Tuesday, 2022-07-12

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yasufumHi tacker team.08:00
yasufumwe have no topic on etherpad today too.08:02
yasufumSo, I'd like to skip this meeting if no one has an item other than that.08:03
takahashi-tscAh, if there is no topic, can I confirm some points today? 08:03
yasufumtakahashi-tsc: sure08:03
yasufum#startmeeting tacker08:04
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yasufum#link https://etherpad.opendev.org/p/tacker-meeting08:04
takahashi-tscNow I write very small 2 confirmation.08:04
takahashi-tscCan I start?08:04
yasufumgo ahead please08:05
takahashi-tscFirst, about PTG and just confirm update. Does anyone know PTG is only F2F or hybrid?08:05
takahashi-tscI'm concerned that early bird deadline is soon...08:06
yasufumI think so08:07
takahashi-tscIf noone know, I'll confirm to some TC members...08:08
yasufumI've been confirming about it via team survey on ptg registration, but not sure when a response will be made.08:08
takahashi-tscThanks. OK... we will confirm it continuousky.08:09
yasufum#link https://www.eventbrite.com/e/project-teams-gathering-columbus-2022-tickets-374118026087?_ga=2.224692186.1944712300.1657557943-21017074.165755794308:09
yasufumas takahashi-tsc mentioned, it's $250 USD for early bird, deadline is the end of this month.08:10
yasufumIt's not free for the next ptg unexpectedly :)08:11
takahashi-tscAnyway, now no one know it, Please share the information if you get.08:12
takahashi-tscIf no other comments, I'll move on next topic.08:13
takahashi-tsc2nd topic is about python-tackerclient. Now my team member faces issue. Does anyone know there is some issue of python-tackerclient?08:14
takahashi-tscThis is just confirmation. We will share our understanding at next this IRC. but If someone know the cause, I'd like to know.08:15
yasufumI haven't noticed the issue.08:15
takahashi-tscOK... it seems environment issue, so we will investigate it and want to discuss it at next IRC.08:17
yasufumIt seems a problem of dependencies of libs from the log.08:17
takahashi-tscYes. 08:17
takahashi-tscOK, if you know or notice something, please let me know. At least we will share our understanding.08:19
takahashi-tscOr... we may submit some patch to resovle it.08:20
takahashi-tscThat's it. Thanks,08:21
yasufumthanks for sharing08:22
yasufumAny other topic, or close this meeting?08:23
h_asahinai have one topic, but forgot to update etherpad. should i carry it over to the next week? i'm not in rush08:24
yasufumno problem discussing today.08:24
h_asahinamy topic is about mistral. as you know, Tacker has the dependecy on mistral.08:25
h_asahinaso we need to deploy mistral along with takcer08:26
h_asahinabut, usually, it's just used for vim alive monitoring.08:26
h_asahinathat you can see as `Reachable/Unreachable` when you call `openstack vim list`08:27
h_asahinaSince Tacker is VNFM now, alive monitoring for vim is not a requierement.08:28
h_asahinaso, we want to add configuration to disable this feature.08:28
h_asahinaso that we can deploy tacker without mistral.08:28
h_asahinacould you tell me your opinion?08:28
yasufumany comment?08:30
uehaI think there was a proposal to change to not use "mistral".08:31
uehaspec: https://opendev.org/openstack/tacker-specs/src/branch/master/specs/yoga/vim-monitor-feature.rst08:31
uehaWIP patch: https://review.opendev.org/c/openstack/tacker/+/82863808:31
uehaIs it different from this?08:31
takahashi-tscAh, this is my team's patch.Basically it may work, but now we do not proceed with it.08:33
h_asahinalooks similar, but it adds a new feature, isn't it? 08:34
takahashi-tsc(just priority...)08:34
takahashi-tscYes. we plan to add new monitoring feature. 08:34
takahashi-tscBut h_asahina's proposal is, monitoring feature itself is out of scope, isn't it?08:35
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h_asahinabut my first priority is excluding mistral when deploying tacker, so it might work.08:35
h_asahinaif this patch doesn't use mistral.08:36
takahashi-tscYes, tihs doesn't use mistral.08:36
h_asahinalet me confirm. the reason you leave vim monitoring feature is the backward compatibility?08:37
takahashi-tscThe first purpose of this patch is to fix some bug, but now the bug is not reproducible (I forget the details...)08:37
h_asahinai mean you can just remove the dependency on mistral, but you didn't08:38
takahashi-tscPurpose is to fix bug, and the way is remove dependecy on mistral because it is difficult to follow fully mistral features.08:40
takahashi-tscMaybe... sometimes VIM status is not changed to Reachable even VIM works properly.08:41
takahashi-tscSorry, VIM status *was* not changed to Reachable, but now the bug is not reproducible.08:41
h_asahinaif so, removing the vim monitoring can be an option. 08:42
takahashi-tscYes, correct.08:43
h_asahinaif there's no objection, I'd like to recommend to change this patch to remove the vim monitoring itself.08:43
h_asahinaalso, maybe, we can take over that patch, if the original commiter don't have enough time and if he/she doesn't mind.08:45
takahashi-tscI agree with you. In addition, I tihink VIM status is only used for desply the status. e.g. Tacker try to use VIM even if the status is unreachable. This status is meaningless...08:46
takahashi-tscThanks, could you take over the patch?08:46
h_asahinayes. i will.08:46
takahashi-tscMany thanks.08:47
h_asahinamy pleasure. thank you too.08:47
yasufumso, it might be discussed enough08:49
yasufumLet's close this meeting if no one has item anymore.08:51
yasufumThank you for joining, bye!08:52
manpreetkthanks bye.08:53
takahashi-tscthanks, bye08:53
uehathanks bye.08:53
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