Thursday, 2021-12-09

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abhishekk#startmeeting glance14:00
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abhishekk#topic roll call14:00
abhishekklooks like two of us14:00
abhishekkand croelandt 14:00
abhishekkShort agenda14:01
abhishekklets wait couple of minutes more to see anyone turns out14:01
abhishekklets start14:03
abhishekk#topic release/periodic jobs update14:03
abhishekkMilestone 2 - 4 weeks away14:03
abhishekkProbably we will be see/target project-manager persona in this cycle14:03
abhishekkso we have 4 weeks to complete the testing and required work14:04
abhishekkOther than that specs are remaining for reviews, so kindly have a look at those as well14:04
abhishekkjokke_, croelandt ^^14:04
jokke_ahh, yeah14:04
abhishekkwe have 3/4 open specs which we wanted to work in this cycle14:05
abhishekkPeriodic jobs all green, no issues/failure so far14:05
abhishekkGlance review day 14:05
abhishekk#topic Glance review day14:06
abhishekkSo tomorrow will be 1st glance review day14:06
abhishekkwhere we will gather together and review some long pending patches for store, client and specs 14:06
abhishekkit is scheduled to start at 1400 UTC tomorrow14:06
abhishekkand the URL for the meeting is
pdeoreDo we have a patches list ready for tomorrow ? 14:07
abhishekkThis is another great opportunity after PTG to sync together and discuss if there are any objections/suggestions on the ongoing work14:07
abhishekkpdeore, probably croelandt have it with him14:08
croelandtpdeore: I put this together14:08
croelandtas you can see, if we go through all of the client/store patches, we can be proud of ourselves :)14:08
abhishekkthat is hell of a list14:08
croelandtUnmesh said we can't go on PTO if we do not merge all patches on the list14:09
abhishekkthank you croelandt for your efforts here14:09
croelandtI don't think we'll get to the end of the list to be honest :)14:09
abhishekkI have already had my PTO :P14:09
jokke_croelandt: let me just go and abandon them all :P14:10
jokke_oh good ... so abhishek stays behind and me + croelandt go as usual :D14:10
croelandtabhishekk: clever14:10
pdeore:D :D14:11
abhishekkBut, really appreciating your efforts here14:11
abhishekkcroelandt, ^^14:11
jokke_croelandt: so there is nice lil thing, you as French can always go on strike for your PTO time, for me I have the Irish holiday police chasing that I do get to keep them :P14:11
abhishekkSO, don't forget to join tomorrow at 1400 UTC, battlefield is ready \o/14:12
croelandtjokke_: oh the police chases us as well, don't worry :)14:12
jokke_so I guess it's really on abhishekk, pdeore and mrjoshi to take are of it :D14:12
abhishekkok, lets move to next topic14:13
abhishekk#topic Year end vacations and meetings14:13
abhishekkI am proposing to cancel the meetings on 23rd and 30th December14:13
abhishekkI will be around on both the days though14:13
jokke_I'll be gone from next Wed until some point in January14:14
croelandt[2021-12-20 ; 2022-01-09]14:14
jokke_Def at least the first week of Jan still on PTO14:14
abhishekkI need to be around in 1st week to take care of release14:15
abhishekkas M2 release is in 1st week of Jan14:15
jokke_gr8 timing14:15
jokke_or you can just skip it too14:15
jokke_see what's merged by the time14:15
abhishekkSo I think we will have next meeting, then skip following two meetings and then will continue in new year14:16
abhishekkThat's it from me today14:17
abhishekkmoving to Open discussion14:17
abhishekk#topic Open discussion14:17
abhishekkAny thing guys ?14:18
abhishekkjokke_, pdeore ?14:19
jokke_Just want to point out in upstream side of things on record as well that we have a problem in the rbd driver with Ceph breaking behaviour14:19
jokke_On deletes to be specific if the Ceph minimum supported client is being set >= mimic14:19
abhishekkjokke_, I think its good to report a bug14:20
jokke_Fixes are on works but we likely should get bug open in LP for it14:20
pdeorecan we add the active specs in tomorrows agenda? I think it would be better to get it accepted before jokke_ and croelandt's PTO14:22
abhishekkpdeore, add it to the etherpad in the bottom14:22
abhishekkI guess that is all then14:23
jokke_nothing else from me, thanks all14:23
abhishekklets wrap up14:23
abhishekkthank you all14:23
abhishekkand have a good weekend ahead14:23
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