Thursday, 2022-01-13

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abhishekk#startmeeting glance14:00
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abhishekk#topic roll call14:00
abhishekkjokke_, is still on vacation and joining from next week14:00
abhishekkdansmith, probably not here due to daylight saving14:01
abhishekkI think its just me, rosmaita and croelandt 14:02
abhishekklets finish this quickly14:02
abhishekk#topic release/periodic jobs update14:02
abhishekkmilestone 2 was last week14:03
abhishekkwe have skipped it14:03
abhishekkI have one question here 14:03
abhishekkrosmaita, we used to bump the migration version after release14:03
abhishekkSo can we do it after 3rd milestone before cutting the stable branch?14:04
rosmaitai think so, but TBH my head is not there at the moment14:04
abhishekkThis is the first time we are facing this14:05
abhishekkWe need to release glance_store with the clone v2 issue fix14:06
abhishekkso I will tag the glance-store release early in next week14:06
rosmaitawill the clone v2 changes be backportable to xena?14:07
abhishekkPeriodic jobs all green14:07
abhishekkunfortunately not, the change is backward incompatible as it requires glance keyring to access cinder and nova pool14:07
rosmaitahow is that backward incompatible?14:08
abhishekkif we backport it directly upstream it will not work as it needs devstack patch to backport as well14:09
abhishekkunless you have other opinion, I think it will not be a straightforward backport14:11
rosmaitawell, my understanding of the situation is that without the fix, this change, the bug is unfixable in xena14:12
rosmaitahang on, let me rephrase, that doesn't make sense14:12
rosmaitaif we don't backport, we have the bug14:12
rosmaitaif we do backport without the devstack change, the functionality isn't available, but does it break anything else?14:13
abhishekkyes, it will timeout waiting for access to nova or cinder which it does not have14:14
abhishekkI think we should submit a reno/document this behavior directly against stable/xena ?14:15
rosmaitais there opposition from the QA team to backporting the devstack fix?14:16
abhishekkNo, I haven't discussed this with them yet14:16
abhishekkLets revisit this next week when jokke_ is around, I think he will also explain why this should not be backported14:17
rosmaitasounds good14:18
abhishekkMoving to next topic14:18
abhishekk#topic SRBAC14:18
abhishekkWe are on track for community goal14:18
abhishekkmanager persona support is for AA deliverables14:18
abhishekkFor yoga we need to ensure that admin, reader and member personas are supported which we do with enough test coverage14:19
abhishekkWe also have functional test support for manager persona ready to show it will not have any regression for us14:19
abhishekk#link 14:20
abhishekkmoving ahead14:20
abhishekk#topic Cache API14:20
abhishekkBase patch is ready14:21
abhishekkWork is in progress for adding tempest side coverage14:21
abhishekkwhich is expected to complete before next meeting14:21
abhishekkTill then if you get time please have a look at base patch14:22
abhishekkthat's it from me for today14:22
abhishekk#topic Open discussion14:22
abhishekkTomorrow will be holiday in India, so I will not be around (will be checking mails though)14:22
abhishekkcroelandt, rosmaita anything from you?14:23
croelandtabhishekk: nope14:23
rosmaitanothing from me, have a good holiday14:23
abhishekkthank you14:23
abhishekklets wrap it up14:24
abhishekkthank you all14:24
abhishekkhave a nice weekend ahead14:24
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