Thursday, 2017-06-01

zhenguomorning mogan!01:11
zhenguodims, harlowja: ^^01:12
harlowjazhenguo we were just talking mogan01:21
zhenguoharlowja: hah01:21
harlowjaand was wondering why its not just ironic-api-3.001:21
harlowjaor ironic public-api01:21
harlowjai guess that's to hard of a sell :-P01:21
zhenguoharlowja: we are not just api01:21
harlowjawhat else are u, lol01:21
zhenguoharlowja: in fact we are another compute service01:21
harlowjawell, sure, exposed via an api :-P01:22
zhenguomaybe some compete with nova but not ironic01:22
harlowjano no, i meant, why not just integrate parts of mogan directly into ironic01:22
zhenguohmm, because some folks don't want to use ironic01:22
harlowjaor call mogan 'the public api of ironic' (for example)01:22
zhenguowe plan to also support other provision tools01:23
zhenguolike nova support different virutalization hypervisors01:23
harlowjawho are these people :-P01:23
zhenguosome guys from HF Bank01:23
zhenguoone of the china bank01:23
harlowjawhy they just not use ironic01:24
zhenguonot sure, they have a project named cloudboot01:24
harlowjamaybe they should just use ironic and be told that :-P01:24
* harlowja only sort of kidding01:24
zhenguoharlowja: I just read your email, thanks for bringing that up01:25
harlowjaya, was just curious01:25
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zhenguo_liusheng: o/01:37
zhenguo_liusheng: hey, already back to work?01:37
_liushengNot yet :)01:38
zhenguo_liusheng: hah01:38
_liushengJust can send some words by phone01:38
zhenguo_liusheng: during weekly meeting? lol01:39
_liushengMaybe hah01:39
* zhenguo brb01:44
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shaohe_fengzhenguo: in another meeting01:57
shaohe_fengzhenguo: will join later01:57
zhenguoshaohe_feng: ok01:57
zhenguoseems I forgot to change the meeting time, lol01:59
zhenguohi all, let's move to #openstack-meeting02:01
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zhenguowanghao: hah03:27
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wanghao_zhenguo: haha03:29
zhenguowanghao_: yes, wrt the tasks upadte report, we can hold on for a while03:30
zhenguowanghao_: just as you said, there seems no update03:30
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openstackgerritqtlu proposed openstack/mogan master: Remove usage of parameter enforce_type
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wanghao_zhenguo: ok05:49
openstackgerritTao Li proposed openstack/mogan master: Improve the multi-instance creation
openstackgerritZhong Luyao proposed openstack/mogan master: Update ironic.driver.plug_vif implementation
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openstackgerritZhenguo Niu proposed openstack/mogan master: Set default availability zone to server
luyaozhenguo, ironic vif_attach will update baremetal port internal_info but not extra, and the previous ironic_port_update just update extra08:52
zhenguoluyao: you mean ironic already changed to set vif_port_id to internal_info instead of extra?08:53
luyaozhenguo, yes, ironic vif_attach does08:54
zhenguoluyao: and when detaching it, it will clear the internal_info instead of extra08:55
zhenguoluyao: oh, we don't aware of that change08:55
zhenguoluyao: if so, we don't need to care about where it save the vif_port_id, attach/detach vif will correctly handle it08:56
luyaozhenguo, I am not sure about detach,maybe xinran can give some details08:57
zhenguoluyao: but the logic need to be changed to check internal_info/vif_port_id08:57
zhenguoluyao: another question, attach_vif interface seems only accept neutron port_id parameter, if so, how can we specify which ironic port to use08:58
luyaozhenguo, we can't specify even though the neutron port have the mac_address09:00
luyaozhenguo, I saw the vif_attach will choose the available baremetal port and update the neutron port09:01
Xinranzhenguo, luyao for vif_detach ironic will update internal_info and extra09:01
zhenguoluyao: yes, indeed09:01
Xinran                int_info.pop(TENANT_VIF_KEY, None)09:01
Xinran                extra.pop('vif_port_id', None)09:01
zhenguoXinran: aha, if so, it's ok09:02
zhenguoXinran, luyao: for unplug vifs we can just change to use ironic vif_detach, but re. plug_vifs, seems we will lose the ability to specify port_type09:03
luyaozhenguo, port_type?09:08
zhenguoluyao: yes, currently, we can choose which physical port to associate with the tenant network09:08
zhenguoluyao: by specifying port_type09:09
zhenguoluyao: like you may have 1GE and 10GE physical port, but you want to add them to different tenant works09:09
zhenguoluyao: if we just pass vif_id to ironic attach_vifs, we can't achieve this goal09:09
luyaozhenguo, I see the there is an func named get_free_port_like_object , maybe will choose similar port?09:10
zhenguoluyao: I just read up the code, it only list all available portgroups and port, then sort it and return the first one :(09:11
luyaozhenguo, alright09:14
luyaozhenguo, but I still can not know if the attach  will work well , need your test if you get time09:16
luyaozhenguo, thank you09:16
zhenguoluyao: sure, I can test with your patch later09:17
openstackgerritTao Li proposed openstack/mogan master: Improve the multi-instance creation
zhenguoluyao: I'm afraid maybe we need to copy ironic's vif_attach logic to mogan09:30
luyaozhenguo, why09:33
zhenguoluayo: as we don't want ironic to choose a free port for us09:34
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luyaozhenguo, actually , now we choose the port like ironic, you mean we need change this pattern?09:37
zhenguoluyao: in fact, we don't choose port like ironic, we will match the specified port_type09:37
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zhenguoluayo: aha, you mean attach_interface09:38
zhenguoluyao: we also use plug vif when creating a server, and we also need to support attaching a specified type of physical port to a neutron port09:39
luyaozhenguo, ok , got it09:40
zhenguoluayo: I'm testing you patch now to see whether the ironci vif_attach is ok for us09:40
zhenguos/luayo/luyao lol09:41
* zhenguo brb09:43
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openstackgerritZhong Luyao proposed openstack/mogan master: Update ironic.driver.plug_vif implementation
luyaozhenguo, aha09:46
zhenguoluyao: on my tests, it works, will test with another node in case of the switch port already got the right config last time09:54
* zhenguo away09:56
luyaozhenguo, thank you09:58
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