Thursday, 2022-06-09

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abhishekk#startmeeting glance14:00
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abhishekk#topic roll call14:00
abhishekkrosmaita and dansmith will not be around14:00
abhishekkso does pdeore14:01
abhishekkok we do have enough people,lets start14:01
abhishekk#topic Updates14:01
abhishekkThis is Summit week and we don't have glance specific updates14:01
abhishekkunfortunately no one from glance is at summit for project update this time14:02
abhishekkhopefully someone will be there next time14:02
abhishekk#topic release/periodic jobs update14:02
abhishekkMilestone 2 is 1 month away from now, which is also a spec freeze for us 14:02
abhishekkOnce M2 is over we will not accept any spec14:03
abhishekkAt this moment 3 specs are open out of 1 is on hold14:03
abhishekkwe will visit those specs in next topic14:03
abhishekkPeriodic Jobs, all green except the 'translation update' jobs failure due to some python version dependency conflicts14:03
abhishekkeverything else is green14:04
abhishekkmoving to next topic14:04
abhishekk#topic Specs for review14:04
abhishekkUpdate proposal for duplicate image download 14:04
abhishekk#link 14:04
abhishekkmrjoshi, please ping Brian for his review14:04
abhishekklocation APIs spec14:05
abhishekkI think this is in good shape and once jokke_ gives green signal we can move forward on this14:05
abhishekkcroelandt, please have a look at above two specs when you get some time14:06
abhishekkSpec for SRBAC system admin persona support in glance 14:06
abhishekkThis is on hold until the summit discussion and operator feedback on Scope concepts14:06
jokke_Like said in my previous comment, I'm starting to like the direction this is going implementing just the parts we know we need for the usecases and not trying to replicate the already failed API just with different endpoints14:06
abhishekkafaik, we don't need to worry about system-scope this cycel14:06
abhishekkyep, I am following the discussions on the spec and with the direction it is going I think soon we will be get green signal on this14:08
jokke_I think the Location API thingie could be useful. Now RBAC in place it might change the story yet again, which is quite worrysome atm14:08
abhishekkNew version is up as well for the same14:08
jokke_ok, I'll see what's in the latest rev after the meeting14:08
abhishekkRBAC is on hold as it has some blockers atm14:09
abhishekklets move forward14:09
abhishekk#topic Removed dead code of auth and policy layers14:09
abhishekkpdeore has pushed a patch to remove dead code, I have been reviewing it and looks in good shape14:09
abhishekk#link 14:10
abhishekkThis patch is removing 3400 odd lines of code14:10
jokke_abhishekk: yes and if you read the ML post about RBAC recently, I think for Images API v2 ever being usable, the scrapping of System/Project scope boundary would be very necessary14:10
jokke_Way to go Pranali!!!!14:10
jokke_ \\o \o/ o// o/714:11
abhishekkjokke_, yes, I am following the current discussion14:11
croelandtnew goal: remove 100% of the code and start over in Rust14:11
jokke_croelandt for lifetime PTL, never allowed to anything else!14:12
jokke_*to do*14:12
croelandtdamn, now I have to learn Rust14:12
abhishekkI have given one comment on the last test file,I guess she has removed two tests by mistake there14:12
abhishekkmoving ahead;14:13
abhishekk#topic Open discussion14:13
jokke_abhishekk: I'd be shocked and very positively surprised if there wasn't any small mistakes to catch from that size of an patch ;)14:13
alistarleRegarding we are fixing unit test right now, but we don't know really how tempest are working for functionnal test, do you have idea about that ?14:14
abhishekkglance-download Work14:14
abhishekktempest is totally different14:14
alistarlefunctionnal test are not based on tempest ?14:15
abhishekkto write functional test I think you need to run one more server which will be very critical or time consuming14:15
abhishekkalistarle, no glance functional tests are different from tempest14:15
jokke_alistarle: there is unit, functional & integration tests in the glance repo, tempest tests are their totally own beast in a different repo and will need separate patch all together once the feature is ready to go14:15
abhishekkI think dansmith will help us here once he is free from summit workload14:16
jokke_alistarle: under glance/tests/[unit, functional, integration]14:16
alistarleoh ok fine, so we can take care of unit, but will probably need help for functionnal & integration14:16
dansmithyeah, I'll help with the tempest thing14:17
abhishekkalistarle, once you finished fixing existing unit tests, I will help you in writing new one and will try to write functional tests as well14:17
jokke_alistarle: the integration tests in repo are very thin and I don't think there's anything in that scope you would need to be worried about14:17
abhishekkdansmith, thank you14:17
abhishekkmost probably I will try to put some time for it in next week14:18
alistarleok nice14:18
jokke_just check the import tests under the glance/tests/functional and you should have pretty decent idea how to adapt. You might need quite a bit of mocking to get any of that done 'though14:18
abhishekkfor unit yes, mocking is required but for functional i think it should not use mocking 14:20
jokke_but abhishekk and dansmith should be great resources and have some opinions what tests to include there14:20
jokke_abhishekk: in that case there probably won't be any functional tests. We have no mechanics to spin up multiple glances with keystones etc. to make any of that process doable14:22
dansmithyou don't need multiple glances I don't think14:22
dansmithyou should be able to import from yourself14:22
jokke_might need to rely tempest on the functional side14:22
abhishekk:D, once you finished with unit tests I will look at functional tests14:23
abhishekkwhat dansmith said is also correct, but in tempest we can have glance and remote glance as well14:23
abhishekkok, alistarle, pslestang ping me if you face any diffuclties in unit tests14:24
abhishekkthat's all from me for today14:24
pslestangabhishekk: ok thank you14:24
abhishekknp :)14:24
jokke_nothing from me, thanks14:24
abhishekkcool, lets wrap up then14:25
abhishekkthank you all!14:25
abhishekkhave a nice day and weekend14:26
jokke_same to you14:26
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