Thursday, 2022-05-12

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pdeore#startmeeting glance14:00
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pdeore#topic roll call14:00
pdeoreeveryone is here .. let's start :)14:01
pdeore#topic release/periodic jobs14:01
pdeoreMilestone 1 release is just one week away and we will verify whether we are going to tag the M1 or not14:01
pdeorebut we are going to release glance-store for sure14:01
pdeorePeriodic jobs all green except POST_FAILURE for fips job and 2 oslo tips jobs failure for python3.6 because of dropping py36/37 support and updated to py38 in oslo.config14:02
pdeorethe glance side fixes are submitted for the same14:02
pdeoreKindly please have a look14:02
abhishekkformer patch is dependent on later one14:02
abhishekkso be in touch with infra core team for the same14:03
pdeoremoving ahead14:03
pdeore#topic Spec repo maintenance14:03
pdeorenot sure who added this topic :)14:03
pdeorecroelandt, is that you?14:04
abhishekkI have approved 1st 3 specs14:05
abhishekkwill visit 2.2 after the meeting and take appropriate actions14:05
pdeorelet's move ahead14:06
pdeore#topic Specs For Review14:06
croelandtpdeore: no14:06
pdeoreMost of the specs are merged, now just need some attention at 14:06
abhishekkmight be rosmaita have added14:06
pdeoreExpanding store details - (two +2)14:06
pdeoreUpdate proposal for duplicate image download -
pdeorecroelandt, ohh i thought it's you :)14:07
pdeorekindly have a look at these specs ^14:07
pdeoremoving ahead14:07
pdeore#topic Missing specs14:08
pdeoreNeed spec for Inject metadata for upload -
abhishekkdansmith, have you got any response from tobias (hope this is right pronunciation)14:08
abhishekkOr should I go ahead a write a spec for it?14:09
dansmithabhishekk: nope haven't heard, but we should ping him14:09
abhishekkdansmith, is buys with infra team atm, I will ping him later14:09
abhishekkwhere can we find him :D14:09
abhishekkhe is present in cinder channel, I will ping him later14:10
pdeoreok, moving ahead14:11
pdeore#topic Secure RBAC14:11
pdeoreWe have discussed the glance side queries regarding system scope implemetation in last policy popup meeting14:11
rosmaita(sorry, i am stuck running another meeting)14:11
pdeorekindly have a look for more details, #link
abhishekkok, anything specific to share?14:11
pdeoreyeah, regarding owner issue for system scope, how we should handle system scope for all create/update metadef apis?14:12
dansmithwe can already create those with a specific owner right?14:13
pdeoreabhishekk, should i explain the details from etherpad?14:13
dansmithlike, the admin can create them on behalf of another yser?14:13
abhishekkyes you can pass --owner as input14:13
dansmithyeah, so making those APIs system-scope and always requiring --owner is one option14:14
abhishekkbut we need to add the validation if it is missing from the request body14:14
dansmithsince they're already admin-only anyway14:14
abhishekkyeah, I have suggested that option as well14:14
pdeoreok, and should keep those for both system & project admin? or just system admin?14:15
abhishekkthis is more feasible I guess14:15
pdeoreyeah it seems so14:15
abhishekkjust for sysadmin14:15
dansmithpdeore: we should not have it under both scopes14:15
dansmithunless absolutely necessary, and this is not a suitable case I think14:15
pdeoreohh ok14:16
dansmithbecause what we want is to say "only operators should call these apis"14:16
abhishekkpdeore, I think you can write one spec for this change14:16
pdeoreabhishekk, sure I will do that14:16
abhishekkcool, that will help us to finalize the approach before actually start working on it14:17
pdeoreyeah right!14:17
pdeoreok, let's move ahead14:17
pdeore#topic glance-download import method14:18
pdeorespec : ( few minor comments)14:18
abhishekkI don't think the owner of the spec is present today for the discussion14:18
dansmithmerge and allow follow-up?14:18
abhishekkI think that is good option14:18
abhishekkwill try to find them till tomorrow else will allow them to modify it as a followup14:19
pdeoreok, let's move to Open Discussion 14:20
pdeore#topic Open Discussion14:20
pdeoredansmith, I have updated the glance-tempest plugin rbac patches with your suggetsion, kindly please have a look when you have time14:20
dansmithack, sorry14:21
abhishekkalistarle, is here14:21
pdeorealistarle, is here :)14:21
abhishekkalistarle, there are some small suggestions on glance-download spec, once you fix it we can merge it right away14:21
pdeoredansmith, np :) but I think we should get those merge in this milestone at least :)14:22
alistarleHello there, oh nice, we will fix that then14:22
abhishekkcool, thank you14:23
jokke_Just a quick reminder. Changes like is API breaking, so please, be careful and lets try to get the responses right on the first time. We absolutely cannot break the stable branches backporting minor looking fixes like that14:23
abhishekkI have also shared coding standards we follow with your colleague14:23
abhishekkjokke_, ack, noted14:24
jokke_And ^^^ is not to point fingers, just reminding everyone to be careful with these things14:25
pdeorejokke_, sure14:25
abhishekkpslestang, do you have any questions related to comments on your spec?14:25
abhishekkOnce you submit the new patch for spec, we will get it merged quickly as everything is sorted out14:26
pdeoreso that's is from me, anyone has anything else to discuss or we should wrap up?14:27
abhishekknothing from me as well14:27
jokke_One quick question14:27
pslestangabhishekk: nope it should be good14:28
abhishekkpslestang, cool14:28
jokke_There is spec proposal from Rajat about new locations APIs. Do we want to discuss that here or just keep the comments going on the review and what's the timeline for that?14:28
abhishekktimeline is M214:28
abhishekkyou can post your comment on the spec and I can invite him for discussion during our next meeting14:29
abhishekkno spec will be approved post M2 14:29
jokke_Sounds good ... I'll try to remember put my notes in the review tomorrow so there is next week to preo14:30
abhishekkM2 --> Milestone 214:30
abhishekksounds good14:30
jokke_that's all from me for now, thanks14:31
pdeorecool, let's wrap up for today!14:31
abhishekkthank you!14:32
pdeoreThanks everyone for joining !!14:32
abhishekkhave a nice weekend o/~14:32
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