Thursday, 2022-09-01

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abhishekkgmann, o/around?13:56
pdeore#startmeeting glance14:00
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pdeore#topic roll call14:00
pdeorelets wait few more minutes for others to join14:01
pdeoredansmith, is busy with nova stuff, let's wait for rosmaita, jokke_14:03
abhishekkI think rosmaita is also busy14:05
abhishekkWe don't have major items on the agenda atm14:05
abhishekkjust one question, that can we push m3 next week?14:05
pdeoreok let's start then14:05
abhishekkdansmith, ^14:05
abhishekkjokke_, if you around ^14:06
dansmithI think nova is discussing the same thing with elod right now14:06
dansmithI dunno why though14:06
abhishekkbecause of the srbac patch which is put on hold14:06
dansmithoh just that, okay14:07
abhishekkpdeore, just go ahead with agenda14:09
abhishekkand we can discuss about this towards the end14:09
pdeore#topic release/periodic jobs updates 14:09
pdeoreglanceclient 4.1.0 has been released today14:09
pdeoreand for tagging m3 this week, we need confirmation from gmann whether the recently submitted RBAC change is required for m3 or not and why it's -w as it's looks clean 14:10
abhishekkthere are two TODO things you need to take care if release team forgot to do it14:10
abhishekk1. Submit patch in release to cut stable branch for store14:11
abhishekk2. Do the same for python-glanceclient14:11
abhishekkpdeore, ^14:11
abhishekkyou can do it without waiting for release team as well14:11
pdeoreok, is it expected to do it today itself ? 14:12
abhishekkyou can do it tomorrow as well14:12
pdeoreack, Thanks !14:12
pdeoreperiodic jobs all green except time out for fips related jobs14:13
pdeoremoving ahead14:13
pdeore#topic Review-Priority behavior (rosmaita)14:13
abhishekkwill have a look at patch leter tonight14:13
pdeorelet's move ahead14:14
pdeore#topic Glance PTG planning etherpad14:14
pdeoreKindly please add topics in the etherpad which you want to discuss in the upcoming PTG14:15
pdeoreThat's it from me for today, let's move to Open discussion14:16
pdeore#topic Open Discussion14:16
abhishekkNothing from me for Open discussion14:16
abhishekkI haven't heard from gmann yet14:17
pdeoreso again, how long we should wait for the update on RBAC patch? 14:17
abhishekkwe can skip the m3 and directly tag rc1 next week14:18
abhishekkLets go ahead and release m3 and tag rc1 with rbac patch14:18
pdeoreor we should wait for some more time for the update from gmann ?14:20
abhishekkgive it one more hour, I will update the release patch14:20
pdeoreack, Thanks !!14:21
pdeoreanyone has anything else to discuss? or we should wrap up early ?14:21
abhishekknothing form me14:22
pdeoreassuming nothing from others too, ending the meeting14:23
pdeoreThank you everyone !!14:23
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