Tuesday, 2022-09-20

yasufumHi tacker team08:00
yasufum#startmeeting tacker08:01
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yasufum#link https://etherpad.opendev.org/p/tacker-meeting08:03
yasufumIt's R2 and rc1 was over, so I wonder there are not so much topic today.08:04
yasufumAnyway, thanks for your hard work for reviews.08:04
yasufumSo, let's start from the first item.08:05
yasufum#topic Recommended versions of k8s, k8s client, and helm in Tacker Zed Release08:05
yasufumyota-kazato: can you share your topic?08:06
yuta-kazatoyasufum: ok08:06
yuta-kazatoBefore that, I would like to thank everyone for your contributions to rc1 last week!08:06
yuta-kazatoMy topic is  Recommended versions of k8s, k8s client, and helm in Tacker Zed Release08:07
yuta-kazatoIn Tacker, we use kubernetes (k8s), k8s client, and Helm for CNF in LCM operations.08:08
yuta-kazatoHowever, I think that Tacker community do not recommend which versions to use or support.08:08
yuta-kazatoThere are some problems about their versions.08:09
yuta-kazatoe.g. Zuul in Zed release uses Helm v3.5.4, which is older than the latest version
yuta-kazatoIn Devstack, there is the other same problem of k8s versions between k8s client (1.25) and k8s server (1.23).08:10
yuta-kazatoIt should not exceeds the supported minor version skew of +/-1.08:10
yuta-kazatoAs you know, k8s/helm updates and their EoLs are fast cycles..08:10
yuta-kazatoTherefore, we need to decide the recommended versions in Zed release and update their versions regularly to provide mutual guarantees.08:11
yuta-kazatoDoes anyone have specific opinions on what has been discussed so far?08:11
yasufumI don't have specific one actually...08:13
masaki-uenoI think we should determine recommended versions of kubernetes according to the status of k8s python client.08:14
masaki-uenoSorr, I noticed that you mentioned it above....08:16
yuta-kazatoThank you for your opinion! Refering k8s python client's version is good idea.08:17
yasufumWhere can we I find the dependent version of k8s?08:18
yasufumsorry, it's wrong08:18
masaki-uenoThe above describes the supported version for each version of client libs08:19
yasufumok, thanks08:19
yuta-kazatoHow about providing support version information in Tacker documents.08:22
yuta-kazatoFor example, Kuryr-kubernetes provides their supported versions, too. (But documents are not updated..)08:22
yuta-kazato# link08:23
masaki-ueno+1, and I think we also should update the supported version per one year (= the general EoL cycle of K8s)08:25
yasufumyuta-kazato: Do you mean we should provide each supported versions of k8s for several Tacker versions?08:27
yuta-kazatoyasufum: yes, it is better for users and contributers.08:28
yuta-kazatoAnd there is the other problem that k8s v1.25 is already EoL..08:30
yuta-kazato# link08:30
yuta-kazatosorry the above information is not correct.08:31
yasufumIf so, how many old versions we should support? For example, from Train, Ussuri or so.08:32
yuta-kazatok8s server "v1.23" is EoL.08:32
yuta-kazatoyasufum: IMO, it would be enough that Tacker Zed release will provide their support versions.08:35
yuta-kazatoIn addition, "this is just a suggestion", but how about agreeing on support versions for the next release in PTG?08:36
yasufumdo you have any idea?08:37
yasufums/any idea/any other comment/08:38
yuta-kazatoThat's all from my side. I would like to hear from Tacker team members, thanks.08:39
yasufumI agree to the suggestion basically08:39
uehaI think we need to change Kubernetes version [1] and Helm version [2] to see if they pass the test.08:40
ueha[1] https://opendev.org/openstack/tacker/src/branch/master/.zuul.yaml#L47108:40
ueha[2] https://opendev.org/openstack/tacker/src/branch/master/.zuul.yaml#L53108:41
uehaWhen testing on Zuul, I think it is important that the kuryr-kubernetes support the latest version of Kubernetes when testing on Zuul.08:42
uehaThe default version currently installed by the kuryr-kubernetes is 1.22.3 [3].08:42
ueha[3] https://opendev.org/openstack/kuryr-kubernetes/src/branch/master/devstack/settings#L3008:42
uehaThe Kubernetes environment may need to be created without the use of the kuryr-kubernetes..08:43
ueha we need to be careful it.08:43
uehaThat's all from my side.08:45
yuta-kazatoThank you for your information! I agree.08:45
uehaThanks for your suggestion too :)08:46
yasufumok, let's continue to discussion for making a decision of the topic at the next PTG. thanks.08:47
masaki-uenoYou mentioned about kubernetes and helm versions, but how about Prometheus?08:47
masaki-uenoSince we added the support of FM and PM in Zed, I think we should determine supported version of Prometheus (and Alertmanager)08:49
masaki-uenoEven if Prometheus is a sample of External Monitoring Tool, we should add description which version is available for the documentation.08:51
yuta-kazato+1, we should discuss and decide supported version of Prometheus too! thank you for your suggestion:)08:51
yasufumIt must be the similar issue. So, we should have a slot for the topic at the PTG.08:52
yuta-kazatoOK! thanks.08:53
yasufumI'd appreciate if you suggest your concern on the etherpad.08:54
yasufumI'm going to upload the etherpad page for the next antelop :)08:54
yasufumplease wait for a while.08:54
yuta-kazatoThanks a lot.08:55
yasufumIt seems enough for the topic for now.08:56
yasufumyuta-kazato: thanks for the suggestion.08:57
yasufummove on to the next topic.08:57
yasufum#topic CFP for reducing resources for FTs08:58
yasufumIt's just a brief suggestion for our the latest serious08:59
yasufumWe has several failures on zuul gate at the end of R3.08:59
yasufumIt might be because of some shortage of resources on CI.09:00
yasufumAlthough I have no idea for the problem, we should reduce the amount of FTs to avoid such a problem at the end of antelop.09:01
yasufumSo, I'd appreciate if you suggest any idea for the issue to discuss at the next PTG.09:02
yasufumDo you have any comment?09:02
yasufumgo on to the third topic.09:05
yasufum# Backport for stable/zed09:05
yasufumWe couldn't merge all candidate patches for zed, four patch were over the deadline.09:06
yasufumSo, I decided to backport them in stable/zed.09:07
yasufumThree patches have already merged to master, but just one remained.09:07
yasufum#link https://review.opendev.org/c/openstack/tacker/+/85708209:08
yasufumI'd like to merge it before the end of R2, and upload stable patches for four patches at once.09:08
yasufumThat's all. Do you have any comment?09:09
uehaI think the above patch is waiting for the document to be added.09:10
yasufumThe owner agreed to add docs.09:11
uehaI’m afraid if we can merge this week.09:12
uehaThis Friday is a holiday in Japan, so there are only 2 days left. but I will do my best to review it when it is added.09:13
yasufumIt might be enough for today's discussion.09:17
yasufumSo, let's close this meeting if you have no more comment.09:18
yasufumThank you for joining, bye!09:19
yuta-kazatothanks, bye.09:19
uehaThanks, bye09:19
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