Tuesday, 2021-11-30

yasufumhi team08:01
yasufum#startmeeting tacker08:01
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yasufum#link https://etherpad.opendev.org/p/tacker-meeting08:02
yasufumThere are six items on the etherpad today.08:03
yasufumueha: Can you start from your topic?08:03
uehaMy topic is just information sharing about current CI error.08:04
uehaThe previously shared `tox -e docs` error has been cleared. However new errors are occurring one after another..08:04
uehaSome errors have been fixed, but I and yasufum-san are currently trying to fix errors related to python-aodhclient.08:05
ueha* my patch: https://review.opendev.org/c/openstack/tacker/+/819554 (zuul+1 now)08:05
ueha* yasufum-san's patch: https://review.opendev.org/c/openstack/tacker/+/81966608:05
uehaBecause my patch only solves the problem on zuul, yasufum-san is trying to fix if there is any other better way to resolve it.08:06
uehaPlease wait for a while until it is resolved.08:06
uehaThat's all from me, any comment or question?08:06
yasufumMy fix is the same as some previous trouble because of tosca-parser and heat-translator.08:07
yasufumInstall aodhclient from git repo.08:07
yasufumThe reason of current issue is because the aodhclient on git repo was already fixed, but not so on the pip package.08:09
yasufumWe don't need to install client libs from pip actually for devstack, so it's better to use the libs on the latest git repo.08:10
yasufumNow I'm trying to fix some error on my patch. If it cannot be fixed, I'd suggest to merge ueha's patch as a temporary fix.08:11
yasufumAny question?08:11
uehaThank you for the supplementary explanation.08:13
uehapython-aodhclient is not a package to be used directly by Tacker, but I think it is better if your fix succeed.08:13
uehaThanks yasufum-san!:)08:14
yasufumueha: many thanks too for your recent fixes for agte tests!08:14
yasufumCan we go to the next topic, masaki-ueno?08:15
uehaYour welcome!08:15
masaki_uenoMy topic is maintaining .pylintrc in the repository for coding and reviewing08:15
masaki_ueno.pylintrc is a configuration file of Pylint (well-known linter for Python)08:16
masaki_uenoCurrent Tacker repository contains this file, but it is not well maintained.08:16
masaki_uenoThe last update of this file is 8 years ago, so it contains some out-of-date configurations.08:17
masaki_uenoFor the convenience in coding for each contributors and reviewing for each reviewers, I'd like to maintain .pylintrc to introduce Pylint as a development assist tool.08:18
yasufumThe last update was in 2014!08:18
masaki_uenoYes, so it is too old to use.08:18
masaki_uenoI think there are two steps for maintaining it in the community.08:18
masaki_uenoThe first step is updating out-of-date configurations.08:19
masaki_uenoIn this step, some settings will be removed because they've been obsoleted.08:19
masaki_uenoAnd if needed, I'd like to add the description about Pylint settings in the project README.08:20
masaki_uenoThe second step is improving the configuration. I mean that I'd like to hear you which rule should be added/removed for coding and reviewing, or whether or not other settings should be updated.08:20
masaki_uenoNote that I don't mean that I'd like to introduce Pylint checking in Zuul tests.08:21
masaki_uenoCurrent Zuul test contains flake8 checkers, you know. I think it is enough in the test phase.08:22
masaki_uenoI'd like to introduce and maintain it only for the convenience for all contributors in Tacker project.08:22
masaki_uenoThat's all for my suggestion. Thank you.08:23
masaki_uenoAny comments?08:23
yasufumI agree to start to maintain pylintrc again.08:25
yasufumIt must be helpful for someone else.08:26
masaki_uenoThanks. I forget to write the plan for the first step. I will upload a PatchSet that updates .pylintrc soon, so please review it.08:26
uehaI agree too. Is there any other project that maintains the Pylint setting? You may refer to it if it exists.08:27
masaki_uenoYes. For example, cinder project seems maintaining .pylintrc well (the last update is 8 months ago).08:28
masaki_uenoBut the config file in Cinder project disables so many check targets, so I think it is not useful for checking codes well.08:29
takahashi-tscNeutron's last update is about 1 years ago. I think pylintrc is not updated so frequently.08:31
uehaI see, we should organize it once by ourselves.08:31
takahashi-tscBut...Tacker is too old.08:31
takahashi-tscI agree that we should maintain once.08:32
masaki_uenoThanks. But too strict rules also disturb the developing, so it is difficult to determine the best rule sets for this project.08:33
takahashi-tscAgree, strict rules is unnecessary and difficult to make.08:33
masaki_uenoSo, I'd like to hear contributors and reviewers the items that should be removed from the current rule sets in the end of Yoga development.08:35
yasufumsounds good08:35
yasufumor next PTG, not virtual at Berlin hopefully.08:36
yasufumI think it seems enough discussed today for the topic.08:37
masaki_uenoThank you!08:38
yasufumh-asahina: can you share your topic?08:38
h_asahinaI'd like to let you know that I added the SOL003 cancel API and a corresponding cancel command to fix bug https://bugs.launchpad.net/tacker/+bug/192491708:38
h_asahinaA patch for the tacker-server, and a blueprint and a patch for the python-tackerclient have already been pushed.08:39
h_asahina    Server: https://review.opendev.org/c/openstack/tacker/+/81541608:39
h_asahina    Client: https://review.opendev.org/c/openstack/python-tackerclient/+/81852008:39
h_asahina    BP: https://blueprints.launchpad.net/openstack/?searchtext=support-cancel08:39
h_asahinaAfter Zuul is fixed, I'll send a review request, but if you have any comments now, please let me know.08:40
h_asahinaThat's all from my side. Thanks.08:41
yasufumthanks, any comment?08:41
takahashi-tscThank you so much. Bug report is from me but sorry that our development has no progress. We'll confirm this fix is enough to solve bug we report.08:42
h_asahinaThankss. I'll add you to the reviewer.08:43
yasufumgo to the next topic if no more comments.08:47
yasufumfrom hamano08:48
yasufumhamano: can you share your topic?08:49
hamanoI report on the Test case of v2 error handling operation. 08:49
hamanoFirst, about UT08:49
hamanoUT uses Mock and implements the minimum required, so it does not affect the execution time of CI in particular.08:50
hamanoWhen measured in a local environment, the execution time of all the added test cases was very short.08:50
hamanoIf you have any concerns, please comment on these patches below.08:50
hamanoretry-> https://review.opendev.org/c/openstack/tacker/+/81611508:51
hamanorollback-> https://review.opendev.org/c/openstack/tacker/+/81611608:51
hamanofail->※Scheduled to contribute patch after merging the above patches08:51
hamanoNext, about FT08:51
hamanoWe are considering to use the mgmt_driver script to make the transition to FAILED_TEMP in FT.08:52
hamanoFor example, if you use the following SampleScript, you can easily transition to the FAILED_TEMP state by creating a file under tmp.08:52
hamanoSampleScript-> https://review.opendev.org/c/openstack/tacker/+/816300/6/tacker/tests/functional/sol_v2/samples/sample_error/contents/Scripts/sample_script.py08:53
hamanoDo you have any comments or concerns?08:53
hamanoIt's okay to comment on the patch later. 08:53
hamanoThat's all from my side. 08:55
yasufumI'd like to review later.08:55
yasufumOK, go to the next topic proposing a new spec from edagawa_kc08:57
edagawa_kcI would like to discuss two topics regarding support handling large query results.08:58
edagawa_kcThe spec has been already discussed in Xena vPTG, and I want to ask your opinion about details.08:59
edagawa_kcAbout topic 1, I described existing behavior and new feature by this spec.09:01
edagawa_kcI think there is no concern about yours, but I would like to confirm if it is OK for you.09:03
edagawa_kcAs for topic 2, this is new feature I would like to add, so probably it needs some discussion.09:05
yasufumis that all?09:09
yasufumOK, thanks for your suggestion.09:11
yasufumPlease give your comment on the patch if you have any concerns.09:12
yasufumso, go to the final topic.09:12
yasufumoyama: can you start?09:12
ma-ooyamaSure. My topics are about a sample vnf package I explained in PTG.09:12
ma-ooyamaFirst, I would like to ask you to review my spec. Please do that when you have a time.09:13
ma-ooyamaAnd second, I need some advice about where I should write documentation.09:13
ma-ooyamaI'm going to make sample vnf package itself and documentation that explains how to use the sample.09:14
ma-ooyamaI think "Getting Started" or "Use Case Guide" in User Guide are good to place the documentation. 09:14
ma-ooyamaWould you give me some advice about that?09:14
yasufumgetting started is expected to be simle with minimum usecase.09:17
takahashi-tscIn my opinion, "Use Case Guide" is better because Getting started shoule be for beginner. But this is just my opinion.09:17
takahashi-tscAh... probably similar opinion as yasufum 09:17
yasufumOr it's OK to add a new section for dedicating more practical usecases.09:18
yasufumtacker docs is still under revising, so I'm very welcome your poposal for the docs.09:19
yasufum#link https://etherpad.opendev.org/p/tacker-wallaby-revise-docs09:19
yasufumI'd appreciate if you update this etherpad for your suggestion.09:19
ma-ooyamaI understood. The sample is for user who want to deploy VNF in commercial environment. So Use Case Guide is better than Getting Started.09:21
yasufumOK, any other comment?09:22
ma-ooyamaAnd I understood updating the etherpad is needed. Thanks.09:23
yasufumThanks everyone for discussion for so many items :)09:25
yasufumLet's close this meeting if you have no more comments.09:26
yasufumThank you for joining, bye!09:27
takahashi-tscThanks, bye!09:27
uehaThanks, bye09:27
ma-ooyamaThanks, bye09:27
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