Tuesday, 2022-11-22

yasufumHi tacker team.08:00
yasufum#startmeeting tacker08:01
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yasufum#link https://etherpad.opendev.org/p/tacker-meeting08:01
yasufumWe have one item on the etherpad today for which we didn't have enough time to discuss last week.08:03
yasufum#topic Legacy API deprecation08:03
yasufumueha: Do you have any update anyway?08:04
yasufumalthough we agree to continue at the last.08:04
uehaYes, I added "Legacy FTs deprecation" to this suggestion roadmap as yuta-kazato suggested.08:05
uehaThank you, kazato-san.08:05
yasufum#link https://etherpad.opendev.org/p/tacker-legacy-deprecation08:06
uehaYes, L63~6408:06
yuta-kazatoThank you for your cooperation! +108:07
uehaIf there is no objection, I'll send about the Legacy API deprecation topic to Discuss-ML to see if anyone is using it.08:08
yasufumor all of us agree?08:12
manpreetkJust want to know we would take care of tacker-horizon as well. As it totally support legacy API.08:13
uehaI was also a little concerned it.08:14
manpreetkHmm not sure how many user would be there using tacker-horizon.08:15
uehaI think we may also need to obsolete it when Legacy API becomes obsolete (c cycle).08:16
yasufumtakahashi-tsc: By the way, no change is required for ETSI TST test?08:17
yasufumNothing depend on the legacy apis?08:17
manpreetkueha: Yup think so, we have to discontinue, or enhance tacker-horizon to support SOL APIs.08:17
takahashi-tscNo need to change, ETSI TST testset includes only SOL-based API.08:18
uehaWhen I send email to Disscuss ML, also I will hear about Tacker-horizon.08:18
uehamanpreetk: I don't think the need for SOL-API support of Tacker-Horizon has been discussed yet. right?08:20
manpreetkueha: There was a proposal in last Zed PTG by asahina-san.  08:21
manpreetkhiromu: Hope I am correct, to enhance tacker-horizon.08:22
uehaSorry I missed it, https://etherpad.opendev.org/p/tacker-zed-ptg#L7508:23
manpreetkyes this one08:24
uehabut, I think there is no progress of this blueprint in Zed cycle08:25
uehaSo, first, I will hear if users using the Legacy API from Tacker-Horizon.08:26
yasufumAny other comment?08:28
yasufumueha: I'd appreciate if you update your etherpad for the comments from team. Thanks!08:29
uehaSure, I will update!08:30
yasufumIs there any topic other than on the etherpad?08:31
yasufumOr close this meeting?08:31
manpreetkThis is regarding migration of tacker jobs to Ubuntu Jammy (22.04), the proposed patch [1] temporary disables "ceilometer" as it was failing tacker gate jobs. 08:31
manpreetkIn parallel I have open a new patch [2] to debug tacker gate jobs enabling "Ceilometer".08:31
manpreetk[1] https://review.opendev.org/c/openstack/tacker/+/86113708:31
manpreetk[2] https://review.opendev.org/c/openstack/tacker/+/86523408:31
manpreetkIMO, we can merge patch [1] once it Zuul gate jobs pass without ceilometer. WDYT?08:31
manpreetkI would like to know team view about above suggestion. Thanks!!!08:32
yasufumlet's me confirm ...08:33
yasufumIt looks good for now, but please let me check and reply later.08:37
manpreetkThanks for help!! 08:37
manpreetkThats all from my side.08:38
yasufumok, thanks08:38
yasufumother topic?08:38
yasufummanpreetk: By the way, have you checked if you can change status of bug report on launchpad by yourself?08:39
yasufumto "Won't fix"08:40
manpreetkSorry I haven't, i ll let you know soon. 08:40
yasufumIt seems enough for today.08:42
yasufumSo, let's close this meeting.08:42
yasufumThanks for joining, bye!08:42
manpreetkThanks!! Bye!!08:42
uehaThanks, bye08:42
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gmann#startmeeting policy_popup17:00
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gmannthis is RBAC meeting on new time17:01
gmann#link https://etherpad.opendev.org/p/rbac-goal-tracking#L15117:01
gmannnothing in agenda, I will be around for couple of min if anyone shows up for any query related to the RBAC17:01
johnsomgmann Have we decided that scoped tokens are permanently dead? I.e. we should remove that code from the projects?17:02
gmannjohnsom: yeah no system scope but policy can be scoped to projects only. means keep the scope_type=['project'] in all the policy17:03
gmannnova, neutron, glance did the same in Zed release17:03
johnsomAnd we do not intend to enable system scope at any future point? (That is my question)17:03
gmannexample #link https://review.opendev.org/c/openstack/glance/+/855435  #link https://review.opendev.org/c/openstack/nova/+/84802117:04
johnsomBoth Octavia and Designate implemented the full system scope and new defaults back for Wallaby. System scope brought a bunch of complexity, both in the code and testing side. So I'm trying to figure out if we have made a solid decision on the new-new that we should work against, I.e. roll back the system scope stuff permanently17:05
johnsomYeah, those were only partial implementation in the first place, so not sure good examples.17:05
gmannjohnsom: I do not think so as system scope does not work for heat/nfv use cases, so it is difficult unless we figure out new design 17:05
johnsomOk, so I will go on that. Basically we don't expect the goal to change again or system scope to come back in b/c/d.17:06
gmannyes, we should not go back to system scope implementation and final directions are what we have in current goal 1. remove system scope 2. keep legacy admin behaviour 17:07
johnsomAck, this is a much better user experience17:07
gmannjohnsom: yes, at least this is current goal and feasible way to proceed on RBAC (at least doing project reader)17:07
gmannyes, at least projetc personas are useful17:07
johnsomYeah, we had that role in Octavia since Pike17:08
johnsomSo it was just a mapping17:08
johnsomThanks for the clarification. With all of the changes I wanted to get a feeling on if we are locked in now.17:09
johnsomThat is the only topic I had this week.17:09
gmannok, thanks johnsom 17:10
gmannok, if nothing else let's close the meeting.17:11
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