:23

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