Thursday, 2022-06-23

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pdeore#startmeeting glance14:00
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pdeore#topic roll call14:00
pdeoreabhishekk, rosmaita, and mrjoshi will not be around14:00
pdeoreok we have enough people, lets start :)14:02
pdeorewe have short agenda for today14:02
pdeore#topic release/periodic jobs14:02
pdeoreMilestone 2 is 3 weeks away from now, which is also a spec freeze for us14:02
pdeorewe have released glance-store stable/xena with some important bug fixes14:03
pdeorePeriodic Jobs, all green except fips jobs failing with RETRY_LIMIT14:03
pdeoremoving to next14:03
pdeore#topic Spec for review14:03
pdeoreUpdate proposal for duplicate image download #link 14:03
pdeoreI think this one has some minor cmnts, are we expecting a updated patch or it's good to go ?14:04
dansmithseems like the comments are pretty much addressed14:05
jokke_happy to ee that moving14:06
pdeorenext is [APIImpact] Add DELETE api for metadef resource types #link
pdeorethis is low priority, but I think it's good to have 14:07
pdeoremoving ahead14:08
pdeore#topic SRBAC system admin persona support in glance14:08
pdeoreThere are some updates on scope thing from the policy pop up meeting happend this week, 14:09
pdeoreThe system scope has been postpone for now and atm it will be removed from current goal and would be a separate goal in future if operators have any use case14:09
pdeoreThe Zed goal is to move to new defaults with, 14:09
pdeoreproject admin as legacy admin only not the project admin in project,14:10
pdeoreproject member - role member with project_id 14:10
pdeoreproject reader - role reader and project_id14:10
pdeoreWe have not implemented project admin persona in glance, so14:10
pdeoreI think won't need any changes except removing the scope check14:11
dansmithour scope check is in the scope_types thing,14:11
dansmithwhich is not critical to remove, but it's very easy to do so, because it's not intertwined with the rest of the rule14:11
pdeoreyeah right14:12
pdeorelet's move ahead14:13
pdeore#topic functional-fips-py38 failing with RETRY_LIMIT14:13
pdeorethis is abhishekk I think14:13
dansmithI think that's resolved now by the nslookup thing that is merged14:14
pdeoreseems the patch is merged14:14
pdeoremoving to next 14:14
pdeore#topic Removed dead code of auth and policy layers14:14
pdeore#link 14:14
pdeorekindly please review this one, it's up for the review since last week :)14:14
dansmithI dunno why my +2 is not on that14:15
dansmithI'll fix14:15
pdeoreThanks !! :)14:15
pdeoreso that's it for today from me ..14:16
pdeoremoving to open discussions14:16
pdeore#topic Open Discussions14:16
pdeoredansmith, jokke_ croeland1, do you guys have anything ? or we should wrap up early ?14:17
jokke_just a quick note ... we have bunch of patches in the stable branches. not sure if croeland1 proposed the release patch already or not but stable releases in the pipeline14:17
dansmithnothing from me14:17
jokke_That's all from me, thanks14:18
croeland1yeah I did14:18
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jokke_gr8 thnx14:18
croelandtI proposed 2.5.1
pdeorethe hash is correct for this, I have given my vote :)14:19
pdeoreIf we are done for today then let's wrap up ...14:21
pdeoreThanks everyone for joining !!14:22
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