Tuesday, 2022-11-29

yasufumHi tacker team.08:00
yasufum#startmeeting tacker08:01
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yasufum#link https://etherpad.opendev.org/p/tacker-meeting08:02
yasufumThere are five items on the etherpad today.08:02
yasufumueha: can you start from your update?08:02
uehaOkay, I will start08:03
uehaI have just information sharing about Legacy API deprecation.08:03
uehaI have emailed to Discuss-ML on Nov 25, and no one replied to this thread as for now.08:03
uehaThat's all from my side.08:04
uehaany comment?08:04
yasufumNo reply on the thread?08:04
yasufumgo on to the next08:05
yasufumNext two items are mine, but same topic actually08:05
yasufumAlthough I've asked mapreetk to change unmaintained bugs status, I also started to the task.08:06
yasufumBecause it's better to do in parallel.08:07
yasufumBasically, I'm changing the status to "Won't fix" for old items.08:08
yasufumAround 2020 or before ones.08:08
yasufumHowever, there are some items the current status is not clear, for me at least.08:09
yasufumSo, I'd appreciate if you help me to clarify them.08:10
yasufumI've just listed up the bugs on the etherpad.08:10
yasufumLet me know by leaving some comment on each report if you know something about.08:11
yasufumThat's all for the second item.08:11
yasufumAny comment?08:11
uehaThanks for your work! I will check with my colleague.08:12
yasufumThe third item of mine is also the chaning the status.08:13
uehaWhich one should we update, launchpad or etherpad or both?08:13
yasufumOn launchpad is enough.08:14
uehaOkay, I got, thank you!08:14
yasufumThere three items for which I can change to "Won't fix" but not so sure.08:15
yasufums/I can/I think we can/08:16
yasufumPlease tell me if there is a bug we shouldn't change the status.08:17
yasufumon launchpad08:17
yasufumIf no comment until next week, I'll change the status.08:18
yasufumThat's all.08:18
yasufumIf no one has comment, go to the next item.08:19
yasufummanpreetk: can you share about your update for bug triage activity?08:20
manpreetkYes!! Thanks08:20
manpreetkFirst of all would like to thanks yasufum for helping hand.08:21
yasufumyou're welcome.08:21
manpreetkThis update is regarding bug triage activity reporting process.08:21
manpreetkAdded a bug triage roaster etherpad [1] and submit report of bug triage done last week [2]. 08:22
manpreetk[1] https://etherpad.opendev.org/p/tacker-bug-triage-roaster08:22
manpreetk[2] https://etherpad.opendev.org/p/tacker-bug-triage-20221128  08:22
manpreetkThe bug triage reporting or recording in etherpad can be optional. IMO, it will be helpful if we need discussion or keep track of bugs (open/in-progress) status. But would like to here team's opinion.08:22
manpreetkThats all for this topic.08:23
yasufumIs there any rules for changing the status to "Invalid"?08:24
yasufumBecause we agreed to change it to "Won't fix" at once.08:25
manpreetkThere isn't any specific rule, i changed those bugs which were irreproducible in master branch to "Invalid".  08:26
manpreetkUmm if you suggest i ll change them to "Wont fix".08:27
yasufumI don't mean so actually.08:28
yasufumI've just though it's better to have some more correct rules if possible.08:29
manpreetkGuess that will be helpful, we can update the same in https://etherpad.opendev.org/p/tacker-bugtriage 08:29
yasufumBut I've also understood that it depends on each cases and difficult to.08:30
yasufumAnyway, we don't need to so serious about which category is the most appropriate for too old bugs actually.08:32
manpreetkYes agree!!08:32
yasufumAny other comment, guys?08:33
yasufumOr we can go to the next item?08:33
yasufummanpreetk: let's move on to the next one.08:34
manpreetkYes please.08:34
manpreetkThis is regarding migration of tacker CI/CD jobs to Ubuntu Jammy (22.04).08:35
manpreetkAs per OpenStack TC discussion, we need to run at least one job on Focal which can be removed in next cycle.08:35
manpreetkWould like to seek Tacker team's opinion whether we should run sol or sol-v2 gate jobs in focal?08:35
manpreetkAdditionally once we select between above shared choices, do we need to run sol-kubernetes or sol-v2-kubernetes?08:35
yasufumueha: do you have any comment?08:36
yasufumOr anyone?08:37
uehaIMO, both sol-v2 and sol-kubernetes-v2 are appropriate. What do you think others?08:38
yasufumI basically agree, but not for both.08:39
manpreetkyeah maybe we can skip kubernetes one?08:39
yasufumIt just a short term support for focal.08:39
yasufumand don't need to have several tests for that.08:40
yasufumIn other word, simple is better for maintenance.08:41
yasufumWhat do you think?08:41
uehaDoes this mean that we don't need to check the operation of VIM type supported by Tacker on an old OS?08:42
manpreetkyasufum: You mean to run few test cases in the focal gate job??08:42
yasufumI think so.08:42
yasufumI think focal is not a mainstream anymore.08:43
uehaIf so, I agree that the sol-v2 test is enough for maintenances.08:45
yasufumAny other comment?08:47
manpreetkThanks for discussion will update the conclusion in etherpad, as well push separate patch for focal jobs. 08:48
yasufummanpreetk: Many thanks for your work for migrating to jammy!08:49
manpreetkYour welcome!!08:49
yasufumAll items done for today08:50
yasufumBut do you have any other topic?08:50
yasufumfor asking review or so?08:50
manpreetkThanks and Bye!08:52
yasufumSo, let's close this meeting.08:53
uehaThanks, bye!08:53
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