Tuesday, 2013-10-08

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openstackgerritYuuichi Fujioka proposed a change to openstack/ceilometer: Apply six for metaclass  https://review.openstack.org/5021102:25
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openstackgerritYuuichi Fujioka proposed a change to openstack/ceilometer: Apply six for metaclass  https://review.openstack.org/5021104:44
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openstackgerritJenkins proposed a change to openstack/ceilometer: Imported Translations from Transifex  https://review.openstack.org/4968006:05
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openstackgerritYuuichi Fujioka proposed a change to openstack/ceilometer: Apply six for metaclass  https://review.openstack.org/5021106:26
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rushiagrhi folks09:14
rushiagrI wanted to know what all metering ceilometer supports?09:14
rushiagrsorry, I meant monitoring09:15
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rushiagrto be more specific, does it support network, database monitoring?09:15
fandikurnia01hi qordc09:15
rushiagrand similar 'low level' things09:16
fandikurnia01done i missing parameter09:16
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yfujiokarushiagr: http://docs.openstack.org/developer/ceilometer/measurements.html  ?09:53
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rushiagryfujioka: thanks, looking09:54
rushiagrdoes ceilometer has host-level monitoring, e.g. I want to know the CPU usage, memory consumption of compute nodes09:57
yfujiokarushiagr: https://blueprints.launchpad.net/ceilometer/+spec/monitoring-physical-devices09:58
yfujiokarushiagr: https://blueprints.launchpad.net/horizon/+spec/ceilometer-hosts-measurement09:59
rushiagryfujioka: thanks so much10:01
rushiagryfujioka: thats what I was looking for10:01
yfujiokarushiagr:  :)10:01
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dhellmannjd__: ping?11:54
jd__dhellmann: pong!11:54
dhellmanndo we care about the way imports are grouped at the tops of files in ceilometer? some of the projects have rules about that, but I don't think we've put that into place, yet11:55
dhellmannI'm looking at https://review.openstack.org/#/c/50211/3 and noticed that six is sometimes grouped with the stdlib modules, and in some files we have all of the imports in one group together11:56
jd__dhellmann: my policy is that if we can have an automatic check, we should enable it, fix the code, and then care11:57
jd__until then, I don't care11:57
jd__until that happens, I don't care11:57
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jd__I don't want people to spend time checking these things manually and being kicked out for that, it's lame11:58
dhellmannjd__: sure, I think that means turning on "hacking" and not just flake811:58
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jd__but it's likely that hacking supports that and that we have it disabld11:58
jd__well we should have no ignore for flake8 ultimately :)11:59
dhellmannah, we are running hacking and have some ignores turned on11:59
dhellmannok, I didn't remember talking about it and it came up in a keystone review yesterday so it was on my mind12:00
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jd__ok :)12:13
openstackgerritMehdi Abaakouk proposed a change to openstack/ceilometer: Fix the developer documentation of the alarm API  https://review.openstack.org/4698012:14
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sgranhas anyone actually gotten the ubuntu packages of ceilometer to do anything useful so far?12:21
openstackgerritA change was merged to openstack/ceilometer: Apply six for metaclass  https://review.openstack.org/5021112:25
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lsmolajd__, hello12:32
lsmolajd__, can I have a quick question?12:32
jd__lsmola: you just did12:32
jd__go ahead :)12:32
lsmolajd__, oh, darn12:33
lsmolajd__, :-D12:33
lsmolajd__, ok 3 quick questions? (2 just passed) :-)12:33
lsmolajd__, I was wondering whether there will be some more info regarding meters in ceiloemter12:33
jd__such as?12:34
lsmolajd__, like description, and which service does it concern12:34
lsmolajd__, https://review.openstack.org/#/c/47579/3/openstack_dashboard/api/ceilometer.py12:34
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lsmolajd__, I am now implementing it in Horizon side12:34
jd__nop, there is not such information12:35
jd__nor plan to add more AFAICT12:35
lsmolajd__, ok, and is it plan to be? or this doesn't belong to Ceilometer?12:35
lsmolajd__, ok12:35
lsmolajd__, I will keep it on Horizon side12:35
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jd__I think it's better for now yeah12:36
jd__maybe we'll do something in the future, I really don't know12:36
lsmolajd__, cool, thank you12:36
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thomasmHey all!13:12
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openstackgerritStephen Gran proposed a change to openstack/ceilometer: Change alarm_history.detail to text type  https://review.openstack.org/5035113:37
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jd__dhellmann or sileht around?13:52
silehtjd__, yes13:52
dhellmannjd__: pong13:53
jd__cool :)13:53
jd__has one of you any idea on what wsme.validate() is supposed to be useful for?13:53
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jd__it seems to me that wsme_pecan.wsexpose already does that13:54
jd__(or should?)13:54
openstackgerritStephen Gran proposed a change to openstack/ceilometer: Change alarm_history.detail to text type  https://review.openstack.org/5035113:54
dhellmannjd__: yeah, I think validate might be for the wsme controller, which we've replaced with pecan13:56
dhellmannor maybe the pecan adapter wsexpose should have been implemented by calling validate at some point?13:56
jd__dhellmann: this is what I think actually, but just wanted to have a confirmation, even vague13:57
jd__I'm going to work on that13:57
jd__I've already 2 patches cleaning out our API using WSME master branch, that's pretty cool13:57
silehtjd__, I think this is because they are confusion between the wsme.expose and the wsme_pecan.expose, most of example just show @expose without the import13:57
jd__sileht: yeah, confusion's a good answer I think :)13:57
jd__dhellmann: btw I think I'll send a request for release a new beta of WSME soon now13:58
dhellmannI see that validate() calls set_arg_types() but the pecan wrapper does not13:58
jd__dhellmann: I think all release issues are settled by now?13:58
dhellmannjd__: let me look and see if that infra patch landed13:59
jd__dhellmann: whaaat, now you're trying to fix the bug instead of me, unfair! don't steal my bug! ;)13:59
dhellmannjd__: you get to write enough code, leave some for the rest of us!13:59
jd__gnak gnak gnak :-)14:00
dhellmannjd__: I'll have to ask fungi, I can't find that review14:01
silehtjd__, I think http://pythonhosted.org/WSME/ seems to be generated with the old hg repo14:02
silehtversion is WSME 0.5b3dev-20130820 instead of 0.5b5dev-blabla14:02
dhellmannsileht: it is, we haven't enabled updates to that version of the docs from stackforge yet14:03
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silehtdhellmann, ok14:03
dhellmannsileht: the version on readthedocs.org is being updated, though, I think14:03
silehtdhellmann, oh yes thanks14:04
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dhellmannjd__: fungi says WSME releases should work properly now14:05
jd__dhellmann: great!14:05
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* gordc wonders if email from Mark Atwood to RSVP is real or very very elaborate spam...14:36
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thomasmdhellmann, Hey, got a moment? I wanted to chat about the email thread we've been discussing Stevedore in. =]14:58
dhellmannthomasm: about to start a meeting :-(14:59
thomasmdhellmann, Ahhh, no worries. Later today? I feel like we've got some misunderstanding going on there and I wanted to have a little quicker feedback channel. :P14:59
dhellmannthomasm: about an hour from now?15:00
thomasmdhellmann, Haha, I've got a meeting then. How about, let's see it's 10AM CST now, so how about 3 hours?15:00
dhellmannthomasm: that should work, ping me when you're online15:01
thomasmdhellmann, Awesome. Thanks!15:01
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thomasmdhellmann, I got back a little sooner than I expected. I read your email. I understand that iterating over the extensions would be the same thing without the exception check; so that speaks to handling it differently when we're aware of the possibility of no extensions.17:27
thomasmSo, the piece I was missing was why we needed the trade-off. The extension being instantiated somewhere that logging isn't set up is the case that sort of confuses me. I would think if someone were setting it up in some other place, they'd implement logging for that.17:30
thomasmProbably just some situation I haven't encountered before.17:30
thomasmMaybe something I could add to the documentation for Stevedore or request that it be added as a prescribed way of using potentially extension-less managers (if they're all turned off).17:33
dhellmannthomasm: we had some cases early on where the manager was created as a class attribute, and at that point there is no logging17:34
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dhellmannthomasm: I'm reluctant to turn off the safety check in map() because stevedore hides so much of the plugin management from the app. I don't want a case where an app thinks it is doing something useful when it really isn't because none of its plugins loaded. Hence the exception, which the app developer can choose to catch and ignore.17:35
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dhellmannthomasm: brb, need some food17:35
thomasmdhellmann, Why wouldn't logging be implemented in the class using the ExtensionManager where you saw that problem? Is there a limitation of Python there?17:57
thomasmOr is it just not good practice to log that way?17:57
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thomasmSomething to do with how it's bound or something?18:06
* thomasm is far from the Python expert18:06
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dhellmannthomasm: class attributes are created when the module is imported, so it's a timing issue18:15
thomasmdhellmann, What about logging in the module that's being imported?18:16
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thomasmSo, I have a module that contains classes that are using an ExtensionManager, why not log in that module to catch exceptions that may happen there?18:18
dhellmannit's not a matter of calling the log function with a message, it's a matter of having the logging system configured at the time when that call happens18:19
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thomasmNah, I get that. I'm wondering why a user wouldn't have logging configured for that module. So, import logging, configure it and then put your log messages in that module. Wouldn't that catch those sorts of things?18:21
thomasmAll in the module that's using the ExtensionManager in one of its classes.18:22
dhellmannwhat usually happens is an app imports a bunch of modules, parses its arguments, configures logging, then starts doing real work18:22
dhellmannso the import is happening in that first phase, well before anything knows where log messages should go18:23
dhellmannthis is another example of why import side-effects are bad18:23
dhellmannbut it remains the case that stevedore considers the instructions "call all plugins with this function" an error if there are no plugins to be called, because the most likely cause of that is an uncaught configuration error of some sort18:24
dhellmannit's not like with a list, where the caller has put something into it explicitly18:25
thomasmHmmm, that makes more sense, yeah...18:28
thomasmSo it's just a limitation because a static member gets instantiated at import time.18:30
thomasmRather than first call, or anything. And since the app user wouldn't be aware of some obscure logging in the module they're importing (since it'd be configured in that module and likely separate from where their app logs are going) they wouldn't see it.18:31
thomasmIs that correct? dhellmann ^^?18:32
dhellmannthomasm: exactly18:32
thomasmInteresting problem to have18:33
thomasmdhellmann, Thanks, I didn't see all of this.18:33
dhellmannthomasm: yeah, it's hard to explain this clearly without actual code :-)18:33
thomasmHaha, definitely.18:33
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thomasmI am not terribly familiar with python logging, so I think I'll actually take a long hard look at how the internals of that works. Who knows? Maybe there's a good solution with the timing issue we see here.18:35
thomasmanywho, since there is the possibility of an empty extension list, and the instantiation of that ExtensionManager happens in the collector itself, I think it'd be safe to iterate over the manager.extensions.18:37
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thomasmdhellmann, Thanks. I'll bbiab.18:41
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sgranif someone has a moment, I'd appreciate it if they could approve https://review.openstack.org/5035118:47
sgranI'm trying to quickly find all the bugs that affect us before havana final :)18:47
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dhellmannsgran: does that alter script work for sqlite and the unit tests?18:55
dhellmannit seems like we had cases before where the alters had to be modified to work with sqlite18:55
sgrandhellmann: no idea :)  does the gate not catch those?19:03
sgranI've tested against postgres and mysql19:03
sgranI can try to rig up something with sqlite and try that19:03
dhellmannsgran: no, I think that was the problem, we weren't testing migrations in the gate or something19:03
sgranbut I didn't think anybody ran sqlite for real, if you see what I mean19:05
dhellmannsgran: some of the folks from mirantis were working on that, as part of the alembic migration19:05
dhellmannsgran: no, it's not a production issue19:05
sgranok, good :)19:05
dhellmannand the check tests passed on your change; I just don't want it to be an issue down the road19:05
sgrannod, makes sense19:05
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peterinfrahi.. I am looking to add a new meter to ceilometer..20:08
peterinfraI added a new pollster in ceilometer/ceilometer/compute/pollsters/memory_usage.py20:08
peterinfraI have updated ceilometer/setup.cfg to include the entrypoint to my class.. I am not able to get pipeline.py to accept my new meter when I restart ceilometer-agent-compute.20:09
peterinfraany ideas ?.. I really appreciate it20:09
*** changbl has joined #openstack-metering20:15
peterinfraI have also modified ceilometer/ceilometer/compute/virt/libvirt/inspector.py to include my new method which will query the instance using libvirt calls to get the memory usage20:16
*** fandikurnia01 has quit IRC20:16
peterinfraI can debug print the memory usage info from libvirt but I cannot get to create a pollster with a new meter which can query libvirt20:17
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openstackgerritlitong01 proposed a change to openstack/ceilometer: library six minimum version must be specified  https://review.openstack.org/5049221:29
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gordcpeterinfra: delayed response... but did you add an entry point to setup.cfg?21:34
*** Shaan7 has joined #openstack-metering21:39
peterinfrayes I did that.. my module mem_usage.py gets compiled when I do ./setup install so I guess it got the entry point21:40
peterinfrawhen I add debug statements in agent.py (ceilometer/agent.py) in method setup_polling_task21:42
peterinfraI dont see my meter being added as a task to iterate through all pollster_manager.extensions21:42
*** thomasm has quit IRC21:43
gordcpeterinfra: try 'python setup.py develop'?21:43
peterinfraok .. let me try that..I will update. Thanks gordc !21:44
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gordcnp. hope that helps.  the pipeline.yaml file by default is configured to get all meters so it seems like your pollster isn't getting registered.21:45
*** julim has joined #openstack-metering21:45
peterinfraand how do I register ? or confirm if it is indeed registered ? thanks !21:48
gordcceilometer/agent.py and ceilometer/compute/manager.py handle a lot of the pollster setup.21:52
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gordcbut if you copy the other pollsters and it doesn't work i would think it's just because the service is not running with your code changes.21:54
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peterinfraoh ok.. let me verify that first.. thanks21:58
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fandikurnia01i try to install ceilometer using mirantis23:04
fandikurnia01ceilometer-$svc start;  done23:04
fandikurnia01ceilometer-compute: unrecognized service23:04
fandikurnia01ceilometer-central: unrecognized service23:04
fandikurnia01/etc/init.d/ceilometer-collector: line 130: The script you are attempting to invoke has been converted to an Upstart: command not found23:04
fandikurnia01/etc/init.d/ceilometer-api: line 132: The script you are attempting to invoke has been converted to an Upstart: command not found23:04
fandikurnia01but found some problem23:04
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