Monday, 2022-03-14

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Luzi#startmeeting image_encryption13:00
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Luzi#topic Roll Call13:00
Luzihi fungi13:00
Luzilets wait a few minutes, so others might join13:00
fungipeople in the usa reshuffled their timezones over the weekend, though this would technically result in them showing up an hour early if they forgot to adjust for utc13:01
Luziuh daylight saving... we have that change next weekend...13:03
Luzihi dmendiza[m] 13:03
Luzi#topic Barbican Consumer API Update13:04
Luziare there any news from Barbican?13:04
dmendiza[m]Not a whole lot of progresst last week, unfortunately13:04
Luziah no worries13:05
Luzithank you dmendiza[m] 13:05
Luzi#topic Image Encryption Patches13:05
dmendiza[m]xek does have a documetation patch up13:05
Luzino updates from my side either13:05
Luziah, that'S nice, thank you13:06
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Luzi#topic Open Discussion13:08
Luzido you have any other topics you would like to talk about?13:08
fungii didn't have any13:09
Luzii will try to read the documentation patch from xek, if i get some time this week13:09
dmendiza[m]Sounds good Luzi , Thanks!13:10
Luziokay thank you for joining this meeting and have a nice week13:10
fungithanks Luzi!13:10
Luzi#endmeeting image_encryption13:10
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