Thursday, 2022-01-27

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abhishekk#startmeeting glance14:01
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abhishekk#topic roll call14:01
abhishekkwaiting for others to show14:02
abhishekkcool, lets start14:03
abhishekk#topic Updates14:04
abhishekkVirtual PTG dates has been announced14:04
abhishekkit will be between April 4-8, 2022! 14:04
abhishekkLink for registration is,
abhishekkas it is virtual it is free, so kindly register if not registered yet14:05
abhishekk#topic release/periodic jobs update14:05
rosmaitait's being held in a pretty crappy location, thought14:05
rosmaitaat least croelandt gets to go to France for the PTG14:05
abhishekkI don't remember he was there in paris14:06
rosmaitai think he was, flavio introduced him to me there14:06
croelandtI was there :)14:06
croelandtrosmaita: didn't we meet in Barcelona?14:06
rosmaitacould be, it was some exotic location14:07
abhishekkaah, yeah Barcelona I remember14:07
abhishekkOk, coming back to topic14:07
abhishekkMilestone-3 is 5 weeks from now and we have 3-4 targets to achieve before that14:08
abhishekkCache API - Almost ready and up for review14:08
abhishekkStores detail API  - Work is in progress14:08
abhishekkUnified limits usage API - In progress14:08
abhishekkAppend existing metadef tags - Patch up for review, some comments are given by me and dansmith 14:09
abhishekkKindly review Cache API work as and when you get some time14:09
abhishekkNon-Client library release - 4 weeks14:09
abhishekkWe just have a bug fix at the moment for glance-store and nothing more coming this cycle14:09
abhishekkPeriodic jobs all green14:10
abhishekkYep, timeout frequency is dropped by almost 90-95%14:10
abhishekk#topic All the stable gates are broken for glance14:10
abhishekkrosmaita, I guess this is you14:11
abhishekkI saw failure on stable/xena day b4 yesterday, but thought it was random14:11
rosmaitathe openstacksdk-functional-devstack job is failing in xena through ussuri14:11
rosmaitalooks like the problem is that the job uses master instead of the appropriate branch of sdk14:12
abhishekkSo similar to cinder we need to propose direct patches for stable branches14:12
rosmaitayeah, there is probably a better way14:12
abhishekkand we also need to keep in mind to modify the yaml file when we cut stable/yoga branch14:13
rosmaitabut the problem is that the template is defined in tempest, and tempest is branchless14:13
rosmaitai didn't want to invest the time to figure out how or where to fix it14:13
abhishekkright, as we are short on resources as well :/14:13
rosmaitaif you are ok with the cinder approach, i can do it for glance too14:14
rosmaitaok, i'll post patches a bit later today14:14
abhishekkcool, thank you so much14:14
abhishekk#topic Cache API14:15
rosmaitanp, we saw it first because we backport a lot of bug fixes because of our high-quality code14:15
abhishekk:D nothing different for us14:15
abhishekkThis is glance side work14:16
abhishekkThis is tempest coverage for Cache API + Periodic job14:16
abhishekkReview comments/Suggestions are welcome14:17
abhishekk#topic warlock14:17
abhishekkcroelandt, found this in glanceclient launchpad, reported as a bug14:17
abhishekkwarlock is not actively maintained and it does not work with recent versions of jsonschema14:18
croelandtit is an issue for distros that use a recent version oh jsonschema iiuc14:18
croelandtbecause warlock does not work with it14:18
rosmaitawarlock was written by the second glance PTL14:18
abhishekkso far glanceclient is only project which is using it14:18
croelandt^ I think we are the only ones using it14:18
croelandtso, should we get rid of it?14:19
abhishekkI think we should discuss this in upcoming PTG and start getting rid of it14:19
croelandtgotta find the link to the agenda etherpad :D14:20
abhishekkPTG agenda ?14:20
abhishekkI need to create it14:20
abhishekkwill ping you the link once it is up14:21
croelandtok ok14:21
abhishekkmoving to Open discussion14:21
abhishekk#topic Open discussion14:21
abhishekkrosmaita, jokke_ we want your opinion about this bug14:22
abhishekk#link 14:22
croelandtdoes anyone know what charm-octavia-whatever is? :)14:22
abhishekkI don't14:22
rosmaitalooks like someone is still using 'checksum'14:23
rosmaitai will respond on the bug, it is invalid for glance14:24
abhishekkcool, thank you again "D14:24
rosmaitawhen was multihash? queens or rocky?14:24
rosmaitanm, i will find the ref14:24
abhishekkI think rocky14:25
abhishekkthat's it for me 14:27
abhishekkwe can wrap this up if there is nothing more to discuss14:27
croelandtOther topic: this is a fairly simple patch and it would help me run tox on my machine from the future running Python 3.10 :)
abhishekkack, will have a look at it14:29
abhishekkcool, thank you all for joining14:33
abhishekksee you next week, happy weekend14:33
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