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abhishekk#startmeeting glance14:00
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abhishekk#topic roll call14:01
dansmithp/ (yay DST)14:01
abhishekkpranali and cyril are not around14:01
abhishekkjust wait couple of minutes more before we start14:01
abhishekklets start14:02
abhishekk#topic release/periodic jobs update14:02
abhishekkMilestone 1 is 4 weeks away14:02
abhishekkmost of the specs are up for review14:02
abhishekkwe will walk through them in next section14:03
abhishekkPeriodic job, all is green except newly added fips job which has failed14:03
dansmithI thought it was working?14:03
abhishekkit is failing intermittently14:04
abhishekkcurrent execution failed while the previous one has passed14:04
dansmithokay, do you have a link handy to a failed run?14:04
dansmithif not I'll go dig it up14:04
abhishekkmoving ahead14:05
dansmithmore volume fails ugh14:05
abhishekk#topic Specs for review14:05
abhishekkI have added 1st draft for API for Instant caching of an Image14:05
abhishekkExpanding store details -
abhishekkDelete API for metadef resource types -
abhishekkspec-lite: ability to purge all rows by glance-manage - (one +2)14:06
dansmithah cool I need to look at that14:06
abhishekkLast one is we agreed on last PTG but it is moved to this cycle14:07
abhishekkSo all members, kindly review the spec and give your suggestions14:07
abhishekkmoving to next topic14:07
abhishekk#topic Secure RBAC14:07
abhishekkWe are yet to get updates from Policy Popup team about our queries14:08
abhishekkmeanwhile taking reference of rosmaita's work, pranali has prepared a glance policy matrix for us14:08
abhishekkKindly go through it and verify whether we are mapping it correctly or not14:09
abhishekkmoving forward;14:09
abhishekkslowly we are learning from you :D14:10
abhishekk#topic glance-download import method14:10
abhishekk#link 14:10
abhishekkpslestang, alistarle There are bunch of suggestions on the spec14:10
dansmithI was not aware we were re-discussing this at this meeting or I would have re-reviewed the spec earlier14:11
rosmaitayeah, i have not looked at it yet either14:11
alistarleYeah we answer couple of the comment14:11
pslestangabhishekk: yes we read them14:11
alistarlethanks for the review btw14:11
abhishekksorry for that, this was decided last meeting but dansmith you were not around14:11
dansmithah, okay yeah sorry14:12
abhishekkand I failed to update it this week14:12
abhishekkalistarle, pslestang summary is only copying data from another glance is not useful 14:13
abhishekkSo if you guys think we can have a virtual discussion for this topic, sometime next week14:14
alistarleSo you all agreed that copying metadata is a minimal requirement for the spec right ?14:14
dansmithas I said before, I'm also happy to put my money where my mouth is and help with getting the metadata bits right, although I think alistarle's comment made it sound like he was pretty on top of it14:15
dansmithalistarle: it is, IMHO.. at least hw_* and os_* things14:15
abhishekkos_* but not os_glance_*, right?14:15
dansmithit was good to get feedback from sean because he does a lot of nova stuff with required traits and numa instances and things that are likely to have those bits set and not work without them14:16
dansmithabhishekk: yeah, the os_ things that control stuff in nova like whether or not it's a windows image, which requires other things to be turned on in the hypervisor, etc14:16
dansmithalistarle: pslestang: there's not code posted for this yet right?14:17
pslestangnot right now14:17
abhishekksean has also pointed out some swift example14:17
pslestangbut we have some code that works that I can push as a WIP14:17
abhishekkthat will be good to see14:17
dansmithabhishekk: the swift temporary url thing, yeah, that's exactly that I was proposing for being able to do this without federation14:18
pslestangabhishekk: acked14:18
pslestangI think it will overlap jokke_ stuff14:18
abhishekkdansmith, yeah, will have a look at it and we can see how feasible it is for us14:18
pslestangabout import/export14:18
alistarledansmith: yeah we talk a bit about it in the spec, but I think it is far more complicated to achieve14:18
dansmithabhishekk: I'm not saying we need to hang up the glance-download stuff on export/temp-url, to be clear14:19
abhishekkyep, me neither14:19
dansmithalistarle: export you mean? yeah, I'm not saying we hold this up for that14:19
dansmithalistarle: but with that sort of temp-url export, all the work you do here will be applicable in that case too, just via a dedicated url instead.. the image show and download will work the same, just no token required14:20
jokke_Like I've mentioned before ... the export would really have been useful addition ot this work. Definitely not the other way around14:20
alistarleOh yeah I see, yes we totally agree, but like plestang said it is more a topic related to export work we talk with jokke_14:20
alistarleBut we'll rely on it when it will be ready for sure14:21
dansmiththere's also a little bit of terminology confusion here:14:21
jokke_yeah. Also the swift use case was in the initial Interoperable Image Import spec, never implemented as no-one saw real push/value for that14:21
dansmiththe temp-url thing I was referring to was more like "take-out" which provides a way to have a non-trusted user access a single image without a user account.. 14:22
dansmith"export" being more what jokke_ was talking about where we bundle image and metadata in one file14:22
jokke_yeah, that was basically Rackspace and once they moved away from active development, no-one else stepped up saying it would be useful14:22
dansmithexport can be used by a regular user or via the take-out,14:22
dansmithand glance-download could use export if not authenticated via federation14:22
dansmithglance-download could use take-out if not federated14:23
alistarleHmm yeah agree, it is 3 different topic indeed, but who can be interconnected14:23
dansmithman, I need to write it down somewhere :P14:23
pslestangdansmith: ok agree with that and thanks for your clarification14:23
dansmithalistarle: I can write up a summary of the three not on the spot in irc if you want,14:24
dansmithand we can refer to that when we get confused again, if it would help14:24
dansmithjust as a sort of potential road map14:24
alistarleYep, especially if we want to implement them in following cycle14:24
abhishekkAlso I think we can have one follow up virtual session to finalize the work items14:25
dansmithyeah, if nothing else, just a "if we're going to do this, we should do it this way" sort of thing14:25
dansmithlike jokke_'s draft export spec that isn't planned to be done right away14:25
abhishekkmakes sense14:26
alistarleGreat, so what is the status for this glance-download spec then ?14:26
jokke_I think abhishekk had plan to get it worked on once the spec is good to go (so yeah in that light within this group, not in next few cycles)14:26
dansmithI think there's a lot of comments in there to address, put in more detail about the namspaces we're going to copy, behavior of if the format is a mismatch,14:27
dansmithand I think it would be good to document what the client behavior is going to be, as sean brought up confusion there14:27
dansmithalistarle: ^14:27
abhishekkjokke_, I will be happy to work on it, if the approach is finalized before Milestone 214:28
alistarleOk so let's talk about this metadata, because it was not clear in the PTG, and we needed to talk about it here14:28
abhishekkgo ahead14:28
jokke_yeah, I think there is lots of mixup happening in the spec comments due to that too14:29
alistarlelast status during the PTG was to not include the metadata at all, to keep it simple as a first step14:30
alistarleAnd in the spec it seems we need to include them, so the question are:14:31
dansmiththat's not how we left it when I was there...14:31
abhishekkalistarle, that was not the decision, I said I will decide whether we should include hw_ properties or not in later week after PTG14:31
alistarleabhishekk: yes you're right14:32
abhishekkyeah, and looking at comments from nova team, just copying the data is not enough and not a good user experience14:33
dansmithsince we had that discussion I've done some more (but not a comprehensive) survey of the critical properties, and hw_ os_ and probably trait: are pretty critical to copy I think14:33
alistarleIf we need to include the hw_ properties, do you think we need to include it inside the glance-download plugin ? make it configurable in the json ? or enforce which metadata we copy in the glance configuration ?14:33
dansmithI think always copying those namespaces is fine, no config or option in the request is fine and the simplest to implement14:34
jokke_I think the comments on the spec tell quite clear story how confusing the metadata part makes this whole feature. And also it being extended on every round of discussion making it even more mess in everyone's heads14:34
dansmithas noted I would *like* to also take a list of other namespaces to copy, but not critical like hw_ os_ etc14:34
alistarledansmith: we also need to update the container_format and disk_format to match the source image right ?14:35
jokke_and no, it definitely should not be done by the internal plugin that does the data transfer14:36
dansmiththere's a lot of back and forth in the spec, but I don't think I see any arguing or confusion over the metadata like hw_* being important to copy14:36
dansmithalistarle: update or reject, I'm not sure I have a strong opinion either way14:36
abhishekkI think update should be the right approach14:36
alistarledansmith: we already do it in the image conversion plugin, so I think update is OK, and we can even re-update if needed later in the image conversion plugin14:37
dansmithalistarle: sounded like you preferred update, which is fine with me.. definitely easier for the user14:37
dansmithalistarle: it also means the client can just create the image with any value for those, and let the plugin override them so they're correct, which is much nicer for the user14:37
dansmithlike, bare/raw and let it be updated to match14:37
alistarleYep, that looks good to me14:38
pslestangand do we add an option to let the customer add his own metadata?14:38
dansmithpslestang: add his own keys or his own namespaces?14:39
alistarleit can be a regex of keys14:39
alistarleso it match keys and namespaces14:39
jokke_pslestang: no14:39
dansmithalistarle: sure that works...14:40
abhishekkwhy no, any specific reason?14:40
pslestangjokke_: I defnitely think that we should rely on your export spec, but for the first version of glance-download we need to have a solution that is ok for everyone14:42
jokke_I think we should either consistently let the user to take care of their metadata or import all we can. Expecting user to write regexp as input to client is turning this same mess the old tasks api was already where we expected json as input from user and that got abandoned as whole due to that14:43
alistarleOk so let's hardcode the namespace and that's it, right ?14:43
dansmithwe're not expecting a user to write a regex,14:44
dansmithwe're allowing them to if they have other keys to copy, other than the ones we know need to be copied14:44
jokke_pslestang: remember that this is stable API we're talking about. We do it one way now, we're stuck with it. We don't break the api consistently and excuse that to microversions 14:44
pslestangjokke_: yeah understood14:45
alistarlejokke: I agree we you, we need to take care of the API, so if we are not sure of the solution, let's not touch it14:46
alistarleAnd as we agree the definitive solution will be related to export stuff or other patch, I propose to hardcode it, so it is easier to move in future patch14:46
dansmithalistarle: I think there's a majority of people here who agree on most of the elements of a direction, so I'd say revise the spec to get us closer to that, address/resolve all the existing comments and we can go from there14:47
dansmithit'll be easier to iterate and discuss a concrete thing than a thing plus a diff of a bunch of comments and discussion14:48
abhishekkand also if you think you are stuck in some part feel free to ping us14:48
alistarlegreat, clear for me14:49
abhishekkmoving to open discussion14:49
abhishekk#topic Open discussion14:50
abhishekkUpdate migration constant14:50
abhishekkKindly review the patch, easy one and important one14:50
abhishekkAlso I think pranali has forget to include export draft in review list14:51
jokke_abhishekk: is that ^^ the alembic thingie we need to do every cycle?14:51
abhishekkjokke_, yep14:51
abhishekkcool, thank you14:52
abhishekkdansmith, I am also not aware but looks like alembic migration depends on that14:53
dansmithabhishekk: I don't think the other projects have to do this sort of thing14:53
jokke_it's part of how the migration scripts gets picked up iirc14:53
abhishekkthey might have implemented the script execution differently14:53
abhishekkSomething in our glance-db-manage needs to be fixed14:54
dansmithabhishekk: clearly they did, I'm just saying it seems like maybe something we could resolve14:54
jokke_I think glance was the first one that got implemented and some of the inconveniences were quite quickly picked up and done differently elsewhere14:54
abhishekkdansmith, agree14:54
abhishekkNothing else form me 14:55
abhishekklast 5 minutes14:55
jokke_I think it's one of the things that 10min of work every year has not yet warranted anyone dig deep enough into it to change the beaviour :P14:55
dansmithright :)14:56
abhishekk:D, lets change it this cycle14:56
abhishekkanything else guys?14:57
jokke_I'm pretty sure you could tie it to pbr somehow14:57
jokke_not from me14:57
abhishekkcool, lets wrap up14:58
abhishekkthank you all!14:58
abhishekkhave a nice weekend o/14:58
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