Thursday, 2021-12-02

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abhishekk#startmeeting glance14:00
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abhishekk#topic roll call14:00
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abhishekklets wait couple of minutes for others to join14:00
abhishekkcool, lets start, others will join in between14:03
abhishekk#topic release/periodic jobs update14:03
abhishekkMilestone 2 - 5 weeks away14:03
abhishekkWe are going to target project-manager role this milestone and other specs if approved14:03
abhishekkMost of the members will be on leave/PTO this time, so not sure how much we will achieve 14:04
whoami-rajatsorry I'm interrupting but project-manager role first needs to be implemented by keystone right?14:04
abhishekkI don't think so14:05
abhishekkit will just need to modify keystone-manage to add it in hierarchy in between admin and member14:05
abhishekkIMO if we want to test it we can do it manually by using some keystone commands14:05
abhishekkthis is my understanding though 14:06
whoami-rajatbut that code first needs to exist in keystone right?14:06
rosmaitathat sounds OK, if it's not implemented yet in keystone, it just won't do anything14:06
whoami-rajatbut maybe I'm not too familiar with the implementation perspective14:06
rosmaitawell, the tests will have to create the role and modify the hierarchy14:06
rosmaitauntil keystone does it during bootstrapping itself14:07
abhishekkright, but we can test it manually till then14:07
rosmaitabut it would be available for any operator who wants to do the same14:07
whoami-rajatgot it14:07
rosmaitayeah, i was skeptical at first, but this sounds do-able14:07
abhishekkI think so as well, will try it this week14:08
rosmaitathe modified goal was accepted by the TC, so i guess openstack is committed to the project-manager being a thing14:08
rosmaita(hopefully no one will change their minds)14:08
abhishekkright, and we need to implement/support the same in Yoga only14:08
abhishekkfingers crossed to not have Sr manager :D14:09
abhishekkOk, moving ahead14:09
rosmaitathe only problem i see is how to handle the checkstring14:09
rosmaitabecause any calls that would be done by a project manager can also be done by a project-admin14:10
rosmaitabut the usual way to handle that is to rely on inheritance14:10
rosmaitaand only mention 'role:manager'14:10
abhishekkyes, that is what I am thinking14:10
rosmaitabut these will need role:manager or role:admin to work in deployments without the 'manager' role14:11
rosmaitawhich is still do-able, you'll just want to refactor at some point14:11
rosmaitayeah, that complicates the testing, doesn't it14:12
whoami-rajatseems quite hacky but i believe we will have same discussion for cinder as well14:12
abhishekkjust to be sure, you are saying if we configure policy as role:manager and manager role is not configured/added then it should treat it as role:admin ?14:13
abhishekkOk, lets move ahead, I guess we will get clear picture by next week14:14
abhishekkPeriodic job is all green14:15
abhishekkNothing to worry here14:15
abhishekkthis reminds me, whoami-rajat your dependency problem is resolved, right?14:15
whoami-rajatthanks for the suggestion14:16
abhishekkno worries14:16
abhishekkcroelandt, next is you14:16
abhishekk#topic Glance review da14:16
abhishekk#topic Glance review day14:16
croelandtSo I was thinking of doing a "review party"14:16
croelandtlike the one rosmaita did with Cinder14:16
abhishekkrosmaita, is a party person \o/14:17
croelandtbasically I'll set up a list of patches in glance/glance_store/glanceclient/glance_specs that I think we should merge/reject/discuss14:17
whoami-rajatdo you mean festival of XS reviews?14:17
croelandtand we'll spend 2 or 3 hours in a call 14:17
croelandtwhoami-rajat: a patch fiesta, call it what you want :)14:17
croelandthaving 2 or 3 core reviewers there would be nice14:17
croelandtI'd send an email to the mailing list to ask people to rebase patches htey care about14:18
abhishekkI will be open for any time zone14:18
croelandtif you'd like to join, you can add your name to the Etherpad14:18
rosmaita(sorry, had a power failure)14:18
whoami-rajatwe usually have that on 3rd Friday of the month for 2 hours and review all small patches of size XS or S14:18
croelandtI think we would be doing it during an American morning/European afternoon/Indian evening14:18
croelandtwhoami-rajat: yes, I was thinking of destroying the backlog first14:18
croelandtand hten maybe have a party every quarter/every cycle 14:18
croelandtmaybe every month!14:19
whoami-rajatsounds good14:19
croelandtso yeah, if you're interested, go to point 2.1 in the etherpad14:19
croelandtadd your name, and I'll pick the most picked option :)14:19
abhishekkWC dansmith 14:20
abhishekkrosmaita, I guess we will be needing you for this review day as dansmith and jokke_ might not be available14:21
rosmaitalooking at my calendar now14:21
croelandtI'm trying to do it next week so that jokke won't be gone yet :D14:21
rosmaitado you have a time yet?14:21
croelandtrosmaita: American morning14:22
croelandtthen we can refine it :)14:22
abhishekkI can adjust to any time between 1400 UTC to 1900 UTC14:22
rosmaitatuesday is bad for us red hatters, have storage meeting and osp all hands on 12/714:22
croelandtThursday then?14:23
croelandtor Friday14:23
rosmaitacinder squad at 1500 utc14:23
rosmaitafriday looks good14:23
abhishekkWorks for me as well14:23
croelandtI'd do Monday but I have a doc appointment14:23
croelandtand the wait time is a month and a half, so I'm not missing that for aything14:24
abhishekkjokke_, is not available on Monday14:24
croelandtso 2021-12-10?14:24
rosmaitathat would be my vote, the week of 12/13 is bad for me14:24
rosmaitacinder spec freeze and cinderlib release14:24
croelandtwhoami-rajat: 2021-12-10 is good for you?14:25
croelandtjokke_: ^14:25
whoami-rajatcroelandt, I'm not sure if I'm needed in the glance review festival :P14:25
rosmaitawhoami-rajat: is friday 12/10 bad for you?14:26
croelandtwhoami-rajat: we have a few Cinder patches :)14:26
abhishekkwhoami-rajat, if there are any glance-cinder patches then we might need you :D14:26
whoami-rajatack, i can join :)14:26
abhishekkcool, thank you14:27
croelandtlet's say 14:00 UTC?14:27
abhishekkcroelandt, thank you for taking initiative14:27
croelandt1400 UTC it is14:28
abhishekkgreat, lets move ahead14:28
abhishekk# topic Glance Secure RBAC14:29
abhishekkImage sharing API is good candidate for manager role, so we will be working/testing the changes in local environment this/next week for the same14:29
abhishekkonly question is, as it is not yet there in keystone we can not push testing related patches14:30
abhishekkSo we can test/run tempest plugin tests locally and push it as WIP/PoC if required 14:31
rosmaitaeither that, or add it to devstack14:32
rosmaitabecause the TC says it is going to happen eventually14:32
dansmithyeah, could add it to devstack,14:32
rosmaitahaving the role/hierarchy there should not break anyone who's not using it14:32
dansmithbut the change is likely to be quite small right? just role:member -> role:manager ?14:32
abhishekkand new test class in glance-tempest-plugin14:33
rosmaitawhat does your '->' mean?14:33
abhishekkchange to 14:33
dansmithchanging role:member to role:manager14:33
dansmithfor the sharing policy rule14:33
rosmaitaoh, i thought you meant the devstack patch14:33
abhishekkfor add_member, delete_member and modify_member14:33
rosmaitaright, should be easy on the glance side14:33
dansmithno, just saying, might not need to do our homework quite so far ahead, even though I applaud the initiative :)14:34
abhishekk:D, next thing is glance does not support system token yet, so that support needs to be added14:34
abhishekkglance/python-glanceclient 14:35
dansmithI think the only system api I know of might be unpublicize14:35
dansmithand that's phase 3 really, so even less concern over that in the short term14:35
abhishekkhmm, but it is target for yoga right?14:36
whoami-rajati think there are 2 things here, system admin -> Yoga, system member and reader -> CC (i guess)14:36
dansmithno, glance's only work for yoga is make sure the project personas are working14:36
abhishekkok, will get more answers in weekly group meeting about it14:38
abhishekkmoving to Open discussion14:38
abhishekk#topic Open discussion14:39
crohmannIf I may drop a question? I am trying to use the web-download import method - so actually the api_image_import task via the web-download. I am able to create tasks just fine, but they only reach the processing state - with literally no indication on what happens. I just need a pointer on where to dig deeper? How can I debug the task execution further?14:39
abhishekkcrohmann, are you using multiple stores or single store setup ?14:40
crohmannmultiple. We just converted our config to the new style.14:40
abhishekk2nd is which version you are using, is it master?14:40
crohmannIt's an Ussuri on Ubuntu Bionic BTW14:40
dansmithyou're not creating the task directly, right? you're calling import?14:40
crohmannI tried both.14:41
abhishekk3rd have you added os_glance_staging_store section in api.conf ?14:41
dansmithcrohmann: assume you're running glance-api as standalone and not as a wsgi app right?14:41
abhishekkand 4th are you running under uwsgi14:41
abhishekkor just what dansmith asked14:42
crohmannfilesystem_store_datadir = /var/lib/glance/tasks_work_dir14:42
crohmannfilesystem_store_datadir = /var/lib/glance/staging14:42
crohmannwe are using wsgi running under Apache.14:42
dansmithwomp womp14:42
dansmiththat won't work in U, and will do exactly what you describe: just never run tasks14:43
crohmannUh, that's a bummer.14:43
rosmaitai forgot that U was so long ago14:43
dansmiththe bad news is yep, but the good news is I fixed it some time after that so it does actually work now14:44
crohmannI suppose there is no independent thread running - just handling of incoming request.14:44
dansmithcrohmann: right14:44
crohmannWow ... we wasted some hours an this - but man am I happy to hear we were just holding it wrong.14:44
dansmithcrohmann: fwiw, I believe the docs for those older releases says "don't do this" (in reference to running as wsgi)14:45
crohmannSo is there anything but switching to standalone or upgrade to $RELEASE to make this work?14:45
dansmithnothing short of backporting all the patches to fix it, but I really really wouldn't for something like this14:45
crohmannnah .. we are in the process to upgrading all the way to Xena as quickly as we can. We just wanted to switch our image maintainance tooling to somthing fancier as a side-job ... and then ran into the web-download issue.14:46
abhishekkVictoria release, dansmith has fixed this in14:48
dansmiththere might have been more conflict with the other task stuff so not sure that's really all of it14:49
crohmannallright. Be in any case reading I believe running mod-wsgi is not recommended anyways.14:49
dansmithbut yeah, if you're planning to upgrade, that'd be better14:49
whoami-rajatso I wanted to discuss regarding the expose store specific info spec14:49
dansmithI thought we removed that from the doc14:49
dansmithabhishekk: ^14:50
dansmithcrohmann: our tests run in wsgi mode now, with uwsgi, FWIW14:50
whoami-rajatAbhishek has network issues, he is rejoining14:51
crohmannwhoami-rajat: Sorry - I don't want to take up any more of your time. Thanks dansmith. For the info now and fixing this for V :-)14:51
dansmithcrohmann: ++14:51
whoami-rajatcrohmann, no issue, thanks :)14:51
whoami-rajatdansmith, and akekane_  had some concerns regarding the spec and I've updated it with the requested details14:52
dansmithwhoami-rajat: I saw it was updated, but haven't looked at the latest version14:52
whoami-rajatjust wanted to answer any queries or doubts regarding the current proposal 14:52
dansmithwhoami-rajat: I've been awake for 20 minutes, so.. sorry I haven't re-reviewed yet :)14:53
whoami-rajatdansmith, ack, no issue, wanted to get your review before you leave :)14:53
dansmithwhoami-rajat: ack, I have meetings after this but stay on me about it14:53
whoami-rajatdansmith, oh, yeah I'm kind of forgetful of timezones sometimes sorry14:54
dansmithme too because abhishekk works around the clock14:54
dansmithhe's timezone-less :)14:54
akekane__whoami-rajat, glad that we are in same timezone :P14:54
whoami-rajatakekane__, yes, but as dansmith said, you're in all timezones :D14:54
* akekane__ going on another trip now 14:55
whoami-rajatok, if there are any question/queries let me know on spec or IRC, will answer/update it as soon as possible14:56
whoami-rajatthat's all from my side14:56
akekane__ack, I haven't reviewed latest revision, will do it after the meeting14:56
akekane__last 4 minutes14:56
akekane__I don't have anything else14:56
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rosmaitawhoami-rajat: please remember to bug me to read your spec14:59
abhishekkI thin that's it for today14:59
abhishekkthank you all14:59
rosmaitaactually, that's not your spec14:59
whoami-rajatrosmaita, sure, thanks for the help! :)14:59
rosmaitai will have to bug myself14:59
whoami-rajatyeah not mine but working closely to get it in14:59
whoami-rajatI've a similar one for cinder14:59
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crohmanndansmith: I did check on our installation again and much say we are running the dedicated eventlet app port 9292, eventlet.wsgi.server. And then with apache being the reverse proxy in front. So I am wondering if this the the same issue or if web-download should work with this deployment?16:07
dansmithcrohmann: let's move to -glance16:07
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gmannRBAC policy pop up meeting is happening @

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