Tuesday, 2022-06-14

h_asahinahi, tacker-team. yasufum is not available due to machine trouble. Could ueha or takahashi-tsc start the meeting instead?08:05
takahashi-tscSure, I'll handle the meeeting.08:06
yasufumsorry for waiting...08:07
yasufumIs it just starting?08:07
takahashi-tscno, yasufum, can you handle the meeting from now?08:07
yasufum#startmeeting tacker08:07
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yasufum#link https://etherpad.opendev.org/p/tacker-meeting08:08
yasufum_oops, I’ve terminated for a while…08:11
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yasufumsorry, can you see my message?08:15
uehayes, I can see08:15
takahashi-tscNow yes,08:15
yuta-kazatoyes. I can see.08:15
yasufummanpreet: I’ d ask you again, is there any update for RBAC for heat?08:16
manpreetkyasufum: Sorry no updates as the policy popup meeting was postpone due to OpenInfra Berlin Event. Would update once receive any information. Thanks08:17
yasufumOK, thanks!08:18
yasufum_Let’s start from the first topici.08:20
yasufum_#topic Next PTG08:20
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yasufumIt will be held on October 17-20 at Columbus, Ohio08:21
yasufumI mean it’s not a virtual event.08:21
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yasufumAlthough we are not sure situation of COVID-19 will be well, I’d like to have a meeting on the event.08:24
yasufum_takahashi-tsc: My network codition is so bad, so could you host the meeting?08:27
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yasufumIt’s just the second topic remained.08:28
takahashi-tscyasufum, is there any other message about next PTG? 08:28
yasufumjust one thing, I’d ask community if we can have hybrid meeting, onsite and online.08:29
yasufumif possible.08:29
takahashi-tscThanks. Yes it is better that PTG is hybrid meeting...08:30
takahashi-tscAnyway, if you get any information, please share it with us. Everyone, if you know any information, please share with us!08:31
takahashi-tscThen can we move to next topics? edagawa_kc, can you start?08:32
edagawa_kcI would like to discuss the pagination feature in CLI.08:33
edagawa_kcI have implemented the feature in Tacker server side according to ETSI SOL013 in Yoga cycle. Now I am considering how to design the pagination feature also in CLI side.08:33
edagawa_kcIn Zed vPTG, I have suggested some options for the design, but no conclusion have been reached. Now I would like to suggest a new option which can solve demerits in existing ones.08:34
edagawa_kcI described the detail of that in [New option] part in the etherpad.08:34
edagawa_kcI investigated the feasibility about this behavior, and found there already is the code which possibly enable such a behavior in client side.08:35
edagawa_kcTherefore I would like to suggest implementing this CLI feature into target APIs according to existing code.08:35
edagawa_kcThat's all from my side.08:36
takahashi-tscThanks, in my understanding, "suggested some options" is 08:37
takahashi-tscIs it correct?08:37
edagawa_kcYes, correct.08:37
takahashi-tscOK, thanks. Any comments?08:38
ma-ooyamaI have a comment.08:38
ma-ooyamaAs the user, we want to retrieve all records by executing a command only once.08:39
ma-ooyamaSo I think the implementation of "New option" looks good.08:39
edagawa_kcThank you for the comment, I see.08:40
takahashi-tscthanks, any other comments? I also think new option is better, because there is already some implementation.08:41
hirofumi-noguchiLet me confirm the processing of new option.08:43
hirofumi-noguchiWith this new option, all_record functionality implemented on the client side and normal paging process is executed on the server side?08:45
hirofumi-noguchiv2 API doesn't support the all option on the server side, but I wondered if this option could be used for v2 API.08:47
hirofumi-noguchiIs my understanding correct or not?08:48
edagawa_kcYour understanding is correct. In this case, server side behaves pagination. This is different from "all_records" feature in server side.08:49
hirofumi-noguchiThx, I see.08:49
hirofumi-noguchiI was confused with all_record.08:50
takahashi-tscAny other comments? I think new option is basically agreed. Details of the spec will be discussed in gerrt.08:53
takahashi-tscDo anyone object new option?08:54
uehaI agree too. thanks for suggestion the new option. :)08:56
takahashi-tscGood. edagawa_kc, I think you should update spec. please update your spec, and let's discuss it in gerrt.08:56
edagawa_kcI see. I will update it and then post to gerrit. Thank you.08:56
takahashi-tscGood, so that's it. Any other topics for today's meeting?08:57
takahashi-tscOK, let's close today's meeting. Thank you everyone! bye08:58
uehathanks, bye08:58
yasufumthanks, bye!08:58
takahashi-tsc? The meeting is not closed yet?09:04
masaki-ueno#endmeeting seems to be enable only for the one who called #startmeeting...09:05
takahashi-tscHmm, could you ask yasufum to close this meeting?09:07
takahashi-tscI sent email to yasufum.09:12
masaki-uenoI also sent slack message to yasufum. Thanks :)09:13
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