Thursday, 2013-09-26

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openstackgerritTerri Yu proposed a change to openstack/ceilometer: Add example with return values in API v2 docs
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openstackgerritJenkins proposed a change to openstack/ceilometer: Imported Translations from Transifex
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openstackgerritA change was merged to openstack/ceilometer: tests: import pipeline config
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openstackgerritMehdi Abaakouk proposed a change to openstack/python-ceilometerclient: Allow to update an alarm partially
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openstackgerritMehdi Abaakouk proposed a change to openstack/python-ceilometerclient: Allow to update an alarm partially
silehtHi, eglynn I have made a new change for alarming client, about your remarks on alarm update:
eglynnsileht: thanks! I just looked and made a minor suggestion, otherwise looks good08:28
silehteglynn, this allow to have a working stack-update without any heat change.08:28
silehteglynn, thx08:28
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openstackgerritMehdi Abaakouk proposed a change to openstack/python-ceilometerclient: Allow to update an alarm partially
silehteglynn, done :)08:31
eglynnsileht: thanks! looking now ...08:31
eglynnsileht: cool, +2'd ...08:32
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openstackgerritMehdi Abaakouk proposed a change to openstack/python-ceilometerclient: Allow to update an alarm partially
silehteglynn, I have missed the in my commit08:49
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eglynnsileht: d'oh! ;)08:49
silehteglynn, I guess I have found a funny bug in alarm API08:49
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eglynnsileht: interesting ... what was the bug?08:50
silehteglynn, when a alarm is disabled, it seems you can not GET it from the API08:50
eglynnsileht: hmmm, that's badness clearly08:51
eglynnsileht: ceiloclient issue, or in the API service layer?08:51
silehteglynn, API service layer08:51
eglynnsileht: can you file a bug for this, sounds like a blocker for RC1 to me08:51
silehteglynn, yes08:52
eglynnjd__: agree? ^^^08:52
* jd__ reads08:52
jd__I totally agree!08:52
jd__add it as a milestone when you open the bug sileht08:52
eglynnsileht: need to set enabled kwarg in ?08:55
eglynnsileht: (otherwise looks like it's always defaulting to True, if I read the code correctly ...)08:56
silehteglynn, exactly08:57
* eglynn was probably just stating the obvious there ... ;)08:57
eglynnsileht: or maybe better to just change the default value for enabled to None in
eglynnsileht: (and corresponding changes to the concrete storage drivers ...)09:00
silehteglynn, the questions is 'GET /alarms' should return all alarms ? (I think yes), so enabled=None is the only good solution09:00
eglynnsileht: true that09:01
eglynnsileht: yep I thik it should return all alarms, regardless of enabled status09:01
eglynnsileht: the evaluators take care of ignoring the disabled one09:01
eglynnsileht: a lot of disabled alarms could potentially skew a partitioning somewhat I guess09:02
lsmolajd__, eglynn hello09:02
eglynnsileht: but generally they are going to be random distributed, so should be OK09:02
eglynnlsmola: hi09:02
lsmolajd__, eglynn could you please checkout the ?09:02
eglynnlsmola: will do09:03
eglynnlsmola: I see you've pasted in some discussion with the IPMI domain experts09:03
lsmolajd__, eglynn seems we will have to poll Ironic API, so now I don't know which Agent will take care of that, (the central one?)09:03
eglynnlsmola: i.e. lifeless & devananda09:04
jd__lsmola: this looks like the hardware blueprint we have already09:04
eglynnlsmola: v. good to get their take on it09:04
silehteglynn, currently the evaluator control the enabled field but in reality ceiloclient.alarms.list return only enabled alarms, I will take a look if we can propose a other review the use alarms.list(enabled=True)09:04
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eglynnsileht: makes sense09:04
lsmolaeglynn, I have just mentioned it to them, they have pasted themselves, as well as they've created the Ironic BP :-)09:04
eglynnlsmola: k09:05
lsmolajd__, you mean this one ?
jd__lsmola: yes09:06
lsmolajd__, the other one was just about IPMI inspector added to this agent09:06
lsmolajd__, though as we will have to query Ironic API, it may belong to another agent, than the hardware one09:06
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lsmolajd__, the hardware agent should be baked into each hardware device09:07
jd__lsmola: typically, the hardware agent needs to know about resources you need to poll (e.g. IP for SNMP polling)09:07
lsmolajd__, well, at least that is how I understand it :-)09:07
jd__lsmola: no that's not it09:07
jd__the hardware agent is like the central one with a different of set of plugin for now09:08
jd__though it might not make sense (code has not been merged yet) since we can extend the central one to do that too09:08
jd__anyway I don't feel like I'm going to debate architecture on that right now, but it's just to give you an idea09:09
jd__I'm still totally fine with your b09:09
lsmolajd__, ok, I see09:09
eglynnhonestly I don't have enough domain knowledge on IPMI as yet, I need to educate myself on that ...09:10
ashestakovhi all09:10
eglynn(to make any kind of informed determination ...)09:10
ashestakovhow i can do application monitoring using ceilometer?09:10
lsmolajd__, yeah we were talking with eglynn about this, at it seemed like we can have one Central Hardware agent, or Hardware agent in each baremetal09:10
jd__eglynn: knowledge is so overrated :)09:10
eglynnjd__: LOL :)09:11
ashestakovfor example, i want to get statistics of mysql server (count of select/instert, count of sessions etc)09:11
jd__ashestakov: write a pollster for the central agent doing that09:11
eglynnashestakov: ceilo monitoring is more oriented to cloud resources (instances, images, volumes etc.) that applications09:11
ashestakovis it possible with ceilometer?09:11
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jd__ashestakov: it's possible though like eglynn I don't know if you really want to do that :)09:12
ashestakovi want thing like amazon cloudwatch for rds09:13
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jd__you can't always get what you want, they sang09:14
jd__ashestakov: but you could do that indeed with Ceilometer09:15
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lsmolajd__, ok, is this a possible thing to raise up one the next Ceilometer meeting?09:18
eglynnlsmola: just add it to the wiki09:18
eglynnlsmola: (with your name against it ...)09:18
lsmolajd__, I am now installing a Tripleo and planning to test the SNMP agent09:18
ashestakovif i write custom agent which will be installed on my instance with Mysql and will reports metrics to collector, are any issues in this way? maybe performance09:18
jd__lsmola: as eglynn said09:18
lsmolajd__, ok, cool, thank you09:19
lsmolaeglynn, and thank you :-)09:19
jd__lsmola: and to have more success you should prepare some content on how you plan to play with the hardware agent currently being proposed that'll make llu happy09:19
lsmolajd__, ok :-)09:21
lsmolaeglynn, added to agenda, will it be aright this way?09:29
eglynnlsmola: looking ...09:30
eglynnlsmola: looks fine to me, further detail will obviously come out in the discussion itself ...09:31
swannashestakov: IIRC you can still use the cloudwatch api of Heat which can 'forwards' metrics to ceilometer : cfn-push-stats (in instance) -> cw-api -> ceilo09:34
swannashestakov: but cfn-push-stats is very limited (no mysql)09:34
ashestakovfor my case i need custom plugins which can capture custom metrics09:35
ashestakovcan ceilometer get metrics from statsd?09:36
lsmolajd__, I will try to talk with tripleo guys about the SNMP also, now sure if it make sense to put it in the Ironic too, as it will know the network info, also I have no idea how SNMP authentication works, if there is any09:36
lsmolajd__, as far as i understand, the SNMP daemon will need to run on every Baremetal (hardware)09:37
lsmolaeglynn, yeah I do expect that :-)09:38
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swannashestakov: you can if you write a statsd backend for ceilometer : statsd -> ceilo-collector-udp09:40
jd__lsmola: yup09:40
ashestakovswann: is statsd support in ceilometer roadmap?09:42
swannashestakov: i don't think so09:42
eglynn-fuse-f2fjd__: can you give another look, now that the global reqirements revert has landed?09:59
jd__eglynn-fuse-f2f: done10:01
jd__eglynn-fuse-f2f: what's you nick about?10:01
eglynn-fuse-f2fjd__: thank you sir!10:01
eglynn-fuse-f2fjd__: oh, just presenting at a face-to-face meeting in Dublin of the FUSEsource folks (OSGi, ActiveMQ goodness) ... so semi-offline for the morning10:02
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jd__ok :)10:04
openstackgerritMehdi Abaakouk proposed a change to openstack/python-ceilometerclient: Allow to update an alarm partially
openstackgerritMehdi Abaakouk proposed a change to openstack/ceilometer: Allow to get a disabled alarm
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openstackgerritMehdi Abaakouk proposed a change to openstack/python-ceilometerclient: Allow to update an alarm partially
openstackgerritMehdi Abaakouk proposed a change to openstack/ceilometer: Don't load into alarms evaluators disabled alarms
lsmolallu, hello11:04
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openstackgerritA change was merged to openstack/ceilometer: add more test cases to improve the test code coverage #2
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jd__dhellmann_: around?12:25
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openstackgerritA change was merged to openstack/ceilometer: Add example with return values in API v2 docs
openstackgerritStefano Zilli proposed a change to openstack/python-ceilometerclient: Added support to --os-cacert
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thomasmHey all13:02
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litonghi, folks, anybody has trouble to successfully? after I pull the latest code, it fails with random number of test cases each time I ran it.13:59
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litong@jd__, julien, u there? do you mind take a quick look at this patch
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litonganyone out there?14:39
litongextremely quiet today.14:39
thomasmlitong, Heyy I'm here14:41
thomasmlitong, I haven't tried. Let me pull and try14:41
litongyeah, the problem is in python-keystoneclient.14:41
thomasmoh :(14:41
litongit has been changed and we are using the older class member. that makes our test cases fail if you have latest python-keystoneclient.14:42
litongI have opend a bug against us and providing the fixes now.14:42
thomasmOkay, cool.14:42
thomasmlitong, I opened a couple of bugs yesterday - one with devstack, since they took away notification_driver when CM service is enabled, and one for neutronclient's quantumclient stable, because it had a mismatch in requirements with global-requirements.14:43
thomasmso, there's been a lot of dependency clashes lately14:43
thomasmNow I have to open another with CI to resolve the fact that the gate jobs for quantumclient are attempting operations assuming neutronclient rather than quantum.14:44
thomasmprobably need to change the devstack config.14:44
thomasmNot entirely sure, though.14:45
openstackgerritlitong01 proposed a change to openstack/ceilometer: keystone client changes in AuthProtocol made our test cases failing
litong@thomasm, that is right, I had to blow out my env yesterday to get neutron to work.14:46
litong@thomasm, that is actually a common problem since we rely on many other projects and when they change their interface, then we have to change.14:47
litongthe worst part is that they do not inform us.14:47
thomasmlitong, ^^ And that's my problem. =]14:47
litong@thomasm, yeah, this is a problem we will have to live with, I do not see how it gets better in the future.14:48
thomasmlitong, haha, we can just work on communicating better - that's about all we can do.14:48
thomasmIn a system with so many moving parts, all we can do is improve our communication.14:48
litongwhat I do not really like is they do not seem to maintain the interface. that is really a bad thing.14:48
thomasmAnd get better testing around it to find the API issues before they effect us.14:49
litong@thomasm, true.14:49
litongexactly, I think that is why it is so important to have 100% unittest code coverage.14:49
litong@thomasm, probably take a look at this patchset
thomasmlitong, Just pulled it up.14:50
thomasmlitong, So, they don't break it up into protocol/host anymore?14:51
thomasmIt's just request_uri14:51
litong@thomasm, that is right,14:51
litongif you look at their latest code, that class now only have local vars for host, port, auth_protocol, but no longer the class member.14:51
thomasmlitong, gotcha14:52
litongthe change was made around august 12.14:52
litongI bet we have not pulling their latest code recently.14:52
litongI mean on our jenkins systems, so the gate jobs have not really caught the problem.14:52
litongneed to inform these guys who take care of jenkins.14:53
thomasmgood call14:53
litong@thomasm, do not seem to hear anything from cores here.14:55
litongare they all sleeping today? :-)14:55
thomasmPartied too hard last night14:56
thomasmI wonder why they removed the class member status.14:58
thomasmSeems a bit pointless.14:58
thomasmConsidering you get the uri anyway - why not make it easy?14:58
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thomasmlitong, Here's the keystone AuthProtocol change:
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openstackgerritJulien Danjou proposed a change to openstack/ceilometer: Remove
litongI found that in my machine by run git log command.15:02
thomasmYeah, my git foo is incredibly junior. =]15:03
thomasmConsidering I hadn't used git until about 5 months ago15:03
thomasmor any CLI based VCS.15:03
thomasmfor that matter15:03
litongtotally understood.15:05
thomasmlitong, On a second look, I think that auth_uri would be backwards compatible with the PyPi release of keystoneclient.15:09
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litongwhich is same as auth_protocol?15:09
litongdoes not seem to be right.15:10
thomasmlitong, LR373 - LR384:
thomasmlitong, then again, they could be different...
litong@thomasm, from line 373 (latest code), I think it is safe to use request_uri since it was made by using auth_protocol.15:12
litongauth_uri points to request_uri.15:13
thomasmlitong, yeah, I was thinking of eglynn's comment about the latest version in PyPi.15:13
thomasmSec, let me pull it down and inspect15:14
litongauth_uri may not be same as the request_uri , they are the same only when auth_uri is not set.15:14
thomasmlitong, Yep, that's why I mentioned they could be different. :P15:15
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thomasmlitong, Because 0.3.2 has self.auth_protocol exposed.15:16
thomasmBut, devstack installs from git, not pypi15:18
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eglynnlitong: if you run the tests via tox -epy27 (as opposed to directly), the 0.3.2 version of keystoneclient should be used, right?15:28
eglynnlitong: i.e. you'd only see this issue if running against the master of python-keystoneclient?15:29
thomasmeglynn, litong: correct: (py27)stack@tem-devstack-01:~/ceilometer/.tox/py27$ pip freeze | grep keystoneclient15:29
litong@eglynn, I installed brand new devstack last night, then found this problem.15:29
eglynnlitong: ok, so if the purpose of spelling out versioned requirements on dependencies like this is to avoid the churn of chasing trunk15:30
eglynnlitong: ... probably best to just to use tox to run the tests?15:30
litongsince I can not finish successfully. by looking at the latest keystoneclient code, I found the removal of the member we are using in our tests.15:30
eglynnlitong: but wouldn't break any test runs against python-keystoneclient 0.3.2?15:31
eglynnlitong: (which would be the "normal" mode for running the tests IIUC)15:32
litong@eglynn, yes, just relazed that using the new var break older version, need to find a way to make test run successfully against older and new version.15:32
litongI will take a look at that.15:33
eglynnlitong: or just always test against the latest released version of keystoneclient (as opposed to supporting both new & old at once ...)15:33
thomasmlitong, That's why I was thinking of auth_uri, but that obviously won't work in the case where auth_uri is already set to something else.15:33
litong@thomasm, that is right.15:34
thomasmNot to mention fundamentally different things15:34
litongjust need to check if the object has the member, then do an assert.15:34
thomasmTests with branch patterns in unit tests are sort of an anti-pattern.15:36
eglynnsileht: I'd appreciate another pair of eyes on if you've got a minute?15:36
eglynnlitong: I don't think we need to go down that road15:36
litong@eglynn, so we ignore it?15:36
litongwait for the next release?15:37
eglynnlitong: no we protect ourselves against churn by testing against the latest release only15:37
eglynnlitong: then when the next release is cut, we update the code to only work with the latest15:37
eglynnlitong: and also update the lower bound on the dependency in the requirements.txt at the same time15:37
*** boris-42 has quit IRC15:38
litong@eglynn, so right now, just leave that bug alone, we can fix that later, is that what you proposed?15:38
eglynnlitong: exactly ... it only really becomes a bug when the next keystoneclient release is cut15:39
eglynnlitong: in the sense of breaking tests run in the way that they're intended to be run15:39
eglynnlitong: (IIUC)15:39
litong@eglynn, that is fine, the only problem is that when you have a fresh devstack install, and, our test fails.15:40
litong@eglynn, that is fine. I can live with that.15:40
eglynnlitong: why not use "tox -epy27" to run the tests instead?15:40
eglynnlitong: (which will create an isolated virtual env with exactly the right dependencies installed)15:41
litong@eglynn, yeah, I did, it runs very slow for some reason.15:41
eglynnlitong: then your tests run against python-keystoneclient ... happy days, no?15:41
eglynnlitong: yeah it is slow to download the first time15:41
eglynnlitong: but it's a one-time cost15:41
litong@eglynn, ok, let's just leave the bug open and the patch set hanging.15:42
eglynnlitong: i.e. subsequent test runs will use the cached .tox directory, so will complete puch faster15:42
litongwe can come back to it later.15:42
jd__eglynn: the problem I see is that once Havana is out and someone upgrade keystoneclient, ceilometer api is going to be broken until we release a stable release15:43
jd__eglynn: well, I'm being dramatic, only the tests will be broken, but is that different? :) it will annoy packagers for example15:44
eglynnjd__: could we put an upper bound on the dependency also? ... well just python-keystoneclient==0.3.215:44
litong@jd__, I think only tests break, since we are saying we require >=0.3.215:44
jd__eglynn: poor distro packager, so they can't provide a newer version? :(15:45
litongwe are not 100% correct.15:45
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jd__eglynn: without saying you need to make a global requirement change for that and I don't think it'll be ok to have all projects pinned to that version :)15:46
*** SergeyLukjanov has joined #openstack-metering15:46
eglynnjd__: seems like we'd be opening a real can of worms trying to anticipate non-backward compat changes coming down the pike in all dependencies15:46
eglynnjd__: maybe we ask the keystone folks to maintain support for the old attributes also? (for backward compat)15:47
jd__eglynn: hum in that case we could blame python-keystonclient for breaking the compatibility, but since it only affects our unit tests, I am not sure it's worth it15:47
jd__fixing it in advance, because luckily litong saw this, seems like the best plan to make everybody happy15:48
litong@jd__, @eglynn, so we leave that bug open, take no further action?15:48
eglynnjd__: ok, fair enough ... though at least we'd need to keep support for the old attrs in the test also?15:48
jd__I'm ok with letting your patch in litong , but it fails anyway currently15:48
litongjust want to get a conclusion on this, not trying to push it one way or the other.15:48
jd__eglynn: ah yeah the tests to pass present and future15:49
jd__eglynn: ah yeah the tests need to pass present and future15:49
eglynnjd__: fair nuffski15:49
eglynnlitong: so sounds like you'll need to update the patch15:49
litong@jd__, since it is using the new var which does not exist in the older version, need to branch it a little, but thomasm does not seem like that approach.15:49
eglynnlitong: with conditional code based on getattr etc.15:49
jd__what! I want code that is present, past and future proof, isn't that easy enough guys?15:49
eglynnLOL :)15:50
gordcjd__: you're too easy on them.15:50
litong@eglynn, @jd__, are you guys ok that I do a object member check and then assert?15:50
litongthat way , we are not failing anybody.15:50
jd__litong: yeah branching wouldn't please me either15:50
jd__litong: be imaginative15:50
jd__litong: impress me!15:50
litong@jd__, haha.15:51
jd__I want ponies and unicorns15:51
* jd__ spent a day in WSME code so he's losing it a little15:51
eglynnjd__: you're in an election cycle, you should be promising the ponies & unicorns ;)15:51
jd__my round of ponies for everybody, put on my note15:51
gordcdragons & unicorns... i see ponies all the time.15:52
lsmolallu, hello15:52
lsmolaeglynn, do you happen to know, that is llu timezone?15:54
*** SergeyLukjanov has quit IRC15:56
eglynnlsmola: China I think15:56
jd__I think so too15:58
* thomasm hands jd__ a micro-pony15:58
jd__thomasm: what? should I talk into the pony?15:59
*** shardy is now known as shardy_afk15:59
thomasmjd__, Nahh, I meant just a very very small pony - like one that could fit in your hand.15:59
thomasmAlthough? that would be interesting. A voice modulator that makes you sound like a horse.16:00
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lsmolaeglynn, ok thanks16:03
*** Ruetobas has joined #openstack-metering16:03
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openstackgerritMehdi Abaakouk proposed a change to openstack/ceilometer: Don't load into alarms evaluators disabled alarms
silehteglynn, done16:11
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litongcan anyone take a look at this patch and give an opinion if that is the right thing to do?16:15
litong@eglynn, @jd__, @gordc, please.16:15
jd__damn I wrote can haz16:17
jd__too many lolcats16:17
jd__I'm out.16:17
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litong@jd__, u still there?16:31
*** Shaan7 has joined #openstack-metering16:32
litongdo not think I understand what you are suggesting in your comment in this patch.
litong@jd__, can you explain a bit more?16:34
openstackgerritlitong01 proposed a change to openstack/ceilometer: keystone client changes in AuthProtocol made our test cases failing
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litong@thomasm, I took your advice and used auth_uri.17:01
litongso it should work for both old and new versions of keystoneclient.17:01
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thomasmlitong, Can we still guarantee that the protocol is the same, since that's what the test appears to be testing?17:21
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thomasmlitong, Can we still guarantee that the protocol is the same, since that's what the test appears to be testing?17:27
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thomasmSo, can someone help me understand what the entry_points section of setup.cfg is about?
thomasmWhat are those mapping?18:14
thomasmI see topics defined in each components, so I'm thinking that is where we tell the collection what external notifications to process, so is there where we define what they turn into as samples or something?18:15
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litong@thomasm, ping, hi, yes, the auth_uri was not set in the conf. so we are safe.20:01
thomasmlitong, Ahhh, okay cool20:01
thomasmlitong, thanks =]20:01
litonglost connection earlier.20:02
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* gordc wonders why SQLAlchemy 0.8.0b2 is picked up when i run tests...20:21
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openstackgerritlitong01 proposed a change to openstack/ceilometer: keystone client changes in AuthProtocol made our test cases failing
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openstackgerritlitong01 proposed a change to openstack/ceilometer: keystone client changes in AuthProtocol made our test cases failing
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openstackgerritA change was merged to openstack/ceilometer: Remove
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