Tuesday, 2022-08-02

yasufumHi, tacker team.08:00
yasufum#startmeeting tacker08:00
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yasufum#link https://etherpad.opendev.org/p/tacker-meeting08:01
yasufumAs you may notice, we have some problems on zuul gate tests.08:02
yasufumueha has shared the causes and candidate fixes.08:03
yasufumcould you share your item?08:03
yasufum#topic sharing about current zuul testing08:03
yasufumpls go ahead08:03
uehaFirst of all, regarding UT error,08:03
uehaAn update of the jsonschema is causing an IP address validation failure (mismatch_error).08:04
uehaYi Feng reported in bug report https://bugs.launchpad.net/tacker/+bug/1983067 .08:04
uehaThis is because the fake data value used in the test is incorrect. It is defined "" as IP address.08:06
yasufumIt's silly actually :)08:06
uehaAnd now, this problem fixed in the patch posted by Yi Feng.08:07
ueha> Fix IPv4 check failure in UT: https://review.opendev.org/c/openstack/tacker/+/85147808:07
uehaUT now passes in above patch! However, the other FT error occurs.. (Also occurs in other patches)08:07
uehaNext, regarding the FT error,08:08
uehaThe error occurs on the start of the ceilometer, 500 error seems to occurs in gnocchiclient08:09
uehaThe same error occurred in the following ceilometer patch, so I think we must wait for a fix of ceilometer or library related with gnocchi.08:10
uehaWe haven't looked into the exact cause, but if it takes too long to fix, we might need to consider a workaround..08:10
uehaThat's all from myside. thanks08:10
yasufumAny comment?08:11
manpreetkueha: Suggestion, we could ask telementry guys to look into ceilometer issue on priority.08:12
uehaSure, I haven't contacted the teletemtry team yet.08:13
yasufumhirofumi-noguchi: Do you have any comment because you've also started to start the FT error?08:13
yasufums/to start/to fix/08:14
hirofumi-noguchiI agree with ueha. I would like to wait for a fix of ceilometer.08:15
uehaThe ceilometer patch has occured same problem, so I think it is handled with high priority in their team, but I will report to them.08:15
yasufumThanks both for your help.08:17
yasufumIt seems enough for the first item.08:17
yasufumLet's move on to the next one.08:18
yasufum#topic An observation in the existing VNF LCM Multi-tenant policy design08:18
yasufumfrom manpreetk08:18
manpreetkShall I proceed?08:18
manpreetkIn current VNF LCM Multi-tenant policy implementation to get details of a subscription or VNF package of a different tenant returns HTTP code 204 (No content) in response. Please find details in L42.08:18
manpreetkIn our(NEC) opinion HTTP status code should be 404 (Not found).08:18
manpreetk 08:18
manpreetkPlease share your valuable opinion for the same, what according to you is the *correct* status code 204 or 404 in above scenario?  08:18
yasufumDo you have any comment for the topic?08:25
w-jusoAs an addition, we think that 204 is not possible because SOL003 only allows 200 OK.08:26
uehaI have a question, what about Individual VNF Instance or other Individual Resources?08:27
uehareturn 404 Notfound..?08:28
uehaI was curious because only Subscription and Package were mentioned.08:29
manpreetkueha: I have observed behaviour in multi tenant env, need to check for single VNF instance.08:31
masaki-uenoI think 4xx errors seems to be correct to be returned, but there may be some choices for the error.08:33
masaki-uenoI mean, 403 and 404 are possible for that kind of situation08:34
takahashi-tscmasaki-ueno: yes, actually we have similar discussion... My opinion is 404 is better, but what do you think?08:35
masaki-uenoHowever, in general, accessing to unauthorized resources should be returned 404 error.08:36
masaki-ueno(As you know, SaaS services such as Github has such behavior :)08:37
masaki-uenoSo I think 404 seems to be more reasonable according to generic HTTP usage08:37
ueha+1. Also, I think it is necessary to investigate if there is an effect on other Individual Resources such as VNF instance, OpOccs, etc.08:40
yasufummanpreetk: Could you make it clear the next work item on the etherpad if no other opposition?08:42
manpreetkyasufum: Sorry could you please explain what is required from me regarding next work item? I do not understand :( 08:45
yasufumJust note the conclusion on the meeting.08:45
yasufumThe last item is just a confirmation of reviewing remained specs.08:49
yasufumI think only one spec remained for the release, and all other ones have already merged.08:51
yasufum#link https://review.opendev.org/c/openstack/tacker-specs/+/83415608:52
yasufummapreetk: Could I confirm the status of your spec?08:52
yasufumI'm not sure there is any concerns about RBAC for the spec, or nothing on the release.08:54
yasufumbecause I cannot catch up the discussion, sorry...08:55
yasufummanpreetk: is it ready to be merged?09:00
manpreetkThe spec needs some update work, as per investigation "heat" only allows "admin" role user to create stack. So such details need to be add in spec.09:01
yasufumOK, thanks.09:02
yasufumSo, all topics done for today, but do you have any other comment?09:04
yasufumOr reqeust for review?09:04
yasufumLet's close this meeting.09:07
yasufumThank you for joining, bye!09:07
yuta-kazatothanks. bye!09:07
uehathanks, bye09:07
manpreetkThanks all, bye09:07
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