Tuesday, 2021-12-21

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yasufumHi team08:00
yasufum#startmeeting tacker08:02
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yasufumthere are three topics proposed on the ehterpad today.08:05
yasufum#link https://etherpad.opendev.org/p/tacker-meeting08:05
yasufumBefore going to go to the first topic, I'd like to talk two things.08:06
yasufumOne is about spec freeze.08:06
yasufumI think most of us are going to be off next week.08:07
yasufumalthough several patches are still remained under reviewing.08:08
yasufumI think we don't need to hurry for fixing these patches actually.08:09
yasufumSo, I'd like to suggest to update the date of the deadline which was agreed as "best effort" target at the previous vPTG.08:10
yasufumI think mid of the next week is reasonable, but want to here your comment.08:11
yasufumWhat do you think?08:11
ueha+1, I think it will be difficult at the end of this month, because there are some specs I have commented that have not been revised.08:13
takahashi-tscmid of next month? (Jan.)08:13
yasufumyes, you are correct08:13
takahashi-tscOK, +1.08:14
manpreetk+1 08:14
yasufumConsidering many of us may going to go to return in the second week next month, I think 21th Fri is appropriate for the date.08:17
uehaI agree08:19
yasufumI'll update the date on etherpad of the previous vPTG.08:19
yasufum#link https://etherpad.opendev.org/p/tacker-yoga-ptg08:19
takahashi-tscsure, thanks08:19
yasufumPlease give your comment if you have any other alternative or comment. Thanks.08:19
yasufumMy second topic is just an announcement. I'd skip IRC meeting next week08:22
yasufumand have the next one on 11th Jan.08:22
yasufumI'll also share it on ML later. Thanks.08:22
yasufumIf no one has a comment for the schedule, go to the first topic on etherpad.08:24
yasufumueha: can you share your topic about the current issue on gate test.08:25
uehacurrently, sol-kubernetes job often has another error.08:25
uehaAn error occurred because the processing of the heal entire did not complete in the time waiting for COMPLETED in test.08:26
uehaThis error can be resolved by increasing the timeout period during the heal entire test.08:26
uehaI have posted the patch, so could you review it? https://review.opendev.org/c/openstack/tacker/+/82228508:27
uehaThat's all from my side, any comment?08:27
yasufumWe have several unclear timeouts which depend on infra...08:31
yasufumIt's hard to find such a failure in general08:32
yasufumand we cannot this update fixes the issue completely.08:33
yasufumBut I think it is doable for the current situation.08:34
yasufumIt has been tested several times and looks OK.08:34
yasufumueha: many thanks for your effort! I'd give +2.08:35
uehaThanks for comments! :)08:35
takahashi-tscI'll also give +2, thanks08:36
uehatakahashi-tsc: thanks!08:36
yasufumok, go to the next topic from edagawa_kc.08:38
edagawa_kcCurrently there is one topic I would like to confirm here regarding my spec.08:39
edagawa_kcThe detail has been described in the etherpad.08:39
edagawa_kcThe main point is whether we need returning "400 bad request" case or not during an API response.08:39
edagawa_kcIn my thought, there is no problem to only use paged case, but I would like to ask your opinions.08:39
edagawa_kcThat's all from my side.08:42
yasufumany comment?08:44
ueha+1, I think it is better because there is no need to add non-SOL compliant parameter.08:50
yasufumI think it depends on usecases although I don't suppose to opposite to your idea.08:51
yasufumAnyway, it might be OK as ueha commented.08:54
takahashi-tscI think no usecase which should expect 400 bad error... but I think we should explain that GET API's default behavior is paging in API reference.08:54
edagawa_kcI see, I understand your opinions are the same as mine. Also I will add description of this behaviour into API reference.08:55
edagawa_kcI will start updating my spec, too. Thanks.08:56
yasufumseems we can go to the next topic.08:57
yasufumesto-aln: can you share your topic?08:58
esto-alnBasically, we have a proposal to change the directory structure under: tacker/samples/mgmt_driver08:59
esto-alnthe proposal details are in the etherpad08:59
esto-alnWe have some concern points, which I discussed from line 147.08:59
esto-alnFirstly, we would like to know whether you agree that we create sub-directory under mgmt_driver?09:01
esto-alnSecondly, if there are concerns if we relocate the kubernetes files to "tacker/samples/mgmt_driver/kubernetes" directory..09:01
esto-alnwill it work properly if relocated?09:02
esto-alnand are there other items which needs to be updated as an effect of the change in directory?09:02
esto-alnThat's all from my side.09:03
yasufumI think this change has no impact other than docs because we don't have any tests for the samples.09:03
yasufumueha: What do you think?09:03
uehaThe kubernetesMgmtDriver's python file may also need some changes09:04
yasufumIs it because for resolving path dependency or so in the code itself?09:06
uehaIt seems that the path hard coded above.09:07
yasufumIt must be one of bad habits honestly :)09:10
esto-alnYes, I think we have the same recognition.. but is it okay whether Ueha-san can update such source codes?09:10
uehaYou can fix it with the same patch.09:11
yasufumAnyway, I think it is not so critical if we need just to update such a path.09:11
esto-alnI understand.. anyway, please support us.. please do check if the changes are enough or need to have more files to update..09:12
esto-alnyasufum: yes, I think so, too... but just in case, there might be some issue.. we would like to consult Ueha-san.09:13
yasufumueha: Do you mean update two thing, for kubernetes and ansible, with a single patch?09:13
uehaSure, when a patch is posted, test it internally.09:13
esto-alnyou mean, Ueha-san will test internally, right? 09:15
uehayasufum: Yes, I think it should be update same patch.09:15
uehaesto-aln: yes, may test by me or my colleague09:16
esto-alnokay, many thanks, Ueha-san!09:16
esto-alnany other comments?09:19
yasufumueha: I don't agree basically because we should make a change topic by topic without any reason should do so.09:19
yasufumalthough it is a tiny change09:20
yasufumto minimize if we have some troubles possibly09:20
yasufumCould I confirm the reason why it's better to update with one patch?09:21
takahashi-tscDo you mean we should create a patch "change k8s sample directory" and a patch "add ansible driver" separetely?09:21
yasufumtakahashi-tsc: Yes. I think it's better to test the change of directly without adding ansible driver basically.09:23
uehaIt doesn't mean much, but I thought it would be bad if the function  doesn't work which is hit by one patch.09:23
uehaI think it would be good if they could be merged with other patches in order and with no gap in time.09:23
yasufumI understand the changes does not affect on gate tests, just want to clarify the reason.09:25
yasufumthe reason why we should make the changes with one patch.09:25
ueha"should" is different. I'm sorry for my poor English expression.09:27
yasufumueha: OK, I understand you just considering about the time to be merged.09:27
yasufumIn my conclusion, I think one patch is OK if changes for currenrt mgmt driver is just two lines or so, and ueha surely tests the patch from esto-aln.09:30
esto-alnokay, I understand the conclusion.09:31
esto-alnWe will proceed based on community's conclusion.09:32
yasufumThanks for discussion all!09:32
esto-alnThank you09:33
yasufumany other comment?09:35
yasufumdone all for today09:36
yasufumThank you all for joining.09:37
esto-alnThank you09:37
uehathanks, bye09:37
yasufumHave a nice holiday!09:38
manpreetkThanks bye09:38
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martialHello friends, mostly hanging out today, hoping everyone will have/is having pleasant holidays 21:06
b1airoo/ martial 21:06
b1airolikewise, lurking21:06
jandershey martial b1airo21:06
jandersHappy Christmas and all the best in the New Year21:07
b1airothanks janders , you too21:07
martialsame :)21:10
b1airohey janders , you been involved in any Open Innovation Labs Residencies while at Redhat...?21:18
jandersb1airo no21:19
jandersdo you have any experience with this concept?21:21
b1airojust getting the upsell from the local consulting team :-)21:23
jandersright! :)21:23

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